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Ombr? Flash cut crease

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, but this is my first youtube channel eyebrows. You know, because they’ve got to be on my single Qi and now we’re gonna use our eyes at that bro and we’re gonna start outlining the top and bottom we’re gonna start from the middle. Okay, okay and now we’re gonna be filling in the Telugu brow because you know like we don’t want any sparse areas, because thank you, I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I always changed my brow. Eighteen, so right now, I’m gonna be using my on associative brow jewel and I’m gonna use the lighter shade to fill in the front of the brows and then I’m gonna brush them out to make them look real cute, and you know real nice And now we’re gonna be using our tart creases concealer and we’re gonna place that semi below the brow, but not directly, because I feel like when you put it too directly, like your brow, looks really fake and we want it kind of.
Naturally, you know so we’re just gonna place it and we’re knees, another brush to spread out the product and also to blend it down to the lead honestly minutes in the nicest way. But please don’t use concealer to clean your top nose like curl. It just does not look right when you do flash pictures, because it still shows even after you put foundation. So the best thing is to use foundation to clean your top brows, because it makes it look more natural and not so fake, even with foundation. The same thing goes with concealer. You got to blame their. Oh, my girl, please. So now we’re gonna apply the base of the eyelid. You could either use concealer foundation, but my favorite is to mix them both, because that gives me the best coverage and it’s not as cakey. So after we just doubled up all that stuff. We’Re gonna use our translucent powder to set it because it’s gonna be easier for our shadows to stick on first things. First, we want to start off with a light brown transition color and I’m using my Too Faced milk chocolate Soleil. So now we’re gonna go into our Carli burgandy pellet and we’re gonna use the caramel medium brown color into the crease as well and after we applied both shadows.
We’Re gonna use a clean blending brush to blend them together and for the next color. I’m gonna use these two orange shadows from the morphe 35o palette, and i like to layer these colors out. So I’m also gonna put it into the outer V and then eventually spread it out into the crease using the 35b we’re gonna place, the red and orange shadow into the outer V and now to make all the colors blend more seamlessly we’re gonna Go back into the Kiley palette and use that caramel color into the crease. Now using this dark brown, we’re gonna place it into the outer V and then spread it around, and this is gonna be where everything starts. Deepening up girl. You better believe that hole blend it right now, right now. Oh my god. I just call myself a ho, but whatever um, we’re gonna be using this black shadow and we’re gonna start packing it into the outer V. After that, we’re gonna get this dark brown and this black shadow we’re gonna mix them together and we’re gonna put them in the outer V to mix everything out together. So now, we’re gonna start cutting the crease and the way you do. This is by lifting your eyebrows, because you don’t want any creases to show and we’re just gonna start by using our naked skin concealer and we’re just gonna start from the inner corner of the eye and shape it to a circle. You know, but you have to make it like a little bit more above your natural crease line and after that, we’re gonna be filling it. In reason, for that is because you want your actual cut crease to show when you open your eyelid, not like when you’re only closing it. So that’s why you do that, and now we’re just gonna be filling in the rest of the gap. Now you’re gonna have to blend out your concealer the best way I personally do it is by using my finger to first blend up the lid and then later going in with a flat brush I’m using that to bring down the product I’m gonna use the two lightest shades in the belly and we’re gonna use that to set the lid – and I start off by using a big packing brush to do the lid and then I eventually go in with a smaller brush to do the smaller Areas we’re now gonna define the outer V again by using a dark brown on the black and we’re gonna place them in the outer V and I’ll make the ombre effect.
We’Re gonna use a paper blending brush and we’re gonna use the extra product from the outer V to spread it into the lid, create the ombre, we’re gonna use, a medium brown and the flesh color, and we’re gonna mix them together into the Middle, oh, my god Oh my god! This is honestly, like my favorite part, because these glitters do they’re like $4 and they’re, so freakin pigmented, starting from the inner corner and then make my way up to the crease line and we’re only going 3/4 into the creek I’m gonna use a q-tip and so make a remover to clean up better like we ought to cut a bitch So now we got to do our eyeliner and the way we do that is by getting our NYX liquid liner right at the outer corner of your eye and you’re gonna flick it out then you’re gonna fill it in and then I kind of wanted My wing to be a bit thicker because you know it wasn’t thick enough for me, but yeah we’re just gonna make a little bit more thicker at the wing Now we’re gonna add a little bit more color to our lower lash line and the way I do that is by using this camel brown from the color palette and it’s kind of harsh So that’s why I bring it out afterwards Wait I put mascara after my eye lashes, but you know for now we’re just gonna coat our lashes, a little big we’re gonna be using our house of lashes iconic girl These lashes are so comfortable okay, so we just pop them lashes on like nothing You know, and now we’re just gonna fix the ends of them, I’m just using the end of my tweezers to push up my lashes, because I really like them to be full and I pinch them together to hide my real lashes yeah it okay um I really hope you guys like it This is the end of tutorial Please tell me what you guys want to see next and please like and subscribe Thank you so much bye

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