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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey you guys it’s tender, mate Jane here we are back with nothing. Look. It took us something that woke me up back whoa yeah. I am so hype about this. Look like I’m back to my bottom lashes and I’m excited because I’m changed the hair color up change the PATA. Okay. Let me stop you in action for it. I’m really excited to bring you out this new look and I really hope y’all enjoyed it. Good luck! Baby, good luck, gold up! I’m excited to bring you out this new look and I really hope y’all enjoy it, make sure y’all like comment and subscribe me hit that good old, okay Chanel.
I love y’all, make sure y’all keep on watching for real for real forever. All right, so, let’s go ahead and jump straight into it. I’m just more stirrings in my face, like Romo with the Mac hydrating moisturizing cream.. So the only thing I know how to do is fire for speed it up. Dang it now I’m just taking my who the beauty face primer. This primer has become a new Holy Grail when I use her foundation because, no matter what I do, her foundation drives really matte. So this makes the skin like hydrated. I don’t know how to you know, I don’t know how to describe it, but now I’m just using my in estancia stick to flow. This foundation, stick in the color evany and I’m gonna use this to contour. My face, like normal y’all know, are my placement. So i’ma let y’all watch so I don’t call it quick. Y’All know that if you don’t know now, you know I don’t know mccullough cracks, but i’m using la girl, Pro concealer orange color corrector – and this is like I have not color corrector. That seemed like a year, but I went ahead and I did it the other day and I was felling freaking in love with it. So I’m just putting out on all my dark spots. I did missed a few spots, but it’s okay, we’re just going to apply it all over and blend it out and the point of the key of color, correcting their only reason why I was scared of doing it is because I wasn’t the best at blending it. You have to blend it to the point where it’s like, almost not visible, and now I’m just taking the who to Beauty foundations and I’m using the color chocolate, chocolate, mousse and mocha. And I just mix those two colors together and that creates literally like the perfect shade. For me, it’s like the absolutely perfect shade. I have never found a shade better, so I’m happy that I got both yall already know. I absolutely adore and love the insta pop face brush for a real technique. I use this brush to blend out all of my foundations.
My absolute holy Gro foundation brush like I think I’ve tried to use a sponge once before to blend out my foundation, and it was just a no-go for me. I just really love this brush. It just gives me Annika. Airbrushed fill. That’s just my personal opinion. This is just the japonesque, I think that’s how you pronounce their name like a dome kind of brush, and I use this to common doubt that contour I’ve seen baby Marie. She uses a brush like this and her consort always looks so bombed. So I went ahead and I wouldn’t got this brush. It’s not the best that she have. I don’t think, but it’s it mimics like the brush that she does have, and I can say that I do see improvement. My contours is like it’s blended perfectly in the place that I want it. Blended, y’all, ready all of my Tarte shaped tape and deep, intense and I’m just taking my entire shape tape and deep and I’m just putting that under the eyes on. But I live on. My chin, my forehead and on my nose and I did do something different today. I put it below my contour to make sure that contour is nice and sharp, and I actually really liked how this look, because, instead of going back with the powder, I really like how this looks y’all ready. No, I use my heart-shaped a pant and sand like I said, and that’s just for brightening. The deep is to conceal in the tan sand is to brighten, so I’m just blending those two out and John know.. Sponge is lit like it’s damp. I did wash it so I’m not using a dirty sponge. You don’t want to use a dry sponge and rub all your product. Okay, you want it to blend your product, bless you but anyways this sponge. I love it. I don’t know if it’s better than a Beauty Blender, because I don’t really use these Beauty blenders, but don’t mind my asking hands but yeah it’s. I love it for what I use it for it’s really good. For me. I just went back in with that. Insta pop face brush and I’m gonna blend out all those harsh lines everywhere that I put that on concealer, because I don’t want there to be any harsh line. So I’m looking back and just blend on top to diminish any harsh lines that we occur. That occur so y’all know I love my tan tan. So much I go back under the eye, really really bright yeah. I know I’m extra Galkin absolutely stop at the first step. We do not have to copy me. I don’t I like to go brighter under the eye, because for me I am dramatic. I love how it looks like I like a really bright under eye, not that I’m trying to change my skin tone.
That is not the case. I absolutely got my brown skin. I just really like a brighter under eye. Now, I’m just taking my laura mercier translucent setting powder and first I’m gonna go back and with a sponge. I make sure there’s no creases or no lines within my eyes and then I’m gonna take that damp sponge. But I’m just gonna press that powder in I do not bake because I’m really dry, and so it cause my eyes to look really dry underneath, and so I just pressed that in with a damp sponge. Oh, when you press it with the damp sponge, it takes away from there looking so cakey and it also just melts a product into your face better. This is the anastacio tan to deep contour kit and I use mix those three colors. I know one color is cinnamon, one color is expresso and I don’t remember what the lightest color is, but I used those two colors to bronze my face to give it that sunkissed glow. We want to look like we are in the Sun without the Sun effect. How about that – and I just put that everywhere – that I contoured and also on my nose – this is just an urban decay, chill spray. I think I told you guys before I don’t use the all-nighter, but the chill spray is like a hydrating sprite. Wait that maybe the whole night air yeah – I don’t remember I’m sorry, but this is that that was the clear brow gel by Anastacio. It just puts my brows in place before filling them in and now I’m just using an another Japanese brush and the Anastasia blush. The berry adore blush: this is an associate member 7b brush and her and her dip brow and ebony yeah. I know how I feel about my dip brow, okay and no getting away from it now. This is just her number 20 brush. It’s just like a flat concealer brush. I absolutely fell in love with these two eyebrow brushes. I absolutely recommend them and I’m gonna using the tar, shape, tape and deep. It’s Hansen again, don’t mind a little baby she’s over here, trying to tell me hush, but I use deep, intense and again to conceal my brow bone. You always want to go under your brow bone with the same color that you used under your eye. I learned that little tip from makeup by Maya on Instagram. Now I’m just going in with my P Louise eyeshadow base. This eyeshadow base is so lit. I’m not gonna keep telling y’all about it. I’m gonna keep raving about it. We don’t move on, but this eyeshadow base is lit now, I’m just using my genius plays palette for this. For this look, this orange color and the color or oh, I don’t know how to pronounce it, but it’s the festival palette and then I went into my Juvia space.
The sector palette that I used was Judea space zoo. No, is this around palette? I’m sorry! I’m all over the place, this Ron palette and I use the colored tazza and then I wanted to the Zulu palette for that Brown and then back into my store on palette for the colored Fez yeah. I’m going really fast right here. Forgive me Jesus Christ, although the second color was a Zulu palette. I don’t remember I’m all over the place, don’t mind me. Then I went into my Hyuna Beauty palette and I used a black eyes, the black eyeshadow out of that – and I just deepened, like you, add depth to the crease of dr. – you go into them until your crease, the darker, the color, the deeper their color, the Deeper, it’s going to look, I don’t know what I’m all over the place. So then, I took my arm my PA, Louise, I shadow base again, and I cut that I’ll carve that out and cut it, and the reason why I put the black is because it just really is a dramatic effect from the lid to the cut crease. That’s just the Mac 250 to ask British. I thought it was a concealer brush, but it definitely is not so I’m just gonna use it to blend out concealer. I mean the peds base or whatnot, I’m not naming all the products because I’ll just put them in the description box, but every color that I used on my crease, I’m just using those colors on the lid. So I went back into the Zulu palette and use that lighter brown and put that on. First then, the surround 2 palette and use the dark brown put that on second and then I went back into the huge Beauty palette and use that black just to smoke up that outer corner. So I did go back into my huda, beauty palette. The rose gold palette and put a tan on my lid and I totally forgot to put that part on camera. So I’m so sorry, but I went into my Inglot eyeliner and use that to like you know, put eyeliner on my lid Y’All know it’s thing and I use their English 3 T brush and then I use my um, my NYX liquid liner, the matte one to make sure the line was straight now, I’m just going into the bottom on my lower lash line and I’m literally using every Single color that I use on the top on the bottom, but in Reverse so I started with the liner and then I put the black and then I went in a dark brown and it’s around 2 palette and then the zooboo palette and then back into the Very first palette I used this is just a concealer pencil by NYX and I just used that to add it into a water line for that tan effect.
Cuz I don’t like black on my waterline I just can’t I don’t like it at all Want myself, it just makes me look hard, and this is just a Mac Mascara y’all, my favorite eyelashes y’all, know y’all, know y’all know I love noxious lashes by the stable or mines collection, but these are in the style, arrogant, oh, they are fire, make sure y’all go head over to her page, the stable or mines collection to use My coupon code Taylor made James, save y’all, some money Ok, save you got some coins because baby these lashes are everything I use some ardell lashes and I cut the top there top lashes and I cut them on the outsides and I put them on my lower lash line, because I really like these bottom lashes I stopped playing them for a while because they stopped selling ones that I they stopped selling the ones that I used to use, but now that they have these y’all trust them believe, I’m back to wearing my bottom lashes I heard yes look at that Go girl Now I’m just taking my genius place, lipstick, I don’t remember the color I forgot to write that down, but it will be in the description box down below and I just put that all over my lips and then I realized huh sis you looking kind of crazy go ahead and line your blue sky Beauty, bakery s’mores Okay So that’s all I did I went back into s’mores and I mind my lids, and this was the best lip combo that I have created for myself to this day I absolutely love these two together and I will continuously do these two together We’Re just tapping on that glow using our anastacio brush, it is the number 823 brush and that highlighter is everything that company is on my Instagram I don’t remember their name right now, but they are listed on my Instagram, make sure y’all go check them out Let’s go ahead a pop on that wig and we are good to go Keep on watching yeah I’ll see y’all in the next tutorial All right, you guys we are done with this Look, I hope y’all enjoyed it I really love doing it Forgive me I’m sorry, so I did not do a talk at this time I did do a voice over and I hope, y’all Okay with that, I love y’all because this we did that Okay, we did that I love y’all, but I gotta get out of here My kids want to go color with some chocolates

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