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Our car was towed away?! VLogMAS!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, what’s up welcome to day two of vlogmas, we just woke up and it’s 11:30 we’re about to have breakfast and I’m just editing the yesterday’s vlog, so that’ll be linked down there go and check it out, yeah. Take away! No warning daddy! Good luck! All right, so I am back and I am changed today – I’m wearing this sweater and I’m not sure it’s from because I stole it from my sister and then I’m writing these leggings just throw my black leggings from a PITA and I’m gonna get ready now, Because it is 3:30 and all of them today is, I edited yesterday’s vlog and posted it or I’m about to post it it’s right now.
It’s posting and I haven’t even gone outside to that step time to get ready. Oh, I really should put my hair up. All right so now it is time for this flat nest to be changed into a flat mess. Unusually for buns. I just want to go over this. Whatever happens here happens and now I’ll probably redo it like a good four or five times enjoy interesting. I just good you can set aside there. We go all right so now I have my hair done kind of, and I am already oh wait all right. So I don’t know what we’re doing now. because it’s still in private on my youtube channel, you’re all muddy! He’s so funny, oh you just licked. My camera, yes got that chipotle post Bates, it’s easy. He doesn’t even bite, though haha true live. We didn’t leave the house today, though so she’s still in her pea pod. What’s up guys, it’s Lauren logs here and today we’re gonna be doing another DIY room, decor, so yeah here I’ll give you a room tour and then I’ll show you how you can improve your room with a few simple tips. So look. This is my room. Super super super messy because I don’t like to do anything with my life. Okay and then here’s the blue case see these blue cases.
They’Re super stupid, so yeah I know that’s why I did that because I hate homework. You just go to sleep in your system. That’s like germophobe for those of you who didn’t know whole thing, Betty Betty you you and Betty you fight for it we’re giraffes! You see! Ok p.m. over here, baby, all right, so we’re going to try and catch mm Center moves. Let’s run to up all right. So right now we are going to a Twitter party and it’s basically just like a party organized by the app Twitter and my hair is not cooperating. Oh oh, that did not sound good hmm. So this what it looks like I take it early, but after long death there we go so now my hair’s still a little frizzy you can kind of tell, but just trying to tame the Beast, see if John thinks it’s better or worse, you might be putting It back up in a bun, yo, John, better or worse this one good in the ponytail. Yes, it’ll be like a runner so right now we are just getting ready for the Twitter party and he’s attacking me with hair spray. What she wants praise a dog, my ass, all right, so the new thing is the cleaning supplies flip, Oh available. You can mash if you were the person that had to put that on that would be Sol. It would intercept I’m gonna unsubscribe with jokes like that ice cream. With my gosh. It’s it solves. The paper is made of potato starch grayson dolan texted me. They took my car. They don’t know what they told our car. Okay, it’s our car got towed there She is you automatically so now we’re at Ralph’s, because what better to do at 10 o’clock at night then go to Ralph John you’re gonna have to stay outside because no animals are allowed in his chocolate milks good! That’s! Why are you? Are you hating? On shopping, so it needs to be taken out: whoa whoa, oh my god, Stephanie Stephanie! You are ridiculous.
I just I just can’t Excuse me, Michael, like Stephanie, the cameras, changers mom, well record If you gottaken debut first, oh yeah, you have a good night I love people in there just kidding just hijacked a car, hey Lauren, wash up get on my back Okay, just kidding Don’t my pants fall down Nutella, we were in a Nutella commercial when we were younger, ready Three two one: wake up: 7:00 am I’m looking fresh Cheryl I head to the table come across in about that where they fell apart, food table phone comes through support and breakfast programs from Bantu say John co-stars Yes, it is Oh treat heartbreak, that’s what your best thing your slope got Ta get you a feels that you good to go Cheat! Oh, my god She dodged it day Okay, I’m gonna steal the car Now good, let’s go through the chicken section We lift me up on Stewarts, let’s see how fast she can go from 0 to 63 She wants about 23 seconds 2 Point 3 That’s 9 0 to 60 Okay! What do you want to say to you daddy’s favorite time is grocery time Would you smell? He found the turkey bacon, hey guys It is currently 12 to 36 and I’m about to go to bed just shower it up, and I gotta like brush my hair and brush my teeth and everything and I’m just gonna watch some Netflix and go to bed I don’t know why my nose is bright red, it’s not actually like that, but shadows Alright I hope you guys enjoyed watching this vlog if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe, because i’ll be posting tomorrow, the next day, the next day for a month so make sure to subscribe So you get notified and click the bell, which is rib side The subscribe button see you guys tomorrow, bye

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