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New urban transformation: keep nude foundation + Concealer first impression + wear test

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up, you guys welcome back today, I’m super excited because we’re gonna be doing a first impressions, we’re test on the new urban decay foundation and concealer. I want yesterday to Ulta – and I picked both of them up actually. First went to a Sephora inside of the JC Penney’s and they actually didn’t have it, but I think regular supports do have it, but I was able to find it easily at Ulta. So this is the same naked weightless liquid foundation.
I picked up the shade 51 wy. There are 50 different shades, so there’s like a huge array of shades too. I was super excited about and each shade goes by your master tone and your undertone so like for this one 451 YW. It says the shade intensities medium, the master Toma is warm and the undertone is yellow. So hopefully this works for us, and I picked up these stay naked, correcting a concealer as well. It does say up to 24-hour wear on it. You’Re definitely gonna put these both through the test. Today, I don’t think I’m gonna be wearing them for 24 hours, but I’m gonna wear them throughout the whole day. I’m actually filming pretty early. Today, it’s 11:50 for right now a.m. so I’m probably gonna be wearing the foundation for close to 12 hours to test out for you guys today, and the shape that I got in these concealer is 30 MN, which means light neutral neutral. So both these products are waterproof and vegan, and the foundation has like some of the claims on the back here, aside from just being waterproof and vegan, it’s supposed to be flexible, breathable, a real skin matte finish medium to buildable coverage does not transfer minimizes the appearance Of pores stays true to color and then waterproof and vegan, so I mean that’s a lot of claims. We’Re gonna put it to the test. I love urban decay as a brand. I feel like I really like their eyeshadow palettes they’re vice lipsticks. There are eyeliners, but I feel, like I’ve never found a foundation that I really really love from them. I did used to really like the Urban Decay all nighter foundation, but now it’s like a little too much coverage for me. So I don’t wear it nearly as much, but I’ve never found like my favorite favorite foundation from them and I’m not a huge fan of their other naked foundation. I think naked skin. I didn’t really like that. It was just too light of coverage for me. It just wasn’t my cup of tea, so I am a little skeptical, I’m a little nervous, but I really really hope that I, like these, a lot of you guys requested for me to try them on my channel.
So that’s what we’re doing today make sure you guys this guy to my channel, if you have not already include little Bella right next to subscribe button, so you cannotified all my future uploads and without further ado. Let’s go ahead and get started. Alright, I’m gonna zoom, you guys in so you can really see as I apply it the products before we get started. I do want to just let you guys know on price. I have my receipt right here. This was, it was 7250 with tax. Just for these two products, so that’s a lot to spend on two products. The foundation is $39 and the concealer is $29 and as far as size goes they’re, both pretty typical one fluid ounce for the foundation and point three: five ounces for the concealers. So this is what the foundation looks like. It looks really nice. I do like the packaging, it’s definitely very sleek. There is a pump which is great and then for the concealer. Let’s take her out. This is what the concealer looks like so also very sleek. The packaging kind of like goes together on them and I do like the packaging. The concealer is a doe foot all right, so I am first going to just pry my skin real quick, I’m gonna go in with the Too Faced. Do you fresh flow primer? I know I love this and just pop this on my skin, since it does say that it is more of a matte finish since my skin is dry. I like to give a little glow, especially when I’m using mattifying products all right, so I’m gonna go in with the it foundation. First again, I’m using the shade a5 1wy and there are 50 different shades. So I hope that all of you guys can find a shade that works for you. Okay, so i just SQUOZE screws squeezed some out, it’s very liquidy, which makes me a little nervous. I feel like normally really liquidy foundations like have no coverage, so I’m hoping this does that’s two pumps, I’m gonna just do a little bit. Well, half pumps! So two and a half pumps see how that looks. It definitely has a chemically scent to it. It smells like sunscreen, but there is no sunscreen in this, so the smell isn’t super Pleasant, just to be completely honest with you guys, but it’s not like. Oh my god. Oh I’m, not gonna use this because of it. So I’m just gonna go in and blend this out a lot of drugstore foundations honestly.
Have that more like chemically, like smell normally high-end foundations? Don’t as much but I mean I don’t know it just kind of smells like sunscreen to me, even though there isn’t sunscreen in it, blending out pretty well very easily and actually giving me more coverage than I thought, because when I saw how liquidy it was, I Was definitely nervous and thought that this wasn’t gonna give me like any coverage, but I feel like it did. Color looks pretty good in comparison to my neck. It might be a little dark, but nothing that I couldn’t fix by just going and getting the next shade lighter. And I got a lighter shade in the conceal, because I like to really highlight and brighten with my concealers. So that’ll probably make everything mesh together and look fine upon initial application. I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised didn’t really think that I was gonna love this um, but it actually looks it looks good. I think it didn’t emphasize her like stinking to my pores at least yet, and it gave me a much better coverage. Then I thought that it was going to because normally I don’t like kind of like lighter foundations like this, but this one perfected my skin, but it gave me a very natural kind of seamless look like my skin but better. So I do really like it. I have a blemish on my chin that pretty much covered that all up and it blends it out super easily. So I can’t complain about that. So so far, pleasantly its pleasantly surprised at this guy now we’re gonna go in with the concealer. So again, I’m going in with shade of 30 NN and I’m gonna just apply this to my under eye. The DOE foot is small, but it is super flexible. I prefer like bigger doe foots my Tarte shake tape and the Too Faced Born This Way. Super coverage I like how big those doe foots aren’t just makes it easier cuz. I do apply a decent amount of under-eye concealer. You guys already know that if you want to my channel, because I like to really highlight with them as well, but it’s fine not something again. That would stop me from using the products I’m gonna, bring it down my nose and just in the center areas of my face to highlight and gonna blend that out again with a Beauty Blender, oh blending out really really easily, especially because this is a Lot lighter than the foundation is, I was a little nervous, but it’s just like melting into my skin with the Beauty Blender, which is really nice, so it’s not gonna take a long time to blend.
Let’s see how the coverage lasts on my under eyes. That’s what always makes me nervous blending out super easily and actually maintaining its coverage, which is nice. I don’t think this actually claims to be full coverage, but I will check the website when I’m done blending it out. I think this is also just supposed to be medium coverage, but it does claim that it’s long lasting up to 24 hours, which, like not sure that I would our my makeup for 24 hours ever, but it’s nice to know that it’ll last in case I ever Do all right, I’m gonna look up what the coverage claims to be on the concealer because it doesn’t say on the box. Okay, so it actually does say on Sephora’s website full coverage for the with a matte finish, not sure I’d call this full coverage. I put in the same boat as the foundation. I would call it more medium, but it does look really really nice on my undereyes, even though I do normally only like full coverage concealers, I actually think this looks pretty and it did cover up most of my darkness as well. So I can’t complain about that. It definitely looks really seamless like I feel like this – would be a nice like everyday concealer as long as it lasts and like it doesn’t crease up, so we are gonna see throughout the day. I have a lot of stuff to do today. I’m gonna film, so I’m in like finish up my makeup, go on throughout my day and I will do check and select you guys know like I said I will plan to wear this for hopefully close to 12 hours, so we can See how it works so far definitely liking the foundation, and I think the concealer is pretty good. I don’t know that the concealer is gonna be holy grail for me, but I think together they do look nice and natural again. These products are really giving me kind of a year skin, but better vibe, which I know a lot of people really like alrighty. So I will check in see you guys in a little bit hello, you guys, so it is 6:52 p.m. let me get some better lighting up in here. To really show you guys the foundation. I want to do a little check and you’l going through the mirror. In the window – maybe maybe this is too bright – I don’t know, let me back it up. Okay, perfect here, I feel, like you guys, can really ski the foundation. I feel like it’s lasting, really really well on my skin, I’m not on all day.
I haven’t done like anything, crazy or anything all day, just basically filming uhm. It did oxidize a little bit that I definitely didn’t notice. It’s a little bit darker and a little more orange II toned than when I first applied it, but it’s nothing like super super. Crazy, I still feel like it looks fine like I don’t think it looks bad or anything and I feel like it’s lasting, pretty dang. Well, I am about to go to the gym. I’m gonna get changed now and head to the gym, and then I will check in with you guys later on tonight, so we’ll really put it to the test there. Is it sweat proof like? Is it gonna last through a workout? I don’t normally work out in like a full face and makeup like this, but I was filming today, so I’m not gonna take it off before I go to the gym. I want to make sure that I wear the foundation for long enough to really give you guys, like my best thoughts on it, so I’m gonna keep it on we’re gonna see. Is this workout proof which, like it, doesn’t even claim to be that but um we’re gonna see, but I still feel like it looks pretty good. It hasn’t really settled into fine lines or anything like super significantly like a little bit of my smile lines, but nothing crazy. So I feel, like it looks pretty good concealer, looking pretty good as well, not any crazy settling into my under eye lines. You’Re still up close and personal right now, but um yeah, so I’ll see you guys a little later after my workout. What’s up you guys, it is 1055 p.m. a girl is tired. I am ready to take this makeup off of my face, but I want to give you guys my first impressions of this foundation. First. So honestly, I really didn’t think that I was going to like this foundation. I don’t typically like, like super lightweight foundations, but I always feel like they’re, not enough coverage, and I don’t really last on my skin and I’m just normally not a super big fan of foundations that are like this and plus I mean the foundation and concealer together Was expensive, it was like 73 or something dollars, but honestly, I am really really impressed the foundation lasted really really well. On my skin, I literally went to the gym tonight for like an hour and 55 minutes I posted it on my Instagram story and the fact that my makeup still looks like this after that is like crazy, like especially a lightweight foundation like not this like super thick full coverage foundation like it still looks, really good and the concealer I’m really really impressed, Which, which I also really didn’t, think I was going to love so I just feel like this gives a really beautiful look to my skin, like almost my skin, but better a little bit glowy, but not overly glowy, like a natural kind of finish, which is what I haven’t alight, and it just looks beautiful and I feel like this is a foundation that could really be more in every single day, but also could be worn with a glam.
Look like the look that I have on today The only bad thing that I can say is that the foundation did oxidize slightly on me I don’t think that it looks bad like I still feel like my face matches my neck So it’s fine, but just keep that in mind like if there’s a foundation that might be a little too light for you in the next one you think might be a little too dark I would definitely go with a little too light one because it is gonna oxidize a bit as the day goes on I don’t know if you guys can tell the difference now versus when I first applied it, but the color did change slightly, but nothing so significant That would make me not use it again, but that’s really the only thing that I can say I am honestly very impressed You know what let me assume you guys in so you can really get up close Look alright, hello, hello up close, like you guys, can see for yourself that this still looks really good, like I’m very So this is like really what it looks like you know This is what my skin looks like after writing, this for a long time and through a two hour, workout was just like crazy that it still looks this good, but definitely no it’s down below what you guys think about the foundation The concealer is Do you think it looks good? Are you to pick it up or you gonna skip on it? I would love to hear I love there, some shades in this foundation as well So I really hope that every single one of you guys, if you want to try this foundation, are able to find your shade or educated to do a really good job with that So that’s definitely a plus with this foundation as well, so yeah Thank you guys So so much for watching I love you guys

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