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Olivia jade became a rich kid for six minutes in a row

1 Nov , 2019  

Well, I usually have different sheets on my bed. If you were wondering, I actually don’t really like these sheets. I like all light, but I think there’s a wash. So this is what working right now for entering my bathroom. You guys see this in the blogs. You’ve seen it’s a million trillion times. What, if you have it, there are steps and it’s pretty cool. So please follow me guys. I just got here and it’s literally insane. This is the entry look so narcissistic, like disco balls everywhere, my own makeup today, I’m getting it done tomorrow.
I don’t want to boss her name so bellas him up on them, but these fathers are amazing, you’re not supposed to water them and they last like a year. They smell really nice. I actually got these from Marc Jacobs the fashion week when I’m with them. So thanks Marc Jacobs, I feel like we were raised really similarly like with our morals and stuff, so it’s not been like a huge change for me like I have to get used to someone else, because she kind of like resembles like how I grew up. Oh, my god, I wouldn’t get anything right now. Well, I didn’t say that when I would oh, I thought you said you wanted a haircut. I mean I’m down, I kind of wanted to cut the front a little shorter anyway, okay! Well, let’s just do this on like just like the framing yeah. Okay, now we’re getting a haircut this. This is amazing, it’s for, like healing energies, and you just go like in a circle. I don’t know my friend, that’s really spiritual hard for me. I bought that for you, oh no. This is this little Jumanji, it’s kind of like a green. It’s like an army, green kind of color like a cargo, green, it’s amazing, it’s so so beautiful! It’s like that! Like look how many it is. I hope you can tell here see it’s like the cars carrying it. It’s super little, this computer, so sentimental. So this one is Dolce. I worked an event I’ll insert photo the off-white boots that say for walking. They are just badass like these are the they’re, so cool. I’m sorry, I’m really chillin all day review crazy. We’Re gonna go to lunch right now. Two broken blood cameras and what my sister is currently filming me with is another camera. One of these. I think I should probably get these fixed and then maybe, oh, they went to my sister and we think you might start. Oh, we are getting glammed and ready for tonight, I’m having my 19th birthday and I’m gonna bring you guys along and imma just fill in the proper really nice Zimmerman dress It is a little bit expensive, but I think it’s just beautiful and with really high quality items like this, like.
I will wear this forever and I love it My parents bought me this purse from Gucci for my birthday, I actually when I was buying my mom Her gift for her birthday, maybe was Mother’s Day I can’t remember, but I saw this in the store and I was so obsessed with it I was talking about it for like probably four months and then my sister was better with me, so she remembered and she told my parents – and I was like obsessed with it and she knew I wasn’t gonna, buy it because it’s expensive and after throwing that Birthday party, I don’t think I should ever spend my money ever again, because the actually majority of everything on my body that I’m wearing jewelry wise is fairly inexpensive or moderate pricing Starting with the nice pieces I have this nail bracelet from Cartier, and then I have my two Cartier LOV rings These have all been my actually no I bought one of the Rings, but this bracelets for my parents, this ring was from somebody and then I bought the silver one myself yeah That’s basically all I have on my I know, that’s still a lot, but that is in comparison to everything, I’m wearing right Now, the only designer jewelry I wear these flowers These were the ones that, like smell good for a year, they’re honestly perfect for a dorm, because they don’t go bad for like a whole entire year and they’re So pretty so I just leave them on my desk No, I don’t have to disclaim anything and I actually don’t really feel like I need to since I bought this with my money and it was my purchase, my choice, you just finished makeup, trying to show it like good lighting I’ll show you guys a little later Now we’re going back to hair, and hopefully I don’t cry of pain – you might come across some Easy’s this Christmas This was pretty crazy I remember I told my sister a while ago I was like I’m gonna wake up at 6:00 am for the easy drop and get Yeezys I didn’t realize how hard that was, because that never works for anyone who, I guess, does for a lot of people That’s how people get uses, but I for some reason, couldn’t gonna use These are like, I think, 100 or 200 dollars first and then they like go up after they’re all sold out for, like thousands and thousands of dollars so Belle upon these She found these off a Fight Club and got them for a better deal Cuz Fight Club, the thing with that is their prices go up and down with Easy’s all the time, so she caught them when it was a good time – and I got my first pair of easy

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