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Our last day in Los Angeles!! +What did I get? Huge PO box unpacking / hauling!!!??

1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, everyone welcome back to another vlog we’re heading home today, we’re just so so sup also really exciting, because I get to see my grandparents, which I’m excited to see, I get to see my dog, I’m so excited to see Bella. Also, I’m just excited to get back into the swing of things. You know we’ve been away for quite a while now and I was kind of thinking other than that I’ve been away for that long and then actually thinking about it, it kind of does.
I need to get back into my usual routine. It’s nearly my birthday that glows, the things are coming up, so it’s gonna be good to go home, get back into some well dad and trailer basically put things in the car mom and I have been doing a collapse. We probably Wendy so ya, think that’s it we’re pretty much ready to go. We’Re gonna head down, get in the car and head to LAX, I believe in there for cases we’re ready to go ready to do this get to the airport. I hate this Apple, though there’s nothing. There is that okay, Tiny’s Airport, and also I’m gonna struggle we’re trying to take all of them go to the Apple. The best song you have is in Greece. Will you don’t be alive, basically dead, stock of its sake? Three cases where you managed it for you out but go check them ready to go you ready for our home, and we just wanted to check in without any of us can be sure. If I’m away for any of us went through security, oh yeah, normally every time, it’s me every time my luggage get stopped and they have to check it out away in a cube. Let it happen this time so feel good. Then we’re gonna head to the lounge get some food. I think we’ve got a couple of hours to get about half way. I feel quite a lot of time to kill. Anyway I got food. I don’t like anything you miss. These are all having food here. Mum dead dad did, but I didn’t because I’m fussy, that’s how yeah I just had a burger, and it was so so so good. It’s so annoying there, because I was saying to mom. It was anything like that. I must only got on the plane. You know they serve dinner straight away and they surf that, but it was the morning and they said they’ve always do that. So I really hope it’s like 11 a.m. and it was serving dinner, all the. How could we get on there in there serving dinner? Well, I won’t be able to eat and I’m gonna really wanna, because the food is gonna, be so good yeah and we’re so hungry last time, because I served in a straightaway so for something that doesn’t happen this time. Okay, they, you know, needs wait till an hour into the flight or something because I’m so full.
Now I’m gonna want my dinner. Please I need a prominent nice doesn’t matter, we do just see on it hold on hold on for now. That’s fine! Apparently it doesn’t over to me goes away and I thought obviously going moving down there, but no, I did a bit slow to what, but it was hi. I think it’s here we are in our seeds for its war below it’s really thick. The excitement of flame heading rise Jed has been looking forward to the plane ever since with all the holiday, so cool jet daily cheap seats like right next to each other, Jed he’s getting on my nerves, like I need to just shut up, although now the locket. It’s okay: there you go because she never gets my nerves. We never argue to be mom yeah, only literally literally dad you’re so far away. So my food is car. I oughta be, and this potato I’ve had it here so many times. It’s amazing. It’s like cheesy eyes, it’s everything. Yes, I have mom every different water food is always that all I know it’s amazing. Well, so anyways. So it’s been great and actually they didn’t right away, which is quite so pleased when they’ve been 11 a.m. and they for our foods. They won’t. You know if everyone don’t get my heifer on that they’re gonna meet for an hour. They worry about good couple of hours fully satisfied. I have been asleep for my baby memory. I was like associate pounds and I was oh I’m just glad that I had that breakfast out here, though, and I’m just so Allen also, I didn’t know ever, but I really don’t care either. Oh, my goodness, oh we’re home, and it was so so so good. Actually, it sucked a nice feeling being back back in the house. It feels really weird as well. I’m also really disappointed in myself because that’s kind of Little River down there but they’re tiny, absolutely fine, but I’m back. We landed, save even the most really bad turbulence. On the flights while which is really scary, but it’s okay now, obviously so I’m gonna go and hold the make up, because basically I have to film. I actually have like no energy. I procedure somehow get some cuz. I need to film ASAP, so I’m gonna pause the makeup and sort myself out. Oh, I came home two loads and loads of those of like PR packages themselves. I thought be really fun to show you guys. Obviously, I’ve been away for over like three and a bit week, so I’ve actually had quite a few passes arrived, so it’s very lucky and I’m excited to open them all. So I’m going to wait and see what I can get, but I’m gonna get my makeup on and supper stop. Thank you all I put on some makeup. This is actually like. Maybe the last time I brought a couple of hours ago, I’m looking good 70% done. I just want to edit a can it uploading some now done, because kick it out of its told you this, so I’m yeah, I’m excited also, I thought well.
I want to tell you guys now, so you know, but basically on Friday. So I piped in our. My bits are going to be so good because I’m really putting as much effort as I possibly can into them. So Friday, anyways Hallows hear cases here have a seat. Oh changement, nothing you’d be naughty, you being cheeky hollow, but Casey could do it together. Tea, tea, tea, follow why we say G. Oh look! A little happy face! Katie, Nicole, okay, see Nicole Casey and Harlow. I’ve got their Brazil t-shirts on. Oh, oh, you try to vlog, Oh crazy. She bugs I’m eighty found. Don’t you just that once out yeah, I talked to her for like what you do me in his own. What does it like a pain right now? I’m gonna go ahead to my nothing going dad’s with my mom to go and see them because it’s been so long, not only because we went on holiday before we came on holiday. There was were three months and then leech of the day they got back. We went so we haven’t seen them in ages, so we’re gonna go and see them, and then I want to do my big P, o box haul, I’m so excited to do because I’ve got sense. So many things boys, my hair. I don’t know what my earrings we’re going to run on a grind up now we have been at my nan and granddad’s for the past site. We haven’t been a very long. Basically, I need to go back, get stuff done and that both the hello it’s been so long. It’s been so long. I know. Finally, we’re gonna have to have a bigger catch up, another time because mom and I have to go, but it was lovely seeing you all and that’s not an answer. Ie gonna see yourself thanks love, you bye, yeah, well my makeup and then I’m gonna do a haul for you all. No, not all like I’ll be able to all kind of thing. I mean here’s, a tiny bit of the stuff that happened wash. Oh, my dress is Italia, burger stuff that I got right so this I’m most excited for and even gets the figures, and I know normally the smallest and the most exciting present far I’m sewing treating all this is, I kind of think mazing. Maybe I ought to get myself a please. It says the sack from Walker I mean. That’s not me, I’m the only sucker in the house mom. This is the saffron Walker and it feels really big and weird right here we go open this up. Do it? What on earth is this? Oh, so cute Marvin, look how cute this is the packaging. This is actually everything this is. I actually never want to get rid of this box like ever ever ever. Look how cute it is. Isn’t it it’s massive. I was so confused at first right, so, let’s see what’s inside, there’s gonna be a lot of goodies launching first of July, we excited to introduce our new limited edition banana range.
I love anything with bananas fell honestly that can do that. I just bought this banana amazing. I’m so excited got this. It’s just so cute. It’s actually looks like a little bumper hugs. Isn’t it, but it’s more like a wash bag. It’s actually sunk inside we’ve got a shower cream. We’ve got body, butter, shampoo and I’m guessing. It’s conditioner, I’m so excited I’m actually gonna keep all of this. But when I go away yeah this is perfect for holiday, because they’re just like little mini, actually a little bit bigger than a mini. So no like I go through conditioner so fast and I don’t even have a long hair anymore, but somehow I still do so. This is half it me and then it says banana over you. I think if I cropped that that’d be so cute to think. Oh bananas over you, I mean that makes way more sense. Doesn’t it what all know is it pajamas? No, it’s not it’s a tower thing. It must be a towel. It definitely is tau that is so nice in here love that it does feel like a table. It doesn’t feel like a cow, it definitely feels like a table, but it’s like a picnic blanket on baby yeah. It’s like a bit shiny. I feel like that. Would I won’t wrap my body around a baby yeah. This? Is it everyone in case you’re, interested in your wondering, thank you so much again and then also final bits that we put here. We have all these so good banana gogo protein clusters. How good do they look? Oh, you know I love it with bran Sami food. It’s great as then, then I’ve got the bodyshop skin defense, which I’m guessing is like a different part. The range, because this is a banana sense. Then I got some more food, and this is banana. Neato solar, dry banana bar dark chocolate dipped. This looks so good. Everything from body shop makes a collar it’s more inside yeah. Look I got the food size. I watch you so excited about this show me: what are you yogurt? Oh you saw the body okay and then we thought what are these? These are like perfumes. Oh last, sport, waterproof mascara, didn’t even nobody shop actually done that you’re gonna give that a go mana liner, yeah the next one wait, do don’t drop stuff on the way I was dropping stuff, as I was coming in mum, is bringing me more goodies. Thanks. Mom spring is amazing, one, let’s open this. Everyone, that’s on top, are so exciting. Oh, this is so cute. I did not know cheat everybody done this. This is so cute. I did not a no GWA done these, so I assume this might be a new thing.
I’ve never seen on their site book and I order from their site quite a lot, but they actually sell face gems now, which is so cute. I love all of these, so much. I’m so excited to use these, especially because I wanted to buy some nice, similar ones. When I go to wireless and like a few of the festivals I’m going to so I am a hundred percent gonna be wearing these. Thank You TWA for sending me these they’re, also, all this so cute as well that there’s or nailed Oh Monty stickers, that’s so sweet! Thank you so much for that. Oh, I know it’d be this. They sent meet their new. I shadow palette which the packaging is so Cuban. It has kind of like neutral eye shadows inside as well. It’s really pretty so. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it right. Let’s go on to the next box again, no idea who this is. I have a feeling I might be wrong, but I have a feeling. This is something that I’ve ordered, so no just was looking really weird motor. That was such a weird shape. Other ways this one that they saw in the body shop as well. Well, the helmets so spoil it. You said it’s from the body: shop, Dean yeah! Oh my goodness, boys a head towel! That’s I meant sorry, my initials! Not my name is a head towel. I really have wanted to own a head towel for ages, since my one when I was about six years old, didn’t fit me anymore, mom. So now much is so excited about this yeah literally. Look how cute this is. I love how it has my initials on. I’m actually so excited to get in the bar or have a shower or just basically wash my hair. They also sent me this hairbrush, which is cute. It was one another hairbrush. Thank you, I’m going to try and go through a bit quicker now and then they sent me their Fuji green tea, cleansing, hair scrub. My hair does look great after all of this treatment and then we’ve got the strawberry conditioner and dead strawberry shampoo. So thank you. So much bunny shop sending me all of that fab fab fab stuff right with moving on. I don’t think this is gonna be from the body shop. I’Ll, be very surprised if it was okay. I love the body shop. I think I’ll be body shopped out by then people get this. This is so exciting next part, so it’s from L’Oreal, and so apparently there is 70 different shades of this lipstick and they’ve chosen out their favorite 25 shades, and so which shade will I be today? Well, I’m not gonna be any today just because I’m gonna go to bed soon and get a shower, but I definitely will wear one of these tomorrow.
I’ve actually tried these ones out before and they’re really really really good and something started to try these ones and these ones, because I’ve never tried them out before. But thank you so so much apparently they’re 3 for 2 and half right. The Roman is well went to the fourth of July in Boots. There you go you wanna practice them they look so cute just can’t get enough on this box. Oh it’s from soap & Glory. If I say this box is so cute, leave it on all this little boys are taking me ages to open and inside I live actually abusive. So many times we literally go through this, like no other, my family and lobbies in there, nothing the Boise, freely music. As well so this is their shower gel it’s! Oh, my god. I didn’t even notice that it has a picture of me. It says stuff on Sakhalin is clean on me. That is so cool. I, like literally, did not even realize that oh that makes me want to use it even more now, thanks thanks so for glory for sending me that it’s really cool that it’s custom. I love getting st. custom stuff, it’s so cool mom. Look at this soap enjoy this soap and glory shower gel, so saffron’s clean on me that it has a picture of me. Oh close in air, that’s really cool, okay, mom to finally Bob parcels. I felt like it’s like Christmas Day and just like bringing in my presence for me so the next thing I had a little sneak peek because I just wanted to open like one, but I haven’t. I probably, and so the next thing is from benefit – and this is there soft Blair Foundation. I’ve never seen this before. So I’m assuming it’s new, so I’m gonna open it up. The other box is so cute. You know what I think benefit are definitely up there with like one of the best packaging wise. Always their packaging is up so so so nice, oh they play no polaroid. So I mean when people do constant stuff, it’s actually the cutest thing ever all special yeah you’re either me at Coachella with one of my friends and then a picture of me in jail, a box with the foundation. I know it’s so cute and it says with our newest launch: we are celebrating happy moments, so this is what the foundation looks like, because it always smiley face the love hot eyes that is so cute. You know it’s so nice as well, because it looks so different. Like every other foundation, I own and I own a lot of foundations and, like you would spot this one from a mile away. It’s really nice that they’ve they’ve gone completely different with the packaging and also it’s such a cute name, and it’s so cute how it has a little smiley face of love, heart eyes, iconic, London – and I love these guys. So this is their luminous powder and a pro puff, OH, is so cute Look at this brush! Oh, my goodness, look how nice that is! That is amazing! Oh my guess! It goes soft yeah.
I would actually just leave this on my dressing table, but then, but this is so nice to go with it as well Look at that package in that I love rose gold so much! Oh, my goodness This is amazing Look like it’s like a bronzer and a highlight I literally will just call it this and just put it all over my body in the day Wow Oh, my goodness sure you actually can you can see that on camera as well That is so good Oh, it smells so nice as well The next parcel I’m not gonna lie I did actually also take a little bit of a sneak peek, because basically I knew what this parcel was and I really wanted to use the palette and test out So I did earlier, and so I will show you the palette when we go upstairs and but Urban Decay send me their new palette and what’s it called again to remember sweet Ron Born to Run something like that I can’t remember I’ll show you that when it’s upstairs, it’s literally as amazing as it looks so I’m really excited to show you guys, but also they sent me These Anna shoes, which is so cool, never got sent like a PR pastor like this before, and I really like the colors of these shoes as well, like all of my friends, have been said this as well We’Re like who like do YouTube and walk the urban decay and stuff, and I feel like everyone’s kind of got a color that suits them, and it’s really cool that they said We’ve read it so thanks so much if I’ll let you guys, you know me so well and I’m really excited to show you the palette as well I think you might have the name one here Oh yeah Born to Run I got it right so yeah missing out, maybe in the other room, but I’m gonna go upstairs and show you this palette now So this is what it’s looking like around me right now and I’m gonna have to tide you all of this up, but it was worth it definitely worth there It’s here is the Born to Run palette I’ve been meaning to show you guys I can’t even open it up, hang on it’s so so so pretty this one It looks like inside It is about Hoppus 11, and I genuinely do not know high mark because I’ve technically been up for basically way too long Like is really cooking You now my eyes are just slowly closing, so I’m going to end the vlog I hope you guys did enjoy and I’ll see you guys tomorrow Bye

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