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Part 2: my daily makeup course

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys this is carnival Jana. Welcome to my everyday makeup. Tutorial guys are even sicker. Blanco has an income camera Cyril, c’mon El Amador background on Ebola, hot nah, but a lot of you have been curious. Why opened it again makeup everyday, depending every day, no makeup style champagne on days now, while our time trabajo that I’ve been up a hanging out in your skin, identify ah ho honestly capicola who work, I don’t put any makeup on better me, laugh at or whether It’s personal or Iranian, then that’s the time I put on my everyday makeup very basic thing at all.
It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to finish my everyday makeup. So right now keep on keeping in mind, bear and happy face. Ba gua Chien money won Ohio. I use Ratna care every day, cleanser from the ivy clinic and then iPhone using the same brand acne care lotion also from the ivy clinic a c-major brown effort to ask me lather now around the forehead and the chin must keep the knee and marijuana acne and John, every time you know I visited Ivy clinic enough aluminum in Japan. You need a new products for the treatments that they have anyway enough of the hullabaloo similar Nanna dinner at the makeup tutorial, I start off with my concealer. It’s a liquid concealer metro, creamy inconsistency. Nia this is my favorite concealer, medium coverage, shaft, so the first place under the eyes and left and right and exacerbate finish ah and then, of course, I blend using my fingers. You laughing ring finger, Cassie yeah and I wanna no idea, but I’m a blending makeup or conga gamut commanding fingers or Hindi brush or sponge or anything ring fingers along the bed. So a little of this concealer goes a long way and importante extraction. My idiot downwards martini time up on bandana, but it started by Bon Appetit you be put to sleep in a blimp, so the key is to blend blend, blend blend blend and to spread working with an image, a corner deepening. I saw patio in the corner, no Matt, I mean elegantly and and concealer a little bit inner corner in an ice, so yeah 20 long, the man and then fight in the end to spread some, my eyelid upward side, ward towards the eyelid and a lump on Even you, never, I don’t be too sad outer corner non eyes.
You can you make a French knock again, usually pop light. Module must dark in circles, must Lina Dominion p.m. concealer under the eyes, but for now this is funny, and then we add concealer also to the acne marks and Angola for active acne. Pero me my acne marks ago, unfortunately made you feel a little accretion at the ivy clinic using lasers like for sure or people enlightened by the dang angel bright laser. So my damn even a laser treatments IV clinic that you can try and magic madami remission, so bear with me guys in dkc a conical foundation every day, so my skin can still breathe kind of panel. So I use my concealer pretty much punks and Kahlan and separa it under renew my Lobosco foundation. There are some acne marks that are harder to cover. I said this is just medium coverage, so what you can do is just add a little bit more concealer there. Thus later Kuppam the powder and I and you can even put a little bit more concealer, even on top of the powder. Yes, I do that attend gentleman. I disappear inertia after just dominating even a papaya butter. Well. Perfect luggage in Egypt. Well Karla has perfect skin perfect for parceling skin. I Anna Anna now for some twister and I hope, but I don’t think the end at all, so it takes a lot of effort but map again demeaning you young, ladies in diva, in the future, I will reveal a new classic concealer. Damn it over there again, new acne scars Co Depot now concealed Cornish, AHA again so point in along into some abundant chain, and we are done with a concealing heyo, a new conciliar, monogram ethnonym, you, let me know banana family mama trillion or not Clank inertia or Something we are done with a concealer, that’s the first step. Of course, I forgot to mention that when you wash your face, don’t forget have to also tone and to moisturize, and please do not forget your SPF gallon and at least SPF 50 and gonna develop a son son, but my age you’re adding skin. So he need wedding mug skip on your SPF. So before I did this makeup tutorial, you know walk on my own next time. Perhaps I will show you also compiled.
We will now proceed to stepping it with powder me. You cannot attack what I used to do fix by Mac. It’s a compact powder that I’ve been using for 10 years now. I am an NC 30, reliable and donatella game. Ever since Nagina gamma codes, I packed the powder just a little bit under the eyes more on patting diable spreading national ganyan. It really covers just enough if you find a perfect shade for you well on our completion, a lilypad Simba and importantly to say I mean because we are celebrity, so we need image of full coverage powder just the same as a concealer so who Santa in the Conceal just make sure you, pat on those areas, so what Machado babbling I’m powder. I owe nothing my Bahamas muscle and it’s very, very important that you find the right shade of powder for your skin so for his and then we are done with the powder there. Oh my Nana said Masha. I always make sure that my third step is to put on eyebrows. I have eyebrows by Allen, hindi, esha, fun, bye and, at the same time, major my boota boota Shah Union Milligan born an eyebrow pencil. My ultimate favorite eyebrow pencil is Anastasia brow, Wiz in caramel shape or even titanica panicked upon voila, Anastasia brow. Business stop well done at a new mana boot. Again I own, I think, drawing the whole excitement among. I hope I did a drawing and eyebrows booty sign of a metallic defined eyebrows. I would understand I thought any more for eyebrow pencil, Dita Sidhu locus Amy Joe went evening. I have any eyebrows in the partner, so really I just feel in under middle and above fighter than Barbarossa and Hindi Machado muhabba, you can do like a upward stroke, Manju Canyon, to assemble your hair eyebrows because of a banner acting left eye brown women in Buddha’s, Jan Gehl logic we actually fill in an Anastasia brow is perfect to say, I found the perfect shade for my eyebrows major darkish Cassie laughing eyebrows. Sometimes I do have a goal: makeup, Nutella gas about me: trabajan, I’m a guest in my TV appearance, Victoria, federal bullion. Among humina to say, pointed Nutella, gawking eyebrows it a society. So that’s it would knocking eyebrows if you can see okay so because my lips are drying, I will put on lip balm simple lip balm lon.
It doesn’t have to be branded or anything by the inner one part under lip balm yarn. I tend to have dry lips, not in a bikini line again and matte lipstick, so important in a matte lip balm una. This is just DHC lip balm, which I got from abroad. Japan, married Indian song, calm. I use a lot of brands of lip balm ending and you told me a public in the gambit okay. So next is our eyeliner. Today we will use k-palette pickle, say this ever so reliable ahjumma here a bit to guys would be disappear from the camera, so I can focus on the mirror half of essentia onion, and but this is basically their one-day tattoo real, lasting eyeliner and a 24 hour. Supposedly, model ass and I usually just put a very, very thin line of eyeliner on my eyelid, so silly long handle and tie or as close to your lash line as possible. I thought of benefi McGee wraps at the Tollan para Samanya, ladies, but when you believe sign Emanuel Ax, I you know I it’s a fortune ago. Go alpha Tata. He pop I know boom available for chick man or what nigga go up or shot pharaonic a comedy in the manifold, so bora-bora long sometimes see, and i member zia sabha Camaro a hot guys. Sometimes with you know, a cotton bud. The Madhubala I took a break first, the imagery means open, telling me left eyeliner, but now we shall continue fish, a perfect guys that are Ferdinand important and in the field Anisha and there you go. Those are my eye line. Keep a lesbian! Well, let that dry. First, so what I do is I already put on my blush on a bun like the dragon acting eyeliner. So I use this really really small brush by Real Techniques. It’s a mini face brush. You start on the apple of your cheeks and then outwards major angular, but the SCN, but I in a way and then a Newman to serve as your contour. It helps to smile kaylynn Ponte, I’m gosh unhandy fighting with some apple and responsibilities, Avila, and we are done with the cheeks there’s our blush on I have here a lip balm, slash lip gloss, your favorite Crotona lip glow, it’s a little bit expensive, but I love it and turning in a cow it community, because it supposedly follows the color of your lips, the natural color or the lips kissable lips, your debug Anyway, now that the eyeliner is dry now we can proceed to curling our eyelashes.
So you try to curl your lashes as close to your eyelid as possible, and maybe boxing at the taffeta, okay, Lana, mignon, yeah, left and right again and of course I use the ever so reliable show you more eyelash curler Sometimes I go over the eyelashes three times when curling paddlin, that I can curl in a curl shot left and right then, and then one last for my popcorn and then last, but not the least, is our mascara and then the opposite eye with our everyday makeup Look of Carla any mascara will do a lot on specific brand beginnig I make me many times Jana every day, but you for your brand on mascara and again so it really depends But what I go after are the mascaras that provide length and, of course it has to be waterproof Lannon and hence all teamwork, community tellus area, from a project of all Muhammad Ali upon a sinking in avoiding the Quran, almost colors of fishing before the body part Opinion la Chubby’s, polymer, Eva wiggle-wiggle-wiggle, Menasha and then upward strokes Naja You can even control the direction of how your eyelashes cool and then upwards Once you go upward, you control the direction of where your eyelashes or the hair goes, and then that’s it That’s my everyday make up look Thank you very much for joining me If you have other questions right near land, so comment the end and hopefully you next time he arriving see Capernaum you to clean the permian muna for now guys again, if you have questions or comments, just message me on Instagram on you to guide sign mignon I will gladly answer them for you So that’s my everyday look seems ila well on foundation well as primer Well, I’m going it man, I’m going on with a highlighter just powder blush on mascara, eyeliner, gruff and so concealer lip balm, eyelash, curler and, of course, my everyday lipstick So that’s it guys Thank you for joining me

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