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1 Nov , 2019  

Tutor send clearly wants to go on a trip with me and he literally loves my suitcase. He like woke it out and keeps jumping back in it. Hey guys, welcome back to our channel. So, I’m going to be doing a packing, so they hurt too like over my mouth. So sorry, if I’m talking weird but you guys are going to see how I pack we’re going on a two day trip and I’m super excited – that’s all I can tell you it’s a secret Rihanna’s coming to and I’m gonna be taking you guys along with Me, I want you guys to like subscribe and turn on the post notification, so I’m first gonna be starting off packing my hair and makeup essentials, but I have all these gadgets right here and I’m gonna try and link all of them down below.
So you guys can purchase them in have the same stuff as I do. If you want okay, so I’m gonna dump all my makeup out on my bed and all my makeup will be linked down below you guys want it to so. I’m gonna separate all the brushes this James, Charles palette, it’s literally perfectly in this, but I’m gonna separate all my brushes. I feel like Tyler when you did my makeup. He separated all my brushes all the skinny stuff and on the boxes so I’ll link that thing you down below too or it’ll be somewhere here. I don’t know if you guys don’t know, I have a brother Tyler, I’m two sisters, but oh, I think it perfectly. This might be my new makeup bag, because this one is a little bit too small and I can use this for like something else. I have a couple more little brushes Bertha, that’s literally the only cat Bertha tries to open all the doors. Oh she opened it. So this is my last brush, so this is all my brushes. Oh, I put a lipstick in there. So that’s all my brushes, I’m a lot of brushes now, I’m putting like all the skinny stuff but had to take these two things out the biggest things cuz. They were a little, but now it closes perfectly and that’s all my makeup and then I’m gonna put the James Charles palette in here, and this is the only palette, I’m techniques. That literally, is everything. It’s literally, it’s like perfectly stick these two in there, the ones that were really big and isn’t this up and it’s the James Charles palette, is not too tall. It’s like the perfect height, and this is all my makeup. That’s good! So I’m gonna stick these in the suitcase, so I’m gonna have like a side for clothes and then aside for gadgets, so this will be the gadgets and that will be the clothes.
So this is my little mini bottles for traveling, so you don’t have to pack a bunch of really big bottles like hairspray. That’s really big – and I have this heat protector that I’ll also bring in there. I’m gonna go fill these all up and show you guys what’s in them after okay, so guys I didn’t noticed this, but it comes with these little stickers that has like makeup, remover, moisturizer or body lotion, and it’s super nice. So this is my face. Cleanser one and I’m gonna stick it on so you don’t mix them up with shampoo and face cleanser OOP, that’s a little crooked, but it’s okay. I got all my labels on so this one is hairspray this one shampoo, that one’s conditioner, that one’s face wash makeup, remover body lotion cream for nighttime and moisturizer, and I want to try and really link this down below, because I find this super helpful and it Also comes with this little scoop that feels like a face mask you can throw like that or you don’t want to stick your fingers in there just go like that. I’m actually gonna use that so I’m gonna put this in this little back pocket that they have comment down below if you guys like organizational hacks, because this is so much fun to do. I love this so much, and that is my little traveling kit. I’m gonna use this all the time, so I’m just gonna put this right under there to save room. So this is all my hair stuff on the this right there and then this heat protector, which really helps me and this right on top of it and a little brush, probably right there. So I’m out of my mini toothpaste and I’m almost out of my big toothpaste. I brushed my teeth a lot, so I put a little clip on the end of my toothpaste and it looks like a mini toothpaste. I’m just going to stick this like on the side or something I should have a separate little case for this, but I don’t so we’re just gonna have to do this. I’m going to be trying out these two masks for me and Rihanna and she’s, probably not gonna use it because her skin breaks out really easily, but I’ll probably try them. If you guys want to see, if they break me out or not, then you guys will have to wait till the vlog can come out, but the gold one looks so cool.
So I’m gonna take a couple sheets out and I’m gonna look at this. Okay, well, it comes with a lot, so I’m gonna bring two of these and then two of these and see if she wants to do one, we’re really gonna try and use these, because these look really cool. These ones are catching my eye. These two I’m gonna set over here and the rest I’m gonna set on my side table to put in my drawer, but now I’m gonna open this wait. This is actually really cute packaging, so it’s gonna feel a little thicker. So this one apparently does glowing moisturizing and toning and this one hydrates and renews delicate skin. I’m super excited to try this out. I’m gonna pack, these up, so I’m also gonna stick my face Mac back here with my skincare stuff set back in there. So if you are a girl, you really really really need an emergency kit, because these will come in handy at one point literally. This is a lifesaver like I’ve had so many of these, like I’ve, had them in school, and I put them in a desk top. I haven’t tried this one before so: I’m gonna open it up and see what’s inside, so they usually come small cuz, it’s like a mini emergency kit, but this one is super cute. Okay, this is what every kit looks like. So so this is what’s in the kit and there’s some really good stuff. So there’s like a mini, sewing kit and then there’s a little band-aid and then there’s this. So this will help your clothing stick to your skin. If it’s Lou and then there’s some little q-tips to clean your ears, to follow your nails and wiping off your makeup, so there’s a little bobby pin in a rubber band and I am always losing my rubber bands. Like always, and then this is a little tweezer. I think these are all so cute, and that is the best one. Yet little ear backings I always lose these and then I always like search for them on the floor and I never find them. Oh, this has a little toothbrush and toothpaste, so I’m just gonna keep it safe in my bag and I’m still gonna use that one. If anything happens to that, I always have this. So, on the back of the box, it tells you like the pictures and what it is. So this is a shower cap. Now, I’m just gonna be using this a mirror. This is actually really nice and it’s cute too. Okay, that’s good! A little napkin! If you sneeze, what are these okay, so makeup, remover stain remover, I’m always spilling stuff? Okay, that is very good nail polish remover! That’s good too deodorant wipe okay, so I’m gonna package, this all back up and then I’ll stick it in my bag.
So I just stuck it in right there and move on to the next product. So I’d like to bring a little diffuser to the hotel, and I just got a new one and it’s super tiny and cute. I like to bring it to the hotel and bring nut oils, because it kind of just freshens up the room and make it feel cleaner and the brand that my whole family uses is young and living and they smell so good. But I’m going to unbox this and see if it works and it’s apparently color-changing okay, so I’m going to unbox this and put the oils in it and see how it works or if it works. So this is a little bit different and it’s like easier. So I usually use water, but you only have to put the oil on the pad, which is really nice, because I don’t like sometimes – and I don’t like to go to this thing – can get water. So this operates by battery or USB, and I’m just gonna get this little stick and step off. This is so cute, there’s all the little buttons there’s only two buttons. Okay. So when you open it up, this is where you place the pad. It says to add a drop or two into the pad. Should I use lemongrass or citrus fresh lemongrass. It smells good, I’m gonna put it to so one. Oh, okay, that’s good! It’s actually easy! I like this, then I’m gonna close this back up and turn it on and turn the lights off and we’ll see if it lights up and it works. So it’s still light outside. But you guys get the point. You guys can see the lights and they switch colors and it’s super nice I like blue, so they have all the colors of the remote, and I just turn the fan on. If you guys can hear that, oh you can smell it. This smells of it. Now. This is to switch the colors automatically, so it’s switching by itself. I think there’s like seven colors, I’m not sure though, but this is such a cute diffuser. So I actually really like this because, like you could just pack it up right now, but if I were to take my real diffuser, I’d have to dump the water out, and this like doesn’t leak. It’s super nice. This water bottle, my mom got and it’s huge and heavy and says it carries like a gallon of water, and I think I’m gonna bring this on the trip, because it’s super big and like this will like blast me me a month.
So I found a good use for this bag. I’m gonna stick this in there and then I have my oils and my little filter right there. I’m just gonna call it a filter. I don’t really know what it is, but I’m calling it a filter – and I can like put this bag – looks like my dry, shampoo or in the other stuff that I have then I’ll show you guys when I get to it but yeah. So I’m going to be doing my dry shampoo right now, so I three dry shampoo here and I cannot bring three on the trip, so I’m gonna spray, all of them and see which one smells best and then whatever smells the best I’m gonna use. So this brand is batiste and there is tropical, there’s blush and there’s original original is really catching my eye right now. Oh that’s so good! This smells like super fresh and like refreshing. Now I’m gonna spell blush. It smells the best. So I’m choosing out of these two I can’t decide so I’m gonna do each meeting primo eenie, meenie, miney moe catch a tiger right so at the holiday I go. My mom said to pick the best friend and you are it huh this one, the one that was catching my eye? Okay, I’m so happy! Why do they just choose this one? Okay? Well, that’s over! Next I have a little mini nail kit and it’s galaxy. It has a really cute case I saw so. This is my little galaxy Kay. I’m super happy with this, and these are like to tweeze your eyebrows. You know all this stuff, but I’m gonna stick it also in my bag. I’m gonna stick probably the rest of my stuff in my bag. Put all this stuff in this next thing is literally my favorite. It smells like roses. Cuz it’s supposed to solid grouses and it’s spray on deuteron smells very good, so the brand is Jason and it’s called soft rose, and this is probably the best thing ever so this product I really like, because it doesn’t have aluminum and it sounds really good. So I got a little laundry bag and this is like cheetah and rose gold, it’s so cute and I usually really get confused. Unlike about what’s dirty clothes, that’s not so super nice! I love this. This will be great because I like going to the beach – and I want a place to put my swimsuits, so this is so nice. So here is my little dirty laundry basket and I’m just gonna put it in here So the next thing is these micellar face cleansing, wipes, which I literally love this so much because I love my seller water.
I also brought like micellar water in here These are white foam which I’ve never seen before, which is super cool, so I’m gonna freeze these and stick them right here I have two more products left and then I can get on to the clothing So when I washed my face, my hair, like all, gets in the water and it like sticks to my face, and it’s really yucky So I have this little hair thing I’ll show you guys how it works I got this one since Valentine’s Day is coming up, but you let go like this It’s like what you guys like this I look really funny, but it actually like really works This will literally be perfect for my face mask I got this little sleeping mask It’s super cute Oh, it’s really soft I’ve never really like slept with the sleeping mask on before So this will be the first time I’m gonna do this and yeah That was my last thing for my gadgets I’m going to start packing my clothes, so I got a little matching pajama set Well, it’s not pajamas, but it’s like a little jogging suit, but it’s so comfortable that I wear it to bed So I’m gonna show you guys how I fold up my clothes This I do a rolling technique because it saves a lot of room You can also see it like all your clothes lay down really nicely I’ll do the same with the top So that’s my little jocking set I have pajamas, but i don’t really like to wear them I like to just be SuperDuper comfy and just for like sweatshirts and shirts and stuff so yeah That’s my second pajama outfit So those are my two pajamas and now I’m gonna start Picking out my mating clothes, so I rolled up my little under clothes and I’m just gonna stick them in here So I have really cute bathing suits my favorite bathing suit from Jax and its little blue and black stripes So I know we’re gonna be staying near the beach, so that’s why I’m bringing a little bathing suit So these are my clothes that are packed so far I still have more packing to do, but you guys will see what I packed on my trip comment down below If you guys have any vacations coming up Hopefully you guys use my tips for packing If you guys have any tips, comment down below bye, guys,

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