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No one cares about the brand. Off Thomas Halbert

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. It’s me Thomas Cruella De Vil, ass hair. However, you have read the title correctly. I am going to be doing a full face of brands that no one cares about and products and no one cares now. I know the title seems just a smidgen shady… Some of these products. I’ve never tried some of these products I have tried. I want to just give some brands that no one really talks about. No one really gives the heart that they might deserve a chance on my channel, because I feel like we’re in a realm of the beauty industry and the beauty community, where we only care about the same five brands that come out with the same shit.
Over and over and over again – and we never really give anyone out the credit or the hype or the recognition that they deserve so a lot of the stuff I did pick up in store, but also some of the stuff I picked up on line. If you do not know what honey is, honey is a free shopping tool that automatically searches the web, the web, the internet of literally any discount codes that are out there. I know a lot of you like me like to shop online. I hate, leaving my house or what I like to do is I’m personally an online shopper and when I’m shopping online, I hate having to look for discount codes myself. I just hate doing it and honey literally searches the web for you, you don’t have to do anything. That automatically applies to your shopping cart. So it’s a really good way to save a lot of money. If you are an online shopper like I am honestly, I have saved a lot of money using honey. It’s one of my favorite things to you. Is I’ve been using it ever since I’ve seen other you other youtubers talk about honey. It’s always been on my extension. Honey is free, and it literally only takes two two clicks to install onto your web browser or on your phone I’ll have a link in the description box down below where you can click and download honey. Automatically trust me, you guys. Everyone saves all kinds, literally. On average people save about $30 per shopping spree just from recommendations from creators like me, so it’s really really cool honey is awesome seriously it’s free who doesn’t want to save money for free. I know I do thank you honey. Honey is really cool and without further ado. I didn’t ask you guys to subscribe. I totally forgot to even asked ah well subscribe if you want to. We enjoy memes over here, smash that, like button, if they’re, not disable – and I meant to say with my legs – were a little bit longer comment down below some brands. You haven’t heard anyone really talk about and yeah, so I have some brands. The first product I want to show you guys I picked up at Riley Rose. It is so cute, it is so cute.
It is so cute. Oh it’s! So cute, okay, and then this is this – is the actual, the actual, oh, my goodness so cute it is blur pang, bye, Pyrrha Pyrrha. It’s a peach milk blur face primer. It still is a blurring primer. I’ve never heard of Puri para ever it looks like it’s a very low sandy consistency start.. Oh wow. Oh sorry. I’ve been too busy being canceled on social media. I don’t really know if it’s blurring anything, but it does feel really good. It doesn’t feel like one of those overly drying pore filling primers. Oh, by the way, this is Puri Parra. I’ve never heard anyone talk about this brand, but it’s a Korean brand. It’s I this is all I really saw from that brand act. Riley Rose, so next up is credit Reece, it’s the HD liquid Everage foundation. Last up to 24 hours see when we’re not finna do with that. This is what it looks like. I got this at Ulta calm, so I haven’t really heard anyone talk about Catrice before, besides my good friends, hottie Westbrook I’ve, literally oh I’m using this big-ass sponge to buff in my foundation. Yeah, I’ve never really heard anyone talk about Catrice besides Tati and I’ve tried their concealer, but that’s about it and the concealer is alright. It’s not like my go-to everyday concealer, but I’ve heard Tati rave about this foundation as well. I believe I think it was talking, but I don’t see Catrice being talked about. Besides talk to you, I think takis, one of those those influencers that stays outside of just talking about hyped up brands. I know I’m guilty of only talking about hyped up products, but I feel like Tati, really does a good job at talking about brands that you know we don’t really know about yeah, it’s not very full coverage, but it does look like second skin, I’m not mad. At big how it looks on my skin right now, I don’t know what it is. I just feel like we don’t talk about some of these brands anymore, like there’s, there’s new brands coming out all the time when we just talk about the same ones over and over again, it gets get so boring, so next up for concealer is cover effects. but a lot of times. We never really hear much about cover effects. It’s very rare that we ever hear anything from cover effects, and I’m always curious as to why, because I feel like cover FX, has some really good products that really don’t get the hype they deserve. I did try this power-play concealer and I get ready with me and I’ve posted a month ago, but I didn’t really get a full idea how I feel about it.
It’s the power paid power power play concealer. The freaking wand. Just is very interesting to me. So I’m just gonna do a few dogs. I don’t like doing intense makeup any more honestly. I just like simple cute little moment. Did I like this. When I tried it, I don’t remember. I think I did I like it now. I really like this big-ass sponge. I just feel like it gets everything done so fast, okay, so before I finish like matting out the rest of my face, I want to try this essence all about matte powder. I couldn’t find the under-eye brightening. I wanted to get it so bad because I tried it with hot tea and it was so nice, but I’m gonna use this to mattify the rest of my face. Why does no one talk about essence? Essence is so cheap and their makeup quality is so good. Why does no one talk about sense, so I’m gonna try. This, hopefully doesn’t create a white cast. I think it is ah dang. It’s nice, though it looks pretty on the skin. Also from a Pacifica has anyone: this is in Whole Foods and I always roll my eyes when I passed by Pacifica stuff. I don’t know why I’m just like: no, no! No! No about that one chief. This is also a facial powder. I’m just saying why not! I was just talking about how I’m into minimal make amount about to apply some more pressed powder to my face. Why not? Where are you here? Let’s just go there so for a bronzer. I have a lot see London, tan time. Bronzer has anyone heard of LA see London. I’ve never heard a lot to London. This shade. I don’t know about this shade, but we shall see this is actually really nice. Oh. I am getting hairline surgery because the toupee is going. I know I know I know I know everyone. I know I know the toupee is coming to an end very soon, very soon, very very soon the toupee is coming off this head in about two weeks. I have a consultation to get this hairline or read on. Well, it’s a consultation, it’s not the actual shirt surgery, but I’m getting it redone, I’m really excited because with a nurse, I keep bringing up this in the store, I’m not trying to bum anyone out or tricking anyone, but with an eating disorder. Your hair, thins can fall out can break off could be hard for your hair to grow. That’s why I’ve had this to pay for so long, because it literally took fucking forever for my hair to grow back, but thank God it is finally about to come off. I can get a haircut finally literally like come on. I have a mop on my head. I have literally look like Cruella De Vil. I look insane and I’m just super excited to finally have a boss to pay off to know a lot of people were speculating as to why I have a toupee and it’s all mostly just because my hair, it took forever to go back and I was losing A lot of hair with my eating disorder – and I was just making me insecure – you guys – could see how thin my hair was leading up to that.
So why do I feel like we don’t care about MAC Cosmetics anymore? Like the only thing that’s been interesting from Mac over the past year or so or two years has been the Patrick Stark labs or when they do like the slanted clubs or whenever they do collections about famous people. It’s always more interesting than their actual products. Because I feel like they just have Mac has done everything they can do so they’re, not really innovative or interesting anymore. I mean they could be, but it’s just you know they don’t want to be, and I get it, but no one cares want Mac anymore. My favorite thing from Mac will always be their blood shows. Pinched. Oh peach is one of my all-time faves. This he’s been one of my back in the day. Look at that before I was on YouTube. I was wondering this all the time girl. I really don’t think I should more. Should I go back to pink blush, I don’t know what you guys think, oh my god, so I did a campaign with kale polish for an Aries nail polish and I had to literally do this, so they posted on Instagram that makeup artist with my makeup. She did at first, but it really wasn’t coming out how we needed it, and I had a completely take off all of my makeup and do it myself and cuz Kathleen wanted something very, very simple, but also like a statement for Aries. I’m like I just do my normal over-the-top blush and they’re like yeah, but then we’re taking photos of it. It wasn’t showing up. So I was sitting there like cuz. Also, the makeup artist took like maybe two or three hours on my makeup and we’re running out of time, because she was trying to do something super intricate, intricate and like insane, and that wasn’t the vibe that Kathleen wanted. So I had to completely take it all off and then I had 30 minutes. Maybe 20 minutes 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes to do my makeup completely. So I said no like, oh my god. Oh all, I’m saying whoever photoshopped that photo. Thank you cuz that makeup 20 minutes were a rough, a rough 20 minutes I’ll. Tell you that I don’t really have a highlighter, but we can talk about Dior. I mean no one really talks about Dior. Does anyone really care about C, or I think we did for a second when I came out with that new collection? No, I’m gonna tell me about these highlighters from Dior. It’s the do. You are nude skin illuminizer, so we were just no one’s gonna.
Tell me about those all right: that’s fine, Wow Wow! So now I’m gonna tell me about this. Okay, that’s fair! I remember that next time, that’s you know. My skin looks very texturized. There’s extra texture going on here, even texture in front of these studio, Lots out really care about where I’m now so I’m gonna keep it my fucking really chief. I don’t feel like doing my brows, so I’m not gonna do it, but I am gonna run. This essence make me brow, eyebrow mascara, with feeling fibers and see how this goes. I don’t know guys I just been wanting to be more natural lately, like I might be turning into a chapstick and mascara kinda bitch. Do I even need a fill in my brows? To be honest, I’m I do. I might do a little thumb thumb with my brow. I feel weird filming. I don’t know it’s feel like I just fell off.. I don’t know it’s making me a little sad having anxiety when I fell now it’s. I just hope this doesn’t affect me friend much longer, because I miss sitting down and filming and like enjoying myself, but I will say that I have been working on a lot of projects behind the scene and not YouTube related or career like this stuff related. Like honestly, it’s very much so like opening up myself to new avenues. The new career type stuff be trying to do some things outside of YouTube that you know open up my income a little bit more open up my creativity, a little bit more. I don’t know. I just feel like I could be a really good brand strategist or very good, like I’m, really good at marketing, and you know creating an image of stuff, not necessarily myself, but other people. I just feel like. I can create really cool images for brands and people and turn them into really awesome stuff. Social media isn’t Talent. For me, it’s obviously a job and it’s obviously very hard, but I don’t know I just don’t feel challenged enough and then maybe it’s just because I don’t challenge myself enough. I want a challenge and I want to create dope shit. I feel like I can’t do that with you too, and not like crate. Dub content, like I mean like create product like turn a brand into like a sickening brand. Like turn like there’s been so many times where I look at someone or a brand or an influencer, and I’m like you could be doing so much, you know or like a celebrity, and I just feel like I could turn them into more and make them into Something great so I’ve been working on a lot of projects. I’ve been working with a lot of brands. Are you branding them branding them? You know. Building up my portfolio, I’ve been working for free, I have been, you know, charging people for those stuff, but it’s been going good and I just I feel I feel good and a sense of like I feel safe and it’s been so fulfilling.
I’m sure this is turning into a get ready with me, but it’s been so fulfilling creatively what a quick little one with these brows I’m for that I live for this Lewis, acid, I’m telling you a sense will get you together, okay, so for eyeshadow for the Base of my eyeshadow, I’m gonna use this P Louie’s based y’all sleep on this. I promise you yellow sleeping on this. Everyone is sleeping on P. Louise everyone and their mother is sleeping on P. Louise and I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to cuss it you’re sleeping off you Louise, you need the space in your life. If you’re, not using the space, you aren’t getting the most out of your eyeshadows pigment, it’s so fucking, pigmented and creamy, and it just makes any eye shadow look insane for eyeshadow. I have Julius place. I feel like no one talks about Julius place. I picked up two new pilots because I did have one palette, but I never really used it. I don’t know why I never used it, but I wanted to do something a little more toned down again. I’ve been toning down. My look so I picked up two pots. I have the warrior by Julia’s plays and then the Nubian both are full of brown eyeshadows. I know super innovative, it’s to see where but fresh excuse me. I want to use this say to the highlight: actually real, quick mmm-hmm period. Oh yeah mmhmm, exactly exactly. I agree. I agree. Why does no one talk about a dubious play store now an Ulta there in also guys pick up Jimmy’s place. Their shadows are so good, but look that’s just that’s just pigment. Look at this watch I mean come on, I mean come on. I mean hello. I just retitle this products that Thomas thinks is better than everyone else. I had to do a full face of hogs that are actually I wanted to do that. Wow, okay, y’all, I’m so boring now with makeup, I’m! So sorry, I’m just not a lot Queen anymore. I just don’t want to give looks with makeup. I honestly want to take all of my creative juices and put them into other day. I just love transforming people like I. You wouldn’t believe how many Instagram like how many influencers instagrams, I actually have turned into really good Instagram. It’s so weird because I don’t know how to make myself look really good, but I know how to make other people look really really good. I’m not gonna like name-drop or anything like that, but there are so many influencers instagrams that I have like did a complete overhaul on and I’ve like finesse.
Their look like I’m so good at this shit, and I love it. It’s just so fun creating and like turning people out and making them look. So sickening, I loved it. I’m not really good at keeping up with my image and making myself look good, but one thing I will say, as I can make other people look fucking amazing and I’m not just talking about like makeup and hair and data that I’m talking about like their image. Their brand, like people’s brands, how they come off. I don’t know I just don’t care to deal with myself like it’s, not fun. What I do with myself. It’s boring as fuck when I do with myself, but I just want to turn people out, but I want to turn people to fuck out. It’s so fun. I did it for fun, and now I just want to turn it into a possible lifelong thing like I want to open up my own agency, I just wanna I’m gonna go back to school for business. I’m just like really motivated to just like. Do a complete 180 with, like my priorities, I’m like it just sounds like so much fun to just be like to open up my own agency. Have my own employees like bring people in turn them out, like brands, come to me when they want something like when a brand comes out with a new product when a brand needs to rebrand, or something like that like I want to be the person they come To and they’re like you know what we need Thomas Halbert to come in and completely turn us out. You know give us strategies like have Thomas, however, come in and like boost ourselves. What can Thomas Howard do to boost our selves and shit like that, and you know luckily, I’ve had so many brands behind the scenes that are, you know, working with me and helping me rebrand them and or even like new brands, letting me come in and brand Them – and you know, I’m very lucky – to have like a little bit of power that I do have and connections that I do have to kind of do stuff like this and like obviously it not a lot of people had that kind of privilege, and I’m just Super excited, I can’t wait to launch my website and just uh start something fresh and fun and exciting, and just fulfilling not saying that you know YouTube, isn’t fulfilling an Instagram and to in social media, isn’t a fulfilling but honestly, like it’s just not challenging for me And it’s also just a little bit toxic for me. While I still do live doing YouTube, I just don’t think I could ever be like a James, Charles level or like a nikkietutorials level or like having millions of people looking at me like. I don’t think I could ever do it. I don’t I don’t know, and maybe that’s why I’m also just like self saboteur in a way like I just don’t ever think I want to get there You know like I just don’t know if I want that.
So I’m going to pop on some lashes pop on some lipstick and then we’ll have the finished okay So what you don’t know that I did off camera? Is I applied my I’ll or X, Talia eyelashes, my fave right now seriously so good I feel like no one talks about I’ll or as well they’re in the style of steady cool, they’re, really pretty really wispy and super easy to apply I might have applied them all, wonky, I’m not sure On my lips, I put a little bit of color pop Arielle, the designer collection from Disney on the center of my lips and just patted to fade it out and then a brand that I feel like No one talks about, and literally has, the best glasses on the market is buxom, and I play some buxom lip gloss in the shade of Samantha write a word more Let’s give you guys a basic rundown of all the products and all the brands said I really like that, I feel like you guys, should give a chance I know we don’t talk about these brands enough and I think I’m gonna include more brands that we don’t talk about enough on my channel Obviously the Juvia splays already knew these were gonna, be really good I’ve tried to be his place before Obviously I didn’t really do the most extravagant look in the world, but that’s just my wave, I’m on a different wave right now, I’m Louise I based, of course you need to get onto this if you’re not onto this, you need to get onto it seriously So good, don’t know how I feel about this Yet I’m gonna have to try this with a different foundation, because I don’t know how I feel about this foundation I don’t know if it was the primer that did this This holy mess on my face, or I feel as the foundation, so I’m not really sure how I feel about either of these Yet I will give them a second go and let you guys know this Lottie London bronzer was really really good picked this up If you don’t have it, if you are looking for new bronzer check this out, it’s really good, but everything else I really enjoyed don’t forget to give me a huge thumbs up if I don’t have the likes and dislikes disabled and if you are not already subscribed I’d love to have you, I would appreciate it if you would subscribe, I have been losing subscribers, it’s just like the game and yeah again Thank you, honey, fo,

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