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1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel, I’m gonna be showing you guys how I achieve a flawless makeup application. I’m gonna break down like the steps I follow. Like things, I do the tips techniques, products tools I used to achieve a flawless makeup application. This particular tutorial right here is for days where I really want to look snatched. So it’s not anything like an everyday makeup or a neutral makeup. We’Re really gonna go there like specifically for acne and only front skin, because, as you all can see, I don’t have a perfect skin, so I always try to do things you know regarding my skin type, which is problematic oily skin.
That’s the very first thing I start off with is a primer, because you guys know like you can’t apply anything on your face without first of all, applying a primer so when it comes to primer because of the fact that I have our oily skin, I love To go in with a mattifying primer: if you have a dry skin, I would probably advise you use a hydrating or a nourishing primers, because this are more high-end. We have the drug store version. I love this such a mattifying, prime, and also the Rimmel stay matte primer. So if you don’t want the high-end, you can also invest in these two primers, because primers are very very especially especially if you want to achieve a flawless looking skin and that’s not gonna. Do me to go ahead and blend out my primer and some people prefer to use their hands to blend out their primer, but if you have a problematic skin, I will really. You know ask that you use a brush instead of a prime instead of your hand, because no matter how unclean you feel, like your hand, is, there is always bacteria on the hand and when you have a problematic skin, you have to be extremely careful with what You’Re applying on your face, if you have my skin type, you know you have to color correct and depending on what color of dark spots or blemishes you have, you can go in with apron color, correcting concealer or an orange one. But for me I’ve always noticed that whenever I go in with a darker shade of concealer, like maybe a dark brown, it perfectly covers every single thing. On my face. I’m gonna go in with this brush right here, Stu from beauty course cosmetics, and I will pick up this dark brown shade. As you can see, it’s really really dark because of the fact that the dark spots on my face are kind of dark brown. I love to go in with this concealer and then use it to spot on those areas.
For some reason I just feel like they cover, like the perfectly cover covers the whole thing like I’ve tried it a lot of things and I’ve noticed that come back. Every single thing on my face, so I just prefer to go in with this concealer, so I just put it on those areas and just let it be. I don’t like blending it out. If you want to blend it out your current or I don’t and then after that, the next thing is to go ahead and apply a foundation, and also, I forgot to tell you guys when you apply your primer. What are you using and hydrating very much find Ranma you have to let it sink into your skin. You have to give it probably a minute or two to thinking through your skin before you then go on with color correction. I forgot to tell you guys that for foundation, I’m going to be using my Kat Von D. Look at that a foundation like you guys. I read so much about this foundation when it comes to full-coverage flawless makeup application, especially for problematic skin. I really do like. I advise everybody to invest in a very good foundation like when it comes to makeup. You guys. One thing I would seriously advise people to invest in is the tools like you need a very good soup, but it constitutes I’m seriously in love with this brush collection. From user crush cosmetics, this brushes right here, you guys it comes in five – face brushes on five eye. Brushes with this particular brush set, I’m talking about like the foundation brush, is very, very dense, like it’s packed and it’s dense and most times when about blended my foundation, it takes me probably three minutes four minutes whenever I want a full coverage foundation because of the Fact that the brush I always use are very, very small, but with this one as you’re can see, this is the new like this is the brand new one and then, and then this one is the one I’ve been using. They sent me two. So, as you all can see like this, like the brushes, are very, very packed, it’s very, very dense, and when you stop using it to apply your foundation as you can see something that takes me to sleep like three minutes to blend out, it normally just fix Me now, at least like at a minute to blend out all my face. Of course, like I said, they’re coming fight sets as y’all can see. The powder brush is huge. This brush is kind of reminds me of the Sephora brushes, but of course, once the Ferrara brush is like $40 $50, but this like this comes in a set for, I think, below 35 dollars or something so you guys, you definitely need to invest in A very good brush also, they have to fight these eye.
Brushes like this brushes are literally what I use these days because they are very, very affordable. So what I’m gonna do now is our apply foundation, and it’s kind of I will divide my face into two um. I’m gonna blend one side of my face with a brush and then blend one side of my face with a makeup sponge, because so we can see like they all do an amazing job and this particular bit across cosmetics I’m talking about. They also have some amazing blenders, you guys with some nice um. You know shapes, and you know Carl’s always advice to wet your blenders before you use it because, as you can see, this is the regular size. But then, when you wet it like it becomes huge. I’m just gonna use the end points of the brush and just stipple the foundation all over my face, so I’m gonna blanch the side of my face with this foundation brush and then this side with a makeup sponge and also when I’m blending out my Foundation, I love to stipple. I don’t like to both, because if you have a problematic skin, you need as much coverage as possible. Also, when I’m blending up my foundation, I love to you know: take it down my neck because you don’t want to have two different colors on your face on your body like your neck is one color and then your face is another color. Can you guys see the coverage and also you know some brushes when you use some brushes? They just kind of soak up your product, but this one just perfectly distributes it all over the face without picking one single product, as you can see like the whole versus of the brush, is too very very much. You know when, when your brushes suck up your foundation, you would see the foundation like all day. It kind of looks them jelly on the brush. But this one right here, the bristles because of the fact it’s very, very packed, so it just blends out your foundation without soaking up the product. This is what we have with the brush and then I’m gonna go in with the blender and, like I said, you need to what’s your blender because as y’all can see, this looks you know small, but then when you go and head downwards, your blender, it Doubles in size, this is the size you guys and also don’t forget, to put it in a towel and dry out the water, because, especially if you have an oily skin, you don’t want to like leave any moisture on your sponge. So you want to go ahead and make sure you dry out all the work water from the sponge and also even with Responder a lot to stipple.
Another thing I love about this blend is the fact that you know it blends out your foundation without soaking. It up, like you, don’t need to keep buying your foundation every month once you know how to you know how to apply it on the right tool to use, because some blenders out there they’re, just like the you stranded, suck up all the product, but this one Just blends in out, oh my gosh. This is definitely one of the reasons I love confronting. Look at that the foundations right. Yes, the side I blended with a brush – and this right here is the side. I’ve blended with the blend, as you all, can see, like everything just blends, how to bring them really nice, so the next thing would be to highlight – and I absolutely love that shape tip concealer. This right here is perfect for people with oily skin, because it’s really really much funny. I also have a drugstore alternative, which is the LA girl Pro conceal in fun. I’m definitely going to be using the phone because I just love the seems like the orange tint. It gives to my skin I’m going to use it so highlight my under eye, and apart from my undereye, my chin and my forehead, I also like to apply my concealer by the sides of my mouth, because I’ve noticed sometimes when I don’t do this. The round like this area of my mouth, tends to be dead whenever I’m done with my makeup application. Okay. So since I had a lot of blenders here, I’m definitely gonna utilize the opportunity to try out all these blenders. I would normally just go in with the one I used to apply my foundation to blend out my concealer, but I will use this pink horn and, as y’all can see, this right here looks so cute the color and also the fact that it has this shape. You know this curve right yeats, perfect for getting into like the sides of the nose, so I’m going to use this blender and stop learning on my concealer and whenever I’m blending out my concealer, you guys I love to live it right on my under eyes. Some people like to extend it all the way almost to their hairline and for me I feel like whenever I do that it makes my face. Look white. So if you already have a white face, please don’t do this just try to blend the concealer right on your under eye and also sometimes I love to take it into my lead. Whenever I do this, I just go ahead and apply my eyeshadow without a primer, because you can also use your concealer as a primer.
Oh my gosh, this blender gives the very nice seamless blend, I’m going to go ahead and just blend out everything. Whenever I use a brand-new sponge, it always nuts on the skin on so you probably after, if you wash maybe two or three washes it just you know starts adjusting perfectly to the skin, but this one right here, although this is my first time using it, it’s Just like it blends out the concealer perfectly well geez, I’m very very first for my forehead highlight I just love to focus it right here. I don’t like taking it all the way to my hairline, because when you do that, it’s gonna give you a white like it’s gonna give you a huge forehead. So you just want to keep it right here and just continues simply in your blender and also when it comes to concealer. I prefer using a blender. I don’t know who uses brushes to blend out there. Concealer blenders are your best friend when it comes to concealer. This right here is also going to be perfect for contouring, because, as you all can see, this edge right here makes it really really easy to get to the sides of the nose next set. I’m going to be using huda, beauty, easy-bake, loose powder in the shade blondie, and it’s kind of it reminds me so much of the benign banana powder or this Sasha. What a compound eye has that yellow tinge to read and if I go ahead and apply the powder, I love to go back in and just make sure I press the concealer onto my under eye because you don’t want any creases there and then I’ll go ahead And set, and whatever amount of powder you pick up with this blender, it just perfectly deposits it under your eye, without sucking up any product. So once that is done, I’d also go ahead and use Mac. Mineralize skinfinish in the shade doctor set my whole entire face and I’ll be using BC. 105 face powder brush and you guys look at how huge this powder brush is. When you go ahead and swipe, you know the powder all over the skin, like it doesn’t add any coverage. So if you need more coverage with your powder, the best bet is just to go ahead and push it into your skin, like just they were, I’m doing it right here, apart from the Mac mineralize skinfinish, you can also use a drugstore brush on my favorite drops The setting powder is the L’Oreal True Match setting powder in c6. If you follow my channel, you know I’m obsessed with this powder right here. I’m not really really a big fan of bronzers, but ever since I discovered this product and it’s from dog dalton cosmetics.
Ever since I discovered this product, you guys have been loving to bronze up my face because Bronson just helps to you know, give you color, and it just helps to give want to the face, and you know sometimes, when um you know sometimes some bronzers come live To oranjee or to duck, but this one right here is just perfect: I love to go in with the same brush with the same Beauty, crush 105 face powder brush because this brush, you can use it’s for your face. You know to set your face and also because of the fact that it comes with a 20 I’m angle, to read. I also love the music, so bronze, so I’m gonna go in with the same brush pick up the product. I just love love to gradually suite bit, as you can see like just gradually stripping it. You already creeks in like making that shadow very, very obvious. You just want to do it back and forth back and forth back and forth right on my hairline also going to sweep the bronzer on my jawline is a music crush one of its precision and good I’m going to go into my Anastasia contour kit, and I Will pick up the shade cinnamon, I’m gonna use the shape right here, because I love my face to be really really want. Some people love to take your contour down. But for me I love to leave it right here because it’s right on my cheekbone, so it helps kind of define my cheekbone and also with the same contour brush. I’m gonna use it to just contour my nose, a lot of highlights before applying my blush, because whenever I do that, it helps to get rid of any lines from my highlights and for highlights. This right here is one of my absolute favorite and it’s the makeup forever Pro sculpting. Do I love to use this highlight shade from the palette. I love to just go ahead and press it on my skin before buffing it out. I also love to take the highlight right. Like a little bit above my pen point. I also love to apply my highlighter on my Cupid’s bow Appliance right at the tip of my nose. I’m going to be using this top blush right here and I just love to use a smaller brush, pick it up pop off any excess and then use it to apply on my cheekbone applying the blush after your highlights. Just helps melt the highlight into your skin. Your powder brush is your best friend, because you can always go in and use it soup finally blend everything so make sure there are no lines whatsoever on your face. You guys Like your foundation, your concealer, the right tools, products technique – you know to achieve a very nice flawless makeup, but the way it’s looking like, I’m just gonna go ahead and just finish up the rest of my face and I’m gonna be using my Beauty crush Eye brushes, it comes in five different eye sets, as you can see.
They have You know the necessary brushes You need for your eyes, so I got the new people go into my Anastacio cost on pallets the focussed on pallets and just quickly do my eyes Gon na go in with this kind of warm brown eyeshadow right here, just apply it right On my crease, I love a very nice precise brush for applying my eyeshadow, like I don’t like big blending brushes As you can see, this is really really precise and it gets right on the socket of the crease investing in shoes really really matter when it comes to how flawless you want your makeup to look then for my eyes, I’m gonna go ahead on line with Sleek tree stock, pencil and then I’ll create a very you know: tiny winged, liner, I’m just gonna go ahead and apply mascara right So I went ahead I put on my favorite lashes and the lesson is to go ahead and apply lipstick and I’m using this I’m red lipstick from Libya, cosmetics Like I said, but I just wanted to finish up my whole face on camera Okay, so here we are with a final look I went ahead on You know part on some red lip color, and that is it you guys, as you all can see Like everything is nice and blended? There’s! No, you know harsh lines, there’s no division I just love it when I’m going for a flawless makeup application to have that very nice seamless, look you don’t want to have you know a demarcation between your blush, your highlight and your contour Everything just needs to blend in and look flawless, and it all boils down to the products, the tools that seeds and the techniques like these three things once you have it at the back of your mind, you’re definitely going to achieve that very nice flawless makeup application Try as much as possible to invest in good products, you don’t need a high end You can also achieve a very nice flawless looking skin with drugstore Then, when it comes to tools, you’re not like you just want to invest in tools, because using the right tools can make or break your makeup so yeah you guys so check my description box Please hit that like button below, because it just helps me know like that I will see you all very, very soon

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