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Only one brush for full face makeup!! Challenge

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens. Oh, the Russian I chose today is this one right here, it’s quite quite small, so I feel like we can do the eye shadow still, but I can still left to the face and it’s going to look okay. Well, I’m hoping it’s clear! Look! Okay! So I guess, let’s just jump straight into it, don’t forget to subscribe it to my channel. If you haven’t already. I love you guys. Let’s do this, I’m just like shaking my head and disappointment like. Why am i doing this? So many of you guys have recommended me to do this, so this is for you.
I guess we’re going to start with the eyeshadow today. So then, if I bring the eyeshadow down too far at least then I can clean it up on the edges right here. So I’m taking a concealer, I’m just going to take a really light, concealer and I guess just painting on my brush, because this is technically a brush god. I can actually think about how hard this is going to be. Then we go. I honestly, like don’t think I’ll do my brows, like I think that is also mixed for today because like how is that possible? I guess I’ll just like try and carve like a line underneath my brows, so they look a little bit neater. It’s like the best we’re going to do. Okay, amazing! So now I’m going to go in with some powder and just set that I base down. I do have a brush cleaner right here, so I can kind of like clean my brush in between uses because after I do my eyeshadow we’re going to move on to the face and that’s not going to be pretty. If I don’t clean my brush now. It’s time for the eyeshadow, so I’m going to take this a really pigmented palette. Maybe that’ll make it easier this one’s from dos, because it’s so pretty. I don’t even know if I’ve used it on my channel before. I think I have so the first curl that I’m going to take. Is this color right here and I guess we can try and make this the transition color. So I’m just going to dab it in on my board that it let out eyes. I think like that, and I’m just going to like with this like all over my lid and keep it as low as I can always not a problem community easier doing it. I shudder with your fingers what zero she’s clean? Okay, so we’d like the edge of the brush with the edge of the brush, I’m just going to like twitch, really just happen.
They don’t have just happened if that sagging thing was hanging down for the past ten minutes not going to be happy anyways taking the corner of this brush, I’m just going to blend out the edges as much as I can god. I think I look feeling about this. Okay, it’s like you’re, not learning I feel like most of it has like low key like just fade it away, but the next color I’m going to take. Is this one right here and I’m going to try my best to keep it as low as possible, just using the edge of the brush? I mean I said that last time and I wear not so high, so I’m kinda nervous we’ve got this honey, I’m just going to take that original, color and kind of like lightly blend around the edges communit. So here as bad as I saw, I think this is the best going to be able to get it. Otherwise, it’s just going to go up too high next step is to take. I mean this is toilet paper which, like makeup River white, but you can use makeup remover what, if you prefer I’m going to clean up the edges. This is going to save up my life. Now is time for the face. So, let’s move on to primer this one’s going to be so easy and you’re kidding me. I have this one in the bag a bit longer than normal. You can never forget primer. Even if you’re doing a challenge. Video am I arrived. It is Foundation time. So I’m taking my white male foundation of absolutely obsessed with this one, but a little spatula. Oh okay, alright use a spatula wait! No I’m not going to do that. I’m going to work in that little areas over time. Oh, did you put as much as me and it’s going to blend out easily here’s a size comparison of the brush that I normal here and this one see you guys in 20 years literally, I feel like I’m kind of taking this challenge to the next level, Because obvious you can use like say a spatula like with the foundation or you can use your fingers because technically the only rule is one brush doesn’t mean no fingers, but I just sort of be fun to like literally just use one brush.
Instead of anything else. I love how yellow might look all the time. It’s like my favorite thing in the world. Okay, so I’m just going to put a bit of my concealer on the back toothbrush. Do my fangirl click back you’re sure right now, anymore, the concealer under there? If I get a story long to blend out, no wonder why I use Beauty blenders every day of my life. Well, what I’ll do right now to blend out my foundation with a beauty minor? Okay, I’m oh lucky so impressed right now. So, let’s me want to setting this space down before it creases away, I’m taking a translucent powder, and I’m just going to pop this right on underneath my eyes where you believe under this step it feels so wrong. I guess I’m just going to Pat it. If there’s like splicing in case it’s like going anywhere – and you know what’s next and that is setting at my whole face with powder – oh my god, this is going to take a million years. I’m not even kidding I’m just going to set the areas where I would put products over the top stove, weak, cheekbones and laughs lines and middle because they’re just crease instantly. I think I’m going to finish off my eyes first just so, it doesn’t look like I’ve been punched in the face, so I’m going to take well, I guess I want to take the dark brown just put it on my lower lash line, just with a corner Again, I’m so concerned about this day. Otherwise that was stressful. That looks amazing. Technically, a mascara wand is a brush right, so I’m just going to go in with some falsies instead, so I’ll be right back to the lashes are on side feel like it’s looking a bit better, although it does look really weird with no mascara, especially on my Lower lashes because they’re like white from the powder that I put on result, but let’s move on to the bronzer, I’m going to take this massive one from life jackets. I love this one I feel like this is going to be so weird. I weird applying it with such a small brush. It’s gonna be really hard. I think I guess, as long as I cute like a really life and it’ll be fine Oh yeah, that’s not bad! That’s my honey! Don’t go crazy, like you always do with the plum sauce.
Okay This is just like rubbing my foundation off because the brush is so dense that were just about to blow on that part Okay, so getting onto the flash, this one is so pigmented, so I’m just going to tap off as much as I hand Oh, my gosh, okay, not up like a couple I know that is a problem Oh my god! No, it’s not burning out so didn’t set! My face properly as where this was only what itís exactly really oh so classic and then for my highlighter, I’m using one of my favorite, this one’s from a Mac, it’s in the shade, beaming blush and when I was traveling it like disconnected itself from the pan So I’m really scared in a fully I need to be so careful all right This is gonna be fun she’s! Oh yeah, can you not he’s gonna lick it there? We go so you out there, okay, so liquid lipstick, I’m taking this one from her beauty, it’s a dark and you can still like see where a off but like it’s not going to be like a red because stuff that alright! So, just let me enter the brush again This is going to be the hardest part I know it Oh my god It’s actually not that hard mmm-hmm Honestly, this whole nerd eye browsing is just not working For me, I’m going to take a little bit of brow powder and just turned dark them up a tiny bit because that’s sort of ashy, for God, it’s getting everywhere SOS help This is probably a bad idea Isn’t I remember the whole thing, even though I’m obviously not going to wear this makeup out? I may as well set it So it’s go in perfect, would cost like my 13 year old, cheap vodka days Okay, guys, I think we officially have the finished Look I really hope you enjoyed it I mean it’s not as bad as what I thought I could probably get away with wearing this in public I mean it kind of just looks like an eight year old That did my makeup, like my little sister or something, but it’s not the end of the world I don’t hate it If you did, please give it a massive, a thumbs up, because that helps me out so so much

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