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Only use E.L.F make-up for the whole face!!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello. I went shopping yesterday and spent $200 on every single product, so the whole face for a full glam, I’m hoping it’s only a full glam, I’m not too sure, because I don’t really know how else products work. I don’t really have too many in my collection. Already, hence why I had to buy everything. This was $200 for all of this, but when you think about it, when you go to like a high-end shop, you’re going to be spending $200 for like three products, so that is very good value.
Well, I hope it’s good value for what I have. I have so many products, so let’s go ahead and jump into the link-up, Cecilia, starting with the brows I’m going to take this little jewel. This is in the shade and medium, so we have a wax on one side and a powder, I’m just going to use the powder, I’m hoping it’s dark enough, or maybe I can just do white brows today. So let’s see how this goes. Oh, my god. What did that just happen? Real late, first impression as soon as I put it on it was pavement hood, which is a good sign. Yes, so here’s what be before and up it looks like. I would give this one a thumbs up. I am pretty happy with it. It’s pigmented easy to apply. It is a little bit more like a chocolate, warm tone than my natural eyebrow, but that’s what I usually use anyway, so very impressed. I’m going to clean up underneath my eyebrow I’m going to take this highlight and concealer duo, so I’m just going to take the concealer side and fix up underneath the brows to make it nice and clean.. So keep an eye out for that one, but for now I’m just using my new brushes, which are multi and one Mac. One literally, that’s all I really like this for carving out the brows. It is a really good job, I’m just a bit nervous to see how it goes as an eye primer, I’m going to use that same product to conceal the eyes. I’m not sure. If is we’re, going to have a little pigment in it. We’Ll see the formulas. Look very wet, so it doesn’t have a lot of coverage, but it definitely did Brattain the eyelid and it got rid of some of the veins I’m going to take this under eye setting powder. I think that’s what’s cool, it doesn’t say it on any of the products what they’re called, but this is what it looks like. I’m just going to use this to set that concealer down. So it’s not tacky, otherwise shudder is going to twist so bad. Oh, I really like to start off lifting everything matte and it’s so silky for the eye show there’s a few different things that I’m going to use in Australia. Well, at least the shop that I went to. There wasn’t much of a range of the eyeshadows, so I’m going to use the sunglasses sunkissed glow bronzer as my transition.
I also have a few other brothers and I have one eyeshadow palette right here, but just because the colors want what I wanted. I am going to like mix and bronzes in there as well, starting with this one right here, I’m just going to take this on a blending brush and blend it into my crease. This is just going to add some warmth in there. Okay, we’re gonna have to build this up. Okay, I couldn’t find a contour shade in the elf collection either, so that would have worked better in the crease, because this one does have like a few shimmers in it, but we’re just working with what we have. I’m just going to take this little eyebrow viewer again and take the powder and put this like right in my crease to deepen up because it’s not adding enough color. I wish they had eyeshadows there just keep going back in and adding more on until you have enough steps in there and then for the lip color. I’m taking this palette, which is called a happy hour, and I’m going to put this shader all over my lid. So it looks like we’re going for a cool trailer today, cool first, I’m just going to spray some of this and makeup mist and set on my brush just to make sure it’s pigmented. Oh, I think, hey I’m dark matte bag, let’s just hug her on okay. I’ve never had this much fallout in my life, so make sure if you are using the elf eyeshadows. You do your eyes first. Otherwise, you’re gonna ruin your makeup. So I’m just going to go over to wipe and clean up the fallout. I am going to moisturize my face just because my skin is really dry. I don’t know if elf has moisturizers work just quickly, I’m not mad with how this eye shadow turned out. It’s definitely not intense, but with what we work to it, I think they did a pretty good job, so I’m going to go in with dehydrating a face primer. As I said, I do have a PM source. This is exciting. Oh I’m just using the elf stippling brush as well. It looks like a very low light consistency now it’s time for foundation, so I’m using this oil-free foundation with SPF 15. I have a shade of buff. So, let’s see if I should apply this with a beauty. Blender or a kabuki brush yeah, I would say a kabuki brush just because it is a little bit thicker. Let’s do this Wow so looks very full coverage. Like first impression I like the color as well. It’s matching my fake tan, pretty nicely. I just put a fresh sheet pan on it’s a very wet formula, so I might have to go in with a Beauty Blender just to pick up any excess foundation. That’s not really blending in I’m just going to take the Beauty Blender with the more foundation over.
My nose because it wasn’t really full concealer, I’m using this one right here in the shade light. I thought this was like a full size, concealer, and I took it out – and I was like this because I got what let’s go in with this underneath the eyes to brighten it up a little bit. Give this a some dimension, hopefully cover those bags well explosion. I’m just going to blend this in with my TV bundle, seems to be covering look bad at all, so I’m just going to go in with that highlight and concealer and just put a little bit of the concealer right here. So we can highlight that area. A little bit because the other one wasn’t the lightest and it was a like, lighter shade. So that’s a little bit disappointing, color range isn’t the best or maybe that’s just what they have in Australia or the one I went to now. I’m just going to go back in with that under eye setting powder and just lightly dab this under my eyes, but before we do that gotta get rid of those creases, because it’s creasing quickly did you set down creases, then I’m going to go to trust Me, I’m really hoping that this doesn’t have flash back in it, but I’m just going to set right under here, I’m not going to bring it down to 5. Just in case I like what I see. It’s not leaving a white cast at all under my eyes to set the rest of the face. I’m going to take this pressed powder in the shade caramel and I have a feeling it might be a little bit to relax me. But at least you can get rid of that really dewy look shiny oily whatever you want to call that all right, let’s go back in with that eyebrow powder underneath the eyes just some outer corner to inner corner and then I’ll take this bronzer again and just Take that underneath the last color we put on and then for that inner corner highlight I’m going to pick up this shade or right here on a pencil brush go on in. Oh that’s, pigmented! Oh, I did put that mist on there as well, so it would show up now, let’s go in with mascara. I really like the look of this wand because it is plastic. So, let’s see how gory it’s making the lashes black, but I wouldn’t say it’s really adding much volume. The formula is just like not wet enough. Now it’s time for the lashes, I had to trim these a lot they’re really long, so make sure you measure them up. So these are literally the smallest lashes I’ve ever applied, but it definitely looks better than not having lashes on so now Let’s move onto the bronzer, I’m going to take this little quad right here called golden and I’m going to pick up these two shades and run to my face.
I’m going to put this underneath my cheekbones, oh my god! This is so shimmery what the hell! I really don’t like how that looks on my skin It looks like mud with sheer in it, so I’m going to try and go in with this one and fix it out, but you know there’s no going back now now it’s time for blush, I’m taking this one in the shade, peachy keen and coming up on The cheekbones, all my gosh my face is literally so glowy that one’s not adding enough color So I’m going to take this one in the shade, twinkly pink and hopefully this adds a flush of color to my cheeks, because there’s literally no color there just taking that dark around I’m just going to put that where I would control not that I’ve ever gone Toward shimmer shade before but as I said, we’re working with what we had okay yeah now example: highlighter, even though we’re already glowing so I’m using Anastacio, eight pick 23 brush and I’m going to spray that stuff on, though brush again and the highlighter that I’m using Is in the shade of moonlight pearls, so I did it here money talking about this thing It was really bad I guess I can still see it, though, like there’s a little bit there So let’s do it looks like otherwise I do you have a backup Um, are you seeing what I’m seeing this looks amazing now it’s time for the lips, so I have a red and a purple, I’m not going with the purple just because I never do travel with Will that’s a significant finish to makeup Look I just threw in some contacts and my little hoops, so I’m actually really impressed with how it turned out, except for the contouring bronzing area, just because that’s not working for me all of that shimmer It just looks a little bit silly and I couldn’t warm up My face, and also if I had a contour bronzer, I feel like this – would look so much better, but I feel like the lipstick is really pigmented The eyeshadow was pretty good Everything was like pretty good for its price I just don’t think I had all the products that I needed, sir, make sure you guys leave down below what other one friend tutorials you want me to do I feel like these are photo ones, are so much fun just to see like what you can come up with and like how hard it is because sometimes it is a little bit hard with a really cheap products But overall I’m pretty impressed and I really hope you guys, give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I love you and I’ll see you very soon Goodbye

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