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No one likes the real reason for the beauty master.

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey you guys. They have the millions in their bank account and the millions of followers to back that statement up, however, number one. something and number two. I do think that the negative impression that most people have of beauty gurus comes from one key thing that I think we can all learn from and who knows, maybe some of them will watch this and learn something. I don’t know if you are new here. My name is Whitney. My channel is all about beauty budgets, consumerism, getting the most out of the makeup that we already have and dissecting the messages that we are exposed to surrounding the beauty community, as well as the beauty industry.
More specifically, what to watch out for and what, if anything, we can learn from it if you’re, not new, hey how’s, it going how’s your mom and him, but new or old, make sure you check the down bar for links to all my social media and, let’s Just get into it, they tend to come in some sort of like top 5 condensed kind of frame. I’m usually getting several key points this time. I really only have one thing that I would like to kind of dissect. Obviously, what I’m about to say does not apply to all beauty gurus, and it also doesn’t apply to just beauty gurus. This is something that you can sort of see if you pay attention to anyone who reaches a certain level success in social media. I also noticed that the people on social media that I am very very drawn to tend to have or embody some of the traits that I’m going to tell you that are missing from some of the bigger influencers that have been on my radar in the past. I say the past because I don’t really follow people like this anymore at all, so really what this comes down to is vulnerability and authenticity. I am not the expert on this subject whatsoever if you are truly interested in this topic and want to see the ways that understanding vulnerability in particular can impact your life for the greater. I definitely definitely recommend checking out brenĂ© Brown. She has a lot of books out and she also has a Netflix special. That is amazing. It’s such a tear jerker, it was. It was life-changing, and even though I’m a really big fan of Bernie Brown ever I’m about to say, is not like consciously inspired by her. I just kind of realized that a lot of the thoughts I had on this we’re very in line with Bernie Browns overall message, though, that’s why I’m bringing this up, even though I have critique the beauty community once or twice, not that much, I’m a positive patty Over here guys come on kind of think that I’ve been looking at it the wrong way.
I think this whole time. I have been focusing a lot more on specific things more, like examples that you might be able to take from the beauty community as opposed to a full-blown kind of blanket understanding of where most of the stuff comes from, and the main thing that it comes down To for me, is I genuinely feel like, I am watching a performance all of the time I think I’ve noticed over the years. Something about me personally is anything I am drawn to in terms of entertainment, always comes down to a level of authenticity and vulnerability. Please understand: I’m not here to judge anyone for the things that they’re interested in or the pleasure that they get from certain types of content, I’m using myself as an example for a lot of this. So please keep that in mind, yeah with movies music, TV books. Anything I just do not get into, or have an appreciation for things that are just a little too slick a little too shiny a little too glossy a little too perfect a little too overproduced like it’s, not something I’m doing consciously, I’m just always kind of psy Dyed it a little bit, I don’t know it’s just a part of me. It’s Who I am in the beginning of the beauty community, or, I should say the booth and I quantify the boom as kind of starting in 2014, but a lot of what I’m gonna talk about. I feel like began to really take hold in 2017, but prior to the boom. It genuinely just kind of felt, like a bunch of chicks and some dudes hanging out on the internet, just talking about the types of products that they were into and sharing tips and tricks just really spreading the wealth.. Yes, I feel like this shift was slow, but when it changed boy, oh boy, did it change? You guys want to know the first time that I knew things were changing. Look. I did it too, okay, but I’ll get into all that later I swear when I started. Seeing that a lot it was like the gauntlet had been laid and like this is what we’re doing now. It was like a snowball effect. Supposing started, I mean the literal posing.
I mean the production quality started to go way. Then the events started, then the brand trips came and herbai started, moving to LA and that LA kind of lifestyle and scene just started kind of creep it across this great nation and world of ours. I can literally look at a social media post from someone like. Maybe if I’m on the explore page of Instagram, I’m gonna take one look at it and without knowing anything else about the person who posted it. I can tell if they live in LA or not like, that no offense, if you guys, love LA when I lived in Vegas, I went there a lot and I hate it. I hate LA sorry. No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, it’s not for me, but maybe that’s why I can just like spot it just so fast. I don’t know so yeah. In that sense, I do kind of have a personal bias. You have to keep it in mind, but I don’t mean any harm. It’s just how I feel some people probably hate Tennessee but they’re, crazy, honestly, because it’s amazing here but yeah, I kind of feel. Like the first time. I really looked around and really notice. Things were changing, like I said, was around 2017 and at that point collabs had been happening. The Kardashians had been weaseling their way into the beauty community, which i think has a lot to do with a lot of things. As well and being honest, we were seeing very, very obvious and at times deliberate proof from influencers that they were just rolling in the disso. My two oldest aid is up. Oh, this is totally fine. I shan’t knock the hustle, not what I’m here for and not what my problem is so go ahead and calm your tits before you get fired up in that comment section, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire dude. Once this all started, it just kept growing and growing and growing, and it kind of became like a self eating snake. The influencers are over here, best lighting it up and we’re watching it and obviously, depending on your relationship to all this stuff, you might be watching it a little or you might be watching it a lot and, as a result, you may have begun to kind of Norm lies or fetishize a lifestyle that you cannot relate to at all and the more successful a beauty guru becomes in some cases like doesn’t apply to everybody, but the more successful they become the more guarded or inauthentic they also become, and even if there is authenticity There, even if what we’re seeing is the most real and true versions of themselves that they could possibly portray on the internet um.
I still don’t think that’s a very good thing, honestly personally, just me or here I don’t really have a problem with them or what they do. I do concern myself, however, with the way that we internalize it. I get to an extent how this goes once they reach a certain level of success. They become marketable in the eyes of brands, which, for the most part, is who they’re really working for, and even if it’s not brands, it’s usually trying to maintain alliances with certain influences for fear that, should they fall out with this person they might lose said person’s Audience and then have some sort of backlash that they end up suffering as a result, all very political and self-serving, and it really resembles nothing of what I once loved so much about this platform in this community. But for the sake of their careers and for their bottom line, I can’t really fault them for doing it. I do from time to time, though wonder if they’re going to regret painting themselves into a corner, though I mean going back to what I said in the beginning. I used to do the whole thing. I couldn’t tell you why suffice it to say that I noticed those what everybody else was doing that had reached a certain level of success that I personally wanted to achieve. Monkey-See monkey-do right and I honestly feel like most not all of my content that I had created up until this year was so far removed from who I even am as a person whatsoever. It just kind of felt like what you do. This is what you do when you’re on the internet, and you talk about beauty and makeup as far as being successful in this industry goes like, obviously, who wouldn’t want to be successful, creating content or on the thing that they do the best and know the most About but it didn’t feel like me, then, and it doesn’t feel like me now and I kind of regret all the time that I spent not being authentic or vulnerable. Ironically, when I quit doing all that stuff. That’s when my channel started to kind of grow and I developed a whole new type of following and relationship with my subscribers, like you guys like this stuff, that I do now as much as I enjoy making it.
Apparently, I honestly think the lack of vulnerability and authenticity that some of these youtubers display has a lot to do with why drama channels do so well now, and why, when there is a scandal of any kind, so many people just yeah, I don’t know why. I said it like that with the whole James, Charles Tati, Jeffrey thing was going on a few months ago. No, it’s kind of interesting at first and a little shocking. But after a while it just got flat-out ridiculous people around social media. Acting like this was some kind of like East Coast, West Coast, biggie versus Pape kind of like Butte. I mean this thing went on for entirely too long and a big part of it was because people were really relishing in. I could never say that word. Thank you for your help, which essentially kind of the act of enjoying other people’s downfall, but this happens all the time it doesn’t matter who is involved in the scandal. It happened with drama, getting Wonder, I’m good to with the lipsticks when it goes on and on and on and on and on there’s, not a lot of scandals out there. In my opinion that I’ve seen happen that come out of left field. but we can also kind of see maybe a pattern in the branding or mystique of the kinds of people who tend to find themselves in These scandals, from my perspective, it tends to be the people who are the most self-serving. Does that mean that there is never a humble or caring moment to be found with any of these individuals? No. Does that mean that off-camera and their real life they aren’t extremely compassionate kind and caring to the people in their lives? No, but that is not what they are branding and it’s not what they’re known for they are known for. I think if you just go so far in the direction of perfection and this kind of hyper glossy unattainable, unrealistic life, you’re gonna lose some people and over time, you’re gonna lose a lot more people than you think. There’s a reason that most of the beauty gurus, who kind of employ that sort of branding, tend to have followers who are in their teens late, teens and early 20s. It’s not because they’re the only ones on YouTube who want Beauty related content, it’s that, typically, at that point in one’s life, that kind of hosts adolescence early, twenties place. All of that stuff is very, very appealing. It was for me to like. Don’t let me climb too high on my high horse? Don’t let me climb too high on my high horse? Don’t let me ascend too quickly onto my high horse.
You know what I’m trying to say, but almost everybody grows out of it because we cannot connect to it. It resembles pretty much nothing that we know. There is something to be said for appreciating escapism in the content and in the media that we choose to consume, but at the end of the day, no one can live there forever. But I think this is the key factor and why they get a lot of the flack that they do. It’s the exact reason why, when a certain scandal breaks out and any given guru might say things about their mental health declining, they get very little sympathy when they start saying that in fact, the second they start saying things like they’re having mental health issues. As a result, they almost get demonized for it I mean, are the stands? We all know there are stands, that’s not who I’m talking about here. Obviously, but one cannot live on stands alone, or maybe you can. I don’t know I don’t stand, but as far as their mental health goes, I don’t doubt for one second, not for a second that the people who are going through these massive internet social media channels are suffering greatly with mental health issues, and the throws of that. I can’t imagine it it’s terrible. I’ve been known to kind of sit back and sip some tea too, but at the end of the day I do know they’re real people and I do feel bad for them like. I don’t envy anything about that situation, but they receive little sympathy in the face of all that, because lots of people have dehumanized them. In other words, they don’t see them as real people anymore, because that’s not what they’re showing you on a day-to-day basis. Month after month year over year, they almost seem like caricatures of themselves, sharing literally only the most glamorous flawless luxurious moments of their life and, like I said just because, once a month or less, they share some random real moment of themselves. It doesn’t mean that the other 95% of the content that they’re putting out doesn’t exist, and not only that ring louder and prouder and more true than the small little shreds of humanity.
We see once in a blue moon on their Instagram story and that’s because they need to sell and to stay at the top and that enter all the aspiring gurus following the same formula hoping for similar results without ever unpacking what that actually means and what they Would do if they ever got it, but I’m really glad personally that my YouTube career was very slow and steady during the times that I was employing those same tactics, because I couldn’t maintain that for very long. I can tell you that much. My life is messy and I have a lot of feelings and I overanalyze – and I overthink things all of the time and to completely hide that part of my personality, because it doesn’t sell very well to brands or other commercial aspects of this industry. That would be like living in hell. I couldn’t do it, so what point am I trying to make, and how does this apply to you exactly like or not? We are more a part of the things that we consume. Then I think we like to believe the music you listen to the shows that you watch the books that you read the youtubers that you enjoy you’re drawn to it, because it’s it’s, it’s scratching an itch, or it resonates with you and some like deep way like For example, I live horror, movies, love them in fact, horror, thriller suspense anything other than that kind of have a hard time getting into it or paying attention, and this is ostensibly because, according to my therapist, the kind of holy what’s gonna happen feeling is like Mother’s Milk to me I also love content, that kind of messes with my head a little bit because I enjoy figuring things out. I want to understand things and I want to figure out once I understand them why they are the way they are it’s just what I’m into so. The question becomes, what is all this hyper glossy many moneymoney naming me perfect veneer thing doing for you, and should you find yourself consuming it and large quantities? Side note: this is not only in the beauty community. This is the Real Housewives. This is the Kardashians. This is all of that You know exactly what I’m talking about, but should you find that being the primary type of content that you’re drawn to and you enjoy the most, do you ever wonder? Why hesitate just for the makeup you guys y’all are watching the house towards the closet towards the makeup collection tours cuz, it’s scratching and itching you some.
How is it that you’ve placed a lot of value on these material and superficial things as well, and in that case, what does watching other people have all that stuff do, for? You is feeling left out or being in a perpetual state of FOMO, just where you’re used to being because it’s easier than going out there and trying to get those things for yourself Is it that these lifestyles and these people seem so unattainable to you? It makes it easier for you to convince yourself of like well no way I can ever have or be that so I’ll just get comfy with the way things are now Is your proclivity for escapism a symptom of unhappiness in your current life, because at least you can live vicariously through them? You tell me, and yes, there is a balance to be stressed, not then of the world to have your trash TV or read celebrity gossip magazines If that’s, what you want to do, I mean there’s a show called The Only Way Is Essex on Hulu, which is basically a British version of the Housewives Kardashian’s kind of thing, and I freaking love it more than life itself sometime, but I can only watch it A couple times a year, because I got a leave at that point and move on with the real I want to connect with people I want to see people that I see myself in or I see people that I know in I want to hear messages I want to share messages I want to find my tribe I want to connect with real authentic things I know I’m not the only one and all this isn’t doing it for me, alright guys I just went on and yes, I did change my hair Thank you so much for asking I got some baby lights put into it I’m obsessed I cannot believe how easily my hair lightened actually and I plan on maybe going a little blonder here in the near future, who knows either way big fan um I get my hair done here in Tennessee I will leave my hairstylist information all down below If you are interested she’s dope anyway, I got to get out of here I hope you guys are having an amazing day make sure you click Subscribe If you are not I’m bar for links to all my social media, and I will catch you, the next one Bye

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