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No bullsh*t honest comment on new star cosmetics gloss series

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, lip glosses. I picked these up today and, if you guys wanna see what they’re about what I got then definitely keep on watching. Okay, so I picked up these bad boys today. Oh my gosh, my Kelly um, my cat Kelly. She I kept Callie. so hi baby till the jeffree star lip glosses they actually rolled out to day the 31st they’d, actually don’t go on sound line until about 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and I think that’s like what 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.
But since I live in Florida – and I have a morphe store like me – really trim it away from me, I went ahead and went to the store and pick them up. They were literally available. I mean I did not see, was control freak. That was the only one that was not on the shelf. Everything else on the shelf, except for that. Actually, when I walked in there was no one in the store like zero put like zero people in the store, and I was kind of like alright. Like last time I walked in for the sealer and the setting powder, there was quite a bit of people there walking around checking out the products, see what they wanted to get color matching everything this one, nobody in the store – and I was like okay – and they Had the display like way off in the corner not like in the very front and center – and I was like alright like why not have this on full display, like you guys, do the setting powder and concealer? Why have it way in the corner were like? No one can find it. It was a little. It was a little weird to me and then the testers were completely broken off. Like you open up the cap open up, there was no test during the inside, I’m like they broke off the like the dome. The dome applicator, I guess what everyone call and they said the reason why they did this because they don’t want anyone taking the product and putting a track on her lip, see the go and get the little tester, which is what I did and actually swatched a Couple on my hand – and I found the four that I liked, because let me tell you $18 for lip gloss. God is such a steep price, Philip Glass, especially since I dropped a little bit of money on the Jacqueline Hill cosmetics lip lipsticks. I was like. I gotta, be you know careful how much I buy Oh Geoffrey star and then I ended buying a foreign lip glosses. But before that I saw I really liked, and I did swatch a couple on my hand like I said and uh. Let’s just go ahead and see what I got and on the box it does say that it’s two finishes: litter famous, seem extreme shine, juicy delicious iconic on its own or over any lipstick.
I’m gonna wear it by itself because I think the colors that I got could definitely worn by itself. I tend to wear lip glosses by themself but um, but I really don’t feel like putting on a lipstick because I’m kind of lazy. So let’s go ahead and see what we got for the first one. I got the color sequent grass, which I’ll actually start putting up pictures right here. So you guys can see what it look like, but this is sequence, glass and I’m gonna open up from the bottom like he recommend it, and this product is vegan and cruelty free. You know. Last time I went from the bottom. My star completely broke off of my concealer. We glued it back on y’all still broke off all right, so this is sequence glass, which is very very similar to the jeffree star concealer right here, except I don’t have the little star component, very slimmer in the design. I do not own any of his lip liners. I do own a couple of his ammunition and velour liquid lipsticks. I just don’t have any of his liners. I don’t know why. I don’t don’t. I don’t, but this right here is syncwords glass and I’ll actually go ahead and swatch it on my hand as well as on the lips, for you guys. It says sequins clasp. So this is sequins glass, which is a dual chrome shift of purple and blue, which is like the best representation of what this color looks like um the lip gloss formula: it’s not sticky, it’s really not sticky at all. It feels very, very nice and full on the lips like. I could tell that I’m wearing the product, but you don’t like you, don’t feel it. You know I’m saying and it’s very comfortable, it’s very comfortable, although I do have a little bit of the that right. There gross baby wipe that away, so the ones that I got, I got all the glitter finishes. I do not get any the high shine finishes just because I just didn’t really care too much of the high shine. It’s just something that I wasn’t gravitated to. I think this is a really pretty color. I would honestly probably wear this by itself, because I really like the dual chrome shift between the purple and blue. I think it’s a really really nice color for the next one. I got the color sky-high, which is like this gorgeous like icy blue lip gloss. I saw this like literally when he did the swatch. I was like. Oh my god, it has a blue ring shift.
It definitely reminds me of the still ethical, mint, litterin glow eye shadow, and so I was like you. I have to get this, but this right here is gonna be sky high. So stunning, maybe if I put in my hand like you, can definitely see like the dual chrome shift between the yellow and the blue, I back it up. Do you guys see that right there yellow and green light blue shift all right, so this is sky high. You know, let me turn on the lights. I’m gonna turn on my beauty lights for you guys. Maybe you could see these better and if I shine my light on it, it’s extreme closeup, but look at this. That is some definite definite shine like high glitter to it. I apologize at this point if my color balance gets just a little bit off, I have been adjusting the lights just so you guys can see what the true color of the lip glosses. So if it’s like a little off, I’m a little bit too white or a little bit too dark like I do apologize, my fiance is not here to help adjust at the moment, so it is gain control up, but this is sky high. This is a really really gorgeous like reminds me of Xena on girl, the 21st century type of lip gloss because it just when you look at it in person like you, can definitely see that Bluegreen shift to it. It is a freaking gorgeous ass color and I love the way that it’s kind of complementing the I look right now. This would be a great topper over any shade. Any shade of lipstick that you guys have. This would be a beautiful, beautiful topper to it. You can wear it by itself, but you could definitely post on a topper, and I know that you know when he first released the swatches of all the colors like on that lip. It kind of looked really dry and crusty, and it wasn’t like a flattering photo of her. It does not make my lips look like that at all. I think it’s a really gorgeous stunning color and I really really like how sky high looks alright, so the next lip gloss that I got was the color diamond juice. Now this is definitely more of a champagne neutral lip gloss. I saw this and I was like yo. I literally have to have this and even like four, he was like okay, yeah you’d like that one, because I was like looking for this one shelf. He goes you’re. Looking for diamond, do something how’d! You know he goes. I know what my girl likes, so this is Diamond juice right here, absolutely gorgeous. So that’s Diamond juice. It’s very very light almost blends in, but let me put my lips so this is Diamond juice.
It’s very, very neutral, very, very neutral, almost a clear lip gloss, which is a hint of a champagne pop to it. It is a really stunning lip gloss. I would honestly just wear this by the self, particularly with this look or any look that I have in general, because this is a lip gloss that I honestly probably wear almost every single day, because it has just that slight pink to it, but other than that. It’s just really a clear lip gloss with just a little bit of shine to it, and I really like how it looks very gorgeous and it’s very neutral, and I do like having that. I feel like honestly this on top of Jacqueline Hill cause. My next lipsticks is gonna be stunning. I honestly cannot wait for that to happen, because I just I saw this – and I was like this – is like my go-to everyday color – that I would wear on an everyday basis, because it’s just a really really stunning lip topper. This will look good on anything else. You wear it as well. I think any of his lip glosses are gonna, be great topper on any lipstick that you wear out there, but this right here, amazing amazing. This is my go-to everyday lip gloss. My lips are going raw, and I was like, oh, that is like a orange green lips, top lip stock lip gloss, and I was like, oh that stunning. Now this is like the lip gloss that probably won’t have the most pigment for me personally, but it’s like a gold lipstick lip stop hook. Gold lip gloss with a dual chrome shift of green yellow, reflects in it and in this stunning, alright. So that is safe. Word right there alright, so this is safe word: it’s a gorgeous green gold shift to it. It is stunning. This would be really great for any type of bronzy look are going for it and especially if you are active deep skin. This would be an amazing amazing. Color on you like, oh, it is a gorgeous color. Let me go ahead and turn on the light to gives you guys and see what looks like so see. You guys can see right here. It definitely has a gold green shift to it and then let me go ahead and put my light on it. Look at glitter so stunning, but to me it is a really really gorgeous like gold green shift. I think this is a really stunning color, especially for the summer. It’s a great bronzy look. What’s gonna do apologize for how dark it actually looks right now, but mmm look at this So stunning, Filosa all for swatches on my hand, diamond juice, sky, high sequined, glass and safe word – absolutely gorgeous gorgeous glosses that have a great shine to it, but they have such a high glitter pigment to it like.
If i like shine my light, i don’t know how well that’s just show up, but like can you guys just see that, like you guys just see that glitter just shine like glitter, just like shining right off of that, so so stunning? I did say that $18, a piece for lip glosses is a little steep on the price, obviously you’re paying for the name The formula is amazing: it’s not sticky, it smells really really good and it does have a lot of pigment to it, and you know what it’s actually incredibly soft on the lips, like my lips, feel very smooth, very, very smooth, and I really like when I live – Lost makes you live, feel really smooth, but it isn’t like feel heavy on the lips I could tell that I’m wearing it like, I do, feel a gloss on there, but it’s not sticky and it’s just a glide It’s like gliding on so my lips, glide together, and I really like the payoff that it looks like it’s super shiny It has a lot of you know glitter to it I do like that It’s great for you guys to honestly wear it by itself or on top of a lipstick I think this would look good either way You guys cannot go wrong and I really do like how these came out did I want to spend you know $18, a piece on lip glosses No, was I going to no, but then, when I started watching this on my hand, I was like Ah, I’m falling all over the floor Then when I looked, I looked at Cory’s like whoa He goes germ money and I was like so yes do I think these are amazing Yes, am I gonna wear them all the time? You bet your damn ass I am because I spent $80 apiece on these so yeah don’t forget to subscribe to my channel cuz I don’t thank you guys for all your love I would definitely say that $18 are definitely a little steep price for four lip glosses This was liquid I just know the the little they broke off a little stick with the lip gloss: yellow, bring grue grue Mike site It’s not sticky It’s really pretty I’m big lot than what the ones that now you could definitely wear this lipstick by itself Liquid Liquid, a different is still a mythical mint like it doesn’t reminds me that Stella go ahead and put that on the eye, oh honey I you

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