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Olive soft lustre – Dylan

30 Sep , 2019  

Yes, welcome back to my channel and thanks what you mind you, I always have to laugh when I do this, but it is very easy to achieve. Looks I really love how it came out when I want to use a color, but not a very obvious one I like to go in with, like all the tones and like kind of like a green neutral tones. If you know what I mean, so, if you want to like, add color into your routine and if you want to learn like tips and tricks, what to deal with warm wear but still want to look glam then keep on watching.
It is so warm out here. I have like I don’t know if I can do this, because it’s too hot in here, it’s like a free sauna, but like unasked, you know in Hama when the sun is shining, it’s so humid. You know you feel like dirty and sweaty, and but I have to go somewhere today because I’m invited to a dinner with Urban Decay, cosmetics, so yeah. I have to look go ahead and actually I really want to like glam glam up, but I don’t think that’s a very good idea like if you look at the weather, but I’m still going to try to look glam without like overdoing it. So people were commenting that day, like I needed to like sit closer in front of the camera, because they couldn’t really see the details and everything that I like to apply on my face. So please, let me know if this is better or do you want me to sit here like I always do so today, I’m going to be a little bit more closer to you, okay, by the way guys I am going through this tutorial, pretty quick, why? I do agree with you that I talk a bit too much and since I don’t talk like very very very fast, a my tutorials are just too long, so I completely agree with you and then I’m going to try to you know what I mean. Okay. So, first of all, the thing that I’m going to use is the L’Oreal lip scrub and this is in shade no shade but the pink edition – and this is limited – and this is really nice, because I’ve tried it a couple of times – use it on my lips. It’s a lip scrub. I always like my lips. I make them like look horrible, so this is perfect because you don’t really have to like. You can just scrub it like this, and you don’t really have to let immediately wash it out, because you can definitely feel the scrubs, but not like that.
It feels gross or whatever that you have like something going on like your lips, because it just feels like a lip balm. Only with some you know scrub hearts. I don’t know what it’s called, so you just scrub your lips mmm and then I take a cotton pad and I’m just removing the products and it smells amazing. So your lips already put any products later on to the face. So some people use they’ve met to find products because of the weather to prevent them like from sweating from getting oily and stuff. I personally don’t like to use a lot of mattifying stuff because my skin is already like super dry, so I like to instead of like using all mattifying products, I like to use less products, less foundation, less powder. So if you are going to sweat a little bit, it doesn’t matter it’s just going to black. I know it sounds like gross, but you know we all sweat when it’s like super hot, but it’s going to kind of like blend with your foundation. So you kind of have that, like real skin, going on, instead of like a like a lot of makeup, a lot of mattifying, think products, and if that is going to mail, this going to look a little mmm. You know, but that’s personally my opinion. So we are going to definitely use some powder use some setting spray, but less products. The primary that I’m going to use is hello fab, and this is a coconut skin from Hello. Fab did so next thing that I’m going to use is rose dewy glow by the body shop. This spray is amazing. It feels like you know you can I have that moment. It just feels so good and you get a bit of a glow mmm. You can use this on top of your makeup as well, especially Jonas hug face it’s so nice for foundation. I’m going to choose the luminous silk from Armani, I hope, but I can already. I think I hope this is not going to be too dark. This isn’t in the shade number six, which has kind of like a olive undertone, and this is by the way, not the original size. This is a sample size has to work for Armani. I don’t know if you guys know this quite a while ago, but I still have that foundations, which is super lovely one of my fav.
If you are looking for a natural radiant foundation, so I’m going to try this on my face just a little bit to see if it matches. So I’m just going to go in with my Beauty, Blender and the reason why I really really love this foundation, because you can still feel that your skin is breathing. It’s almost like you’ve like put a good hydrating moisturizer on your face instead of a foundation. So the feeling of this one is it’s amazing, so for concealer, I’m going to use its heart shape tape in a like medium honey. It was just a bit set my under eyes, I’m going to use a lower Mercier translucent powder just a little bit, because I don’t want anything to look cakey or too, like you know what I mean like make: make a fish just press it so to contour. My face I’m going to use the blush bar from benefit. I’ve got this recently, so I’ve never used it before, but it looks amazing and if anything it is customized. So my name is here how gorgeous these blushes are. They are amazing. So what I really love about these blushes is because you know I like a blush dad, it’s just there, but not like too obvious, but yet to contour my face and go to Zee hoola bronzer first and then we’ll just see what blush we are going to Use so with the Elsa makeup blush brush, I’m going to do my contour and I’m going for a. I don’t know counter Lucy. I like a good bronzer. Okay. What I’d like to do next is just I don’t really like to contour my nose, but I do love this step right here, just to make it a little bit deeper, darker kind of like flat eyes like mine. You can do this to create more depth, in your face, add more definition to get rid of all the powder I’m going to Zero’s dewy glow again before we going to apply blush from the blush bar, I’m going to using new anastacio dream glow kid, and I Didn’t even touch it, I haven’t even watched it. So I am very curious. I don’t know what shade of go to use. I really love the like pink shades and the lavender shades, but I’m going to stick to a glam look, so I’m going to use.. So I think let me just so. I should like real quick, my god, don’t use the motives of blush brush for this and I’m going away, I’m going in with the shade of wish and I’m going to mix it with I’m just going to mix everything, magic, sunshine and wishes on magic, sunshine and Wish to apply too much because with two other shades, so now I’m going in with sunshine, which is more like a golden shade it.
So I wanted to go in with magic, but I’m not going in with magic I’m going in with Radle, because magic is going to be too light. Do you see it’s very nice, but it looks a little bit too. I see so I’m going with Ray regal regal, regal glow, okay, to warm up this look I’m going to use this blush. It’s called California from a benefit and go to apply that a little bit on the cheeks, and this smells amazing, though I’ve also used a little bit of the. I don’t know how to pronounce it then D Leon then tedium this bus right here it’s got like a baby, pink blush just a little bit on the cheeks go in with this one more time, because you know hydration warm okay for my brows, I’m coming to Use the precisely my brow pencil from benefit – and this is in the shade three point: five one of my favorite brow pencils and I’m very courage to try this, because the like half shades are new and they’re supposed to be more like a. She look a little bit more cool toned and I really liked for, but for was a little bit too dark. Then I wanted to go for a three but the girls that benefit said that that was a very like warm color, so very glad that this is new and that this is hopefully something in between. I really really really love the color of this brow and I’m trying to not really like go in with the bold, typical Instagram brow. I trained like to keep it a bit natural, although I think this looks still a bit bull, but you know what I mean that you can still see the hairs and gabbed and stuff. I think that’s more, I don’t know it looks more defined. More natural for Browns will go to the tinted brow gel from Anastasia, and this is in the shade caramel. It also makes the hair look a bit lighter if you know what I mean more natural. So if I shall go to sue shades of the Too Faced chocolate cult palette and these are in the shades so bougie and cook up truffle, so this one and this one smells good sorry haven’t, go choose this one as a transition, darken up the crease, a Little bit and then I’m going to use beautiful, beautiful eyeshadows from those of colors.
I haven’t used it on my eyes yet, but I’ve seen like amazing pictures and tutorials and swatches, and I was like so yeah – that’s jumping so the brushes that I moved to use for this look. I got it today in the mailbox it’s from Sigma and these are the favorites from makeup. I um, I don’t know if you know her but she’s a good friend and she is amazing into makeup, but you probably all know her. So I’m going to use her brushes that I purchased myself, so I will link the link to these brushes in my description box. You know just support her. You know gotta support my girl, let’s see what she has for us, get 5 brushes flat, definer eye liner smudger and two blending brushes, and I love Sigma brushes. So this is like a pretty shadow that you can’t really like see, but you can. I know I always talk like so vague, but then with the same brush, I’m going to pick cookout truffle it’s this color right here, I’m going to talkin at the crease lovely. I said it was very blendable, so now we are going to use. Let me see: what’s here, okay, so we are going to use those of colors in olive. You like. Are you ready like look at this look at this Wow, okay and then on top of that, I’m going to use a little bit of slinky, which is a cool toned, greyish color, but on your hand it just but on the hand, it’s kind of like silver Ratio, if you know what I mean and if you’ll play just a little bit, you get like these beautiful chunky glitters in like a good way. So I’m going to use this first, maybe just a little bit of this color. On top of all of you come back map, so now I’m going to use slinky. On top I’m going to take my blending brush to the e25 and I’m going to choose cookout truffle so same shade. You chew face palette this one to use that on my lower lash line to smoke, yeah so for the inner corner and goes you to state shade, shade sunshine, which is: oh, my god, shade sunshine So, ok trying to say that, like a couple of times very fastest, shade of sunshine, shade sunshine, Jason, oh, never mind who to use the sunshine shade in my inner corners, and that is a warm color.
You know I really love to like mix cool tones and warm tones together, so I’m go to take two, I’m going to use sunshine in my inner corners I love it Oh, my god that inner corner highlight is just my husband is going to hate this because he hates it, but you know I’m digging it I really love you either love it or hate it Hey did I love it down the devil’s own sandwiches Mr right I pencil from the fall, it’s just a brown shade, the brown one so far lashes, i’m go to choosing morphe brushes lashes and a dreamer and go to quickly going to apply this with mascara, because you know I’m just always like, and I don’t think You want to see that so yeah I’ll be right back okay, so I’ve applied the lashes and for mascara I use the worth Beehive mascara from NYX Cosmetics and for eyeliner to you know, get rid of the lash line filled with glue I’ve used the black magic eye liner from Aiko Aiko I think it’s called like, oh so, for lips, I’m going to use the new Anastacio nude collection like the nude Siri We just so me because you know I love new lipsticks I’m going to use a soft touch from that collection and it is nude, and I think it’s super pretty – for lip liner, don’t use a world by Mac, which you all know, I think the shade So we’re almost done with this look The last thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to use setting spray and I’m going to use a lot because we are not wearing a heavy foundation or you know like heavy heavy powders on our face, but because it’s like so armed, we want everything To be in this place, so yeah Too, Faced hang over three in one setting spray It is so that’s it guys, that’s it for this look I hope you guys loved how it came out It came out a little bit more glam than what I expected, but honestly I was kind of expecting it So those are my small but for me important, like tips and tricks um like when it’s like super hot, you still want to look glam I follow me on Instagram and on Facebook So that’s it Thank you guys

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