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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I’m actually back in town when I filmed previously and said that I was back in town. I literally was back in town for like two days and then I went right back out of town, I’m back in town for a Wow.. Wednesday and Friday. Today we are doing Vincey Beauty foundation review, which I’m overly excited about this one, because I did not do it for her very first foundation. I just did like a collective review for a lot of the products and it’s hit just launched and it was back when the brand first launched, so I actually have four shades, but the other two shapes I’m probably gonna.
Do a giveaway over on my Instagram. Sometime this week, I will be doing it and giveaway for those two shades, so they’re just a little too light for me. So the two shades that I’m going to be working with our 370 and 380. So, if you guys know 370 is my traditional shade with Finn T the irregular Pro filter foundation, woods, that’s my foundation shade. Only because the foundation does oxidize I’m a little worried that this may or may not oxidize. So then 370 would match me. So that’s why I’m thinking I might want to go with 380 instead today, and if I find out that it does oxidize, then I will switch back to 370, which is my normal shade, but I do want to give 380. I try just because I dohave a little bit of it’s hand. You can’t really see it on my face. I like on my body area, I’m tan, so it’s gonna match my body, so we’re going to first put up our hair so that I can actually get to my face. Oh wait, that’s not cute! Do it a little cuter, so the foundation is supposed to be a hydrating formula. Different to the first foundation is more of a mattifying formula, it’s a medium to full coverage and it’s very lightweight, and it’s also long wearing. This is also for normal to dry skin. I dohave oily skin, so I’m going to keep that in mind with trying it and it’s also available in the same 50 shades that the first foundation is an based on the comments that I was seeing that whatever your shade is in the regular foundation, you Should be the exact same shade, I just don’t know if it’s going to oxidize or not this my only issue I’m going to be blending it in with the fancy Beauty foundation brush, which I’ve never used any fancy Beauty brushes.
I actually was lucky enough that they sent I wanna stuff PR. So thank you so much fancy. I’m excited. I can’t wait to try everything I also wanted to. Let you guys know. I wish this was like a back and forth like this was live. So I could ask you guys your opinion, but I do alsohave the pro filter hydrating primer, which I’m probably gonna go with, but I do want to say that I dohave all these skin. So I’m kind of thinking I should go with the mattifying primer. Instead, they just came out with cuz. This thing is the business I just feel like with the hydrating foundation. I probably should go with the mattifying primer to kind of combat it because I dohave all these skin, but I’m gonna go with the hydrating one on half my face just like kind of see, because the more salt talks about in this booklet for the New products, it mostly says instant, hydration and a soft silk finish with a filter, like effect, so it’s more so focusing on that it does give a filtered look. So I’m hoping that it’s going to not overly make me believe if they makes any sense. So I’m gonna go ahead and do the hydrating one. I just did three pumps, which probably was too much for half my face, so Mallika is settling in, but you can kind of see how this set of course looks more hydrated than this side. It just looks dewy, okay, sponge and one side with the foundation brush just so, I can see the coverage level of each one. The sponge is damp, so this is kind of gonna be like a multiple review, the primer, the foundation and a brush and sponge. So I’m going in with 380 I’m gonna do the foundation brush on this side. You guys have seen kind of 370 on me this one going with 380, because I really think it’s gonna match me a whole lot better. Just hopefully, I think this one is more of a reddish undertone just from the looks of it, but I think it’s going to look fine even with this slight red undertone. I really like it, though I really like the finish.
It’s a very smooth. Looking my skin looks smooth, and this is on the non-prime side, I feel like it looks pretty nice, I’m gonna bring it down a bit just so that you can blend a bit better and this foundation brush is really nice as well. It’s kind of just smoothing the foundation on so now. I’m gonna go in with the other side with a sponge which this is gonna, give a wider coverage, so I’m probably gonna have to build more on this side. So I just applied a little bit more to the back of my hand, let me turn down the brightness, so maybe you guys can see like my skin a bit better. You can kind of see how my skin looks. Doesn’t look that much different than when it was brighter, but you can see that on the prime side that I applied, the hydrating primer is actually less dewy than the non-prime side, which is kind of strange. I definitely can see. I don’t know if you guys can tell cuz. Maybe the lights are reflecting it, but it’s a lot more dewy on this side, which is strange, but the foundation is actually pretty red, but I definitely will be able to make it work specially like when I applied concealer and everything so for concealer. I am going to use the fancy concealer, I’m also going to use the fancy powder in the shade banana saw. Do this and finish the rest of my makeup and then I’ll be right back. Ok! So I just finished the rest of my makeup. It is 1124 p.m. the foundation, of course, looks amazing. It looks like skin and doesn’t look bad at all if I’m comparing it from this foundation to like the first one, the pro filter, the one, that’s more mattifying this one, you can feel that it’s more hydrating it didn’t dry to like a super matte finish like The original does I can definitely tell that this one is going to be a lot better for people with dry, skin or even people with normal skin, because it doesn’t look overly dewy, as you can see on my skin. It still dries down to where it looks. It’s even though, like I didn’t set my face over here, this still looks like it was set, so it does kind of try down, but it doesn’t dry down as much as the original foundation.
As far as from the primes and non-prime side, I actually don’t see a huge difference now that I’ve said everything like with the powder. I can see texture a little bit more right here next to my nose, then this side, so I do kind of see that smoothing feature that they dohave in the primer, but even on the non-prime side, I feel like it still looks really good. I’m going to wear this foundation all day. It is 1126 a.m. I’m actually running late, but where I need to be, but it’s 11:20 6 a.m. and I will check in with you guys throughout the day – ok guys, so it is 2:53 p.m. so it’s been. I guess 3 and a half hours at this point, so I am starting to get oily already at 3 hours. You can kind of see the oiliness right up in here and it’s a little bit on this side as well. It’s kind of even on both sides. I’m not sure why it seems like it’s reflecting more on this side right now, when I look into a mirror it. Both sides are pretty oily at this point and it’s only been three and a half hours and, to be honest, it was doing it at about 3 hours. So if you dohave oily skin and you live like in hot or humid area, then you may have an issue with it’s meant to look up the weather. So right now it’s 89 degrees and it feels like 99 degrees. I guess with humidity and everything else that goes into the accounts for the weather, so it feels like 99 degrees, and I was outside for a period of time and I am creased on my smell as it isn’t super bad like. If I relax, you can’t even see it. It’s not that bad as far as that, so we’re gonna see how it progresses throughout the rest of the day, and I will definitely check in with you guys we’re gonna do a flash test and all of that so stay hey guys. So it is 8:43 p.m. I’ve had the foundation on, for, I think about nine hours of total wear, and I am only both on the primes and non-prime side they’re pretty much equal. I decided to film it on my phone cuz. I feel, like my phone, shows up my old eNOS a lot better than my blog camera I did do the flashback test and you guys can see that both in a darkroom and in a little room there is no flashback which kind of makes sense, because Rihanna actually wears this makeup and paparazzi follows her everywhere.
So, of course, I wasn’t really expecting flashback, but those are the photos for you guys My smell mods aren’t creased super bad They are just kind of just creased there they aren’t separating or anything doing anything weird I am very Olli, though, and I am about to go out so I’m going tohave to use blotting papers and everything if I remember I’ll come back on camera to kind of show, you guys it’s like how it looks after I’ve refreshed my makeup and how You pretty much can make it look back to normal, but it doesn’t last as long as it would like if you just reapply your entire foundation So if you have the time, I definitely would say reapply the foundation if it gets oily like this, but I’m just gonna touch up and everything You know, probably last me a like two or three hours Definitely I’m gonna try the foundation with the mattifying primer I probably should have done that because, like I said they mattifying primer is legit, so I probably should have done that and just tried that on half my face, but I will let you guys know if you guys remember just comment below and ask me if I’ve Tried it with the mattifying primer and just how I think if it’s been some days, I do plan on trying it paired with that So I can tell you guys how it wears with that If you dohave all these skin, but I’m so glad she launched this foundation, because I would see a lot of comments of people with dry skin saying how the other foundation didn’t work for them So this is super awesome Let me know if you guys are thinking about picking up this foundation and all that, so I just want to come back on here and show you guys, like I’ve, refreshed my makeup and basically it looks pretty much like how it first looks I’m used some blotting papers and then I added a little bit more setting powder and I spray my face with Urban Decay, all nighter so yeah and I promise I’ll see you guys next time Bye, guys

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