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Open a $5000 Mystery Box on eBay

1 Nov , 2019  

Me a responsible adult saving, my money to buy a house. Also me the dollar mystery box on YouTube. That’s what we’re doing today. You guys have no idea how many times I’ve looked this up the past few months. I don’t like hmm, maybe I shouldn’t you know, I’m gonna get ripped off. You know I’m gonna get ripped off. You know I’m not gonna like what’s inside it, you’re, not they’re, probably gonna scam. Me I mean look at the seller. They got zero feedback, but the other part of me is like, but what, if there’s? I don’t know this person literally doesn’t know me.
They have no idea what I like what size. I am, what is gonna be in here. I need to know – or maybe it’s just an empty box and then when you buy it and pay for it and give them your information they’ll do their research on you and find out exactly what you like and they will fill it up with custom things. Just for you, okay, a girl could dream right all right. Let’s read the description. This is like great bye. Everything is new packaged perfectly. You know how this goes. Okay, now I don’t know how I feel buying a $5,000 box from somebody who doesn’t even know how to spell goes like gee. Oh, yes, it’s not that hard, try and make a look fancy without apostrophe. Maybe you will love everything or hate it. I don’t know, buy it and find out. You are tempting me right now. You can score item like brand new clothes and jewelry and a lot of it. Okay, everything is a surprise, so no returns. Everything will make a perfect new thing for you or a great gift for a friend y’all hear that y’all have trouble picking what you want to give your friends for a present just get a mystery box and give them what’s inside. Thank you for looking leaving me a message with your size, so I can throw in new clothing item have a blessed day all right perfect, so they know not to give me a 4xl. Okay here goes nothing we’re gonna place a bid right now $5,000. I gotta still wait a couple days to make sure I win, and now we wait all right guys here it is. I can’t show you the other sets cause. It literally says my address on two out of four side here. Is me: there’s the box for comparison already. I open up this bad boy, so y’all don’t have to get anxiety watching me use scissors. So let’s open this up.
This is the most. so let’s see we have 5,000 likes for the 5000 dollars I spent on this.. I already see one thing in here: there’s a No, let’s redo hello, thanks for purchasing a mystery box from my eBay store. I hope you enjoy what’s inside and please tell your friends about my eBay store, have fun and remember no refunds. Thank you man. They are pretty adamant about the no refunds write. A newspaper feel so like dirty uh. Whoever did that does not have some clean hands. Please go wash your hands cuz. Now I don’t know, what’s on my hands so after I bought the box, the person messaged me asking if it was for a girl or a boy asked me if I had any pets and asked me how old I was so I gave them the info man. I don’t know if they look up my information or something do they customize the box based on how I want it, do they like look me up. I mean they have my name and my address. Okay, maybe it wasn’t my name on the account, but maybe they could have found me like. If you do some digging and then find out what kind of person I am and like customize the box, I don’t know, I just thought it was weird that they asked cuz. I bought another box that was a hundred dollar mystery box and they didn’t ask anything. But I’m gonna be doing that on my second channel, but yeah. Let’s just go right ahead. Whoa is that a MacBook? This is really light. This is a scam, it’s got, ta be a scam, it is light. There’s nothing in it is there. Are you really gonna get my hopes up like that? Okay, this is how you wanna play. If the rest of the box is that disappointing, you know damn well, I’m a dispute. This charge I’m gonna, go to ebay, I’m gonna be like excuse me. I didn’t get nowhere near five thousand dollars worthless. Okay. Why are they gonna? Do that? Am I missing something? Is there and hits in this now? There’s no hint there’s! No! Nothing! No secret message just misery and deceit. How did you do somebody like this? This is rude. Alright, I’m just gonna pull this out, because this looks. Oh, my god. It’s a water, Bella dog, bad business, perfect! This is so perfect for love Pete. I actually really really like this. I always wanted one of these like the fruit one. I saw them on Instagram. There was like ones that were different shaped. Oh my god.
This is so incredibly soft. I love this. Let me go get lumpy and she shall try it out. She should be my little watermelon y’all see how cool this is all right. You know what this made it worth it bed for. You can go inside it. What am i selling a cat is not even for you but okay, okay, oh they like it like the bad jumpy, do any going it to mine a champion. What are you doing? Oh the puppies? They like it. Oh they like it. You like it. Do you like the water melone, do you like the water melone? Oh, I think she loves it. I think she loves it. You definitely love it. Oh precious new, your precious Nick, my hand. If it’s a ten okay, it’s like a fifty all right. I’Ll put it there, so you could see the puppy shenanigans all right next up, we got a mask. Is this for robbing banks Oh way? Maybe I probably shouldn’t put this on my face because I don’t know where it’s been very fashionable masks. Indeed, what is this? Like a stress mask, it’s got like beads and stuff in it. Were there Orbeez? I don’t know man. What am I supposed to do with it like? What is this hype’, the button there key K or something? Oh cuz likes it. You like it do you want it well find my dogs are loving this. I feel like the person who sold me. This smells on my youtuber. I mean, let’s be honest, who else would buy $5,000 mystery box? Oh, I wonder what that is. That looks pretty, but that gotta wait. Next up we have an adidas hat nice bro, nice. Oh, it’s actually really nice. I like the top. Yes, I mean it has the tags on it. I hope it’s new doesn’t smell like anything fishy, but why is all this cheap? You know what I realized. Some of the listings for the mystery boxes like they’ll be selling $1,000 mystery box and they’ll be like your mystery box will be worth $1,000 or more, and then I realized I’m like the one that I bought didn’t say that so I kind of just Screwed myself, yeah that’s about habit. I have take it as a really expensive learning experience but yeah. This is a very cute hat. I would actually wear this as a return label. Oh that’s! Real there’s no way this can be real. Oh my god is this real Gucci. This is gorgeous. I love this. So, oh, my god. This is the one that little Tay wore Gucci Widow. Why where’s the tag I got? Ta see this real.
It says the price on it. It says 1380 focus, damn it. It says $1,380. Alright, now we talking now we talking, but why didn’t it come with a box or anything? Don’t like the clothes come with like a box like the tag, looks real or this is a really good fake. Oh here’s. The real tag, no, no is real, but why would it come with a return label? Yeah, it comes with a return label. I wonder if I can get the money back salvage as much as I can. Maybe if I return a, it goes back to the person’s card. Let’s try this on. Okay, okay, well, taehu! Oh! This is really nice. I’m surprised that I can’t tell if it’s real or fake, like I want to say it’s real, like that quality is really good. You see all the dots all of these are tiny stars, so they look like dots but they’re. Actually stars. Oh, you see it I’ll be perfect. If I had pockets, this is really nice. Oh my god, never want something so expensive. Look at mommy wearing Gucci, I’m too bougie to be on mommy. Now you’re gonna have to find a new mommy. I love this. This is really nice. I might take it to the Gucci store and see, then maybe I would keep it this stuff in this box. I swear it’s not even close to $5,000, so you know low key. I am gonna contact eBay and because I feel like I was a little scam like I’ll see what they would do like if it had a brand new MacBook in it. I would be really happy because I could use a new one, but this inflatable bed lounger. Oh, it’s got LED lights, it’s a bed lounger for your pool, but it has lights. Okay, I want to go blow this up now, it’s a party now this bad boy took not one, not two, not three, but six double-a batteries to get this kind of lighted. Oh, my goodness, is a puppy party. Now, there’s a puppy party. Now it’s a puppy party now I hope she doesn’t jump hi puppy, oh my god. This is making me so dizzy. What else we got here? It’s a hoodie! I don’t think I would wear this. There’s pockets for Brenda’s this mellow day, anything Gucci. What the hell is this? What brand is this? I gotta. Look it up. It’s cute I’ll probably go to my mom’s. I my mom would wear that’s real cute, actually for a mom, Betsey Johnson who is a soft okay, it’s a jacket! I’m sure I have a jacket almost exactly like this. I saw beautiful wearing it I asked where he got it from and I got the same one of them, so this is really nice.
I like this It fits good Okay, okay, give me a hug in this It’s like so soft I would give like the best hugs all right I like it, cut it with some funky for a set Then again I don’t know what these clothes have been It’s white, so I’m assuming it’s clean, but you know somebody just like rub their shawl over I wouldn’t know and that’s why I closed my po box just kidding So many people ask me every single day about my P, o box, that closed it months ago, because this is just getting too crazy with the mail I could handle it, because I wanted me to go pick up the mail every single day, just because it was Piling up and they kept like threatening you shut down my P o box I was like okay, okay, I can’t drive like half an hour at the post office every single day Just to pick up my mail ya feel me: what is it? Oh, it’s like a yoga thing I have one of these It’s like right here, whoa! It’s like this thing like a back roller Oh, this was like a a deep-tissue roller all right This is something I can actually use Let me demonstrate, oh that feel nice Oh I like this I like this Oh that really hurts Oh, I’m feeling it now This looks fun I feel like Christmas, except people bought me presents with my money and they are inside good bro Really it’s like They barely even spent two thousand dollars So what? If that Gucci hoodie was on sale, does Gucci band go on sale? I don’t know man I was Gipp, I’m gonna talk to the seller I’m gonna talk to ebay, I’m gonna, be like I’m at least and you’d, like some of it refunded and before they just like fled the country I was like bye We have your money by at least lumpy really likes her bed Okay, as I said that just jumps out like she don’t want anymore but yeah, like button in the face and comment below, if I should try this again with another mystery box or something Else, I don’t know, what do you guys want me to waste my money on next? Let me know and subscribe during the wolfpack Well, I love you guys so much thanks for watching bye, guys,

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