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New Fragrance Foundation and makeup course

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel today, I’m doing something super exciting. For me, I am going to be reviewing Mt beauty’s new hydrating long way around a ssin. I was lucky enough to get this early and try it out first before it launches.. Look. I’ve been wearing recently, where I play around with pinks with liners graphic graphic liners. I think this is the first time I’m filming in my living room, so I’m really excited about it. I can’t believe I have a living room to film in because I used to film in a tiny little room where I tried to make it look like a living room, and now I have a real African living room and we’ve just come so far.
I hope this setup is OK for now, I’m filming it in the middle and that I did I’m filming it in the middle of the afternoon. I have light. I have natural light. I am sweating already it’s so hot and I just turned off the AC because it’s loud we’re gonna power through this and do this foundation review slash makeup, look thing: I haven’t an event to go to later, so I’m kind of getting ready for that too. So, let’s jump right into it! I already did my brows to speed things up a bit and my skincare. Let’s test out the front, eight primers first, so, along with the foundation, they also have a new hydrating primer. This is the soft silk pro filter, hydrating primer. It’s in this really cute pink bottle, and then I also have the original one, but it’s the travel size. This is their instant retouch primer. I actually haven’t played around with this primer too much. I’ve used it a few times and then with the new primer and the new foundation, I actually tried it for the first time, the other sorry, that’s Cody, walking up my dog. I tried these already the other day for the first time, so I’ve already kind of I’m a little bit familiar with the product, but I did it really quickly, so we’ll try them again today, so I wanted to first compare the two different prime. So first this is the instant retouch primer, their original primarily squeeze a little bit of that there, and then this is the hydrating one. I probably put the primers a little too closely together, but this is the instant retouch one and then the hydrating one is more of the. Are you done? Can you just go to bed, please we’re trying to film. Thank you. Thank you. Cody haha he’s looking at me like he, okay, hydrating primer, is more of a jolly texture. I’m gonna use the hydrating primer today just apply that all over. I used to not like gel textures, because it’s a bit sticky or gel moisturizers, and this is kind of what it reminds me of.
It is a little bit sticky and tacky, which i think is fine for a primer, because you want your foundation to also stick to it, and my skin is combination. I would say it’s dehydrated skin, so I do get really oily in the t-zone throughout the day. But all these other areas they feel a bit more dry so far on my skin feels really comfortable. It is a bit tackier than most moisturizing or hydrating primers that I’ve used now, I’m just going to prime my eyes using the Fenty Beauty, Pro filter eye primer. Actually do like this primer is strong, because one time I let it sit for too long and it already dried on my eyes and it was very tacky. So I know it works for eyeshadows. But it’s not all gonna be Fenty products. Okay, so let’s compare the foundations. Now I have the pro filter, soft matte, long, wear foundation, I’m in the shade 180, and I also have it in the same shade 180 in the hydrating foundation. It might be a little bit too light on me now because it were in the middle of the summer, but it still works. I think that is the matte foundation and then the hydrating foundation comes in eight, but it also has a pump. So I really like that I didn’t even talk about the packaging when I first opened this, I loved the packaging. I just I just love all SMT beauties packaging. To be honest, I’m a huge fan and I’m trying really hard not to be biased right now, because I also love Rihanna, so I’m gonna do my best to do an unbiased review. So this is the matte one it’s pretty thick and then the hydrating one. It’s also pretty thick still it’s not as thick as the matte one, but it is still pretty thick. So I think it’ll have good coverage, but I’m not sure how it’ll move on my skin when I tried it the other day, I was a little bit harder to blend out so we’ll see again this time. I think the matte one is a little bit more darker and shade because it’s had time to oxidize and stuff that would explain it. Otherwise I think they would be the exact same shade: let’s go in it with the hydrating foundation. Now now I’m going to use the fenty Beauty 115 foundation brush. I actually don’t know if this is new or they already have it, because I did a quick search and didn’t see anything pop up immediately.
Just gonna use this to spread the foundation. This is spreading a little bit easier than the other day. When I tried it, it was harder to move around the other day. Well, I actually really liked it too yeah. My skin is still shiny and dewy. It didn’t take away from that and it does feel really light. I’m gonna do another layer around this area because I do have a bit more of hyperpigmentation and this is medium to full coverage. I think it’s really buildable, because the other day I did need a little bit more coverage and once I did a second layer it, it looked really good. So I’m just gonna use this brush again and Pat it in to cover my more hyper pigmented areas. Wow, I’m actually really liking the finish of this today. I am NOT going to use concealer because I feel like that covered up my skin pretty well, so I’m just gonna move on to powder really quickly. I’m gonna use this one from Beauty bakery. It’s been my favorite since I’ve gotten it a few months ago and I’m gonna use the fenty Beauty sponge. I always just do a really light layer cuz. I don’t want to dry out my skin too much and because I get oily throughout the day. Like all that shine and do eNOS is gonna come back anyway, but I just want to make sure my foundation doesn’t move. Okay, I’m going to move on to my eye makeup and just let the foundation sit and see how it kind of oxidizes. I guess, as time goes on, I’m gonna first take the fenty Beauty, a Moroccan spice palette. I’m going to use this pink, poorly peachy color right here. I think it’s a quick sand, so I’m just going to take the quick sand pink coral color and apply it mostly towards the top of the eyelid and a rounded motion. I don’t even get too close to the lash line, because we’re gonna do other colors. There this is just going to be the transition color to help with blending, then with gradient. So it’s not so harsh, okay, so we’re just gonna leave it at that. So now I’m going to take my carrot. Eros a all-day palette. I’ve been playing with this palette a lot throughout summer and we’re going to take this pink shade right here, called hooray and I’m using the elf defining eye brush to apply it all over the eyes and we’re gonna start close to the lash line. This time, and then the brush I used earlier is the Real Techniques base shadow brush. I love this brush. It’s one of my favorites for blending and just creating a really nice shadow gradient, I’m gonna start in the inner corner and just work my way out to the other corner and also bring it upwards towards where we put that coral color love is caridy palette.
it’s really pigmented like look at that. It’s such an underrated makeup brand. because i am planning on doing a Q & A. I asked my followers on Instagram to submit questions through my stories and just sit down and chat with you guys.. So I don’t run out of things to talk about. Okay, I think that’s good for the pink I’m going to take the Real Techniques base, shadow brush again and just blend out the edges a little bit. Next, I’m using the Sephora Pro blending brush in 27. It’s a fluffy brush with a rounded top I’m going to go back to the Eternity palette. I’m going to use this light. Brown taupe ish, shade called corked just take a little bit of that. I’m going to apply it in this area of my eye kind of where I put the coral shade before I’m just gonna, do a light layer of this taupe shade this brownish e to add some definition to the eyes, and you don’t need too much. This is also gonna help, the pink graphic line to show a little bit more because you have a darker color in there. Next, I’m going to take another of defining eye brush. I have two of these brushes because I like using them for different colors, because when I use the same brush for two different colors, sometimes it makes the look a little bit muddy. Looking I’m gonna go back to the Fenty palette and take this darker pink reddish shade. It’s called saffron, I believe, and I’m going to apply that to the outer half of my eye, just to give the pink look some kind of gradient. I have been using these elf brushes for as long as I can remember when I first started playing around with makeup. It’s one of the first makeup brushes that I purchased, because I mean it was cheap and I just wanted something to play around with. It was really affordable and now I still use them and I love them. I think they’re really versatile and really help with blending it’s it’s really nice. Now, I’m gonna take this Lexie pencil brush and to 1-7. I’m gonna take the pink saffron color again and just apply it to the lower lash line. I’m going to concentrate it just here so that it blends in with the top.
So it kind of ties the look together and the bottom lash line doesn’t look. So err the first time I did this look, I coated the entire bottom lashline with pink and then that same taupe color, to give it a really sultry shadowy look, but today I just want to keep it there, because I want to add little dots to the Bottom and the first time I did that, where I put shadow all over the bottom, you couldn’t see the dots anymore, but I really want the dots to show this time. Okay, just like that, just a little bit there we’re getting to the trickier part, which is the actual lines above the eye shadow, to create the lines I’m using Fenty beauty’s vivid liquid eyeliner in papaya, my papaya Maya, papaya mamma papaya mama, and this is like a Light pink, peachy color, I really really like it, and this is actually one of the easier ones to use out of their vivid liquid, liner and collection. So because I don’t have a crease, it does make it a little bit trickier to know where to draw the line. So what my trick is I look down like this. I feel really evil. Every time I do this. So what I do is I look down like this and I can see a bit of like where my eye socket is, and that is where I tend to draw the lines and my graphic liners. So I try to follow the shape of that that I socket where my eye socket is, but you don’t have to do that. You can draw whatever flatters your eye shape the most. I just find that that is what works for me when I you know played around with it, wipe off the excess onto the bottle, it’s easier for me to start off with a really light product and then build it up. So I want to get the outline on the line correct first and then I’ll go over it again and make sure it’s more in times that there’s more color, can you guys see that zoom in a bit more now, I’m going to go over it again to Intensify the color, if you mess up, you can use a brush like this to clean up the lines before it dries. You’Ll want to do it really quickly, though, because you don’t want it to settle in and then move your eyeshadow around. So that’s it for the lines I’m just gonna leave it for now, I’m happy with it. Now I want to draw the dots underneath I’m going to use venti beauty’s liquid, liner and techno beat. This is a more fuchsia like darker, pink color. I forgot to swatch the other one for you guys, I’m going to do that. This is papaya mama. We just used that one. So first I like to mark where I want the dots to go and then I will go back and make it bigger.
Thicker, intensify it whatever it is and sing with the lines that you draw on top. If you want them to be thicker, then you can go do that if you want to add other colors like feel free to just play around and there you go now. We just really need to complete the look with lashes, I’m using the art doll whispies. These have might have been my favorites. I always talk about these. Now I’m going it to curl my lashes now that the eyes are done. I’m going to move on to the rest of my face with contour blush highlight lip color for our contour, I’m going to use a frente beauty’s, some stalker and shady biz. This has been one of my favorites to use it’s just a really beautiful at bronze shade and I’m taking my Sephora Pro contour brush number 79 like to start in the cheekbone area, and I’m actually going to bring it down to my cheeks a bit and have It blend in with my blush color, because I don’t want a strong blush for this look. I want it to be kind of muted so that the attention is mostly on the eyes and then a little bit on the lip color you’re, also going to take it down the jaw line. So now I went to contour my nose with this nose. Contour brush from Alexia this is broken. I swear like I had one before and it also broke the end. That was more flat and it was more for defining broke, and then I thought it was because I wasn’t taking good care of it, but this one I was super careful with. I made sure that I always put it in a safe place and that’s why? I don’t really like dual ended. Brushes storing them is just really weird and really inconvenient. I did like that this had two ends to it, because it was really great for contouring, but if it’s gonna break every single time, even when I care about take extra care for it, it’s just not worth it anytime. You see this brush item, it’s broken. It’s not because of me does anyone else have this brush and have this issue, because I was really sad when it broke again and I guess I could just glue it back, but now I don’t even know where the other piece to this is I’m gonna. Do blush now I’m gonna use this one from Tarte. It’s called quirky. It’s like a muted, pink shade. I just want something light to go over the cheeks, but not something too heavy that will clash with all of this paint cuz.
This is a lot of shades of pink, so just want something neutral for highlight. I’m gonna use this one from Charlotte Tilbury. This is their film-star bronze & Glow, face sculpt and highlight and medium I’m gonna use the Real Techniques the fan brush to apply. This down at the nose bridge this highlight is strong. I love it. It’s really pretty too and then also Wow down this cheekbone area and then sometimes, if I feel like it all add it to the tops my forehead area in my cheek, I mean my cheek. My chin now, lastly, it for lip color what I’ve been doing is mixing. It do a few different shades. So today, I’m gonna take the Fanta Beauty, popsicle lipstick in a tropic tantrum. It’s this very bright visit. What you call this magenta, it’s not a fuchsia! If you sure would be drunker right, that much is pretty dark too, whatever it’s like a hot Barbie elastic, pink and that’s what I’m gonna call it and I’m gonna take it on a brush. This is the royal and langnickel lip brush just gonna. Take some color off of that and apply it to the center of my lips and then work my way out. I’m just gonna apply it very loosely and roughly because I just want to give my lips a small tint, but I don’t want this to be. My actual lip color, because this pink actually clashes a bit from the eyes, so I’m actually going to apply it all over and then wipe it off with tissue and pyat glass on top, because I do want the glassy lik. But I want one like in this. Color or this tint so here is a tissue, it’s kind of dirty with foundation, but we’ll just ignore that. So you see how I kind of stays in the center. I’m going to use the F, NT beauty of gloss, balm and fenty glow and I’ll pile that all over, and sometimes, if I feel like the center, is not like gradient enough. I do like it to be like a gradient gloss. Lip I just go back and apply a little bit more color, the fuchsia color to the center. That is the finished makeup. Look. So here are my last thoughts on the primer and the foundation in terms of the primer. I think it’s really nice. I think it’s really comparable to a lot of other hydrating primers out there. This one is more of a jelly-like texture. The one I’ve been using from Laura Mercier actually does just feel like a moisturizer. This one definitely feels like a primer, because it’s a little bit more tackier I would recommend this if you are a huge fenty fan and just want the Fenty collection, then yes, definitely add this to your collection, but other than that.
I think it’s really comparable to other primers that are out there and then in terms of the hydrating long way or foundation It’s really interesting, I think, because it is still pretty thick for a hydrating foundation I’ve used a lot of other hydrating foundations and there’s thin There’s not a lot of like creaminess to it, but this one is still pretty creamy, obviously not as creamy as their original matte foundation, but it’s still pretty thick and I think the reason behind that is They still wanted to give you a product that had really amazing coverage, which it does it has medium to full coverage I feel like it covered up my spots pretty well, and I don’t have to use a concealer to hit those hyperpigmentation spots, because the concealer is even thicker than a foundation That was my favorite part about it that it’s buildable, that I can cover, go back and cover up and just use more foundation rather than using a whole nother product I see, though, that if I come closer there are parts of my face that are a bit cakey kind of accentuates my lines a little bit You can’t really tell from far away so I won’t mind it too much, but from up close like I can see that it is a little bit thicker So, overall, I think it’s really nice and I’m just not really worried about it because I do have oily skin So the thickness is not gonna bother me throughout the day so much because the oil kind of just absorbs it and it’s fine or it absorbs the oil I don’t know how it works I am more curious to know how this is going to work on people with drier skin and drier skin types I hope this provided some insight for you guys on the new Fantine at foundation and primer So I almost forgot what was even important to talk about I was like, oh, oh, the packaging I should talk about that too If not, I hope you enjoyed learning how I created this makeup Look if you recreate it on yourself, please tag me I would love to see with that Thank you have so much for watching

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