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* new *Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Moisturizing Foundation first impression review + wear test

1 Nov , 2019  

because I have the new fancy Beauty Pro filter, hydrating foundation. I am so excited for this. You guys know I love the original Pro filter, soft matte foundation. It’s pretty much! My everyday foundation, so I was so excited when twenty Beauty announced a new foundation, even though I have oily skin, and this is hydrating, so I don’t know how it’s gonna look. I don’t know how it’s gonna last. Obviously, that’s what we’re gonna test out today. So if you want to see me test out the new Pro filter, hydrating foundation, please keep watching and it would also mean the world to me if you subscribe.
If you are haven’t already – and let’s just jump straight in so like I said, I have oily skin, I also do have enlarged pores on my cheeks and I do have some breakouts right now. I am kind of acne prone, so we’re gonna test out the coverage as well. I don’t know how this foundation is gonna last on my own skin. I don’t know, I don’t know so. This foundation is going to be released on August, the 15th. It’s gonna be available on the offensive Beauty website Harvey Nichols boots Sephora just wherever you can get fancy beauty, and I don’t know how much it’s going to retail, for. I assume it’s gonna be around the same price as the soft matte foundation, which is around 27 pounds. I think, if you’re in the UK, this foundation, it comes in 50 shades. It comes in the exact same shade range as the original soft matte foundation, which I am so thankful for. I’m just so thankful that Fanta Beauty have released like the exact same shades in both foundations, because it’s so confusing. Sometimes when companies release multiple foundations. But the show ranges are different. That’s so confusing, so I’m so happy and thankful that venti Beauty have released the exact same shade in like both foundations. I am the shade 140 that you think my exact match in the soft matte foundation. So yeah I’ve got the shade 140. I do have a little bit of a tan on, so it may be a little bit too light for me right now, but I can make it work. We’ve got 32 millilitres of product in this foundation, which is slightly above average, and then I’ll show you the packaging. I actually love the packaging of this foundation. It comes like this. It’s like a squeezy tube and it does have a pump, which I’m very very happy about.
I really like the packaging of this foundation. I just like that. It’s different from the original I just like that. It’s gonna be easily recognizable which foundation you’re reaching for, and your draw, if you do have both also along with the foundation. Fancy BC are also releasing a hydrating primer as well. This is going to be the third primer that fancy Beauty have released. However. Actually, how we’ll use this once, because it’s hydrating – and this is a hydrating foundation and I have oily skin so both of them together, probably not going to be a very good.. It also have the fancy Beauty sponge to test out, never tried this.. Just from the information on the Box, it’s supposed to be hydrating medium to full coverage for all skin tones, long wear and light as air, and that’s pretty much all of the information that it says: yeah. Let’s just stop talking and let’s just start applying this foundation. So, like I said, I’m gonna prime with the new True Match primer from a fancy Beauty, this just a pretty good job at keeping me matte all day and like smoothing over my pores and everything, and obviously I want to try out a fancy Beauty foundation With a phantom Beauty primer, so on this earth fancy Beauty sponge, it says you can use it dry for full coverage, so I’m gonna try it dry first and if I don’t like you, I’m gonna dampen it so small. It’s so tiny! Oh my god! How much better do you, like my whole, face with it, so I’m just gonna punch them onto the back of my hand. Okay, it doesn’t seem to be bumping out. You need to squeeze the ball as well. Ah, there we go so that is the foundation. It’s extremely liquidy Wow, just gonna dot this all over my face, oh god, I feel like I’ve already applied too much, I’m just gonna try blending out with a brush. First, I want to see what it looks like with a brush but yeah. I can already tell that this is the exact same color as my 140 soft matte. I think it does have a scent. I think he does it’s a very soft scent, but I do think it has yeah very subtle fragrance in it. I don’t think that you’re the foundation has that scent. I don’t know, maybe I’m losing my mind. I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t have a fragrance, so it’s blending out very nicely very quickly. I actually think I prefer like stippling it on rather than working in circular motions, because it’s quite creamy foundation and you can get brushstrokes but doing stippling motions. I think it works really really well.
It also hasn’t tried if you are familiar with the original foundation from Penta beauty. You know that you probably would have tried on my forehead by now. It’s a very, very quick drying foundation, but this one doesn’t seem to be so that’s one layer, I’m not a big fan of it with the brush. If I’m being completely honest like I can still like see it on my skin, it doesn’t seem to have like really sunken into my skin feel like it’s a pretty decent medium coverage right now. You can still see like I broke out down here, but that’s pretty big. Probably nothing will cover that, but yeah you can still see some of my perfections, but the coverage is nice. Is the coverage that I probably would go for on a daily basis? I’m just gonna dot the rest all over my face and I’m really sorry if you can hear some kind of construction work or anything like that. My neighbor has decided to get this huge, digger and dig up his garden. He always does stuff like this. He just literally he’s pulled down his whole house, like I don’t think he lives there anymore. Obviously – and you just always does like loads of construction work, but he never finishes anything he’s one of those kind of people and he’s decided to get this big digger and dig up his garden today of all days. So yeah, I’m really sorry. If you can hear some kind of like construction work in the background, let’s just get this little spider. Let’s just try, then you get out and drive. I don’t know how I like you dry, because it just fell obviously quite hard on this game blending out fine, but it just feels kind of hard. I definitely feel like you get Ashera coverage with a sponge. I’m just gonna go wet it and finish off the rest of my face because yeah this is not how I would usually use a sponge. Oh that is so much better, so much softer. It’s definitely a lot more share on my forehead with a damp sponge. I’m just gonna go over this side just to make it sink into the skin a little bit more yeah. It’s definitely Shearer with a dump bTW sponge. This one is actually really really soft. I actually really like it. That is one layer of the foundation. I feel like it’s a pretty good medium coverage. I will zoom you in so you can get a closer look at my skin, so that is my skin with one layer. I do feel like the chase.
Unlike you to liking me right now, but I can make it work. I can just bronze up my skin yeah. That is one layer. Let’s go in with a little bit more, let’s see if we can build this up a little bit, because they just say that it’s a medium to full coverage foundation, building up completely fine. It’s very jewy, though I don’t know if you’re gonna be able to see, but it’s just very new. It’s like giving my skin a lot of like luminosity like. Can you see that on my cheekbone right there? This is why I don’t know how well this foundation is gonna last on my oily skin, because yeah it just seemed very luminous. It feels I wouldn’t say it feels like greasy, but it definitely feels moisturizing on the skin. It hasn’t sunken into my smile lines, though, which I’m very surprised at, because I’m having like a lot of issues with my smile lines, every single foundation lately has been sinking into them. That is a second layer of the foundation. I still wouldn’t say that it’s like full full coverage, but it’s definitely closer to a full coverage. Now I’m gonna stop there, I’m not gonna apply any more. I think you probably could build it up, but on my audience game I don’t want to apply too much of this. I don’t want it to be a greasy oily mess. I want to give this foundation a fair shot. The foundation definitely does not drive down like it’s still so, like I wouldn’t say sticky, I was gonna, say sticky, but, like you know like just tacky like you could just feel it definitely needs to be set down. I’m gonna finish off the rest of my base. I’m gonna use the fancy Beauty Pro filter concealer. This is also in the shade 140 and then I’m just going to use the fancy Beauty Pro filter setting powder in the shade butter just to set my entire face and I’m gonna apply quite a lot of powder, because that’s what I would normally do with The foundation – that’s this yqg weed and I want to give this foundation a fair shot. I really want to make it work for me. I also think that this foundation would be really good to mix in with the original, and I sometimes have days where my skin’s just like a little bit drier and the fancy Beauty one can like accentuate some dry patchy, sometimes so on those kinds of days. Maybe mixing in this new one with the original one would be good.
Okay, so that is the foundation completely set down. You can see that it’s gone a lot more than matte than it was before, so hopefully that gives it its foundation and fighting chance. I’m already skin, so the time is currently 1151 arms, so yeah, I’m gonna be doing a couple of checking throughout the day. Hopefully this foundation lasts a decent amount of time, but yeah I’ll be back in a few hours. So we can see what it looks like hi everyone, so the time is coming up to 6:00 p.m. so the foundation has been on my face for six hours. Sorry, I haven’t done an update sooner than this. I’ve been out, but, to be honest, I am so surprised at how good it looks. I wasn’t even expecting it to last. Like three hours I mean it’s definitely not perfect. There is some things that, like are not brilliant on my face, but overall I’m actually shocked right now, I’m shiny on my forehead. If you can see, but it’s not that bad, I’m shiny on my cheeks. But again it’s not that bad. I’m the only thing that is like really an issue for me is like this part of my face here. It’s melted in my nose they’re like. Can you see that I will zoom you in in a minute, so you can get a better look. It’s soaking into my smile lines, not too bad, but it has sunken into them and it just looks a little bit cakey around this area I feel like I could fix it.. Can you see that breakout there? That is definitely a lot more visible and my redness is like coming through more around my jawline than it was earlier, and I don’t think that this foundation is transfer proof I mean I haven’t been touching my face or anything but naturally foundation. If it’s more creamy, it is gonna like rub off, if, like you accidentally touch your face and stuff, I’m so bear that in mind. This foundation doesn’t really seem to be transfer, proof and I’ve been keeping an eye on it. Obviously, when I’ve been out and I’ve got to say, my skin looks very healthy and the shine that I’ve got going on just looks like a Hal CG, we kind of glow. It doesn’t look greasy or anything like that. I really do think my skin looks like healthy, like just luminous. If you know I mean don’t know how much longer it’s going to last. I really don’t think that this is going to be a long wearing foundation on my oily skin or on oily skin. In general, but I am totally shocked that it’s lasted even this long, because six hours is a pretty decent wear time.
So this is my skin after six hours, you can probably see that it has melted like in my nose here, and it is just looking a little bit cakey like in this kind of region, but it’s not looking that bad. To be honest, I was expecting a hell of a lot worse and hopefully, you’ll be able to see like the fading down here, like you can just see like my acne, my acne scars and everything coming through on both sides, but yeah other than the fading down On my jawline, there hasn’t been fading anywhere else like there’s my forehead and yeah. I think it looks pretty good. Just this area doesn’t look brilliant, but from far away it looks great just up close, it doesn’t look the best. So that is my six-hour update. I’m gonna leave it now for as long as possible. I’m gonna gonna do one more update just at the end of the day. Hopefully it lasts for a few more hours, so yeah I’ll see you again in a few hours, hi everyone. So this is going to be my final update. Now it’s coming up to ten past nine, so the foundation has been out for nearly nine and a half hours.. We’ve used because I can just see that the foundation is not really lasting. It’s not really holding up that much more, so it has soaking into my smile lines quite a bit more since my last update – and I am a lot more shiny, particularly on my forehead like. Can you see that, like I am very, very shiny on my forehead right now and the foundation has completely caked up on my chin here and it’s completely like melted and caked up in this area here and do you feel like it’s faded a little bit worn Down on my jawline, it hasn’t really faded anywhere else, though just seems to be fading on my jawline, so I’m losing you in so you can see my skin after nine and a half hours. So this is a close-up of my skin. After nine and a half hours I feel like it has held up pretty well, I don’t think it’s terrible, but it’s just not a long wearing foundation on my oily skin, like I’m sure you can see that it, it’s just all caked up right here. It’s sunken into my smile lines here it is exaggerating them quite a lot and then it is just like completely separated and cakey like on my chin. If you can see and yeah that’s pretty much it, the fading gets probably a little bit worse on my jawline I’m on both sides, yeah, I’m just very, very shiny on my forehead, my cheeks as you can see.
So is this foundation good for oily skin? Obviously it’s not the best It is a hydrating foundation Do I recommend it? I mean it kind of depends on you Like if you need a foundation to last like 10 plus hours and you have oily skin, I probably wouldn’t recommend this, because it’s just not gonna last, it’s gonna break up you’re, going to be very shiny You’Re gonna need to do a lot of touch-ups, but if you don’t really need your foundation to last that long, maybe only about 5 hours, then yeah I do recommend it because I do think it looks beautiful on the skin It’s just not very long-lasting on oily skin I think if you’ve got normal or dry skin you’re gonna love this foundation, especially if this one was too dry I think you’re really gonna love this one and the way I’m going to use it I think I’m gonna mix it in with the original one to make this one, maybe a little bit more cheery when I want to go for that kind of look So if you have oily skin – and you want to get this to mix in with the original one – I want a hundred percent recommend it, because I think it’s going to mix really really well, and I’m also excited to try out this foundation when we get into The colder months because I do think it’ll be longer-lasting when we’re in the colder months, because right now, it’s August, it’s hot, it’s humid So obviously, it’s not gonna last as long on my skin, as maybe when were in November, but you know what I’m actually really surprised at how well it has held up I know it obviously looks kind of a mess right now, but even still, I’m surprised It even looks this good after nine and a half hours um, so yeah I’m pretty impressed I know I’m gonna get a lot of use out of it, maybe not on its own until we’re getting to the colder months, but I know that I’m going to get a lot of use out of it, mixing it in with my matte foundations I really hope you enjoyed it and I really hope that it was helpful in some kind of way Please let me know if you plan on picking up this foundation when it releases on August the 15th, because I would love to know and yeah That’s everything from me If you haven’t already,

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