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No one said that there was a problem with cosmetology.

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi friends, hello, hi: how are you I hope you guys are having an amazing day today, so hi. because I just feel we’re all adults. We all can have a conversation without there needing to be excessive disclaimers on my end, but this topic is a little bit different than topics I usually talk about. Usually I have like a set person that I’m talking about and today I’m or we’re to talk about like concept. I don’t even know how to like put it, but basically today we’ll be talking about some people who, I think, do things that are problematic.
But I don’t necessarily think it makes them bad people. I never ever talk about people and want you guys to go attack them, but this is not meant to be. this isn’t meant to pick on people. This isn’t meant to be mean for no reason or be like malicious to people. This is more to call attention to. I think some of the I call it tomfoolery that happens in the beauty community that I don’t think a lot of people talk about and it kind of gets swept under the rug, because there are so many bigger guru. Scandals like the people that are in like the tens of millions of subscribers, they have so many of their own scandals that I think these people kind of fly under the radar, and I think what they’re doing is problematic for a lot of them. so it was concise and kind of like made sense, so there’s different categories of like problematic things, and I have people listed here. I don’t have them listed here, so you can go and harass them and in fact, a lot of these influencers actually like their more to provide examples that this is happening and less to like, actually call the person out on these things. This makes sense. This isn’t like a call-out. This isn’t like me trying to start beef with anyone. This is just observations that I think need to be noted, and I think people need to talk about. So, let’s get right into it with that. I hope that disclaimer made sense today. I want to talk about problematic beauty gurus that no one talks about – and I think I kind of already said I think – because there are so many massive influencers that get involved in massive scandals. There are some beauty gurus that get away with doing things that are incredibly problematic, and this is not talking about like nikita dragon. This i’m talking about the people that you think are unproblematic and you don’t really realize they’re doing things that are shady, but they are so.
Let’s just get right into this. There were two big events for me.. One. First can’t wait to lose all my subscribers, the first type of beauty group that is very problematic that nobody talks about are the overly political beauty, girls. This is like, I know this is all very touchy. I know people have very strong opinions, ratch loves and it’s Rach loves, ratch loves, Rachel and irritable, she does a YouTube channel and she just announced that she was doing a collaboration with Pixie and a lot of people. I saw that, and I was like oh cool, didn’t – think anything of it and a lot of people informed me that she is actually very problematic when it comes to being very oh, she considers herself to be like a pro-life feminist, and you know I don’t want To get too political talking about this topic, even though we are talking about overly political Beauty youtubers, but one thing I will say is similarly to Kat Von D, which got a lot of publicity opinions that can hurt people, maybe shouldn’t be spread. Not only are you kind of ostracizing a group of people but you’re also Shh. This is more so for a woman named Sarah Therese, who is a youtuber on this platform, who I don’t like. Could it be real artist, she’s done some.. She has done some wild things that, for some reason nobody talks about them. incredibly, so more so than most people that I know that are pro-life like incredibly, incredibly extremist. In my personal opinion, the laws that are happening are a regression for women’s rights and that’s just kind of how I feel about that. The thing is, I would never like shame someone for having a differing opinion to that, shaming people for having an opinion, that’s different to that. He was really spreading. First of all, a lot of surgeries bothers me a lot more than much loves because she was spreading a lot of misinformation, a lot of things that blatantly aren’t true a lot of facts that are not facts. They were just her opinion and she’s twisting science to fit her opinion, which isn’t true reading that to her hundreds of thousands of people that she has following her spreading that misinformation and my opinion is incredibly problematic and exactly why. I stopped supporting Kat Von D because she was twisting science to fit her own narrative. That vaccines were bad for you. That’s the same. It’s the same logic for me, even though one topic is a lot more controversial than vaccinations.
Look, I get it. The pro-life and pro-choice they’re very different. It’s it’s a very like. Obviously one has a lot of passion behind it and I completely get it, but I think to spread falsehoods on your channel is pretty gross. I think people like ranch loves who are spreading to their subscribers, like almost in it. It seemed like in a shaming way. I guess, because the responses to tweet we’re a lot more problematic than the tweet itself, where she basically said doing a procedure like that is very rarely a medical necessity which again is just twisting facts and making them your opinion. Those things I find problematic, I think misinformation and judgment towards your own subscribers. I find that to be problematic, and I know that’s gonna be a very controversial opinion and I know people are gonna be really heated about. It know that I understand that everybody has a very differing opinion, and this is a very heated topic. I didn’t talk about this willy-nilly. I know this is superheated, but I do think it’s important to have the conversations of like there’s something about using your platform to spread. You know what you want to spread and there’s spreading misinformation and spreading judgment. I think those are two different things, so that’s that we were done with that note. The next thing I want to talk about is something that a lot of beautyrx is do, and it is so shocking to me then in 2019, so many beauty gurus still do this, and that is the hash tag. Hash tag home, but it was the hash tag. Ad situation there I could name hundreds of beauty gurus that do not say that what they’re saying or what they’re posting on Instagram or what they are posting on YouTube even ad and it’s infuriating. Adeline Morin was the person that said this offered. Maybe Adeline Morin recently posted an ad for Marc Jacobs, beauty and it’s just like a perfume, the new Daisy perfume and did not put ad. She didn’t say it was an ad. She said she was a Marc Jacobs partner which, according to the FTC, is not clearly disclosing, but at least that’s better than people like niki and gabi DiMartino, who just do ads and literally never not even aren’t even like I’m partnered with or I’m working with. It’s literally like – and you literally know nothing nothing about talking to the company – nothing about this and it looked nothing, not a niki and gabi DiMartino dupes little time.
I’ve heard that Katie and desi do this all the time with makeup brands they never ever ever put hashtag ad, and that is one of the things that I truly think makes beauty girls so problematic. If you are not disclosing your sponsorships in 2019, that is so. Incredibly problematic to me – and you also just scuzzy, especially and honestly, I like Adeline more and I like all those girls that are like doing whatever the DIY people like I like all of those girls, I like all of their content. I think they’re fine thing about them and the thing about like niki and gabi is all of their subscribers. Are children, like their main core audience, are kids who are not aware of like disclosure laws who are not aware of advertisements? It’s really sick to me that these girls knowingly – because you get your statistics like you know what your age thing is these girls knowingly get those statistics, take advertisements, hen and don’t tell their fanbase that they’re being advertised to, I think it’s so scummy and gross, not Just disclosure freaking advertisements – it’s not difficult. I guarantee your fans will still buy it anyway. It’s not hard and the fact that brands are working with influencers who don’t disclose sponsorships and they still pay them to not disclose. Those brands should not be allowed to be doing sponsorships that you were like the FTC. You should be stepping in and stopping them from working with social media influencers, because it’s so disgusting to me disgusting, that these people are still getting away with this stuff. That would, I feel very strongly about, I think, that’s so gross alright and the next one. I want to talk to you guys about is kind of a question. I guess and that question I guess would be. Do you think that influencers who support brands that are problematic become problematic and of themselves? The first person I thought of which makes me sad because I love her, but as Kristin Dominique she’s been very like I’m, not stopping using brands like Kat Von D. Nicole Guerrero is another one who I’ve seen using a lot of products that are considered like problematic brands, and I guess this comes down to a matter of opinion, because I know a lot of people think that you can separate the makeup from the person.
I’m not one of those people, but I know a lot of people think this way you can separate the makeup from the person and a lot of people. Think no, the person and the makeup are one in the same and by supporting the makeup you’re supporting the person and their ideas, and I think where this comes in. Is it’s not even just that the act of like buying a Kat Von D product, because the act of a physical person who doesn’t have a platform buying a Kat Von D product? I don’t think that’s problematic in and of itself. I think personally supporting a brand. Whatever, like that’s your choice, that’s your coin, whatever I think the problem I have with this is that they have such large platform. It’s a weird discussion to have of. Is it okay to promote brands that aren’t known to be incredibly problematic on your platform with millions of people, because that’s where I have the issue with it, I don’t have an issue with people buying stuff. Personally, I have an issue with using your platform to spread those really problematic things. Does that make sense? I don’t know if it does and I’d be interested to hear what you guys have to say like do you guys think even buying it in the first makes a person super problematic. Do you think it doesn’t matter and a person is a person and they can review whatever they want? The other thing that’s been huge is, I know, especially Kristen Dominique has been doing advertisements for Kat Von D, which i think has been a really controversial, because not only is she actively promoting them, she’s taking money from them to promote them and promoting their their products? On her channel with her millions of subscribers, I’d be interested to know what you guys, think of all that and what you think of influencers supporting brands that are problematic and how you guys feel it does that make them like to me. It’s like well you’re endorsing something problematic that in turn makes you a little iffy in my book, but I think other people could see it completely differently, whereas somebody’s gonna review the makeup. So why not? It be them like at least they’re getting those viewers who don’t care about the person, don’t care about the drama they just are here for the makeup. They get those viewers, so that’s kind of an if you’re one, but I don’t want to bring it up to discussion because you guys always kind of bring new things to my mind, and I thought it’d be interesting to hear your thoughts on influencers who support like Traditionally, problematic brands, if that makes sense these next two are more.
I didn’t really have any. I had examples, but I don’t want to be too shady, but they’re these next two are more the same, so it’s people who are different on Twitter than they are on their YouTube channels and people who are mean to their subscribers. I don’t know. I see this. A lot, especially in like the smaller more, not like micro, like my level but more like a hundred thousand to like five hundred thousand. I think that influencers between a hundred thousand and a million very rarely get put on drama channel, just cuz, they’re, smaller, obviously but they’re doing some shady stuff over there. I think there’s a lot of them who are actively like mean to their subscribers and other people and are doing mean things behind the scenes, and I think that’s so interesting. I like get why Jeffrey star is emboldened enough to do crappy things and treat his fans crapoly, because he has such a large following backing up that problematic behavior. I don’t understand these smaller influencers because to me they just come off looking like jerks like they just come off. Looking really nice be really bitter really mean like there’s so many smaller influencers that are just flat-out mean to not only their subscribers but to like other influencers to the people around them. They seem like just mean people, and I think that’s something that’s super into, but I think there are people that are flat-out mean and they really go under the radar, for whatever reason they just never ever ever get talked about and that’s something I find super annoying Because we have enough bullies at the top of the beauty community, we don’t need them in the middle tier to like absolutely not, and this last one is when I find super interesting, the people who are different on Twitter versus on, like their YouTube channel. I feel, like people feel really brave on Twitter to say the things that they wish they could say, whereas on YouTube, for whatever reason people are not so brave, I see a lot of influencers that I see their YouTube channels. I really like them. I like vibe with them. I think their personality is great and then I go to their Twitter and I’m just like Are you the same person? Is this around by a different person like? I don’t understand, but I think it’s because people tend to be more PC on YouTube, for whatever reason, I think it’s because you visit my opinion.
My conspiracy is that, because you physically have to say the things that you’re thinking you have to verbally say them out loud and verbalize them and also go through a process of editing them down and making it really digestible for the average consumer I think, because of that, a lot of the things that people, whereas Twitter is like instantaneous, you write it and you send it That’s it there’s not a lot of like thought process that goes into Twitter, which i think makes people feel more comfortable, saying things that are just show insane just so out there, and so not what I would expect from them like it’s completely out of left field And honestly, but then I started following them on other forms of social media, and I just could not believe how They actually acted when they weren’t being edited, and I think that’s something that’s really interesting I don’t know if that necessarily makes someone problematic I think that’s more a matter of opinion, but it’s something I wanted to bring up when talking about smaller things that go under the radar, because some of these smaller influencers, if they were like James Charles level, they would be out of drama channel every single day Like they say some stuff and I’m like, but um, that’s pretty much all I had for you Guys too, though I just kind of wanted to start a conversation again This is not meant to attack anyone or people leading towards anyone I just wanted to start the conversation about how we as a community, feel about smaller people doing just as problematic things, if not more problematic and kind of having it fly under the radar I think it’s an interesting discussion and an interesting conversation to have so I just wanted to there’s going to have it um if you did please like and subscribe or just like or just subscribe, or do neither honestly just so happy you’re watching me Thank you so much for being here My emerge, my social media and everything I’m wearing on my face Will be linked down below? I love you guys so so much, and I will see you in the next one: bye, [ Applause, ],

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