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New fragrance Moisturizing Foundation cream cream skin l comment + wear test!

1 Nov , 2019  

All right welcome back to my channel. You guys want to go ahead and do a review on the new fenty hydrating foundation, and I flick on my channel. A lot of people haven’t asked me to review this. I went ahead and grabbed it yesterday when it launched and also grabbed their pro filter, mattifying primer, because I dohave oily skin, so I’m kind of excited to see how these to mix together, because it was a really good combo, I’m gonna be wearing this. A lot in the summer, especially when it comes to the fall time.
I just like the perfect foundation to wear, and I dohave their pro filter soft matte foundation, which I never really wear, because the formula is a little bit difficult to work with. For my skin at least, I dohave oily skin, but I found this to be a little bit too drying, so I flipped this one. The hydrating foundation would be a little bit easier to work with so once again and see my fun with bots. On these two then go ahead and keep on watching our. So first at first I dohave two prices for you guys in the hydrate Foundation is $35 and the pro filter primer is $32. So all, together with tax, i paid seventy one, eighty six, which is a little bit pricey. I didn’t know i payed that much yesterday because I was gonna brush so yeah at the total together setting 186, but moving on to the mattifying primer. I do want to use this first and it’s called their true mattes primer. Now I never get to stock. My primer before, just because I really wasn’t intrigued to use that one on Bolivia’s I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Sohas a nice frosted bottle really cute I’d love to package in because it’s so sleek and I don’t know just a really cute packaging and with this I forgot to go ahead and shake it up for some reason. But while I’m doing that, I’m gonna go ahead and read what it claims to do so it claims to be a shine, stop import, diffuse and finish and also extend your makeup. Wear and that’s all it says on here. So really, really simple and straight to the point: I’m gonna go ahead and squeeze it on the back of my hand. Now this is what it looks like. It is a little bit liquidy more liquidy and I thought it would be well.
Let me apply it to the face. One thing I will say about this: is I love the fact that it doesn’t leave that white cast on the face, because when it comes to modifying primers, they usually leave a white cast because of very you know, drying on the skin. But with this it doesn’t feel a drying. It all feels very like moisturizing, so I don’t know I really like this. I didn’t expect for it to feel like this for some reason, but I really like the way it applies in this skin. So looking at my skin, I will say it looks very smooth. You guys, like my pores, are completely filled and, and everything just looks really nice. So I was over this prime. You can go ahead and wear it by yourself. You really don’t need to wear anything with this primer because it makes your skin look really nice already. So I will give it that but move on to foundation itself. I did go ahead and pick up the shade 4:30 and my perfect shade. You guys would be 425, I hope one day she goes ahead and creates that shade, because I flicked 420s a little bit too light for me and fourth there’s a little bit too orange and fries so 425. She ever creates it I’ll be so freakin happy on, but let’s go ahead and read the claims of the foundation, so it claims to be a hydrating BM to full card foundation for all skin tones and it’s also long wear and light as air on the face. So that is all it says on there and let me open this up and see the packaging now with the packaging. I know some people weren’t too fond of this, because you’re paying like $32 for this and again a squeezy tube, but at the same time I kind of like it, because it’s different than what’s out there on their regular foundation, looks just like this. You guys have seen it before, but this is what it looks like, but I do like the squeezy tube, so I’m just squeezing it onto the back of my hand, and this is what the shade looks like so in person I suck it’s a little bit too Orange and red – and hopefully it doesn’t oxidize – that is my biggest thing when it comes his other foundation and oxidize so bad on me. But with this I heard it doesn’t do that, so I’m pretty excited to see how it wears throughout the day.
But let me just apply it onto the skin and taking my sponge when go ahead and blend it onto this again. So one thing I quickly want to mention is I love the way this blends onto the skin? I flick. It has a gel consistency to it. The way it blends you guys it’s very easy to work with. It just looks like skin so far and not struggling at all, because one of my biggest thing when it came to the other foundation is the formula was a little bit hard to work with, but with this I don’t have to try toohard. So so far I’m loving the way it looks on the skin. So I’m sure y’all can see on camera, but this shade is a little bit too dark for me. Look at my chest area. It’s a little bit too dark and right now, I’m at the darkest because it is summertime so yeah I don’t know I just wish it will come out with for 25, because it’s like that shade would be absolutely perfect, but I don’t know. I think the foundation was really good on the skin so far, so I can’t really really complain and when it comes to coverage, I will say the very medium to full coverage foundation, because I can kind of still see my skin peeking through just a little bit. But if I do want to go ahead and build it up, I can definitely go ahead and do that so so far is applying really well, I love the glow is giving my skin. It has a very nice healthy glow to the skin and I just love the way it looks so so. Looking past the color, I will say I love the way it applied on the skin. I flick a little very nice and just glowy, and just it looks very healthy, so we’ll give it that I’m the only that I don’t like, of course, as a colour, I flick it’s a little bit too red and orange on my skin on my besides that I really have no other complaints, but moving on to the profile to concealer, I dohave it in the shade 410. I’m going to apply a little bit of this on the face when it goes this concealer. I actually prefer for my eyes, because it’s a very nice matte concealer, it dries matte. So when you blend your eyeshadows on top, it is just so easy to work with.
So I love it for that more than anything, but I’m still gonna apply it on the face. For you guys, you guys, I just realized. I had my audio off for a little bit, so I’m so sorry if it sounded a little bit different, but I just turned it back on, but moving back to concealer I will set the foundation and the concealer pair really nicely together. I will say I preferred this combo a little bit more than a mattifying foundation, because it’s just a little bit too drying for me, but with this a hydrating Foundation and the mattifying concealer, it’s just a really nice combo on my skin and to set my under Eyes and meet my pro filter powder in the shade honey. Oh it’s so off cam. I went ahead and set my face with the hourglass, with some veils set in powder now for bronzer. I’m use my fancy Beauty, Coco knotty bronzer. All of my face. I really don’t need a lot of bronzer, because the foundation is already a little bit dark, so I’m just gonna go ahead and apply a light layer. Now, moving on to blush, I’m taking my Mac blush in the shade raisin and tohighlight, and is my artist, Couture highlighter in the shade conceded and last but not least, it’s ellipse, and to get my fancy beauty, uncuffed and also unveil stunning lip paint on my Lips, it’s my favorite combo to wear as of lately, and I do need to get some new ones, because these are running out are so it’s currently 1026 right now – and this is what my face looks like I will say, African, Ceylon and bacon. It got a little bit more neutral, it’s not as red or orange on the skin anymore, so I will give it that so yeah. I really don’t have any complaints about the foundation I just like. Throughout the day I make it a little bit more oily, but that’s the only thing I can say about it: um so yeah, I’m gonna do an eight hour test. I will be back a little bit later on and hopefully the foundation doesn’t oxidize or do anything too crazy. Elvis’s like this, you guys I’m gonna be sohappy with the foundation so yeah. But that means that I’ll see you guys in a little bit all right So it’s currently 649 right now, and this is what my face looks like you guys like.
I am low-key impressed because when it came to foundation I just knew for a fact that by eight hours I was gonna be greasy I wasn’t mean oily, but I flicked my skin looks like it has like a nice glow to it Don’t get me wrong I look a little bit oily at the same time I thought it would be a lot worse because it’s a hydrating foundation, so I will say I’m very, very impressed so far and also I do wanna mention one thing when it came to my face You guys, I thought I need to block throughout the day, but when I go ahead and blot, nothing really came through it There’s no oil or transfer, it’s just a really good foundation, and it may be the primer that I tried earlier So I’m not sure if that plays a part in that, but we dohave oily skin If you go ahead and get some mattifying primer, you should be good to go, but this combo, you guys, is absolutely beautiful on my skin Let me go ahead and block, though, because I am a little bit a little bit oily, I’m alone just blot my skin, not that most of the oils off my face, I will say my skin, still looks pretty pretty good, like everything looks intact Knowing that, I will say, is around the chin area, it did come off just a little bit, but it doesn’t look bad at all So my final thoughts in this whole entire foundation review, I will say we do – have dry skin or oily skin It doesn’t matter, go ahead and try it out, because I suck it works for both skin types and we dohave oily skin, make sure use a mattifying primer, but guys my final thoughts on this foundation review Let me know what you think about it down below If they do come up with a shape for 25, you guys I feel like that, would be like my perfect shade So we gotta know if you’re listening, please make sure you go ahead and come up with a shape for 25, because I will be the happiest person whole entire world Ok, so that’s my fault that some foundation with you I dohope you guys enjoyed it The flipside scramming way out and I’ll see you guys in my next one

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