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* NEW * wet skin cream review + Gift mix skin

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Candice aka Zion candy. If you are new here and if you are a returning loyal subscriber, thank you so much for tuning. In again you are a real one. So today, I’m gonna be doing a quick review of the new fancy Beauty Pro filter hydrating long wearing – and I am super sorry. I’ve already tried the foundation, so this isn’t going to be like a first impressions, but it’s just going to be showing you guys what it looks like on my skin.
I have normal combination. I would say that the combination skin type and my big issue isn’t oil. It’s just like textured, so I’m going to show you guys how it works on my skin, what shade I use, etc, etc, etc. So, if you are interested in it stay tuned, my eyebrows are already done. I am going to leave everything that I used in the description box below, if you guys are interested so now, I’m just going to go in with the fancy Beauty, instant retouch concealer in the color 372 um kind of cover up some of my red spots. That’s another thing that I deal with is like redness. I actually forgot to go in with the primer, so I’m gonna do that on top of this concealer, I know that. That’s not the way that I should do it, but I forgot so I’m gonna go in with the soft silk pro filter. Hydrating primer base, so yeah, okay, so that feels so good. The primer is amazing, like I love for my skin, to just feel hydrated before I put my foundation on for other people. I don’t know people with more oily skin. They might not like that feel, but I just love the feel of like just super glowy and hydrated skin before I go on with my foundation, so that definitely disrupted, like the concealer that I put on my face. So I’m just gonna put it on again. Okay, so now that that is all blended out, I’m gonna go in Whitby Foundation, so I actually received four different shades in the mail, but the two that I decided to stick with was the 370 and the 345 and 345 is more of my shade.
After about 30 minutes, this foundation does oxidize. I noticed that with the first foundation that was launched, it oxidized so so so bad, and that was another reason that I didn’t like it, because I couldn’t find a good match. Sorry for, like the diggin in the background girl people that’s coming in and out so I decided on the 3:45 all around and then I’m just gonna use the 370 around like the darker parts of my face, so mainly my forehead. So I’m just gonna mix them basically together. So now I’m going to go on with the kabuki buff foundation brush, and this is actually my first time using this. I was using this sponge before, but I wanted to see how this would work. I definitely feel like with the sponge it kind of soaks up some of that foundation, so you get less coverage, but what this brush is really making sure that all the product is going on your skin. So I liked it. I liked it and I’m in love with this foundation. I’ve been using it ever since I got it and that’s a lot coming from me because I don’t like a lot of foundations. A lot of foundations do weird things on my skin Like I said, I have texture poor issues, so I’m, like some foundations, really just make my skin look worse and like more unflattering, but I realized that the more moisturizing the foundation is the better it kind of it finishes on my skin, and this foundation is honestly, Like perfect, yet it’s so now, I’m gonna go in with the Sun stalker bronzer, also from it see beauty in the color caramel cutie, and this is currently my favorite bronzer I’ve been using it.
This is only bronzer that I’ve been using and I’m just gonna go in before I do my concealer, with a little bit of bronzer and for concealer I’m using the fancy, Beauty, concealer and it 350, and this is a really good highlight shade But I’m me and I’m gonna go in with the precision sponge I think that’s what it’s called just call I really like this concealer because it’s nice and thick – and I actually really like this color too, but they talking about its crease free I know you lie because my under eye, since it crease – and it doesn’t really – you know – make them disappear, but maybe I just have a severe case I don’t know, but I know you like alright guys So this is what my face is looking like I put on my mascara and my highlight and everything and, like I already said, I’m already in love with this foundation like I’ve been using it ever since I got it, I haven’t used anything else and I think it works really well with the other products I’ve been using like the huge booty hoo-ee, the Hyuna boot I can’t say that hyouta beauty powder and the Sephora micro smooth powder that um I incorporated into my routine or whatever, and it works really well with those like I said, I love, love, love this foundation I’ve been using it non-stop since I got, I haven’t used any of my other foundations and I’m just in love with the finish, I’m in love, with the like way that my skin looks, I feel, like I look less textured and just like it looks so smooth And it’s bomb, so it drops on August 15th if you guys want to try it exactly what it is in stores and Sephora and online So it makes you guys pick you up some Thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in the next one

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