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New!!!!! Kitchen Tour: My Organizational Way

30 Sep , 2019  

Good afternoon style.i Casanova here in welcome to my kitchen, so today I’m going to be sharing with you guys some of my love in this space. I absolutely love my kitchen that wasn’t always the case that in definitely in love with it. So the kitchen is my family’s central meeting place because we absolutely love to eat. We talk and this room has definitely become one of my favorite places to be upon the entry into the kitchen. You are met by these capitis man.
This is where I store my pasta, my pants and also my rigs. The last couple of days I have been organizing, organizing and also organizing. I just wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. So here’s a closer look from right to the left of the cabinet from the lid to the pots and the pans that I have, and also only kind of set as the cabinet, because we’re at also kings of system of pots and pans. In just some of the things that I would use in my everyday cooking, routine, so starting on the left side of the drum gonna open this first unit – and I have all of my sweet in my false in here now – the storage unit. but I absolutely love it. I do have to order a second piece for this drawer because I did not have enough – and here is probably what I like to call the drill read roar of my kitchen. So if you’re new to my channel, then you’re probably unaware, but if you’ve been here for a while, then you know good and well that I am 10,000% seen a lot and team Calphalon. And this is why the items just look so beautiful all right. So in the second chore is where I keep all of my nonstick and I have these protectors just to keep from scratching so moving right along in the very top drawer. Here I have all of my plastic utensils for me to cook now these are Calphalon and in the next unit i have what i would like to call my gadget drawer again, I’m using the practical comfort organization system and in this unit right here, is what I Like to call my excessive resources as you that I need for like ice cream scooping, can openers everything in this in bed right underneath that drawer.
I would like to think of this cabinet. As my little storage unit, I have my old lines that I’ve had for several years. They still work for a haven’t. I have my cutting board, my mixing bowls and things of that nature in there. So now so start on the cabinets above and I am so excited because I have been wanting to share something with you guys for a while now and today, and let the secret out so right above the oven is where I keep my pressure cooker. My turkey baster, and also my bakeware from elite Calphalon, of course thank you for very much Tristan. Those are his little hands. Helping me out and moving right along to the next cabinet are my wife all and my white plates. Now these were purchased from TJ, Maxx and home goods, but this is not just your regular white bowl. These bowls are oven safe. Yes, you heard it they are all oven safe. I did not just want to have white dishes and slept in the kitchen. I wanted something that was going to be well functioning for the kitchen and moving along strength cabinet again, and then you see white pieces again and yes, these Samak back pieces are also oven, safe. So everything that in my cabinet are good to go in the oven. This one here is Denmark, the one before that I showed you guys is from cordon loop, and here is another Bowl. Now I do have this in the small and a large side or in the corner unit. I have my cookbooks. I have to tell straight, but I also have two can opener now, I’m probably going to get rid of that items I don’t really use it next cabinet.
I have my coffee I did not want it on the cabinet I do love coffee, but it’s something that I had every single morning and then I have my plastic Tupperware’s Now these are from TJ Maxx If you guys are interested, but I really do love this cabinet I find myself going here quite often so turning over to the other side of the kitchen is another set of cabinet, and I absolutely love these cabinets because the drawers are so deep So I’m able to have a few more items in there and bigger items in the drawers So I keep all of my seasoning in here, but when the copter is what is considered a lot of the seasoning, which is everything from curry powder to your taco? To your rosemary is what I would normally keep in this top drawer and then the second unit is my everyday seasoning Now, when I’m cooking, I normally just pull out the white rack close and then I put it right back and I don’t have to worry about messing up or cleaning up and that’s pretty much it So I will say upon the purchase of this home I wasn’t always in love with the kitchen, but one thing that I was always in love with was the view that this house offered to us I love cooking here in the morning and in the afternoon or dinner because I get to overlook the pond in the backyard is absolutely beautiful and super serene and relaxing, you guys As always I hope you enjoyed your visit with me today I hope I was able to answer some of the questions that I had noticed on my timeline So if you guys have any more questions that I didn’t answer feel free to leave them down below and I will be sure to comment back as soon as possible As always thank you for the support and I hope to see you again

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