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No abuse in cosmetics collection and storage

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back sir. I just want to mention that I’m not boasting in any way about how much makeup I have. and I am more than happy to do it now, because I have finally sorted through all of my makeup.. Free. My makeup collection is completely cruelty. Free some of the brands are cruelty, free, but their parent companies and not cruelty free. I still decided to keep those just because I don’t know I don’t know way. Some people draw the line, so I have kept those for now.
I’m still undecided on those products, free and yeah. Let’s get started also before we get into it. I just want to mention that these girls have that I keep most of my makeup in up from this is from pillow talk these two here from pillow talk. This one back here is from Kmart Kmart and then my draw over there that I keep the makeup that I can’t fit in this drawer is from Ikea. They called the Alex drawers so yeah, let’s just jump straight into it, okay, so let’s get started. This is the top drawer, so I just have two of my Z palettes here. I just have this like double side of one and then my extra large one and then on this side I have all of my foundations. These are my favorite foundations, so these aren’t all of my foundations. I do have some over my other drills, but these are my favorite ones, so I have well. This is a new one. I haven’t tried this, yet it’s the it cosmetics CC cream. We have some Natasha de Nona, bad minerals, NARS, Kat Von D, bourgeois tart, their cover FX, so they’re, all my favorite foundations and then over on this side. We have all of my contour palettes. So obviously my a BH ones, some Kat Von D well down the bottom. Here we have NARS cream contour, stick and my AC on toilet from Australis so, and we also have one here from elf, which I haven’t I’m yet to try that one yet. So this is the next drawer. This is overflowing, I’m at the moment that this is all of my primers, so I just got these two. There cover FX we’ve got some hourglass and knocks ah I’ve been trying this one, but I haven’t used it for long enough to see how it works. I feel like I need to do a primer test on that one, but I’ve got some Napoleon Australis Urban Decay, NYX dewy setting spray a little bit of Too Faced Becca. All of that good stuff.
Over here we have all of my concealers, so I’ve got some anastacio Naz it cosmetics, I’ve got tart and now some urban decay. This is from Mecca cosmetic. Ah, I’m actually not sure if they’re cool tickly, I need to check on that. I have my la girl, Pro concealer and well here’s the models, but this is really good. This is an eye brightener. I so highly recommend this guys. Let’s pull it out a bit more so in the back drawer. Here I’ve got like eyeliners, whether they’re gel, whether they’re not gel and their pencils. You know they’re all in here, so I have a heap of colour-pop ones. At the moment, color pop Anastacio just got a little sharp in here NYX. What is oh, I have these cream eyeshadows from Oprah. I haven’t tried them yet actually wait where’s this really pretty one. I’m really looking forward to trying this one called Goldilocks. These are cream eyeshadows. I have them in that too, and then over here I have a bunch of pigments and glitters. So I have my lip cosmetics glitters in here as well as my violet boss, glitters in here and then I have like my loose loose. I dust from Napoleon some sparklers from makeup geeks and makeup geek pigments and then my Inglot pigments are in there as well. So this is the third drawer down. I have my Anastacio glow kit just sitting here, because that doesn’t fit anything else and then over here we have all of my like powders and stuff. So this is some masala, my it cosmetics face of Australia, elf nas, the bomb I’ve even got a chichi one. In here some Nicks, all of that is in there then back here I have – I have some of these from that top drawer and they didn’t fit in there. So I just put them in here with my illuminators, my liquid Eliminator, so I’ve got some from nods in there there’s one from josie maran and we also have a becca one, and i’ve also got one from nyx. But i don’t really like this one. It’s meant to be a dupe for the nas when i feel like this is just too sparkly and then everyone’s favourite draw. I know it’s my favorite draw. This is all of my highlighters, so i have some from napoleon a becca one, a heap of color pop ones in there, mary lou manizer from the balm next, a bit of two-faced in our glass. Everyone in my house is being really loud, so I apologize.
If you can hear it, but this is the next year or so here we have all of my palettes well a few of my palettes. These are like my nan Zi, palettes and stuff like that. That are all cruelty free. I don’t know why I just don’t buy that many palettes, because I enjoy single eyeshadows more, but I have ordered a few from your guys’s recommendations anyway, these are all of my favorite lipsticks and lip glosses. Most of it is just over cosmetics and a sassy Beverly Hills and dose of colors and color pop in here. So these are all of my favorite ones, and now it looks like there’s a lot of nudes in there. That’s because there is because that’s all I wear and the palettes here that I have so we have the Too Faced chocolate, bonbon semi-sweet normal. I have the three Urban Decay ones and hourglass one. This is from the balm, NARS and two-faced in there okay. So this is the next drawer I feel like. I can’t touch things anymore, cuz, it’s getting too low for me, um I’ll just bend down here, hey guys, so these are all blush palettes. I have an elf blush palette. I have a morphe brush palette and then my blush palette from Too Faced, and then I have all of my normal blushes in here. So I have nas color pop. This is a Milani one, Becca, the bar and Assad. I don’t actually know if that cruelty-free on. I don’t know anything about them, so I need to check that out then down here we have all of my bronzes, so I have some Napoleon hourglass chichi a lipgloss. Oh, it’s a lipgloss packet, Nix Naz to face the bomb, and then all of here I just like a bunch of lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and lip glosses that I don’t know what to do with I mean I really love them, but they’re, just not in my Favorite drawer, so I’ve just put them all there together. I really need one of those like big lipstick carrier things. I need to get one of those. You know the spinny ones. I have too many lipsticks okay, so here we have the second last drawer over here. I have all of my what are they my mascara, so I’ve got two faced in there. I have the Smashbox perversion mascara. All of my Smashbox stuff is over with my non cruelty free stuff, because I thought they were non cruelty free, but I found out they actually are cruelty free.
So anyway, I have some Napoleon what else a bit of NAS and been minerals in there as well and then over here. I have all of my lip line. Is this so many look at all of those lip liners, so I just have nas color, pop or FRA and then some drugstore brands in there like? Oh, I have open decay and then I have like savvy and bourgeois in there, and then these are all my eyebrow products, most of them anastacio, because that’s pretty much the only brand I ever use on my eyebrows because I’m obsessed with them and then I do Have a true face in there as well, and a models prefer kit in there and then here are like eye things. I guess just random eye things I have like my eyelash color in there. I have a lush eye cream in there I have two eyelash glues. I have a chichi like jumbo pencil as well as my NYX jumbo pencil, and then I have some eye shadow primers. So like my Too Faced shadow insurance and my next proof it, and then I have one from Astralis in there as well, and some glitter glue from Too Faced as well in there just like a bunch of random things and also a nother palette. Because I didn’t know where to so this is my meat map new pellet from the barn – and this is the very last draw for this section here, so I have a bunch of pallets at the back there. Most of them are from to face, but I do have a little tiny one there, which is my basics naked palette. Then I have all of my Kiley liquid lipsticks. I don’t have the lip glosses, yet I ordered them literally on the 14. Then it’s now at the 29th and I still haven’t received them, which is really great on my gears and then here I have all of my eyeshadows, which don’t go into eyeshadow palette, so I have my melt over there. I have a bunch of Napoleon over there as well and then in this section here I have like a gazillion color pops, a heap of nas. I have sugar pill I’ll get down, show you guys. So I have some sugar pill. Fer stralla smart-aleck shadow, one from the body shop, then the next prismatic eyeshadows a sugar pill, loose eyeshadow and then have so many nas ones here as well These are the nozzle um doors, and then I have the NOS single shadows here as well, and also more colorful pause.
One Urban Decay only one and they want the churchy So now I’m going to take you guys off we’re going to go a bit Vlog e style here, so this is where I keep my brushes, which is just like next to my big pillow top drawer I have my desk here My little fish tank, hello, Bruce, and then we come over to this So here is where I keep a bunch of stuff I don’t know why I’m including this I just have some perfumes here candles All my sunglasses are here and then we come down here So this is my Alex drawers for my heel, so in the top I have all of my eyelashes I have some um one of these things You know those ones and then these are all non cruelty, free foundations So I can’t use them, but I don’t know what to put them at the moment, because I don’t want to throw out all of that money You know what I mean like I spent heaps of money on that and it’s already been used So I can’t like give it away, so I’m just keeping it in here for now, then we have um a heap of skincare in the next drawer here So these are life guys you have to try them they’re amazing I have some lush some alpha H, Kate, Somerville, skin stitute Yuval, which is amazing, whereas my you visored in here glam glow I hated this I hated this This broke me out so but not break out, but, like I had a rash on my face, which was itchy and lumpy for about a week, but this stuff is amazing This is Yuva, it’s completely cruelty, free and it just is amazing Their cleanser is awesome, and then I have a bunch of non cruelty free makeup down here that I can’t use except I also keep these palettes and here because I don’t know what to do with them So I have this little four one from Anastasia Oh, I have, I can’t open this one okay, so I have like my a couple of 8a morphe palette, a Z palette and then my morphe 35o palette The only reason these ones are in here with the non cruelty free stuff is because I couldn’t fit them in my other drawer, so guys that is my entire makeup collection then please make sure to give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys next time, bye,

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