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Pat McGrath lab: Mothership 6 palette: Demo: review: Sample

30 Sep , 2019  

Got the three news spring 2018, Pat McGrath, six pan eyeshadow palettes to share with you guys today I did purchase all three of them off of the Sephora website for $55 they’re also available on the Pat McGrath website, and I did do a demo with the Bronze ambition, eyeshadow palette. If you want to see how those shadows worked for me, I did use all three of these palettes and I have used every shade in each one of these palettes. I was wearing the Levine rose, eyeshadow palette in my last haul.
Video. If you guys want to see kind of what that looks like, I was super happy to see that she came out with a little bit more affordable option in her palette, since her other ones are such a have such a high price tag on them, so that Everybody can kind of try out her formula, and I was also really excited about the fact that she used her awesome artwork that she had on the external packaging of her larger palettes and used them on the actual packaging of these palettes. I think that her for packaging, both the larger palettes and these newer ones, are some of the most unique that I have seen in a while, and I really appreciate the artwork that are on the outside. With that being said, when my package came, it was it was kind of cold outside. So this could be part of the reason why but the bronze Ambition eyeshadow palette the little flat pier the glue like it gave out. I’m just gonna take some super glue and glue it back on there. Otherwise there is a magnetic closure on there, and then it comes with this little band and he like twist it and it’ll hold it shut like that. I was happy to see that the name is printed on the palette, though these don’t come with an external box. So while the packaging is SuperDuper cool – and I do feel like it’s a pretty substantial heavy duty – cardboard – it’s not quite as luxe feeling as those larger palettes. But again, I do appreciate this artwork on these little guys for the amount of product that you’re getting each pant is point zero 7 ounces per shade, which is the same amount of product that you’re getting in her larger eyeshadow palettes or ten pounds. I will zoom up close and give you guys some swatches. I really like the Pat McGrath eyeshadow formula in these three palettes. There are no glitter shades that are in her leg in her larger palettes, which some people really like them. Some people hate them. I think that the form formula on her glitter shades is really unique and offers are really like unique effect to other eyeshadows, and for that reason I really like them.
They they work best with like a tackier base. However, but they’re really really pretty and really unique. None of that formula are in these three pallets right here. The metallic shades are the closest in terms of formula to the newest eyeshadow palette that she came out with, which is this one right here, which is called the decadence eyes, shadow palette. So the metallic formula in here is very similar to the metallic formula in the 6-pound shadow palettes that I’m about to show you and since I have all of the Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes, I did cross-reference between the larger palettes and the smaller ones to see. If there were any repeat shades between them and there aren’t any shades in these newer, six pan palettes that are included in any of her 10 pan eyeshadow palettes. The three original 10 pads that she came out with there were repeat shades. There was actually the same black shade was in every single one of her original original three and then there was, I think, two other duplicate shades amongst the originals. The decadence palette. There aren’t any repeat shades from the decadence, that’s in any of her first 10 pounds or either these six pans. The cool pattern on the packaging goes all the way throughout the palette. So it’s like on the inside of the flap and then it goes around the mirror. These do come with a little plastic sheet over the top of the shadows. Again, I’m not nuts about the plastic sheets. I’D rather have the names like inside the palette. I’m one of the things that I think I did it with two of the palettes is this here plastic piece when I was trying to get out ended up stabbing some of the eyeshadows. I’ve tried to jam the plastic underneath the ledge of this outside near right. Here, just to keep the plastic in there because the names are on that little sheet and not on the inside each time that I used the eyeshadow palettes. I found that the eyeshadows went on very saturated. The pigmentation is really good and they blend out really nice. When i swatched the shades, I did notice that the textures of some of them were a little bit more dusty and, like some of them, were a little bit more dry, but then, when I went to use them on my eyes, I didn’t feel like that affected. The performance of the eyeshadow I feel like they, they went on really really nice, so the pigmentation is there, the blend ability is there and then the fallout was very, very minimal, which are three of the the key factors.
For me. I guess when I, when I used eyeshadow one thing I will say, though, is each time that I went one of the eyeshadow palettes. I was searching for another shade that wasn’t included in the palette, which typically was a matte brow bone shade or like a matte transition shade. So in today’s look – which I usually don’t like to do – that I like to stick to just that palette and do the look out of it, but because there was so much shimmer and those shimmery, the metallics are really intense. I did bring in wet-and-wild brulee eyeshadow for underneath the brow today and I faded up a deeper matte into it and was able to blend together pretty decent. I think it looks pretty good and then, I did bring in some VC art mattes, for underneath the brow and in the kind of crease area. Again, the colors are really intense and very metallic, and so to make it more wearable, looking well still being able to wear a hot, pink eyeshadow. I brought in a little bit more toned down shades. They seem to pair well and work really nicely with the other shadows that I used in the looks so for me, they’re not standalone. I shadow palettes um. If you want to do editorial, looks or just something really bright and shimmery, or something like that. You can create a look with just these pallets but, like I said I like to bring in a little something to tone it down. So with that being said, let me go ahead and zoom up close and give you guys some swatches, and hopefully you can see whether or not there’ll be something that you will like. So we’ll go ahead and start off with bronze ambition. Here is the front of the palette, and then here is the back listed with the shades and the ingredients that are inside and then I’m going to just go ahead and pull this top off, because this is the one that I need to reglued. The top back. On and then you open her up – and here are your eyeshadows again, I shoved the little plastic piece in the mirror right there, because I do want tohang on to it. This one has one matte eyeshadow, which is this brown shade right here. Let me go ahead and read the shades to you. Real quick you’ve got guilt-trip bronze, struck, copper eyes elicit throwing shade and gold peach. So, let’s give you some swatches got little bone in my hand, always like pops the shade up right there.
Those are the first three and then these bottom three, this shade does have some really fine micro glitters in it, but – and it’s not quite as metallic as these four right here, but it does have a shimmer factor to it. This Brown, deep brown really pretty. Really pretty colors, it was just really like screams summer vibes man, so that one is bronze ambition and then this next one is subliminal, platinum, bronze and then here is the back flip open. I just I’m really happy at the fact that they incorporated such cool artwork on this packaging and then here are your shades. Let’s flip it upside down here. So in this palette there is one matte in here as well, which is this deep brown shade in the corner. The shades in here you’ve got platon eyes: smoke-and-mirrors, telepathic, taupe, deep, velvet ritualistic and sexy overt is in the corner, go ahead and give me some swatches and then these bottom three. Oh my gosh, my cat, though sorry so that one is subliminal, platinum, bronze and then the last one is La Vie en Rose right there. What we’re open it’s such cool packaging right and then here are your shades in this one. You alsohave one matte eyeshadow, and that is this purple in the corner. You’Ll see when I swatch it, but this gold shade is like wicked intense. So the shades in here are pale. Fire purple, rain, gold, nectar, gold, nectar, paranormal rose, risque and euphoria. Do some swatches again, if you want to see this on, always like it’s like a little bump in the road anyway. So there’s the top three eyeshadows look at that leave the purple. Look at that gold! Oh my god! This one here kind of has a dual chrome to it. It’s got a little bit of a pink reflect to it and then the bottom three shades. These two shades right here do feel a little bit drier and a little bit more crumbly like this pink. But again it went on really nice. For me, it doesn’t a swatch worth a darn either. So there is La Vie en Rose. Hopefully, you guys found that helpful and now, if you’re interested in seeing the bronze ambition, talent and how it went on Queen the look that’s on my eyes, you can hang tight and we’ll get into it right now. I’m gonna take a EMT, 43 brush and use the Lilly Lolo eyeshadow primer Do I’m just gonna go back and forth between the two shades and one’s kind of a cooler undertone one’s kind of yellow, I’m gonna pry them from the lash line to up underneath the brow, then using the Sonia G builder to brush I’m gonna? Go into the shade, copper eyes, which is up in the corner: I’m gonna pack that guy on the center of the lid, I’m gonna bring it above the crease as well.
Using that same brush, I’m just going to flip it over I’m going to go into the shade guilt-trip, which is up here and I’m gonna put that in front of the copper eyes shade and then blend them together Then I took holder G sn9 brush, I’m gonna go into the shade the throwing shade, which is the only mat in the bunch It’s this guy right there and I put that gray in the crease and on the outer portion of the either I typically don’t like to bring in another shadow, but there’s quite a bit of shimmer on the lid, so I’m gonna go in with the Wet n Wild brulee eyeshadow, which is just a matte brow bone and I’m gonna put that underneath the brow and Wherever there is an open space for with no shadow on it kind of to set the rest of that primer, I just checked her other palettes, because I couldn’t remember – and there isn’t a matte brow bone shade, at least for my skin tone in any of her Palettes so I’m just gonna use this guy, then I’m gonna go back into that, throwing shade matte on a Sonia GE This is the worker to brush I’m just gonna pick up a little bit of that and I’m gonna blend it up into that wet-and-wild brulee and you try to fade it kind of to create a transition color I guess that’s working out pretty good I’m gonna take that DSN 9 again and go into the shade elicit, which is a deep brown with some sparkles in it, and just put that a little bit through here, deepen it up even more and then go back in with that Sonia G and blend It – and there is the shadow done – I got it close to the mirror I have just the slightest amount of fallout Hardly any, though I’m gonna go ahead and finish on my eye makeup and I’ll be back to put on some lip store You guys for lips, I’ve got Charlotte Tilbury slip sheet, and this is in the shade iconic nude, I’m gonna go ahead and line my lips with this guy and then to fill them in I’ve got one of colourpop’s new lipsticks, and this is in the shade Appy, I’m gonna really like blend right into that lip liner So there is the overall finished look using the bronze ambition, eyeshadow palette from Pat McGrath Thank you for watching, do not forget to our sunscreen and I’ll see you guys later bye

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