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No budget Secret Santa and the barkers! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey everyone I’m joined with my entire family. As you guys see. Aren’t we Harlow? Yes, we are quick, so over on my channel right now we are doing a no of budget Secret Santa. So today’s challenge you can spend as little or as much as you want, as this is absolutely no budget and over on Casey’s channel, we filmed the same. We have an Archie Bunker yet, but we’re gonna film another Secret Santa. However, we’ve only got a 10 pound budget, so if you want to go and see that, I do say, don’t ever work with children animals.
If you guys enjoyed this and subscribe down below and without further ado, so everyone has secretly wrapped up their presence of inside of this giant Christmas sacrifice present it’s for Wendy. I think okay get out for done it, so we’re gonna get now for what you’re, gonna say. You don’t want to narrow it down or anything. So Moe has possible right away just gonna unwrap stuff under the tree. Everything yeah! Well, you go. Oh love! It don’t see the trolls. That book can. I have a guess: huh, okay, okay, I think it was good. This is a very sweet presence. They get anything if we can try yeah, okay mix up, we have doesn’t find outside. They say – oh my god Willie. I think, okay as well yeah right the next up. We have a four jet hey see because when they go into anyway, sister’s presence mikesh straight up is my dad cuz. I don’t anyone else like this time for fashion sending recon will say where’s the bed we have. No. This could be it if it is actually so excited. Oh, but I do feel like. Maybe I bought this for me. We can dance together. My guess is hollow I actually thought it was gonna be on our guard.
A record I didn’t expect a Disney one, but I loved it so hard I lost it that much You still won’t even give it to me So the very last present is falling You know the best think of small boxes Oh my god, hey yo as well I would, I think, because I know right so there were all the secret centers and now it’s time to see who got their Secret Santa right So let’s start from Ghent, so I guess I guess crazier than that Yes, Casey wasn’t What did you guess may say? Okay, look cause I never thought because he’s thoughtful you’re crash Nicole, will be this lovely right There Harlow guessed it knowledge edge Nicole I guess! Well I said you so I’m saying it wrong Definitely also some help of his mom on sufferance a Berber Kid don’t get to keep it right, so I guess Harlow, Oh, is she right Allison yeah? Is she right and frozen in? You can dance together right So I guess my dad’s because he’s a snake tell me I was great yes, I know I guess saffron fireside massacre saboteurs with Oh, I done such a good job Hon, hey yo, to me I never would have guessed you guys, the one! Thank You within our bedrooms sneaking around marijuana I really hope you guys did enjoy our secret of Santa Santa Secret Santa we did you get our we’ve got so many requests to do this again Thank you so so much for watching it’s such a big thumbs up subscribe down below If you want to see more Secret Santa go and check out Casey’s channel I’ll also leave that down below and we’ll see you guys very, very, very soon Mwah

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