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New make-up for the whole face?! Cheap product test!!?

1 Nov , 2019  

. I’m actually going to be testing a new look makeup. I’m so excited for this. Ok! Wait! Look! I’ve never actually had the chance to try new lip makeup before so. This, is an excuse to buy it, so I’m so excited. I’m gonna give you guys my complete honest opinions on this makeup. I, how about you, so I’m gonna leave those down below if you guys to check out, It’s been so highly requested, so, if you all enjoy, then please match a big thumbs up and also subscribe it down below.
If you guys haven’t already also go subscribe to my daily buggin channel as well, because I’m gonna leave that down below and a vlog every single day, because that’s what a daily vlogger is, do you know, have you ever had it when, like sometimes like? I go to flick my hair as a joke and, like I have my hair in a bun, it’s like it’s so annoying, but I have a have a pony, so I can actually full my hair now but yeah anyways, I’m so just like rambling off topic. so I’m gonna start off with a primer. This is a illuminating primer. So I think this is gonna be like perfect for my skin, because I love primers. Ok, I just dropped it. I love primers that I, like very moisturizing. I’ve said this so many times I don’t really have like particularly dry dry skin, but I just I like my skin feeling moisturize, you know so it comes in like this squeezy little tube, which is really nice because it’s easy to get it out. So I’ve got like the white cream on my hand and oh, it is very moisturizing. Actually it’s like a serum is what it feels like on my skin, so so far so good. As far as the primer goes, I mean you can’t really judge it. I’m just like wiping this one over my face. I can’t really judge it much until you know all of my makeups on my face, but it’s definitely very moisturizing right so moving to foundation, so this see no shine and mattifying foundation overall with the packaging. I really like it it’s very standard, it’s very simple: there isn’t really much to it, but I definitely prefer, like you know more, like simple packaging, rather than just too over-the-top and just like tacky overall, so yeah I picked up this foundation, I’m loving the packaging. So I actually have obviously I like a sneak a look at this now I actually the one thing I love about this, which a lot of people will definitely dislike. It’s this actually stick foundation, so there’s not like a pump to apply it, but I don’t know why. But I really have a thing about stick foundations. I actually love them, because it’s so much easier to apply the product to your skin. You just literally wipe it on, and it’s just so easy, so, oh god, it’s like spilling everywhere.
So the first thing you have to say about this is I’m definitely loving the fact that it’s a stick foundation. I have no idea if this is my shade or not, because the dip really good chance inside new look to actually try it out. So this is in the shade natural beige, I’m really hoping it works. I’ve actually got like a tan on my body, so I’m really hoping it matches to my neck color rather than my actual face color. So that’s what I’m hopefully, hopefully that’s how it’s gonna match. So I’m just gonna wipe this on now. As you can see, it’s just so easy to apply on your face like the product. Just comes out so much better with a stick. I just I just love it. I love applying foundation like this. Okay right. It’s all on my face. Now. I’ve saved the color one suspended. It will actually look really good, so I’m gonna be applying this with my damp Beauty, Blender and just you know, dumping it around so far, it’s, oh, my goodness. It’s blending really nicely. Actually I’m really liking. This. I’m all sure. This is also down to the primer, because the primer was very moisturizing, so I think that definitely has something partly to do with this, but it’s blending so nicely, and I think I think I fit it to light lighter shade. Now is only because my neck is very dark, but we were, we will make do what we’ve got. Also, do you know what that one mistake I think I’ve made is. I think I’ve actually applied too much to my, because I think, with this foundation a little definitely goes a long way and it’s blending look how it blends. That’s actually amazing, I’m just I’m so annoyed at myself and I’ll get in a darker shade. It looks so dark inside the packaging. So if I was, you guys definitely go for a darker shade than what it looks in the packaging or if you have time just try it out in the shop again say: hey it’s the foundation that honestly blended on my skin so quickly, and I don’t really Want to like keep comparing brands, but if I compare this to the H & M foundation that I tried last week, I definitely prefer the new look one on their thing: they’re around the same price, it’s about like mid drugstore kind of price. I would say I think it was $7.99. I might be wrong. I’m gonna leave like the prices somewhere on the screen, but yeah. I definitely prefer this foundation because they’re blended on my skin so nicely it was so easy to apply.
It was so quick. My skin, it was so moisturized like a little, goes a long way and it definitely doesn’t feel cakey as well like. I would definitely use that foundation again and I said I’ve got the H & M one last week, so this one is pretty good. Okay, so moving on it’s, you can see that I’m gonna be using this cover and protect concealer crayon. Now, I’m insane for me personally. Crayons have a never worked for me because I just find it so hard to blend. So I mean this could like shock me. I really don’t think I want to have like I don’t know. I have a good positive force on this, but just crayons have never really worked out for me, but just gonna kind of, like you know, just not even just you know, just keep straight away, in my honest opinion as if I’ve never I’ve never used this. Before, firstly, I wish I got a lighter shade, but they were completely out of stock. This was the only one left and they did actually also have liquid concealers, for they had actually they’re actually out of stock as well. So this is literally the only concealer. I could find in the store, but this is gonna have to do. I think it’s definitely easy to apply those so we’re gonna give it a go. I’m gonna apply some underneath my eye. Oh actually, it’s quite a good shade. I guess it is a little bit lighter than my foundation, so that’s good really like in the shade of it so far, and it definitely is very easy to apply. However, the only thing is that I’m worried about as if it’s actually easy to blend. However, I kind of really doubted myself, because this is a lot easier to apply than I was expecting it to be normally they’re really hard, but that’s gone on my face really really nicely so I’m gonna put a little bit on my chin. It’s really hard to see how much I’m putting on, though, like I think I’m put like way too much under my eye, but hey hi. So I’m gonna put a little bit going up my nose and then I’m gonna put a little bit on my forehead as well. When I say a little bit, I basically mean quite a lot. I’ve got quite a lot on my face, but it’s all good okay, so I’m gonna go in with my Beauty, Blender and try and blend. Oh my god, hey! This is actually blending a lot better than I was expecting it to. I really doubted myself on this. This honestly. This, I genuinely think is one of the best concealer crayons I’ve used because normally everytime, I use a concealer crayon or every time I’ve tried to use a concealer crayon, it’s just so hard to blend. I don’t know what it is, I think just cause isn’t they’re quite thick and heavy.
So that’s why they’re really hard to blend, and it I mean it definitely is making my makeup look a little bit more cakey, but it’s blending a lot nicer than I thought it was so I’m disappointed in myself saffron come on. I’m so doubted myself with this concealer, but actually it’s blending a lot better than I was expecting it to right. So this is the concealer blended on my skin. Honestly, it’s definitely brightened my skin up. It’s definitely a brightening like concealer. It’s really done the job and I’m actually really I’m really surprised honestly, I’m actually really liking that I believe it was 399. I’m actually glad that the lip we can see this will run out because now that’s actually giving me hope with crayon concealers. I actually genuinely really like that. Now, I’m actually going to go on with a contour palette, and this is the contour powder shading kit and I believe it has a contour, a bronze and a high shade. I really like the fact that it has a mirror as well. It’s so much nicer the fact that it has a mirror. I literally hate palettes that don’t because, if you’re like ever running late for anything up on the train, you just want to like sit yourself out and you don’t have a mirror. It’s like so frustrating. I think I’m gonna mix the darkish Brown and then the more of the light lightish Bay she kind of Brown together to get that like perfect kind of bronze. On my face. Okay, I’m gonna go in with the contour brush. I didn’t actually really wanna get new look makeup brushes. but I wanted to use brushes that I knew kind of like what does that make sense. So then I just basically be focusing on the makeup. So that’s why? But I’m gonna be mixing at these colors together and I’m just going to be applying it where I would normally contour my face, which would be my cheekbones. The only thing with powders is it’s so hard to get in the right place. So that literally just looks like a big blob of like brown on my cheek, but when it’s blended, like it’ll be fine, but it’s pretty much impossible to get a dead straight line when it’s a powder, so I’m trying my hardest guys. I’ve also applied some on my jaw line and then I’m gonna apply a little bit on my forehead as well. Again, I walk the London after this is a lot darker than I was expecting it to be. This is gonna. Take a lot like you said to be blending really quickly on my skin, but I think I definitely should have just used the lighter shade because look.
Blended guys is gonna be all good. This is the console blended into my skin as much as I really could blend into my skin if they did so easily. I feel like so far. I literally have nothing bad to say about new lip makeup. Apart from the fat in the brighton store, where I actually went to find the makeup pretty much, all of it was sold out so maybe like, if you know your shapes and stuff, maybe like rabbit online or whatever. Now I know I didn’t actually just contour my face, but honestly I’m not even joking. I went it’s a new look and I was looking at the highlighter. I always look at the highlighters first because it’s like my favorite thing ever and I saw like all the plushies and the bronzers and the shimmers and oh wow. So I never ever ever use like a bronzing shimmer. But honestly, because I fell in love with the packaging and just the way this load, I honestly just like couldn’t resist so I’m gonna be applying some of this, like bronze shimmer on my face as well. Just because is so flippin pretty the bronzers. The blushes are, the highlighters are literally insane like I’m obsessed and I haven’t even tried them yet I just I really hope they’re gonna be as pigmented as they look. Okay, it comes out really flippin dark and it’s so shimmery part of me wishes that I didn’t applied, see what I really tried to not apply that much, but I I’ve got way too much on okay, I feel like this is going to take a lot of Blending though so the blusher is actually so so pretty it’s so shimmery, I’m really hoping it’s as pigmented as it looks. I actually got the one in the shade pale blush. I was so undecided for such a long time because all the blushes are literally so so stunning and we want to make I love a little bit of shimmer, so my first impressions is really really nice. However, it’s not really given much blush. It’s really just giving a shimmer, like honestly just looks like a pinky toned highlighter, so this isn’t as amazing as I thought it would be, because I thought it maybe I should have got like a darker shade, pink, but really this could be highlighter. I feel like now, when I put highlighter on my face, I’m literally just gonna look like a hot shimmery mess right. So this is the highlighter that I picked up. This is in the shade pink pow, so I guess it has. I don’t know it looks more like whitish you’re more alive, but I guess it’s gonna have some sort of like pinky toned to it. So let’s take a look, this highlighter so pigmented.
So pretty. I actually love this guys. Look at that. That is what you call a good highlighter. My cheek is like glowing. Let my cheekbones stand out so much when I have highlighter on it. I literally, I cannot go a day without because I feel so bad when I don’t want highlighter so with everything that I’ve used on my face so far, I’m actually really pleasantly surprised with how well was turned out and how easily everything’s blended. The only thing that I’m a little bit disappointed in is the blusher, because I was so excited about and honestly it just looked like a highlighter. It was literally just pure shimmer. There was no like pinky tone to really in it. I’m now I’m gonna go in with eyes. but I’ve actually got my eyebrows micro blade. It’s like semi tattooed, so I don’t really have. I need to brush them into place, but I don’t actually really need to fill them in right now. I’m gonna move on it to eyes shadow now there were, I think there was like six different options with the eye shadow palette, so there was like a quite a big range for like eyeshadow colors and like the options which is really really good. This palette. Oh, my goodness, I can’t open it, but I am totally obsessed now. The only issue with this palette is, it doesn’t actually have a name for the shadows, so I’m just gonna go in with this one here, whatever the hell, it’s called it’s gonna make a brownie pinky ashtray, and I guess I’m just gonna apply this. All over my lid, I’m really not like an eyeshadow master, so I’m really not gonna go like above and beyond. With this eye. Look I’m no just gonna blend this in all over my eyelid. Just those like a really simple look. You know this color is actually so pretty it’s so so natural and just I don’t know there. Okay, I’m just gonna honestly. This is like the most basic look ever if I’m late, you’re, just gonna go in with like this pink kind of like shimmer. Here, which is really really pretty, and I’m just gonna apply some on the lower of my eyelid and then also in the corner of my eyes as well. The only thing I would say is there is a lot and a lot of full bag with this eyeshadow that literally it’s just like crumbling my face is getting that gives getting more emotion on it. As this makeup routine goes on. I’m honestly gonna be glowing Goodis suppose into this. Antimony is for the first time ever. I don’t know, there’s gonna be a good thing.
No, I didn’t cup and eyeliner and I did actually pick up four C’s, but I did pick up a mascara and this mascara is the full / extreme Volume Mascara, and there was actually quite a big variety when it came to mascaras and it was about, like Four or five options – and it was – I think it was like four or five options, so there was like a big variety like considering its mascara, so this is kind of the one that I really really liked, and I’m just gonna apply this to illusions. So far, I’m really liking this mascara, because it’s definitely given them a lot of length without making it look really comfy and they’re really nice and spread out. So I’m definitely all about this mascara okay. So this is the mascara overall, I’m actually really feeling it, especially because, usually I always wear falsies and there were no forces that I even wanted to try on my face, because I want to see the false eyelashes just really there weren’t good my honest opinion. I really didn’t like them, they were just. They were like smaller than my natural lashes, so it’s just like now, I just largest pass without them, but for the mascara they’ve. Definitely given them a lot of length and they definitely spread my eyelashes out as well. They’Re not too clumpy, especially because I felt like I always have a problem when it comes to mascara. I end up always making my masks are really comfy, so they’ve definitely like spread them out and giving them a lot of length. So I’m really feeling them. I’m now going to go onto our last step, which is actually in lipstick. Now I’ve got two different options, because I was so undecided on what lipstick to go for, because there was two different styles. Now there is the super matte liquid lipsticks, and then there is also the this is the amount velvet lip stick crayon and I actually love lipstick crowns as well, and I literally I’m obsessed with this color, so I’m going to give you two different looks so this Is what the crown looks like pretty much just like a crayon, but let’s actually give this a go. So this is the lipstick crayon that I’ve actually got on my lips right now is the longer powerfully than I was expecting it to be, but it was so easy to apply it because it’s like really really creamy. I think I’m actually just gonna apply the pink over the top. I think I can kind of like ombre this and I think it could look really cool, so I’m now gonna go in with the super matte liquid, lipstick, okay, I’m gonna give this lipstick. Oh the packaging of this is like so exciting It looks so much more expensive than it actually is, which is like always a good thing.
You know, so I’m gonna like put this in the middle, my lips and kind of Umbria I’ve lost them On my turn, this is a lot more pink than I was expecting, but it’s so nice I just don’t know how I’m gonna ombre this I’ve actually living for this color Now now with that lipstick, it actually dried matte, really really quickly Now I’m gonna give the good old kiss test Does he even actually works? Okay, the only thing is look it’s supposed to I mean I’ve left it for about 40 seconds Maybe and it feels kind of dry, but obviously I don’t know Maybe I should have waited a little bit longer, but look it’s still like, but it’s still left and lip print on my hand, so it is like the best matte liquid, lipstick I’ve ever tried cuz I know if you guys have actually tried the Kylie liquid matte lipsticks They are unbelievable, like you kissed your hand after 5 seconds and no a product would like print onto your hand So this is like the best macaron lipstick I’ve ever tried, but the formula is really really nice and again easy to apply and it is actually really pretty shade overall, and I know what you think they kind of you know blend do quite nicely as well my overall opinions on new lip makeup I actually really really wrote it everything’s so easy to apply a couple of the things I tried were Marie the colors that they actually looked in the packaging So I mean that’s the only downfall of the makeup, the fact that yeah, the colors were really well They look like so Deb you’re gonna try a new lip makeup I would say you know actually tried the colors in the store before you go home and try it on, because the shades are a little bit different when you actually try them on your skin compared to what they look like in the packaging Overall, I really did like using this makeup If there’s any more brands that you guys want to see me test out, then please, let me know down below, because I’ve always looking through comments so smash a like subscribe down below as well, if you guys haven’t already, but yes that is it for me, that’s what I’m rambling on and hopefully I will see you guys very, very soon, ma bye,

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