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Night Acne Skin Care

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey y’all. Many of you have been asking for an update on the retin-a that I use, and I’m also going to show you how you can wear makeup Y on retin-a and how you can get rid of the paling dead skin, because I know a lot of you have Been complaining about it, sohere it goes so I make sure every night that I have a makeup line kandi and I remove all of my makeup on my face. I use about two makeup white and then I wash my face. I hope I don’t scare you guys.
The face is coming. Oh, don’t be scared, don’t be scared. You can see right now. My forehead is Pamela crazy, and this is with the makeup on. I have not removed the makeup on my father yet, and this is how it looks. So if any of you have had this happen to you, while you’re on the retin-a, don’t worry, i’m gonna show you how to get rid of it, so that your makeup will look flawless. I will warn you while you’re on retin-a. There are some times where this is gonna happen, and it’s just inevitable. Being on this stuff is a lot of maintenance. I’m just gonna use a basic face. Wash I ran out of the one that I normally use.. This is also gonna help get rid of some of the dead skin. I found that using the scrub brush, it’s just the perfect thing, because it really gets rid of all of the makeup, and I know that it really cleans my pores. It also is a gentle exfoliation, so it does help get rid of some of the dead skin. But not all of it and if you’re wondering why it looks dirty, don’t worry it’s not. I just got stained by some soap that I used before for my face and I don’t know so now you can see my clean skin. You can see my little pimples and my discoloration trust me. It was worse before now. The next part of my extreme you’re on the bit, because you’re gonna do a lot of rubbish. So now I’m gonna take my mineral peal spray, and this stuff is literally the best thing ever like if you are on retin-a or anything that makes you peel, you need this. No, this is not sponsored. No, I’m just telling you like this crap like actually I’m calling it crap, but it’s actually good. I came across it on an accident. It was literally a lifesaver after you spray it on your skin. All you have to do is just rub It well not really scrub, just gently rub it with your fingertips and look at how it removes the dead skin that is skin bags, all dead skin that came off, and that is peeling from the retin-a and it’s crazy because after I use the mineral peel you Can see a drastic change and the pigmentation of my scars so after that I go back, and I take my oil cleanser.
and this is just to moisturize it Since I just like rub the crap out of my face sohard, so this is just gonna moisturize it and also prevent the paling for being too noticeable This is a primer that I use from Shea Moisture and I like to use this before I apply My foundation, because this so far has been the only primer and moisturizer that literally will make the foundation applied flawlessly while I’m peeling now here are two serums that I use One is a vitamin C best: 20% in this helped foot discoloration and one is the calm complexion serum I also like to use the Burt’s Bees green tea If I have a pimple and of course my 1% retin-a just a disclaimer, I don’t use all these products at once I’m just showing you some of the things that I do throughout the league So first I applied the complexion serum This alsohelps with scars and discoloration, and it’s really moisturizing Then I take the vitamin C serum and this one is a bit stronger than the then after I won’t apply my right name, because this is the time where I take a break You can see right here my skin’s a bit irritated, so I need to chill out and not use it too much, and this is all that I do make sure that if you notice that your skin is getting to irritate it or it’s in the peeling process, You take a break on using the retin-a, because it’s really gonna irritate it and it’s gonna destroy the brand-new skin That’s coming in and if you rub toohard, then you’ll be left with the scar Trust me I’ve done it before and I had to go through a whole process of trying to get rid of a new scar Make sure that when you’re on retina you moisturize as much as possible, I will make the peeling process much easier and for those of you who wear makeup, it will make your makeup application less of a headache My final tip for those of you who do wear foundation and you use retin-a while you’re peeling, make sure you do not rub foundation onto your face Don’t use a brush, try using something like a makeup sponge or Pat it into your face, because once you create circular motions with the brush, it will show the peeling and then your makeup will be ruined and you will look like a crazy person with patchy Peeling foundation face and it will look cakey Thank you so much for watching my rape,

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