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No mix and match challenge for full face makeup

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens, I’m doing a full face of makeup with no blending. I’m really excited about this one. I saw my friend do it Michael on his YouTube channel, and I’m like I have to do that. so yeah, you guys, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and let’s go ahead and do there okay, so let’s go ahead and start with the eyebrows. So I feel like this one’s going to be kind of easy, because you don’t really need to do too much blending with the brows so instead of doing little strokes, because I feel like that’s like blending the product together, I’m just going to do like one line On the top one line, underneath, as you can see right here, I have a massive chunk of brow like missing, because I got my eyebrows tattooed and, let’s just say they need a refill.
Okay, let’s do one line at the top. This is going to acquire a lot of concentration mmm. Oh yeah, that’s amazing! Now, let’s do underneath. I can’t blend out that line. That’s a really harsh, but that’s okay! Okay, now for the front of the brows, I’m Senator a little line at the top with a line at the bottom stunning. That looks pretty good another place that I usually blend the browser’s just like to take my story and like see these lines on the top and bottom, I would usually just like go like this and kind of make sure it’s not too harsh now. Well, let’s go ahead and prime the eyelid. Sorry, I’m just taking just as visit I’m just taking a concealer wiping off any excess product, because obviously we don’t want to be able to blend like with the Beauty Blender to pick up excess products. So I guess I’m just going to like slap all over my brow and, of course, I’m going to do a nice line underneath my brow to carve out those stunning slugs. Just how I wanted to UM do my makeup today. Okay, so next step is to go in and set all of that. So I guess I’m just going to get a lot of powder on my brush and Pat it down because you can’t blend it. Can we Oh sustained I’ve, never thought in my life at least like what happened like? What am i doing? Please tell me oh message: honks the patter is coming off. I see you I feel like the I shudder is going to be like the hottest pot. So this is going to be interesting. I missed out with the transition shade, I’m just going to take this one right here, just with a pointing brush em, but I guess I’ll just be like owner tapping it down instead of like, unless that you know me that was pursued Wow I’ll just going to Look amazing, I can feel it.
. Like honestly, I spent so much time blending my eyeshadow. This is just going to take two seconds. I love my burgundy shade. I haven’t used this palette in so long it. So many anyway, I should have held it for a makeup big spot. I really want to take that burgundy shade and just put it above that crease color, so you know what I mean just so it like dissolves into a nice cranberry shade, oh wow. If I like swipe it, I feel like that slender emphasis. What now for the lip shade, I’m going to take this stunning shade right here. I love it so much it’s like a greeny purple duochrome and if you do another tutorial with it, I’ve done like true already so I’m just going to Pat this on my lid by pressing down. Oh my god, it’s not sticking my very much concealer on there. Look can’t forget the primer, so I’m going in with the Smashbox photo-finish playing what I know need to blend this honey just go straight on hmm, okay. Maybe that is cheating. So I’m going to go ahead with the Laura Mercier foundation primer. I don’t know how to apply this. I guess I’ll just take a little bit on the stippling brush and just like do that without going over it twice without extra glow on the face, I’m taking this Mac strobe cream, it’s a new one and I really want to try it out. Oh comes with a spatula, so I’m just going to like paint this on my cheekbones because I wear a nice glow. You know other means so, as you can see we’re already killing the game. Look what was done waiting good job, guys? Okay, let’s move on to foundation, so I’m going to take this some makeup private foundation because it was sitting right in front of me: okay, so I’m just going to apply it with a little power brush and I’m just going to do small strokes all over my Face this is going to blend out all of the primer and pretty short okay, so you can only go over it once so. Let’s do this quietly! Oh, this is going to be so much product by I’ve literally already used like six pumps. This just feels so wrong on so many levels like what am i doing it it concealing it a hurt. Nobody, I guess, that’s that now it’s time to go in and set the rest of the face, so I’m just taking my Mac’s like sheer powder and I’m just going to dot this all over my face, and I guess this is just going to absorb any excess Foundation yarks my face is so wet. Oh, my god. My powder is literally like a foundation powder. Now what okay, I’m also going to like a lot blend, but like dab under my eyes, pick up anything that we have gone on there My face is just as wet as it was two seconds ago, so obviously there’s no way we’re going to be out of set this unless I take some translucent powder and put it all over my fatties, smart Susan, sister, okay, let’s do not Matt, I’m just going To pop some lashes on, even if the makeup look looks like this, I still want to have lashes or car.
Oh, what even is the lending Foundation Dominic So no just taking a nice line from the outer corner to inner corner is easy I’m sorry! I can’t miss the inner corner highlight so I’m just going to put just a little dab this and then we’re done with the eyes Now that I’m looking absolutely stunning I’m going to go in and bronze my face, I’m taking be two-faced, dark chocolate, Soleil and I’m just going to run my brush in there holy it’s so powdery Oh, it’s not so good! Okay! So I’m just going to do a nice stroke under my cheekbone to warm up my face Okay, and I didn’t really work, I’m just going to do another one This is definitely not the right brush to use for this Usually I just like: take it in circular motions and blend it out, but no, oh, my god, I just inhaled that and it tastes so good until honey Let’s move on to blush, this is the Mac machine Mel by this is the blush It goes with everything I’m just going to top this on my cheeks For that I will admit, I’m really excited for the highlight I’m taking jeffree star ice cold This is something that needs to be really buffed into the skin So it’s going to look absolutely stunning I’m just going to really lightly take this over my cheek, so it’s not too harsh okay, because it is very light I’m going to do the tip of my nose as well, because I never forget that step and my keeper spray all right that was blending I have a new liquid lipstick from Jeffrey style that I want to use as well So I’m just going to apply this normally because it’s not really too much blending with liquid lipstick It will be smells like dirty feet Okay, so here we have the finished makeup Look, I really hope you guys liked it and learn so many tips today, yeah, I just decided to just for a bit of fun It’s nothing serious! Alright, make sure to give this one a big thumbs up I’m going to wash yourself now because it feels disgusting It looks like someone actually just on my face makeup on my face and your prints done I love you guys so much That of I My love is good Following my friends,

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