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Open my own Primark series!!? (yes, I have my own range)? Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

. I know I’d say this all the time, because if you guys do follow my second channel aka Safin Barker vlogs, if you don’t, you definitely should baby down, then you wouldn’t know, but actually I’ve got my own range out in Primark. I mean it’s long yet, but it’s coming out and I’m so excited and it’s like a homework / kind of like lifestyle range. I got to design it myself and it’s just I’m just so excited okay, because you guys know that Primark is like one of my favorite shops ever basically, it’s gonna, be me unboxing everything to you guys and showing you what’s actually gonna, be On sale, everything does go on sale from October, the 23rd.
So if you do want to grab it and make sure you grab it, then okay, I was like excited. If you guys haven’t already and also let me know down in the comments, if you want to get any of this and what’s your favorite product also. This is what it looks like with this really pretty bow and it’s saffron vodka X, primer, okay, now, let’s actually unbowed, says obviously i’ve seen all of this before, because i’ve been involved in all the production of it. So i have seen it and if you do follow my second channel, then you wouldn’t see an ID Anacapa know what i’ve done a shoot last week and it was like we took so many cool shots and stuff i’ll be going over my social media, for you Guys to see more pictures of it and star by the way, if you guys get any of this and make sure you tweet me using this hashtag or let me know by your Instagram pics. Basically, I’m gonna be searching. This hashtag everywhere so go hashtag, and if you can, you buy with this and I’m gonna be stalking the pictures, I’m finding them somehow, okay, let’s actually get into unboxing, I’m so excited. Can I just really say you guys know how much I’m obsessive packaging as well? Not only is everything about this range like actually beautiful and obviously I designed it myself, so it spray it down good, but the packaging is like amazing and I’m such a sucker for packaging – and I know you guys are going to love this. I do have a couple of favorites I’ll tell you my favorites. This is probably one of my favorite things, packaging. Why is because it is so cute, so the first thing guys this is kind of like what everything looks like with the heart and the eyelashes. You guys know my obsession with eyelashes. How much I love them. I wear a pair of 40s pretty much every single day. You know when I started this in January. I thought okay, what is one thing that relates to you so much and also first thing that came to mind. This is the first thing. These are 12 pounds and these are the pajamas. Obviously it has like rose gold eyelashes on the front and then on this one.
It looks like on the back as well, so it’s so cute and then you kind of open it up like a little mini wardrobe. They don’t show you the pajamas here. So then you open it up. Oh my god is just this is what it looks like. So obviously you can see a sneak kind of like preview of the pajamas in here now I’m gonna open it up, which is so. I can show you guys what it actually looks like pulling them out like little mini water. Now I know some people from my daily vlogs have seen the pajama bottoms because you saw me wearing them. I just couldn’t resist. It’s been so hard to keep this a secret. This is what the top looks like. I just thought this bit was so like relatable, where it says off line, because I feel like I’m on line all the time that when I’m asleep it’s the only time when I am off line, this is what it looks like overall and then it does. Actually. The tags are so cute as well, so they have like when it was signature, the satin B little tag, and then it says by Safran Barker on the back, which I also thought was like a little special touch. That is what the top looks like and I will be wearing every single night, I’m just so glad I could tell you so I can actually use my own product because I’ve been wanting it all on my bed for the longest time, but I just haven’t been Out next up, guys is the pajama bottoms. So obviously this is in the same set, and this is what they look like. I love love, love the style of these. I love how they’re like tighter at the bottom. I just think they are the comfiest pajamas and also they look so good as well, because I know some pajamas like whenever you leave some baggy. They don’t always look the best and they’re, not that flattering, but these. On the other hand, they are so good. Oh yerin, or so they don’t roll up in the night. So let’s go up next to know what to go for. On the subject of a bedtime, I’ve got some really cute like stocking fillers and some really cute things that would go with the pajamas here. The hot-water bottle is so cute and when I say it’s like soft, it’s the smokiest thing. Oh my goodness, I I just I’m gonna use this all the time we’re just so excited, and obviously it has the love heart and the offline logo in the middle. As well and then the tags it just so pretty, obviously it has like my signature on the rose gold as well. I just love everything about it, so that’s a hot-water bottle, then some other cute stocking fillers is these eye masks we had to get to because when we were deciding, I just I didn’t know which one I loved more, so we just decided to bring both of Them out, I can always apply post all over social media and white pictures wearing these, and if you grab them be sure to tweet me your pics as well.
Okay, so I think this is definitely one of my favorite. I mean I have a lot of favorites, but I’ve got my very own snuggly like what the Frick like this is so cool. I don’t really know how to describe it if you haven’t seen it on me before, but it’s like a mini dressing-gown. That’s so much more comfortable, so much easier to put on and you can throw it over anything so just put it okay, I’m gonna put it on over my jumper right now, because I just need to show you guys this. So obviously it’s kind of like poncho style, the hood is so cute. I love the eyelashes when it goes over like how cute is that and it’s just so cuddly. I love like these little bubbles on the end as well, and then it has like a massive. Like giant pocket that says offline or so – and I just think you’re so cute – and this is what it looks like so yeah – oh my god, I’m gonna wear – I have been wearing this every night and people been seeing like by the top of my blog. So like it’s a snuggly stuffer bringing out our own one, so to everybody that guess that, yes, you were so right next up, is it this travel pillow which I’m obsessing over, because you guys don’t know that I love to travel and I do travel quite a Bit and also it’s a memory foam, so it’s like the comfiest thing, so this trouble pillow. I will be using a lot, especially like with my eye mask. I have one eye mask bed, one for when I’m traveling, it’s amazing, so yeah. I would definitely get a lot of yourself this as well, it’s just so so so comfy or even if, like you’re, not flying somewhere, it’s even good like if we’re just in the car or on the train, like I know I use these like quite often in The car so now I’ve got my very own at her sacrum vodka. One pretty damn good, so next up is that this little Marga, which i think is what he’s not really that little it’s actually quite a big mug, see I want to say, is I love the shape and my auntie came round this morning and the first thing She said to me as well as I love the shape of this mark cuz when wheels first kind of like going through it all. It was like a different shape mark and I was like no like I’m really not feeling that, and then we came up with this style mark and I just feel like it’s so nice. It’s like the perfect way to hold like I don’t know it’s just like you, I just really like the shape of the mug.
I know it’s kind of strange, but that’s like a big deal to me and you can get a lot in this also. So it’s really nice, it’s like white inside as well. I will be using this a lot, especially now we’re coming towards Christmas, hot chocolate, oh yeah and then kind of moving on to like a room at deck, or so we bought this, which i think is so cute. So this is a white board. Is that not the cutest white board? You have ever seen in your entire life? Obviously you can hang it up as well like on your wall, which is definitely what I’m gonna do and then obviously it comes with a little pen as well. This inside missile is Safi, be packaging, which i think is so cute, but on the back as well, it’s so nice because it has my signature again in rose gold, and then it says by Sarah Barker. So also. I think this is actually like the cutest thing ever and it’s six pounds like that is so good. I really like this. I’m definitely gonna write because I think it says to do then. Brackets later I move it. and I put this on my wall. I thought it’s gonna be very, very, very handy, so there’s that and then also one of my favorite other things in the in the range. I asked for something very similar to this for Christmas last year and I did get the one that I wanted. But it’s just so like it’s just plastic and it falls over a lot and I think, gets really dirty because the color of it – and I know so many people ask me about it. So I thought why not do my own version of it where I can actually have it in my room and it can look pretty rather than one that’s very dirty and cheap and just breaks, and I don’t want to put it in my bedroom. So I came up with this stand-up LED light, which is amazing, and it’s like every person’s dream. So this is what the mirror looks like I’m ready for it, so obviously like reflecting on my camera and on my life, but it’s so pretty. It’s like a light. Pink and then it has like it’s kind of a glittery, and it’s really really really pretty. Obviously it has like the little boo boo LED lights going around, which is like that’s my dream, like I love so much, and also the attention to detail on this whole product is amazing, because how like the stuffy beyond the back and then also like, even where It stands up, it has like this tiny little love heart and you might not mean a lot to some people, but this for me. It’s just so cute and I love this on the product. I just really think it finishes it all off so again. This is so affordable and I just love it, and this is one thing I know for a fact. I will be using this every single day. You can have this we’re just really cute.
It’s like a make is a quarter a make up pot, but you can also post stationary in it. You can put your brushes in this. It’s just like a really handy pot, but I think will look really cute on anybody’s desk and I just really like it. I really like the fact that it says it just wing it. I just really like that quiet, so yeah you can put your brushes inside, but then also you can put is actually stationary. So, of course I have my own stationary out and look on Cuba’s little penis, it’s one home 50 and it’s just the cutest thing ever. I am loving. This ball ball hands up. If you lose your pen so easily, because I do, however, you will not be losing this. I mean there’s probably a way that I probably still could, but you guys will not be losing this because it’s very obvious and it’s like the cutest thing ever so I wish like I was out of school just so I could use his pen and put it In my pencil case, but then also, I will note pad which is so cute and it said spot on the front which I just thought was really cool. And then it’s just quite simple inside it. Just like lying paper, where you just write your notes and stuff – and I just think it’s very cute, so yeah that’s like for stationery. Oh my god! I love it so much! Oh! So this is this really cute secret, hot pillow. I love the color gold. So much, but I also do love the kind of silver, so you can literally go like this brush up and the eyelashes are still on the silver and on the gold. So you can have this either way. I think I offer be more like the habit gold on my bed. You guys know how much I just love fairy lights in general. Obviously so I’ve got my own fairy lights, which is so cool, so these are five pounds or which is not as a little try me button and like you can see the micro light up, which I just think is so clear and a little la parts. I just throw that you could get any cuter again. I think this will look so pretty on anybody’s bed, but also you can put it like across or you can hang it up or you can put it like Romero. You can bet using so many different paces and I just think it’s gonna look cute wherever you put these so yeah. I love that. I also love the whole packaging on this as well. So there are my lights and then we’ve got more. We’ve got so much more. You guys know that I love to take Polaroids, so we thought the idea of having like a little picture holder. You can really clip anything onto these I will probably clip my Polaroids on these, but you can put like no pictures or notes.
I really like this one over see it’s like a little lip and it’s so cute, and then we have one that says squad So everything as you can see all it goes together and then oh this one’s so cute as well I love this one so much and then this little one here, it’s like a thumbs up I really like the gold on the bottom, though I just think that’s very pretty so that’s the picture holders and then we’ve got another cushion As you can see This is very different to this cushion they’re very different styles This goes so nicely with the bedding somebody’s knocking at the door I actually really like the back and the front of this know I would have, though this is the front of I would also put it on my bed like this, because I just think it’s so cute and they are still gonna, go like so nicely together, so yeah This is pretty much what the cushion that’s like I really like it again I really like the colors and we had the squad logo garments pillow I thought it’s pretty cool as well, and I really like the piping around the edge as well I think it just really adds adds up something to the pillow Okay Well, I say we’re getting close, but we are literally at the end So the very last thing from my very own at Primark Grange, is the duvet cover So I have actually got a king-sized duvet like on my bed, because I always have a king-sized duvet So I’m gonna put this on my bed and show you guys the whole look now so with the click of my fingers Let’s take a look at everything on my bed and what my bedroom is actually gonna Look like so everyone here it is here, is my official and transformed new bedroom I am literally obsessing I love it so so much for, like f Connor, said that, though so saffron like you need to calm it So every hope you guys do enjoy my finished bedroom I am so in love If you guys do like it, then please definitely let me know down in the comments as I would also love to know What’s your favorite item as well, I just got a Turk If you guys do pull on my second channel what, then you will see a lot more exciting things to do with this promo range, but I can’t actually say at the moment which is so annoying But if you don’t follow my second channel honestly, you’re gonna be missing out big time so make sure you subscribe over on that channel as I’ve got some more really exciting news to do with all of this so subscribe to that channel also and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you very very soon Bye,

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