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New fragrance moisture foundation. Oh… Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone today is super exciting, because I am going to review 20 beauties newest foundation, actually there’s two five, so there’s a hydrating primer and a hydrating a long way foundation, which is super exciting. I actually haven’t tried it yet, but I have tried other products from affinity, so I’m super excited to share with you and just give you my first impression. The little even good see if it works, see how it lasts and I think I’ll be wearing it all day, just to see and apply some sunscreen before everything, because you should always be ways and greeting boys and girls.
Okay, so you know how fancy has the other soft matte primer and I think they came out with another manifest primer, but it’s super cool that obviously thank you has, I think, 50 shades of foundations – I mean 50 – is just killing it right. I tried a la their complexion products they’re super good, and I got a feature on your page recently, but I’m still gonna be really really honest and brutal a lot of products and I haven’t tried it. So, let’s try it together. This is the new primer. It is a hydrating primer, mmm haven’t seen this. It says this in the shade soft soap. I see woah, it’s like a lavender, color wow, look at the ingredient. I think it’s a silicon-based primary cuz. I see a lot of silicones which I like. Actually, I like silicone these primers vitamin E hyaluronic acid, some great fruit, seed, oil and silicone, so I think it’s gonna be like a very soft light primer. Let’s just try it out, shall we is she I mean with plenty products like packaging. Wise are just amazing: okay, I’m gonna open this also. This is my first time opening yeah. This is in the shade 190, I’m gonna 119 for the concealers and for the foundation as well. Oh wow, not what I expected from the previous things, because the previous foundation is like classic this one’s more like a pump. It reminds me a little bit of the it cosmetics CC cream woah cute. The dispenser is pretty the same. Okay, I’m gonna try a pair first who looks like a lotion like a lightweight lotion, very very light, scent almost no scent, but to light floors. So it feels definitely like silicone. I would say it’s very smooth. I think you can tell it gives kind of a do machine, a tiny bit more.
I don’t think you need that much. I think this would be honestly really great for dry skin because silicones to help slow down trans epidermal water loss, a lot of people are afraid of silicones, especially people with acne prone skin, but I don’t think silicones are bad. Actually, I think silicones help deliver a lot of active ingredients and also silicones are used for skin healing and you know just preventing water loss so so far it feels really nice on the skin. It still looks like skin. It doesn’t look like too shiny or anything. I don’t know what do you guys think look feels like a lotion more than a primer. I would say it’s not sticky, not tacky, I’m lucky, but this primer is not I’m gonna go in with the foundation, which is what I’m excited to try it. So it’s hydrating and it’s long where it says massage well if needed, pump and squeeze tube simultaneously to release care, and this is a shade 190 okay. So this is the consistency of it. That’s me a little bit more runny than the other foundation I’ll compare it’s a nice. Actually, this is the magnifying prolonged foundation, and this is the hydrating one. The shape seems to be pretty similar, this one’s more yellow tone, this one’s more warm pink tone. I think I’m actually really happy that you want to hydrate foundation, because do you don’t mean I love hydration? I think that hydrating products just balance out the skin really well, but mattifying products lasts really well so like for Advance photos. You know just like if you’re out all day magnifying products do work really well. But for me I love just clean hydrated skin, so don’t try this on. I’m just gonna use won’t come and see how that works on my skin and they have also new brush. I think that’s like a Kabuki blender brush, since this is a dare product, I’m gonna use their brushes to test it out. You know it’s kind of thick, actually it doesn’t feel like watery or anything if you think a paste, so I had like some redness going on broken capillaries and some sunspots breakouts and dark spots, we’ll see if that covers it, I’m just gonna buff it into The skin and it does not contain SPF, I think it doesn’t say on the bottle, so I’m assuming it’s good for like flash photography and you know all of that good fun stuff. I think this brush a little bit too white for my face to get into the crevices the freshest better.
This is their foundation brush. I think so. I’m gonna use that instead yeah, I like this brush a lot better, the other one it seems like it would be good for, like body or just a bigger surface area. This one like grips really nicely around. You know the nose and under the eyes. So I really recommend this brush for that. So yeah, this foundation comes in 50 shades. The coverage is actually more than I expected because it’s a hydrating one, I kind of thought it would be really sure, but I think it covers pretty. Well, I’m surprised. Okay. This is the first layer on I’m going to put a second layer, because I sort of popped out the foundation. I feel like the cover just a little more sheer. If I hadn’t used a sponge to tap, I think it would have covered a little bit more, but I’d only use full cover anyway, so I’m just gonna dot and see if it covers and just gently I’m gonna also use their sponge. Try it out. So here’s what it looks like so far it looks pretty flawless. I would say the primary didn’t: make the foundation pill or anything. So that seems nice. This is the foundation without powdering. I think the coverage is pretty good. There’s still a little bit of pieces right. There you can still see a little bit a bit peeking through. It definitely seems like a medium coverage to me, so it seems nice. I like it so far, all right, I’m gonna the concealer and I’m going to use my knee, which is the same shape as a foundation. So we’ll see how that looks. I don’t like going to a light with the concealer when the highlight just because I don’t want that. Like reversed panda type, I look you know one thing I also don’t want to put on too much to see you later, because I want to see the effect of the foundation. I really like the concealers they’re really creamy and they do set really well. I think my skin still looks very skin light. However, the primer is not up or blurring primer for sure, because I can still see some texture and you know some ice picks car that I have it’s like a very comfortable hydrating primer. It does feel more nourishing another product that I really like from fenty is the amber matchsticks, because it’s a very cool toned contour that blends up to a neutral tone which is really really nice just watch this guys it looks great and then, when you use the Same brush to sort of buff it out, it becomes like a neutral, you show contour, isn’t it so beautiful and I just love the brand in general, the messaging the models that they use the inclusivity the shade range.
I think everything is just inspiring to me as a you know, as a consumer, and you know obviously, is me by Rihanna, like a woman of color she’s, just killing it having her an empire, and I feel like that speaks very much to me one day, I Want to see a cool Asian artists with their own makeup brand new super cool. Also, you know I’m still waiting for honestly, Rihanna’s music, though it’s been what a couple years and her Auntie album I mean speaking in Rihanna, is, I feel, like seriously underrated. So I played around with the textures of the two foundations a little bit more. If you like this, one is definitely a more mattifying and drying like it says, and this one is more nourishing and thicker. So it’s really up to you and your skin type, but with the proper moisturization and prep, you should be able to work with both anyways. I would gravitate to this one a little bit more just because my skin on the periphery is a liver. On the drier side, this one seems to sort of set too fast for my liking. I was just enjoying my cycle and I’m looking at the lighting outside. It really depends on the lighting. With this foundation I mean with all foundations, but I feel like I might have applied a little bit too much because I used a whole pump and I don’t think I need that much coverage. But I do feel like I applied too much and maybe because I had a little bit too much concealed there that my pores are more noticeable. I think I just over apply, so it looks kind of heavy on my skin, but I’m gonna try on my friend Matthew and then we’ll see how you know the difference is with just applying a thin layer, all right so hi. This is my friend Matthew. Yummy all right: let’s try it out because I’m going to use a primer on him and then we can see I’m gonna use a thin layer to foundation too just to see how it feels.
I might have a point too much primer. I use three pumps. Oh, a lot like that, one that is HUGE yeah is another good yeah see it feels really nice, the primer. It smells good too yeah. It feels like right florally, it’s kind of like vanilla, used yeah, it’s a nice scent. I think how does it feel? This is like a matte primer, it. No, it’s like a hydrating primer. Does a hydrating primer? Oh, I know yeah like what yeah it feels like kind of silky ish. My key is yet again like so this it’s like. No, I think I like, I would think to you, like. I was over here in your anchor over thinking. I’m gonna use like half a pump this time, okay, we’re straight or brush whatever the primers like not completely tried, not like the center with AC. Oh okay, oh my bad, okay, yeah! Maybe should we ah okay, so I’m gonna use only half a pump up the foundation and we gotta get that out too and he’s gonna have to use my senior because it’s only show that got so high negative you’re. Here, sir, we’re really sorry. I think it matches actually yeah. I know she looks good Sena evenly distributed honestly, the foundation seems like it’s not moving like yeah like blending, you mean yeah, like it stays where you put it. I was like yeah cuz, the other. One too would like it sets really like easily yeah. I wonder you did work better with the sponge to Hamas, oh yeah, so this feels kind of thicker yeah yeah, it’s very vigorous. The other one feels like more lighter by a sense more this one. I feel light doesn’t set as much mm. It’s just nice for some people with drier skin yeah. I have four really really oily skin. It’s like whoa, but this foundation doesn’t look like oily their little matches. I can blend it honestly with touch up on like I don’t think I could do much more with that. Doesn’t help that I haven’t shaved this morning either so we’ll see, I mean, looks better than my bare skin. That’s for sure, yeah you’re right on anyone! Well, not you know, I also applied. You have no pores. I might have to supply a lot of concealer here to make you look very like heavy yeah yeah, I’m gonna use the clean brush to buff my face out buff everything yeah. It looks like a nice medium coverage, so yeah, it’s nothing, not sheer coverage.
You know, I don’t think yeah well. You said you just use one pump on me, which is like no. I don’t why that looks better right. Yeah it looks better. Is it smooth there’s a little bit of a line you’re gonna be gross to cover that I know never happened. I don’t have this in here. What is that? That’s nothing any like it. I think it’s okay yeah. So where did get that? I think it’s better if there’s layers mm-hmm and it’s not like overly like wet or like hydrated like yeah, like it’s like a CC cream, it’s gonna like be yeah, pretty there. No it’s enough, so we will keep you guys updated in a couple hours. Cuz Matthew is gonna, do some work and then I’ll let you know how it finishes all right. We are back guys so final thoughts, it’s a bit about what six seven hours. Now, it’s milk, so I’m not super long, but also not sure right. Yeah we’ve had home long enough to kind of know it’s about swearing, yeah, your dogs, so I’ve been just like a really thin coat foundation on my skin yeah, but I mean it’s still there it’s still wearing, but if you wear, I have any oily skin. It’s kind of maths and you’re definitely still going to see like pores and texture. I feel like oh yeah. It’s definitely not gonna make. You look flawless flawless, the foundation itself. I think it’s the kind of thing yeah and that’s the key. Is it hydrating? Do you feel like it’s happening um, I don’t know, I feel like it’s not drying, my skin’s, not glowy. It’s not hydrate whoa yeah. So it’s not like to Dewey, if you like that, but you know I think, because they will have a great shade range. I think that’s great, I don’t think it’s a bad foundation. I think I don’t think it’s an amazing foundation. I think it’s just a foundation yeah. It’s not yeah, like maybe try to I’ll see if how it works on your skin. Hmm, if you aren’t even particularly dry, though I’m more combination, yeah sort of the oily combination yeah, so I think it’s it’s really well on the sides where it’s more dry and then more on the oily side doesn’t sit that well, maybe it is but overall, I Think it’s not terrible. It’s not amazing! It’s pretty normal hello, okay! So it’s the second day and I am gonna try it again, Matthew Kerrigan, also because I just wanted to give it another. Try for an honest opinion Can I use a sort of like a buffing brush and only use a tiny bit this time so yesterday I use three pumps of apartment, two points of foundation, so maybe that was a little bit overkill.
I want to give it another chance I put a bunch of blush on my skin just to see how well it will cover things and I’m just gonna apply a shear layer This time I still think it’s a thicker consistency than the other foundation, but just want to use it earlier I did a tiny bit: okay, I didn’t use too much powder and I also didn’t use primer today, so we’ll see how that was, and I’m not gonna wear concealer Just I feel like concealer messes up a foundation review just because the concealer is not the foundation You know I actually think it looks better today like on its own, without like too much product, I might have just a layer too many things Yesterday, it’s pretty good You, like it more sure I feel, looks pretty nice What do you think? Hmm? I don’t think it’s that yeah, but I don’t hate it I think looks pretty good yeah the keys not to put too much honestly I don’t know how much you use yesterday, but hey are you static? Yeah? I knew yesterday it looks like dry and technically a lot right yeah What kind of case yeah I used to it I used to pump to a full pump yesterday today I used to have a pump yeah, so I think that formula is definitely more moisturizing than the previous foundation I think it could be a little bit more moisturizing I feel like I still see a little bit of dryness, but you know that’s just my opinion I also didn’t use the primer today, but this is how it looks I think it could be a little bit more moisturizing, but that’s just my opinion, because I like dewy and really just hydrated skin, so it’s nothing up to you You can You should try it out in store just to get shade match and also feel a lot to consistency, but review and yeah I hope you guys liked it don’t forget to check out Matthew’s channel as well, and I will link everything down below for details, but this is how it looks Thank you guys, don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe I’ll see you guys next time, bye

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