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New! Fundy beauty anti-inflammatory primer – oily skin review and wear test!

1 Nov , 2019  

I received my very first PR package from Vinci Beauty uh. I got this in the mail, I’m always so excited because I’ve never gotten anything from them, and so the fact that, like finchy beauty of all brands like reached out to me and wanted to send me free product, just really made me so excited, and I got The goodies in the mail and they sent me the pro filter, instant retouch concealer, which I already have, but I actually have it in the shade 350, which I used to highlight, and they send me the shade 385, which is my foundation shade.
They sent me this. They also sent me the pro filter, soft matte, longer foundation in the shade 385, which I’m excited about, because you guys know 385 is my exact shade and I love love, love the finchy Beauty foundations. The fact that they restocked me on my exact match makes me so excited, so I got one of these and then they sent me the new pro filter mattifying primer. Now this is what I’m the most excited about, because whenever I first tried out and tested out the finchy Beauty line, whenever I first came out, I had essentially loved everything in the collection except for the primer, and it wasn’t that disliked the primer. It was just the fact that the primer wasn’t mattifying, so when I wore it throughout the day, I got really oily really fast. The fact that finchy Beauty came out with a mattifying primer makes me so excited because that means they really are listening and that they are looking out for us oily accommodation, girls, okay, I got a card and it says: stay shine free this summer with finchy Beauty, Meet Pro filter, mattifying primer, a brand new primer that takes mattifying to the next level, diffuses pores and smooth the way for a better foundation application paired with the pro filter, soft matte, longer foundation and instant retouch concealer for a sweat resistant, shine, control and extended makeup. Wear all summer long, so of course, so I’ll be applying it. Giving my first impression, of course, giving guys updates throughout the day, because I will be doing a wear test just to see how this really lasts and holds up throughout the day. I guess I’ll go ahead and just hop right into it. My skin is already prepped. I apply some moisturizer and some SPF and then also did my brows, so I’m basically ready to hop and chew primer and then, of course, foundation and concealer. So I’m looking online and the primer is available at Vinci of course online at Vinci beauty in at Sephora, and it is $32 and you get one affluent out it’s a product, so not bad. Okay, so first I’m gonna pump it out into my hand. First, it’s kind of fill consistency, so it does have a very similar consistency as the original primer, which I have here’s the mini one.
It’s the pro filter, instant retouch primer, and it has a very, very similar consistency to that one. So it’s a little more creamy, not like my Becca. You guys know how low the back of one, but that was a lot thicker. This one is definitely more creamy and even more liquidy, almost it’s not really liquidy, but it’s very light and creamy okay. So I supply this hundreds all over and I’m interested to see that whenever I apply it like, will it dry down matte or like what happens whenever it dries? You know and then I’m really focusing this in the areas that I get the most oily like here. On my nose, my lower cheek area and my forehead alright, so I think we’re all nice and primed yeah. The consistency of this one is so different because, usually, like I said with my Becca, it’s a lot thicker. So, instead of me being able to kind of wipe it all over and apply it like moisturizer with the Becca act like really, you press it in there and swipe it in there, whereas with this one I actually do like, I can kind of just apply it All over, like moisturizer, just to make sure that I’m really hitting all those areas there we go, and actually I can see that it is drying. Matte like it is actually meta fine. The areas that I applied it to, which is promising because it’s definitely drying down like it’s not like it’s, not necessarily drying out, say like you know how some other mattifying primer sleeve, like that. You know white film over your skin. This one does not do that at all just looking at my skin, but I can see that it is that as its drying, it is mattifying those areas that I applied it to it’s just a bit of a different finish in a different formula. So we’ll see how it holds up throughout the day again. First impressions, I mean it’s honestly, very, very, very similar to the original instant retouch primer, like the smells are similar. The consistencies are similar. Now here is the instant retouch and, as you see, the instant retouch has a bit of a beige color and the mattifying one has a white color um. Of course they do both try clear. So don’t worry about the color, but that’s just one thing to note. Actually, you know things are back, I’m kind of working this into back in my hand, and actually the mattifying primer is a little bit more liquidy or more creamier than the instant retouch primer. So it is even more lightweight and even more liquidy creamy higher and call it than the original one.
So that is a slight difference. My face is definitely all modified, especially after applying that moisturizer that I did earlier my face is like all mad. So that’s good to know. So next up is going to be foundation. I want to take my ELF ultimate blending brush and a spray it with some spray, and then it’s pump, this kind of all over my face kind of dot this all over and I’m telling you guys the Vinci foundation is just literally the bomb. Calm like it is one of the best foundations, I’ve ever ever tried so now taking the brush and just blending this in and just using. You know soft stippling motions to press this in all over. So you don’t have any. You know. Streaks rings like that and I’ll keep the look a little bit more softer today, just what I want to do anything too: heavy okay. So so far so good, I don’t see like any patchy areas or dry areas, which is a good sign. Everything looks nice and smooth and blended out. I will say that that is an issue had the pastors from other primers is that it could get too dry, that it actually kind of sticks to the foundation and actually leaves little spots or like little patches all over the face. But this doesn’t do that at all, so this is good. My face looks nice and even and flawless. I will say, though, that in terms of the claim that it blurs out the pores, I honestly don’t really see much of a difference at all in the pore area so and even like right now. My pores are still very large and in charge. Okay. So that’s the only claim that SF now that I don’t really agree with, because I’m not quite sure if I would say that this actually does minimize or blur your pores, because mine are definitely not minimized and or blurred. Okay, all righty. So we are all good as far as foundation goes so far. Initial impression, I feel like the finchy Foundation and the mattifying primer are a really really really good mix. So now going in with my concealers again, they sydney like the same shade as my foundation. So i stimulate 385 concealer and i also already has a 350 concealer, so i want to use this right here to spot-check again. I wanted to keep this look a little bit natural, so i didn’t want to go over the same areas and kind of layer on more foundation. I feel like having a skin toned concealer to spot treat, helps to prevent you from having to layer on a bunch of foundation going over my dark areas under my eyes and a little bit here on the lower jaw line, and also here around my mouth gon Na blend this in – and this gives you coverage without having to put on too much product yeah that looks much better okay, so I went ahead a spot treated now, I’m gonna go ahead and use my 350 concealer to highlight apply a little bit here under My eyes bridge of my nose forehead, keep its bow in my chin.
Beauty, Blender just blend this all out, and these concealers y’all are literally so amazing. I just love, love love how I bomb these are like. They are amazing, so pigmented and provide great coverage. I got highly recommend the finchy Beauty concealers for sure I’m gonna go ahead and finish off my face and then come back with the final look, I’m keeping it real natural, still hiding some lipgloss, some bronze or some highlight real, simple and then again it wrap Up my initial thoughts and then, of course, chicka dr. day, alright guys so here is the final look again is topped on some gloss. Some blush some highlight some mascara kept a really really natural and simple today, but here is the final look. So again. First initial questions on the primer so far, I’m really liking it. I did honestly see a difference whenever I applied it all over. I have applied mattifying primer all over and it did nothing like it didn’t matter, find anything it didn’t change anything. It didn’t look met at all, and this I can say that, even though it is a little bit of a different consistency, then I’m normally used to it’s really weird, because it’s like once you apply it on at first you’re, like it’s gonna, do anything and Like once it dries, you can really really see a difference, so I really really really do like this. So far as of now, it looks like it’s on the last shot the day. Of course, you will see how it holds up and we’ll see how early on my, although starts to break through and start to get really oily. Do I expect this to keep me completely oil-free throughout the day? No there’s no primer in the world that will keep you from getting any ounce of oil at all. If you are oily eventually that oil is going to break through that primer break through that foundation and it is going to keep through it’s just the way of the world, it’s natural. So for me, I’m not super particular about making sure that I don’t get oily at all. It’s just a matter of how early do I get oily and also even whenever I get oily, I can be oily, it must makeup still looks bomb, and so that’s what I’m hoping that this primer does, I’m hoping that it, you know, keeps my oil intact for, As long as possible and then even whenever I do start to get oily that it still holds all together and keeps it looking amazing like it does right now, but again so far, I do like it right now.
It is 1101 I’ll probably wear this for about six or seven hours cooking on.. Are you guys so it is now, I believe about six hours later. I don’t worry exactly when I left off the initial and but I’m pretty sure one 11 a.m. and it is now 512 to be exact. So it’s about six hours later and y’all no lie. I am shook okay, I did not expect this primer to perform as well as it has, but when I say that my skin looks amazing after six hours I mean amazing, like I do have a little bit of oil like I said there is no primer in The world – and I feel like that, could ever completely prevent my skin from getting oily because my skin does get oily. However, how it looks right now is typically how my foundation looks like at about the two hour mark, but the fact that it looks this good after six hours just blows my mind, especially because the fact that I’m not that oily like I’m just I’m honestly an Off because you guys know how I always preach about the fact that I’m a stickler for finding a mattifying primer, that you know it dries up a little bit, and that leaves some of that like white residue without white film. Those primers in the past have worked for me. They’ve been the only thing that have really worked for me in the past, and so I always reach for our primers that are of that consistency, and because this primer is like the complete opposite of it. I honestly did not expect it to work as well as it did, but I feel, like you guys, no lie just gonna based off how my skin looks now versus, like with my holy grail, Becca there about Nick and Nick as far as performance goes, and That again, literally blows my mind, because they are two completely different formulas. Now Anna granted, the foundation that I did use, which is the Vinci PD foundation. That is a soft matte finish, so I will note that the foundation I did use does have mattifying properties in it as well. So maybe that’s also why nation looks as good as it does like. Maybe it’s not just the primer, maybe it’s the foundation, I’m not quite sure, but I can say that this combination of this foundation and this mattifying primer is like literally guys it’s bomb like I have like. You know, of course, like a little bit of oil peeping through, but nothing that a little blot with the back of my hand or even like with the brush. It’s nothing that a little block can’t fix You know like this look at that the shine is already gone and even on my nose like just wanting the sides of my nose and the shine is gone so literally, you guys like it just takes that little bit of work to remove the oil.
But I’m honestly just impressed by how good this works, because it’s been six hours and my face still looks flawless like this is a long wearing combo So, honestly, you guys again This is how it looks at six hours I could go ahead and leave it on for another hour or two, but in my opinion, and also in my experience, I don’t foresee this getting any worse or like my skin, getting super oily in the next hour or two I kind of know how my skin works and I kind of know how my foundation should look by now and right now, if this looks amazing for six hours, okay like and also you guys know, I don’t typically wear a makeup for that long Just because y’all know I’m a stickler about my skin and I don’t like to wear makeup for that long, but yo for six hours like I could wear this like wear a full wedding day like husband marry This would be the perfect foundation to go to If I were gonna, be, you know out and about shopping all day or like running errands, with my husband all day or like going out for a girl’s, I’m gone all night This is what I’ll go for it like this combo You guys again is just the bombcom even my last lines, I’m impressed with, because even though they’re there it doesn’t look really like crusty or like real cakey Don’t know what I mean like you know You have left lines, you know how sometimes I could get some really really kick you around there Well, even right now, look I could doesn’t look cakey or anything at all like it looks really good It looks like my natural skin and I also love the fact that it is so light weight so because it is a lot lighter, a lot creamier and this is less heavy as like with my other primers, so that I do like So I would give this primer, in my opinion, an eight and a half or nine out of ten Only reason I’m not giving it a full Ten point is because of the fact that, like I said earlier, is that this claims to blur out your pores and, in my opinion, it did not do that at all shout out to Rihanna and finchy beauty for listening to us or the girls and creating a Mattifying primer and really doing the darn thing with this time, are you guys cuz? It looks bomb hope you guys enjoyed my review of the new Vinci Beauty, Pro filter, mattifying primer hope you guys enjoyed it If you guys did give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, and I will catch you guys in the next one – bye guys

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