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Oily skin approval??? New Fenty Foundation (450) review + wear test musical

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel and today we are going to be trying out the I wanna sit correctly venti beauty, pro filter, hydrating longer formation. So, yes, I am a lonely girl and yes, this is all this cannot prove. We have rebranded, or this skin approved, is the only girl approved and we are going to be trying out a hydrating foundation. So I really wanted to start using all different types of foundation, whether it be for normal skin, dry, skin or the skin.
I’m just gonna try it okay, you know if this is your first time watching levite welcome, and if this is not your first time, you already know what it is. Okay for my rambling, let’s go so to start up this routine. I am going to do a mask yo. My skin has been going through it and I was sent this mask from Tony moly or the taco pour peel-off mask if we didn’t want to prep our skin for this hydrating foundation. So it comes out like these, and I’m really gonna concentrate on my problem areas, you’re not supposed to get it on your eyebrows or any type of here. I just got some in my eyebrows. It is a powerful, suction, peel off pack that lifts dirt. Black has an excess oil. The taco poor black peel off pack features mineral rich marine plant extracts. I’m purifying charcoal extract to detoxify and clarify the skin, and this must does retail for $21. Black Ulta is actually having a sale right now, so you can get it altar for a reduced price and you just leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes until the mask is completely dry and then you roll the edges to peel the mask off. So I’ll be back alright yo, so I am baked. So I am just going to cut much came off from this one. You can’t even see it. It does feel really soft okay. So since I didn’t get everything off of my face, I’m gonna be showing you guys this toner from fresh. This is a very free skincare product that I’ll be trying from fresh and it either kombucha kombucha tea, facial treatment, essence, and they were so nice enough to send this. To me, I got a full-size one, which is five fluid ounces, and I also got a travel sized one, which is one point: six fluid ounces, so I am gonna be doing a giveaway with this, so stay tuned. For that I use the trouble Treisman for myself to just adore gonna, actually really really like it. So I did do the mask on clean skin, okay, so I’m not even gonna rinse. I’m just going to put some of this and take the residue of the mask off that way. Oh, this smells really good. Oh my gosh, so it is their best-selling anti-pollution treatment.
Essence, powered by potent kombucha to deliver it benefits for smooth luminous skin, and your this has to be been hit in the spot, like my skin feels so moisturized after I use this, I like when a corner slash essence, doesn’t dry your skin. Oh, I absolutely hit a tuna that dries your skin hard, so I want something that is gonna leave my skin feeling like skin, I’m not tight. So since I was clean off the mask, this is all the residue from the mask. So I got my girl and I’m about to be using this hydrating foundation, but what I’ve noticed is that when everything moisturize my skin, it doesn’t get a swirly. You know so I tried not to mattify it on every single step, like I I’m going to be using the fancy Beauty, mattifying primer, along with the hydration hydrating foundation. So I have that one step of matte and then I’m also going to be putting my entire face. So you know I don’t want to overdo it. Okay, so we have prepped our skin and now we’re ready for the next steps. So I have another another package and this one is from Lancome. So it’s this beautiful box and what does that say? Boys, you hydration? Yes, ok, so it’s a set that is exclusive to Sephora. It comes with four products and you get it for $34. It comes with the rose jelly mask, which is this. You also get two knee comfort, which is a rehydrating tuner, which I’m not gonna be using today, and I don’t usually use this in the day. I use it at night. This makes your skin feels so smooth. It has a very mild, like floral scent that I really really like. The next thing in here is the UV exclude aqua channel defense 50 sunscreen, it’s a called a primer, mousse razor, and the next thing is the fix-it. Forget it up to 24 or makeup setting mist with plant extracts. Let me put on my hydrodynamic moisturizer pray and I don’t put too much of this, because I also how do I stay from primer to put so on, though it says primer. You know I’m mostly using it for the SPF purposes, say: yeah Lancome, I’m feeling this little set. I’m gonna do my eyes. Off-Camera y’all, we’re here to talk about the venti beauty, proof, filter, hydrating, long, wave formation. It comes in this box. Y’All know a regular fancy box. It is a cylinder tube with a pump, but you do get one point: zero, eight to eight ounces. You get the same amount in the glass bottle for the pool filter, soft matte. As you get for the hydrating foundation. I actually really really like this packaging.
I like a tube, I don’t mind plastic. It can actually stand up because you know before the cover is when you open it up, it’s right here, 35 dollars, just like the soft matte one. So I am like to try this because up on escape I’m using a hydration foundation, I just got a sample of the matte primer, because you all know I’m not a Emma, where I will be Using a pragma, I don’t use primer in my own skin approved for my foundations, but because this is a hydrating foundation and you’ll already know, it’s axe is going to be greasy. We’Re going to help it a little bit, I’m seeing if we could still finesse a hydrogen foundation, we’re gonna give it a little bit of help. Let’s see what happens so I got 450, which is my shame, so is hydrating medium to full coverage for all skin tones, long wear light as air alright, and they did say that it gives a medium to full coverage in a natural finish perfect for normal to Dry, skin we’re going against the grain here we are using it on on 20 skin the highlighted ingredients are grapeseed oil, okay, so they have the same 50 shades. It’s a one-to-one match gray, so I’m just squeezing. So I could get that plant hope this doesn’t screw it up. Please do not screw those on me. Okay, so we have that here. Let’s just do a little comparison ooh this is. It feels very thick II, it’s not as muddy thanks for this is hydrating and then let’s put a little squirt of baby ho. So if Maddie’s running a man, your perfect freaking match this is hydrating. This is soft matte. So if mine is looking a little lighter just a little bit lighter, I don’t know what do you guys think it’s called the pro filter, mattifying primer, it’s $32 for one ounce, a mattifying primer of a combination to oily skin that delivers maximum foundation control, while Improving and extending the wear of Fundy shadow, let us go in it is white. You can’t really see that okay, so this is how it goes on. Mm-Hmm feels like a moisturizer fuels slight silicon. The fragrance is like a lighter version of the powder which I love. The fragrance in that powder, what is mild, I sure, did give me I’m not feelin, but my face is so smooth. So that’s why I think there is some type of silicone in here, but it’s not that overly silicone feeling. Okay, now that it’s dry down yeah, so this one is a soft matte. It’s definitely a little lighter, but I have had my soft matte for like two years, so maybe that could be wet like and I got using a brush.
The foundation also has that light smell like the arm the powder. I can’t remember the soft matte having that smell, but I don’t know this foundation has a smell. So it’s very very light. We it very very light very blendable um. I also think very buildable fuel. I love that is giving me highlight without any highlighter. Do you see that just given me a guru and my cheekbones, I really really like that. All right forehead is also giving cool, but I’d like what is this looking? Do you guys think that I’m gonna be a curvy soil after four hours? Let me know like just give me a little comment right now. Like do you think, I’m about to be a crucible, I’m feeling it deep down inside I’m going to be very greasy, and you know what is silky. We know that this foundation is hydrated but like in a buggy of mine, don’t you feel like you wish? It would work for you yeah, that’s all feeling right now, I’m even contemplating if I should put on any highlight City, because I feel like that is going to emphasize the Goofy’s even more, but I kind of don’t want to do that. I want to see how this would work. You know what I mean it’s best all right now my face is looking soaking okay, so I’m using fancy BG powder and cashew the usual ain’t know what guys I feel like. I want to stuff that they might pull this with this powder. That’s how much I love this powder too, was later so I’m finished with my makeup. My face is looking very radiant. What did I expect um, so yeah I’ve had the foundation on for about two hours, so I’m coming back to you guys a little bit um, but it was basically looking like this two hours ago, yeah. So it’s brilliant and it’s continuing to be radiant. What I like is that I have one I don’t have one any highlight and look at my highlight. Look at my cheek board Frank. My cheek board is looking like. I have highlight um. I would say that it is. It is medium coverage for sure, but definitely buildable. So if you want to cover massage, you know hyperpigmentation. So if you’re an oligo is okay with the hydrating look, the juubi look, you would love this foundation, but at the end you know we’re gonna wrap up at the end. It’s like it talk to you more about. You know how I feel and if I would actually use this foundation right now, you know talk more about that. When I come back, I guess it has been for a long and what you thought would happen did obviously happen Actually, you know what my fear is.
Not that we see it’s just glowy for real for real, like when I press my hand of my fears, minimal grease is just reflective, so let’s go in that word very reflective Giving me reflection, hello Yes, I think I want to give this four stars, and that was on my foundation, and I gave myself four stars, so I think I want to give pentahydrate information Four stars because my face still looks flawless, and it is not that greasy It is just very reflective I think that’s a way that I’m gonna be using from no one, I’m only really reflective so reflected in the center of my face My highlight is looking amazing, oh my god that that it’s just foundation hey, I just want to tell you all if you are bored, is to be like if you are oily good who love the Jew, because they are cutting us out there who embrace it and Want to look this way: you’re gonna love, this foundation, you’re gonna absolutely love it I am going to take my black mediums powder and I’m gonna use a dry sponge and I’m just gonna suck up all of the oil That’s on my face Wow, when you’re going out, all you need to do is just take your porter with you on a sponge wow That’s probably what I was missing, because what I usually do is to go in with a brush, but I think when the foundation is dewy, maybe you could just go in with a dry sponge and your blood powder or your setting powder You know whichever folder you like your this looks better than before Well, I think I may have made a full pop when I was setting the foundation You see, I don’t usually wear um hydrating foundation, so I don’t even know best practices that really sucks up a lot of the oil I’m gonna give it 4 stars I really feel like it’s a beautiful foundation Beautiful finish Definitely gonna have to do a lot of prep work, so you’ve mattifying primer order before your foundation If you know your skin is really really oily, I will get you guys enjoyed this review My very first oily skin approved hydration edition, and I am all here for 20 Definitely gonna give it 4 stars out of 5, so yeah guys You know you can follow me on my social media, but for this Ladakh feed on Instagram and the pink one Facebook I’m about to just take this makeup off, I’m going to bed your butt Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe and have a great night guys

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