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Nightmare Hair Modification!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hahaha we’re back with shady Katey, so every time you come back is always a paranormal activity situation for me, because it’s been so long, it’s been so long. I mean look at this ratash you guys every time it grows up that long, I’m always afraid of having that orange band and then that breakage, if you overlap, my hair has been through some things, but it’s there. Last time we gave her like this emo throwback moment right, we cut your hair. Are you ready to get started yes time to keep you up? Man? You know it’s getting real.
I gotta. Take the hoops off now, it’s so scary, to do haircolor, retouches, they’re outgrown like this past six or eight months. What happens is it doesn’t go out in a straight line? It grows out slightly jagged, so you’re forced to kind of slightly overlap, just a feather to blend it. When you cause breakage right here, oh my gosh, it becomes so scary, so we have to move fast, so we’re gonna turn to big dad right now. One to one half ratio, forty volume, because I need as much lift as possible and I’m gonna keep it off of a root. Ah, you keep pushing on the little oh hi, hi, hi hi check out this consistency, guys, nice and cleaning. I apply it like. I would every touch and move as quick as possible through the mid-shaft primarily, and you don’t have to make a straight line. So you’ll see me feathering it just so. It’s softer I’m doing vertical retouches from going in and I’m folding her hair vertically. I still paint up and down to spread the hair out, and this is how I’m able to move a lot quicker than going horizontal. Oh my gosh, your hair got blind and we don’t move quick. We can have prom so now. I need foils to incubate, because I want her hair to get as light as possible. Are you getting naked now she is naked? Oh my gosh, I mean it’s only been 20 minutes that we lift her up to 10 and put charcoal down you get that smoky feel that merged through that looks so freakin sexy. I mix up a fresh batch of big nine place it on down at the root ahh and just use a shower cap to incubate and she’ll lift up to the same level. So I have that big nine process on her route ushe for about 20 minutes. Now after we bagged her up, I mean this is no joke. It looks like a nine and a half most likely. We probably can go into more of like a minty color, because I know how much Shady loves her mint color right in order to get mint here.
What’s gonna happen is when I rinse the big nine down at the shampoo bowl, it’s actually gonna run down her end, so kind of erase her path a little bit. This is where I’m just gonna rinse a little bit, and then you can actually just kind of marry it in just a little bit and before you know it, it just comes right out. It’s lightening already like it’s turning mint on his own. Just from the contact yeah, your hair just wants to be missed. All right, Shady take a look you’re blonde defied. This is one of the best lip that we have ever accomplished on your hair. I wasn’t trying to lift all of this out because we are still gonna pull mint on her ends and put like a shower on her couch. Ah, let’s go in and create our shadow root. My first formula is charcoal, so I’m gonna use two tubes of that, because shady has a lot of hair. I’m gonna go ahead and squeeze out the mint of Steel formula, and this is gonna be used right on her ends. I know how much you love this color right, cuz, it’s subtle! It’s not like a harsh mint, almost like it has a glow or some type of iridescent. I really want to show you guys the Arctic blue, but I feel like I want to add more depth to it. So that’s why I am gonna pull out a little bit of the blue mystique from our super power series I’m actually going to squeeze in a little bit of the green Aurora, because I want it to be a little bit Healy err there. We go we’re gonna start, with applying the vibrant pastel directi charcoal directly on to her Batoche. The charcoal is amazing. You can use it alone, it’s a shadow root or you can intermix it with the Arctic blue to create more of a denim, smokey or blues. I like to bring the shadowy Taj pretty far down to actually merge and blend together. I’m gonna go in and use our second formula, they’ll swipe swipe swipe to bring that charcoal down right. So that’s, what’s gonna cause the merge and directly applying that blue right over and place a mess sheet down just so it’s clean. Why was processing? I just got done placing down the blue concoction of the super power mixed with the vibrant, pastel luring and emerging in the charcoal. So now we’ve got the ends out. I’m gonna go in with the mint of Steel. I actually want to try a little bit more of them in because I feel like we’ve mostly done blue.
Do you want to make it more green? It’s the what you’re saying yeah. I got the green light. Let’s stir up the green aurora with the ministy. So that’s just gonna make them. In a little bit more pigment said I like to place the color on first and then I work my way up. You have to open it up to ensure that you pantry all the way through the worst thing to do is go back in and reapply color, because the color wasn’t penetrated enough. If you guys have the swatch book, what I think is really important that you go back to the last page. There is an underlying pigment swatch chart here, shows you when Lightner or bleach touch the hair as it lifts. It goes through. The red orange yellow gold face before it gets up to a blonde. So if your hair is lifted unevenly, like, let’s say you lift it up to an 8, you cannot cover it with a pastel. In order for pastels to really pop, you have to be at a level 10 or some cases, you could put pink diamond over level 9 and create kind of a rose gold tones, but it’s not gonna have longevity just because there’s not enough dye load. That’s why you’ll see me inject the superpowers into the pastel to give it more pigment, so you have more dye load to cover up the gold bands. This watch page will become your best friend shady I’ve been doing your hair for six years, and at that time there was like no Instagram, I think, was more genuine at that time and time has changed right. So I know you have to Instagram pages well, I have my personal line, which is like kind of fashion, and I had the ones for my companies. I have Shady’s closet just like online clothing store loved by Luna. It’s like the astrology for hand, moon box, which is like a wellness beauty, subscription box, and then I just made a new one for gaming. I can’t make anywhere on my phone, so I had to make the pump a computer. How do you feel about being called an influencer? Well, I don’t personally call myself an influencer. Do you think there’s like longevity in this type of job or career, because, like everybody age, everybody gets older, so these young girls? How long is that gonna last? For them before they get expired and then the new yeah, that’s the question: that’s always been in the back of my mind when I first started the Instagram stuff What is the endgame in all this? I’m sure a lot of them do really enjoy creating content every day, but it’s like do you want to be doing that for in the next thirty years of your life, can you sustain that? I would think that they would want to.
You know create some type of brand or product, even the biggest pop stars, even the biggest actors and actresses 1min, they’re, big and next minute, they’re gone everything you do if you don’t have a purpose What’s the point and the greater purpose is beyond just you, it shouldn’t be just for your own personal gain, just having like a genuine authentic voice is what’s going to last Ever since I watched my daddy, you know I’m growing a team of educators You have to trust your team They have to be loyal to the brand when you work with a company, it’s a relationship to just like whether it’s a business relationship, a personal relationship, a romantic It should be communication if you’re building a business cultivating a really solid, loyal team of like skilled people It’s like one of the most crucial parts, because you can’t do it all yourself, everyone’s focused on the destination They just want to get to their goals It’s actually the journey The journey when I got married to Elmore I didn’t have, I didn’t, have anything I didn’t have money I didn’t have anything to offer He loved me for me and I loved him for him and what happens together We built this dream together We built something that we both envisioned and we just want to be happy under the day we want to be healthy, we didn’t have to hustle and grind and step on people if we just work hard and we we believe in being genuine and being honest with People do it with integrity, everything you do, you got to do with integrity Are you ready for inside your color, I’m ready shady So how do you feel about your hair? Making me feel some type of way You’Re like choking me and like I don’t know I like that you were a vixen, you guys What do you think about shady Katie’s hair grunge, mermaid grunge Couture, I’m more like siren like see siren, I think Oh, you guys leave comments below stock, shady Katie and myself on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube, or else yeah she’s gonna choke You too, I love you guys much

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