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No Makeup (Update) Ali Andre

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi everybody welcome back to my youtube channel. Makeup look updated. but we’re going to use different products different techniques. This is forever suitable for everybody. Everybody needs a good, no makeup, look for days when you know bump into your ex or some shady highschool colleague. Like you, don’t know you don’t know who you’re gonna bump into, but you want to look good without too much going on. This makeup look works. If you wear a suit works, if you wear yoga pants and a t-shirt, it works with whatever you’re gonna wear like it doesn’t matter the style you have.
I promise you. This is working universally. This is the kind of makeup. Look that it’s going to make you feel pretty, because you know what what other people think it’s not your business anyway, people are gonna, have opinions, no matter what so, at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel, and I’m telling you with This makeup look, I feel pretty before we get into it. Subscribe click on the ring belt button, let’s get into it. Alright, we’re gonna make people think that you literally just roll out of bed and you look fabulous if you’ve got like super large pores and you really bothers you use a primer, the one that’s going to smooth a little bit the skin. I like this one from dr. Seba. It doesn’t have that very very silicon e texture that I actually do not like, and this has vitamin C it’s a little brightening now, instead of using a super lightweight foundation that it’s not really gonna cover much, I would rather use a medium coverage foundation. Use less but have a little bit of that coverage, NARAS natural radiant, long, wear foundation. This is a great foundation to be built. You can make it super lightweight. You can make it a little bit heavier if you need it. It’s an everyday foundation. Here are two pumps, I’m using the Sigma round, kabuki f82 brush, and I start from the middle of the face. That’s where we are usually having like redness imperfections and spread the foundation towards the outer parts of my face as little as possible on the nose just gonna go over with my finger, especially on the nose in this part of the face was good. We’Re going to have like a super super thin layer of foundation, make sure that you spread your foundation down the neck just a little bit, I’m the kind of person that I would rather have. If I wanted to choose one foundation that I could use all year long, I would rather have a medium coverage foundation because, with a very light coverage foundation, you can’t really build much.
So if you want to transform your foundation into like more of an evening evening, look you can’t really but a medium coverage foundation. You can play with it. You can even mix it with a little bit of moisturizer and make it thinner and spread it all over. Your face and it will look very, very natural, so keep that in mind when you’re buying a foundation, you don’t need five foundations, you need one that is good and that is going to save you from all the situation’s possible. As you can see right here, I still have probably a pump left, I’m taking like with my finger in the center. I’ve got some hyperpigmentation from the Sun, but I’ve recently started to use the big sue, viens performance peel and that really diminished this area right here. Okay, so I’ve applied just a tiny little bit more, I’m coming closer, so you can see how the skin looks like there are still some imperfection like, and you could still see some blemishes here and there it’s okay, you don’t have to cover everything in order to Make your makeup look like it’s not even there you have to make some compromises. Okay, let a little bit of imperfections see through your foundation before I’m applying concealer, I’m going to contour. Don’t think about that crazy contour thing! I’m gonna show you in a second. What we’re gonna do, but let me explain why you want to contour, because it just gives your face a bit more dimension. When you apply foundation, your skin is like a it’s like a white canvas right. What contour does you know just lifts a little bit? The cheeks, maybe you want to make your nose look a little bit thinner. Maybe you have a large forehead. You want to slightly contour that nothing aggressive, nothing very obvious. We want to take a brush and take your product on to the brush. If you want to just make your life easier, just take it with a brush and don’t apply it directly on your face. Now, I’m using this fancy Beauty match sticks. This is in the color of mojo. When you want to contour your face, you don’t want to use something that’s way too, yellow or way too orange or to red. You want to use a little bit like the same color as your natural shadows. Now, if you look right here, okay or if you look like right here, I’ve already have like a natural shadow right.
What color is it like a grayish Brown? That’s why I like this, because it’s not too warm it’s, not too cool, as in grey. I don’t like when it’s too great. I know that a lot of makeup bars are just preferred to use like super grey contour, but that’s not my thing. You’Re gonna start from the hairline like somewhere in here we’ve got a big bone right here under it. There is a there’s like a gap, there’s a like a hollow in there. That’s where you want to contour, that’s where you want to apply your contour like just like this, and then from here. You wanna with very very light strokes, very, very light movements. You want to spread this upwards if, let’s just say, you have a heavy hand, you’ve applied too much. Take your foundation brush. That’s why it’s really really good to have different brushes for foundation contour. So if you did too much just use your foundation brush on top of it, I don’t really need to contour my forehead, because it’s already so tiny, but in order to make this look very real. Okay, we are going to apply just a tiny little bit of that contour right at the base of your hairline. The older we get. We’ve got this little Hollow right here. You don’t want to emphasize that. That’s actually what makes you look older. So if you want to contour at all your forehead, you want to apply like right at the base of your hairline, like so same product pencil brush. You could also use this to contour your lips like if your lips are very thin and if you want to make them look bigger. This is one trick that, for example, JLo uses and you don’t have to use a lot of product. I apply a little bit under my lip right here. That’s gonna make it look a little bit more like this a little bit higher than then. Where am i natural lip line? Is I’m gonna use the Georgia money power fabric concealer? It does not have a huge coverage, but for what we need. I think that it’s just perfect, you could even take a blending brush like a two one, seven brush for applying your concealer now with what’s left on my brush, I’m just gonna do a quick swipe on my mobile lid, okay, not in the crease and also A little bit on that brow bone, it’s gonna very, very, like slightly cover. If you have those blue veins or if you’ve got redness on your eyelids, God knows we need blush, or at least I need blush I feel like if I don’t use blush.
I look like I’m sad depressed, I’m gonna use blush. This is nude sticks in the color poppy girl and it says it’s an all-over dewy color, so you can use it on your lips on your cheeks on your eyes. It comes with all this reminds me of by Terry. It comes with this little brush. I just received this in the PR box and the color is like this very dewy, maybe a bit too dewy. I don’t know if I want to use this. You know what it’s been a lifetime since I haven’t used this. So this is a lip and cheek stain from the body shop in the color dark cherry. Dear god, I hope they still make. This don’t apply this directly on your face. This is the kind of product that you want to work fast with, because it’s kind of sets super fast on the skin, but I promise you it’s going to last forever and that’s what we need. This is a one to seven brush from zoeva a little bit on the nose it just makes it look very even do a little bit on the eyelids as well like just a tiny little. You don’t have to do it too much, and then you know what I’ll take a little bit and then apply it on my lips like so you see how it just gives in like a little colour what I’ve noticed with this product. If you apply it too low right here, it’s gonna stain your lips and it and they’re gonna look like you’ve been like biting your lips. You don’t want that! So lie it more like here and here yes: now we can powder just to set everything in place. I’Ll take my Laura Mercier, just because it’s the one that I trust and throughout the years I realize it’s the best for my skin. So I take about this much in my brush. This is a haka photo kokujin brush, it’s actually a blush brush and then making sure my concealer didn’t crease and actually did not crease, because I’ve used a tiny little bit of that product and now and now only I’m gonna set my concealer take a little Bit more of that powder and folks you like it, I hate it when that place shines very little on the forehead. Okay. Now here’s the thing we’re gonna do the brows just a tiny little bit and for me, the most natural product for my eyebrows. Is this Brown flick from glossier and I know I should have applied this on bare skin, but but let’s just pretend I’ve got bare skin. Okay, this isn’t the color brown and what I love about this product is that you apply it and you will not move. It gets such a long-lasting product and it will create those very realistic, strokes of hair.
Now, here is an optional step. You don’t have to do this, but I feel like it makes such a big difference. I’Ll take the Sephora. It’s called micro glide liner in its waterproof, and I apply it in between my lashes, not on the upper waterline. I’m not tight lining because it’s gonna transfer right here and if you you’ve, got oily eyelids kind of smudge, it’s gonna. No, don’t do that applied only between the lashes. You will not actually see the difference, but I promise you in real life. It just opens up the eye, and it just makes your lashes look black and it also make it makes it look like you’ve got a super micro, thin eyeliner at the base of your lashes. So take your highlighter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cream highlighter of a powder highlighter, but make sure that it’s not some people use highlighter that it’s darker than their skin and when they actually apply it, it’s sort of like a hybrid bronzer highlighter. It’s not really a highlighter highlighter is supposed to have the same color. It’s not really a color. It’s supposed to have like the same shine as your natural skin color, like you, see the shine that I’ve got like right here in the middle of my face in the middle of my nose check this out. If I take this magic Luminizer from our mess and if I apply like right here, it still has the same color as my skin right, it’s sort of like transparent. It just shines, that’s what you want now. I don’t want to be Rudolph, but I don’t know what I was doing in here. Like I said you take your highlighter that has very very similar color with the natural shine. Can you see like right here in the middle? If I open my eyes, I’ve got a little bit of like lighter spot check out what happens if I apply it in here. It’s like such a small gesture that I don’t know just frightens the eye. It just makes me look like hi good to see you. You know it’s it’s sweet and fresh, so I love this trick. I like to apply it also in the inner corner of my eye. You could absolutely apply it on the Cupid’s, but when you apply it in here, I feel like with some women who work with some women. It looks like no no now because we applied it like super close to the lashes and not actually where the folds are going on right here. This product is not going to crease at all Now you want to lift those eyelashes.
I use this eyelash curler This is from Laura Mercier and give my lashes a good lift Now I’m gonna use a mascara that I normally don’t really use because it’s more on the natural side like it gives you very natural lashes and I usually like Lee super big black lashes But for this look we want to look like we just rolled out of bed right and we look fabulous so I’ll use this bad girl Bank mascara from benefit It’s a good mascara Don’t get me wrong I’ve used it before you’ll see it does the job, but what I’m looking for right now is to apply mascara at the base of my lashes like this, without going to the lengths and instead of applying mascara all the way like I’m going to pull the last Few lashes like this and I’m gonna coat them with mascara, and if I look in front, you see like Allen gates bit the eye, but not crazy, doesn’t look like I have eyeliner, but like it does that little winged situation that I absolutely love You know guys in makeup: it’s the small things No, you want to give your skinned back its shine same RMS, I’d like to take it with my finger right after you apply your moisturizer Your skin has a very beautiful shine We want to imitate that You can do it with a creamy highlighter, don’t get too close to this area, because that’s where you’ve got usually you’ve got large pores now take your favorite lip balm Just anything you have, that is very moisturizing and do this for a few seconds this product In combination with a just any lip balm just use any lip balm of your choice It gives the lips like this, the super natural, beautiful color Of course you could use the lip liner and I love that But if you don’t want to loo use a lip liner and you still want to make your lips look a little bit bigger I feel like this trick It’s it’s working like the lips look so natural at the end, maybe at the beginning of like what is she doing like right here, but then you, you can see that it all comes together You know what this is The final look, but I could do this in five ten minutes max and I feel pretty it’s not my business to know what other people Think of me, you know there there will be opinions anyway, but I feel pretty If you did, please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my youtube channel click on that ring button Thank you

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