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Our big road trip started on the French road trip day 1-2

30 Sep , 2019  

Here we go ten days, three different countries: four locations, lots of Korean and we’ve arrived in our first John three hours so far, six more to go. Absolutely not yes, ten days, three different countries, four locations, lots of driving. We are on road trip dr. just making himself a coffee, but I decided that I’m gonna film for the two days that we’re in France on our way to eat on tumblr today and then individually rate it speed, we’re gonna go grab some breakfast.
Oh, you want to share it there you go yummy in the queue. Now it’s on the train and they’re. Talking to my porch, I’ve got the banana and cinnamon porridge with dates, cereal or something right now smells really good. There’s my food! There’s your food, nice breakfast darling, our a half down two more to go: we’ve stopped to use the loo bit windy, come up with no fun grab a couple of baguettes. I’ve got a smarter salad and lots of other one, not sure which ones I’ve got it’s so nice in kerb playground here through letting Delilah let off some steam. Here we go two more hours to go hello. Thank you and we’ve arrived in our first we’re only here for one night, which is a shame because really lovely I’ll give you a tour let’s. If we come through here, we have the kitchen, obviously got the essentials sink in one microwave. I love this kettle. A little fridge utensils in here we’ve got a nice seating area. What you need done it, I don’t need my cardigan, it’s so hot. This is the view from living new. That’s going on today show everyone where your bedrooms meant to be. This is gonna, be mine and Doug’s room love this chair and then through. Here we have what will baby Delilah’s room for the night and she’s already setting up her bed, we’re just trying to figure out the best place to go to grab some necessities to have here and also where to go to get some dinner later, I’ve been asked, So many questions about this. It’s good on my Instagram, it’s from monkey buttons all the way down to the bottom, and I really like the color and it’s not like with the with the bad light, and I I realize I didn’t finish at all. Not-So-Nice somebody’s already unpacking it’s very retro, but I like it, I’ve got a pink sink and I’ve got a pink doing it with a lime, green toilet seat and Delilah.
It’s very excited about the flower bulb Matt. I absolutely loved France font Underwood’s gorgeous wish. We had longer yeah wish we I wish we had more days Hicks. We learned straight to Spain tomorrow, quick you pitstop, we’ve just pulled over in this lay-by. I see right using the Doug and Delilah edges cueing to use it now done three hours. So far. Six more to go and I’ve done a huge amount of looking this morning, because I am feeling a little bit hungry and very unclean Amy. Did we not had much luck trying to find coffee planners were going to stop at Claremont for lunch, which is about an hour away to have a picnic there and then continue our journey down to it is Connor, I think maybe we’ve decided. What can I do? She going there now Baloo is not great. It’s pink. The Lila took one look at the blue and decided she didn’t love to go in. There don’t blame her. I did try and warn her as a bloke, it’s obviously easier to toilet than in women, and I didn’t look like let alone having to try and yeah we’re going to have a little drive again. You had a little sleep la may la May. After spending about half an hour driving around Claremont to find a supermarket, that’s open because Sunday, we open, but we finally, we eventually got our shop here. I put some stuff in here: Doug’s got a big bag of things, got some lettuce and avocado tomato hermus bread, picky lunch stuff stopped off to get some more petrol. Wee-Wee goodness knows how many hours it’s down and another to go. It does not go get you a snack darlin, it’s actually quite chilly today, so whoops, my jumper out of my bag pop trail got some pork travel on. She reserved she’s, been playing on some matching shapes and colors games. Trying to do something. A little educational she’s been watching a bit. Paw Patrol she’s also been doing hair water, water pen, painting things and having snacks. I should have seen this morning it’s doing really well. Today. We’ve got not really able to find coffee anywhere. I thought we’d hit the jackpot. Yeah because it’s quite a.m it’s quite a built up, dogs just informed me that they have Starbucks cans, he’s gonna go grab some in case.
I don’t like this We stopped here and I thought yes, I can finally get a coffee It took my kick cop in and it turns out I only got machines, there’s not an option to put your own copy anyway Finally, got a coffee, but two coffees Maybe I should save this for tomorrow Just in case I don’t ask for and then we are going to be on our way, any more hours to go, which one would you like? How about take my camera with me, but we just went in and got some food Isn’t we managed to find her a organic ham and cheese sandwich on brown, bread? That’s probably gonna be hard stretches Are you dad stretches? Are you lunch in her driving stretches not ideal, but technically it’s bedtime for weary I had nice pink bathroom, the nicest toilet We’ve used all day, although I find it really awkward that French and French lose in service stations and things we’ve made it to the scanner we’re going to the supermarket to get some extra dinner I know we went to supermarket earlier, but it wasn’t really didn’t We and want to get loads of stuff It’s raining really hard Let me get some coffee and milking things breakfast too, and then we can finally go back little one to bed You look very cool They should we go back north over yeah We made it no yeah, we have got more shopping I read my thing: you went oh, we may have a big exposure down by a whole bar, we made it and it feels so strange being back here We were here in June 2015 with them with our friends, including Tom I don’t know which one’s gonna be your room I know this It’s gonna be mommy and daddy’s room, which will take a few minutes to coach I’m just gonna have that with it really happening like much mitch is going to have pasta on its side We’Re gonna sit up here for dinner There is pasta underneath, yes, that concludes the first part of these holiday roadtrip vlogs I don’t know what I’m gonna call them yet, but I hope you’re enjoying so far This light is blinding me I’m gonna get my dinner and get to bed and I will see you guys: nanu nanu,

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