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New! FTEN PRO Film Moisture Long Sleeve Foundation First Impression + Wear Test!

30 Sep , 2019  

We thought about you, she did not forget about you, Brett one of y’all welcome back to my channel. sharing with you all the new 50 stuff, because the other day I got a package from 15:50 beauty is like taking the whole makeup world by storm. This is what I got in the mail box for foundations in here. We’ve got a precision makeup. Sponge you’ve got the new hydrating primer and a brush. It’s Finn T so I have yet to try a product from Finn. T that I really didn’t like.
So I mean I’m pretty sure this is gonna be awesome. There was some people who said that the foundation, the original regular foundation, which is this one – it’s not their favorite, just because it’s not as it’s too dry, it’s too matte and people with dry skin can’t wear it. I am NOT a dry skin gal. I am an oily skin gal, but I love a dewy finish foundation. I love a good dewy foundation that doesn’t make me oily, but I also am not opposed to having a little bit of shine because I just feel like the older I get the more. I appreciate having a glowy dewy makeup, look as opposed to like a completely matte flat face. You know what I’m saying this is what we’re going for we’re going for the do you know I like the way my skin looks with no foundation like I like the way my skin, like the light bounces off of it. You know how it gives like this very nice healthy glow. That’s what we want our foundation to look like. So that’s what I’m hoping this foundation will give me. Hydrating long-wear is serving hydration mediums of full coverage with a natural finish perfect for normal to dry skin available in the same 50 shades as the original Pro Souter we’re gonna just use, often tea for the face. Today I do have a fancy concealer in fifty powders, so we’re gonna use that as well along with the new foundation.. With Finn T I was the shade 385. It is the summer time a little more bumps than I usually am, so they sent me four shades. They sent me 345, 8, 360, 385 and 390. I’m definitely not 345 and I’m definitely not. 316 385 is my normal shade when I’m not tan, so hopefully, 390 works. This is what the foundation looks like. It is in a different packaging. This time is more of a squeeze tube kind of situation, which is good because I don’t about you guys, but I’m not a huge fan of glass bottles. That’s just me only because when I travel I don’t feel safe and secure like. I don’t want my stuff to just explode on me, but it still comes with a pump, which makes me extremely happy because I love pumps and we are also going to try the primer, of course, because we want to you know, give the primer ago a hydrating Primer is not scary to me.
I love hydrating primers because I feel like they help balance my skin so that I don’t my skin doesn’t feel like it has to over work, so the hydrating primers a little more pink. I don’t think this is the matte primer. Just two pumps and if it does feel a little bit too oily or whatever, I can always add a mattifying primer, but we want to make sure that we get the full effect of the hydrating foundation. So I’m not gonna use mattifying primer, because I don’t want to throw off the formula or anything. I want you guys to get a true idea. The foundation he’s like that is the primer. The primer doesn’t feel oily at all. It actually just feels like a moisturizer to me, mine or my moisturizers normally feel like this, and it doesn’t look extremely greasy like I don’t see a huge amount of shine or whatever it’s just a healthy glow, I’m gonna swatch a little bit. This is 385. I’m gonna swatch a little bit of it on my face. Now, I’m not sure if this foundation oxidizes, I haven’t watched anybody’s review yet so I don’t know how this foundation really is, and then this is 390 me in the summer times definitely needs a little bit more of a warm undertone and I think 390 is gon Na do that, for yourself, I’m gonna do 390. This is the Kabuki buff a foundation brush. I love kabuki brushes. I actually use the Fenty’s kabuki brush for face and body which is, it came with the fancy beauty body lava. I love kabuki brushes for just applying foundation all over the face really quickly. It literally takes like two seconds to blur my foundation, so this is the brush. I love this already. I love this. The size is nice. It’s gonna cover a lot of surface area and it’s gonna really give you a nice amount of coverage. If you like a fuller coverage, then a kabuki brush is exactly the way to go. It buffs it into the skin very nicely, but still keeps the footage. We’Re gonna go ahead and take this and apply it to the only thing I don’t like about your brushes. Is that they’re, so pretty that I don’t want to use them, because I don’t wanna make them turn colors? Okay, so so far liking how this applies. It is not as full coverage as, of course, original Pro filter. Soft matte foundation. I feel like this foundation is giving me sheer glow vibes, NARS, sheer glow, it’s one of my favorite all-time favorite foundation formulas, because it’s literally like skin in a bottle.
Okay, this is giving me that oh um, this foundation literally looks like my skin like hold on how this really pecan-crusted looks like I didn’t apply anything, but my skin is just amazing. I want to apply more to see how it layers, so I’m going to apply more and it is buildable cuz. I am seeing me I’m seeing a little bit more coverage like it just looks like skin. Reread. Okay, so I’m gonna do the rest of my face and yeah I’ll come back with the rest of review. So I finished my face and this is everything if you guys want to see a full tutorial on the whole entire look I’ll be on my. I G TV I’m going to upload the whole tutorial there, so you guys can check that out be sure to follow me on Instagram, if you don’t already, but basically I used pretty much all fancy products. I use the fancy concealer the fancy setting powder the fancy. Bronzer, the fancy highlight fancy match sticks. The only thing that wasn’t thinking that I used is the eye brows lashes things that pinky don’t have. Yet when are you coming out with some brow products? Riri? Let us know all of the details, that of everything else that I use will be in the description box by the way. So you don’t have to worry about that. Yeah girl, the foundation is hydrating, of course, and it is not matte feel like it’ll. Just be the same as all of my other foundations I get oily like there are no foundations that completely 100% stop my oils from coming through, and so I’m not really expecting this to do anything more than my other foundations would because it doesn’t feel oily. It doesn’t feel greasy. It feels like just a nice hydrating foundation. My face feels soft. Basically, I’m conscious at the fact that I have my makeup, so I can’t get rid of the fact that I know that I have my makeup, but it doesn’t feel heavy at all, very breathable, very lightweight when applying the other products on top. I didn’t really notice that it was like moving around or you know doing anything. Funky weird, like some foundations, might do when you apply other products on top. This of course performed amazingly because it’s was literally like putting on skin it’s like skin in a bottle. So there was no issues with applying other products. On top, I don’t really know what else to say about it. My first impression is that I do like it. It’s very versatile, in my opinion, as opposed to the soft matte foundation, which you don’t get that versatility with this foundation, I feel like.
I have to wear a full-face every time. I wear this because it is Mac like it gives you like a good base for you to do. Contouring highlighting you know putting a full face on. You could literally put this on and go off the door. You can actually put on anything else. If you just want a little bit of coverage, this is what you need do have dark spots, acne things of that nature. You would still need to conceal with this. This is not a full coverage foundation, but this is for people who just want something simple. Something played something to throw on in the morning when you’re on your way to work or on your way, to get groceries or whatever, and that’s what I would use it for just like it everyday look if you’re a simple girl, this is it. This is you for all of you who wanted and hydrating a hydrating foundation. From Finn T this is for uses for you with you in mind the people who, like skin like foundations. This is for you, it had you in mind. Okay, really thought about you. She did not forget about you Berta and want you to wear tests, see how it lasts throughout the day and then I’m gonna come back later tonight and share with you. Guys is one o’clock right now and I will come back later tonight and share with you guys what I think about the foundation I am going to be outside and it is like a 90 degrees outside. So I am going to like you know, run some errands. Do some stuff outside so that you guys can get a full idea, but I think I think I’m gonna, like it um you get a close-up, so you guys can kind of see. So that’s it looks like, as you can see, you can still see texture and stuff. I did apply setting powder on top, so it does have more of a not matte matte, but it has a little bit more of a matte appearance because of that, if you don’t apply powder, it is gonna come out looking like more skin ish, so it Just depends on the look that you’re going for, if you want that, do we glassy look, don’t apply powder, don’t set it, but if you do want more of just a natural matte situation, applying powder is gonna give you that it probably won’t. Last all day, I don’t like this all day, so I’ll come back and let you guys know what it looks like later, but I do like to set my face just so. I make sure that it doesn’t move on me. I have to use powder. I am just I don’t know why I’m I can’t one day, I will try this foundation not using powder and see how it holds up that I had these powder for the full complete look, that’s it.
I will come back later and share with you guys. The foundation and how about alright, so I’m back so I just wanted to really quickly update you guys. It is now 701. We had a fun day. I can’t tell you what we did today, but I’m really excited about it. Big things popping if you haven’t been caught up on life slogans, don’t worry because we haven’t been recording anything, but a new vlog is going up so be sure to check out the vlog channel because we’re gonna be doing some fun stuff coming up soon. Yay! Oh, the foundation, okay, so this is what my face looks like after you know some hours of being out um honestly, this looks about the same as all my other foundations would normally look as far as oiliness goals. My face, usually, is this oily? No matter what foundation I’m wearing matte, hydrating, silky, satin marshmallow honestly, doesn’t matter how much I cake on doesn’t matter. If I’m not wearing any makeup, it does not matter. My face is going to be this shiny, I’m not mad at it. In fact, I actually love that I have oily skin now that I’m older and I understand why I have it. My grandma has extremely oily skin and she has like no wrinkles she’s over 70. So I think my skin’s gonna last a long time. The elasticity will always be there because it’s always lubricated, you know what I’m saying we’re just ready to stretch that did not come out the way that I had intended anyway, we’re just going to give this Foundation a thumbs up. I don’t have any issues with it. It hasn’t really moved. It still looks the same as when I put it on just a bit more shiny but, like I said nothing out of the ordinary, it’s virtually invisible as far as like how I can feel it. You know it’s like there’s nothing there. It’s nothing on my face feels very, very comfortable. I haven’t been sweating or anything, but I mean it doesn’t claim to be a waterproof or sweat proof foundation. So I wasn’t really testing for that. I really just wanted to see how it was gonna hold up with my oils, and it looks really good. I’m gonna do a close-up. This is what my skin looks like up close. You know not a lot of creasing in the forehead area and that’s only after seven hours of wear, probably I’m going to wear this foundation all night We are going to go on a date tonight me and my hearse spin.
So when we do that, I probably won’t see you guys after the date, but I just wanted to say this is foundations awesome You should try it that’s at the end boom if you have oily skin I wouldn’t say that you can’t wear this foundation, I think in the wintertime This is going to be my go-to, if not one of my favorites, because of the way that it applies, and it just feels so nice on the skin My skin is a lot drier in the winter, so this is gonna be an amazing winter foundation For me, for the summer time, probably not so much, I typically don’t wear hydrating foundations in the summer, just because you know it’s summertime, so I’m gonna wear a matte foundation more than likely, but at the same time this is a beautiful foundation that you could Wear to like an event or something where you’re not going to be outside in the heat, and you could probably get away with wearing it in the summer too So if you are oily skin, I wouldn’t stay away from it I would try it and see like it get a sample of it see if it’s your jam, I would say that if you are a Fenton fan and you just wanted to try a foundation and weren’t really a fan of the soft matte, I would definitely try This one and see how you like it, because it’s probably going to work for you a little bit better I know a lot People didn’t like the original formula of the Fenton foundation, so this might be something that you might enjoy a little bit more for my dry skin girls This foundation is definitely for you You are definitely going to like it I hope that you guys enjoyed this If you did Of course, you already know I’m going to try my best to film when I can There are a lot of new foundations coming out this I don’t know why I got the hiccups There are a lot of new foundations coming out this month, so I am going to be doing some more foundation, reviews and some more products that I’m gonna be trying out So I will be giving you guys a little bit more Beauty content than I usually have been doing lately before I go I do want to block I’m gonna just use a powder puff to soak up some of this oil It looks really good I’m gonna apply a tiny bit of powder I’m gonna just take a little bit of the fin teehee setting powder and just touch up some of the era’s gonna dab a little bit of it, and the top good is new Looking good

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