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Open 10 wish. Com projects!!!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello. You know by the title that we are going to be unboxing. Some wish items, if you’re not sure which is which is a website, I’m pretty sure it’s kind of like Alibaba Express where it’s like wholesale from China, meaning things take a long time to arrive to the US. They have to ship from China and then they usually get imported to like New York or something then they have to get inspected. Then they can be brought to the States. So I’m going to be spending about $20 give or take meaning.
You can get a lot of things because if this is wholesale from China, most things are around $1 and then shipping is like a couple bucks, so they can get like 10 things. Probably so, let’s open up our wish app, let’s see. What’s on our first browse page, what’s this? Oh, it’s a little flashlight! Now we have some ripoff air pods right here, $12 Bluetooth, speaker, pretty crazy $1 for a laser pointer, instant offer. Abdic are right now to unlock a lower price edgert whoa. These are kind of cool, futuristic, Incredibles, looking hovercard. because it’s one of my first ones, but USB power strip has individual names. You can turn on. Oh, these are cool deal with it glasses. Let’s add the card hand crank I’ve seen these around 3 bucks. I actually have a wish list. Oh okay. What else is on my wish list? What about this? This would be fun to have alright. Let’s get it, let’s do Donald Trump for sure whoa! That’s right! This backpack mark down 94%, wait a second just the cord, or is it like the whole backpack? Oh, it’s since 2000 2017, a new back better! What’s that beaker ear pods case beautiful dude everything’s on sale, okay, so so far we have six things in our cart. 1360S are totaled. Let’s keep shopping, as I see what else we’re getting a snorkel mask for seven bucks. but well, this is cool. You can attach it to any bottle and spray it, so you could catch it to water and spray yourself. That would be kind of useful. Let’s add that card, it’s on sale, hoverboard skins, that’s pretty sick.. I’m going to add this to my wish list. I reckon Marty card game whoa. That’s sick. If you want me to buy this. The next episode, whoa, I’m good at this one. Okay, I’m gonna say gadgets. Okay! Here we go. We have a to lightning thing, so you can listen to music and charge at the same time. Let’s add this: oh, is this the $3.00 speaker? Oh, what the heck oh wait hold up.
This is two different. Things looks like you plug into your headphone jack, but like what the heck, where did that come from it’s like a totally different thing, this has buttons on it, doesn’t even have a headphone jack. It’s just and then you go to this that’s kind of cool, though it only has two and a half stars are evil: prima del priests, Oh awesome, you’ll arty, and that decart let’s go out the pink. Oh we’re a bit overboard. Okay, so that’s enough shopping! For now, let’s take a look at our cart at twenty seven dollars and fifty five cents right now, so we’re seven dollars and 55 cents over our budget. What don’t we need? I don’t I wouldn’t say we need the laser pointer we’re down to 24 65. One more thing: I don’t really need this spray gun. Alright, so quick recap: we have the to me dollar headphone jack speaker. We have the five dollar dual lightning port. We have the 95 cent air pod case. The 95 cent charging backpack a one dollar. Ninety cent charger crank the 95 cent thug glasses and the toilet paper 21.57 cents checking out. I gotta put in my address another credit card. Alright, we’re ordering order, confirmed alright I’ll meet you guys back here in about a few weeks when it gets here. Alright guys so it has been what 19 days since I first ordered the whole 7 packages two of them have showed up. I have no idea what these are, because, according to the wish calm sight, none of my packages have been delivered. Let’s just crack these right. Open which one should we do? First, let’s do great one. I honestly have no idea. What’s in here. Oh I see a glasses case. Oh my gosh got our MLG glasses here next package. Oh and it comes with a carrying case. So that’s nice. What do we have here? Some styrofoam? Oh, it’s our hand, charger crank thing. There’s your crank to generate some power. Okay, I honestly can’t see our little carrying strap here, our USB port, our crank to generate the power yeah. That’s all there is to it. I start cranking it this little red light comes on to let you know that you have some power, so I’m gonna go, get a lightning, cable and we’ll charge up my phone, hopefully alright, so I’ve got an iPhone got my lightning card. Let’s plug this.
In here plug in my phone here and yeah, we’ll see if it lights up, No nobody, nobody we’re not stopping. Until we get a spark week, they ask you: are you okay, give up? Okay, we’re trying an extremely short cable with an extremely small camera? Look at the red light come on on the camera boom right there. Okay, it works it works. Maybe it was the cable link. So now, let’s try an extremely short cable with the iPhone again. It’s working wait a second, it’s not charging anymore. No, why? Okay? It charges for one second, okay, there we go hold up. Okay, it’s set it popped up. Really quick on the screen said this accessory is not supported. Is it too much of voltage? Maybe let’s go to steady speech? Okay, still working we’re going we’re going out of steady speed, so maybe I was just cranking it too fast and it was putting out too much the voltage. Let’s see if we can get it up to 97. Is that 96 right now? What oh? Okay? It went down one what alright we’re going steady, getting tired, okay, it works, so I think we just needed a smaller cord, because this doesn’t have enough voltage to power through a three foot cord, but it does better with a three inch cord, so um in a Survival situation that this would be really nice but like in a situation you’re just charging your phone regularly like I was cranking and it went down one and I still kept cranking for like a minute and it still didn’t go up to 96. Again, if you go too slow, it doesn’t work at all. If you go too fast, it’ll start and then I’m stop. Cuz it’ll say the accessory is not supportive. So you have to go up that steady speed. That’Ll generate you occurring, but it won’t go. Sandé unsupportive accessories, like I said in a survival situation when you’re at 0% or like 2%, then it’ll it’ll. Let you make a phone call and that might save your life so make sure if you’re going hiking out in the woods to bring a small, cable and a hand crank. So then you can charge your phone. No matter where you are next product well looks like the third package decided to arrive today, and I know what this one is, because one it’s bouncy and two because it says H, paper Trump SH yeah, our one singular roll of toilet. Alright. Alright, it’s just a bunch of trumps. It’s a little bit smaller than a standard toilet paper roll, but I guess the only thing left to do is to go.
Try it out so yeah follow me ha! You thought yo guys. So whit is five days later and believe me, I am wearing the same shirt, but a fourth package came in the mail and I’m pretty sure I have an idea. What this one is. I think it’s the backpack cord I didn’t realize later it’s not the whole backpack, it is just the cord. So, let’s see if I’m right, yep I’m right here is the backpack card. I’m gonna see if there’s some way to incorporate that into my backpack, but if there’s not, then it’s a fail. Alright, I’ve got one of my old backpack. It’s got a little light on it. There. Maybe I’d have to cut a hole in there, but who really wants to cut a hole in their backpack. I expected it to be the whole backpack with already a hole cut in it. You know but yeah, so I actually did decide to get crafty because I have nothing better to do. You can see the little charger port thing is attached to my older backpack. It may look a little wet around the edges because I used gorilla glue to start, but then I found my thread because I was looking for thread originally. I don’t know how to sew. It actually turned out pretty good. Here’s the sewing job and then, if we open up the backpack here, you can see the cord on the back leads to my battery pack on the inside. We just have our backpack chillin, I’m just chilling. I have a lighting board right here, nice and snug right in there just turn on my battery pack. Here it does work on iPhone 6 iPhone. Se iPad air 2 iPhone 4. There we go iPod Touch for iPhone 3G and iPad 3, alright guys. So it is 9 days later and yet again I am wearing the same shirt, but I’m kind of excited to open this one. This one is the three dollar speaker for your phone. My iPhone 10 doesn’t have a headphone jack, so it’s just easier to use a different phone. So I got my iPhone 6 here and let’s open this up and try this out, I’m excited to see what kind of quality it is compared to the normal speaker and it hasn’t been a weight to it. So all looking good right now we got our pink speaker inside a bag inside of bubble wrap there, you have it. It looked way smaller in the picture, but I’m glad it’s a little bit bigger, looks like we’re. Gon na need two triple A batteries. I’m gonna go around and get those found two triple A batteries, different brands they’re the last two we have so hopefully they have a little bit of juice in them.
I just want to show you there is a little on and off switch. So when you plug it in you’re able to turn it on all right, let’s see if it works with. Oh okay works in my case on, looks like a little bit weird looking a little bit lopsided, but let’s just turn it on okay. I hear it a little bit and it’s sense that there were headphones plugged in hmm. My batteries under got two different batteries. Well, the same, they are the same brand to each other, but they aren’t different from the other ones. All right batteries are in. There turn it on. So what’s the batteries alright I’ll turn this all the way up all right now, I would just do regular iPhone. All the way up, so I think this sounds a little bit more tunnel like you’re in a tunnel, but I do think it’s a little bit louder than this. But, like the reviews said, it’s not that much louder than your iPhone speaker feel like it does project the voice, maybe sideways a bit more, whereas this one just fires directly down it, especially on older, my older iPhones, like iPhone 6, it doesn’t have the stereo speaker At the top, only the bottom, so this might help a little better. If it’s like flat on a table, it can look like it could fire both ways where this one is just firing out yeah the iPhone definitely has more bass yeah. No, I don’t like this. Definitely not the bass, I’m looking for 11 days later. Okay, so we’re still waiting on one more package. But here is the adapter, the second to last package. So it just shows the bottom part of the adapter right here and then all the diagram on the back. Here looks like an audio and charge together, you can audio and sync together you can’t charge and charge together. You can’t do audio and audio together. You can’t do sink and sink together, so looks like you can do one or the other. Alright, let’s open this up on the side, it just says made for iPhone 7 7 +, 8, 8 + X and any lightning device that runs iOS 10 or later have our adapter here, a little white piece of plastic protecting the bottom section here, then our two Lightning ports on the bottom: alright, let’s try this out phone headphones charger Alright, so my iPhone 6 is running.
Ios 11 point three point: one and we’re gonna try this out and see if it works So first goes in the adapter, then we’ll see if it charges hold on I got it is on alright, so it charges all right now, let’s see if I can listen to music, I’m just gonna pull up a song on YouTube Then Yoho it works Are we still charging yeah we’re still charging look? 95 percent? That’s so cool now you’ll be able to listen to music and charge your phone for five bucks: sweet! Okay So I noticed the earpods case was running a bit behind, so I decided to message the swish support team I asked them, you know When is my package gonna arrive, the estimated delivery date says April 9th and is April 17th and not in the country? Yet I’ve been waiting five and a half weeks already and quickly They got back to me just a couple days later saying: hi Riley, thanks for letting us know about this, and I apologize that you still haven’t received this headphone Yet, since this item is now beyond the estimated shipping window, I’m happy to offer a refund for the inconvenience The good thing is about this refund is that it will not affect your items delivery, so you may keep it if you receive the item at a later time, look forward to hearing back Reena, so Sharon Serena I just responded today and said Yes, I would like to refund thank you very much, so maybe that’ll ripe at a later date, I’ll update you on Instagram, if you’re following my Instagram but yeah I really like doing this It took a long time to do this Video it’s taken It’s probably gonna take a long time to edit, but I’d say my favorite item out of these was the charger crank, because now I can discharge my phone whenever and I can even charge my phone with this adapter and get another lightning adapter for this 35 Millimeter headphone jack and plug it into here, so then I’ll have a speaker while I’m cranking and charging, while I’m on the toilet wearing my MLG glasses and my charging backpack so yeah guys leave a comment down below If I should do if I should order that Rick and Morty game that sounded really fun so subscribe, if you’re not already, I put updates out on Instagram as well, so that link is down in the description

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