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Peach Flash Rainbow Festival Makeup Course

30 Sep , 2019  

Oh, hey guys today is home for you, this festival style super glittery. I want to just do something fun I wanted to play with makeup. I haven’t done that in a while. I love this. Look. I’m gonna wear this in the grocery store tonight. I did a makeup look on a client the other day for Emerald City Comicon, and I recreated my avant-garde holographic key glitter mermaid that Jordan and I did a collab on for 31 days of Halloween. I used that that I had done on her and sort of toned it down, because when I did it on my client, it was everywhere her whole face or whole chest her arms everything was done.
I’ve seen glittery looks like these a lot on Instagram and I just kind of wanted to do my take on it, and so I hope you guys like this look, if you do, and you want to see how I created this, what’s going to do it alright, So I want to do a chitchat be ready with me today. I really haven’t gone Pam on my makeup in a while – and I want to like just book and do it a peachy goodness with some pinky pearls and some gems and some liner. Let’s do it. I’m still talking about it; let’s just do it, okay, so I’m starting off with heart-shaped tape. I’m going to prime my lids with that, because we are going to be doing some makeup today. I’m gonna take some of that. Our CMA no color powder and I’m going to set my eyelids with that. This is just going to take away any stickiness and make it a perfect base to blend seamlessly with our eyeshadows okay. But my eyelids are so full coverage right now, whole Laura alright. So I just did an avant-garde. Look on one of my clients a couple of days ago. She wanted to recreate that avant-garde and mermaid that I did for 31 days of Halloween, which I will show you somewhere here, and I used some really really beautiful products on her. When I did her makeup and if you guys follow me on snapchat, you would have seen the makeup. I did it for Emerald City Comicon, so I love the way that it turned out. I want it to be super avant-garde and like just holographic, is and like beautiful, but not not full-on avant-garde mermaid. I just want to, you know, play off of that and do it a little bit more you’re toned and I’ve also got these Swarovski crystals that in this light, like I’m sure, you can’t see the magnitude of the beauty. But these are like the a B crystal and oh dude. It was way up so beautiful. The perfect color on one of the main colors that I used on her was this here, and this is from my Oprah Brite addiction palette, and I mixed these two colors in because I wanted more of a peachy pink on her.
But today I’m really just going to focus on this color right here and just build up off of it. I just want to have fun with makeup. I haven’t been having a lot of fun with it. Lately, I’ve just kind of been and it be on it, but I want to create like almost a festival, makeup I’ve never attended accessable myself, but if I did, I would go balls deep in makeup. I’m going to take my Sigma e-40 tapered blending brush and I’m going to dip into this color here from the Ofra bright addiction palette. I’m just going to run this color all throughout my crease and high-up, because again this is going to be a really really intense. Look and I’m just going to put down this color to be my transition, but really I’m going to build up more of this color, so I’m just throwing this down first to give a soft blended edge after I did this makeup. Look on my client in today. For Emerald City Comicon, I have just literally been dreaming about doing crazy. Makeup looks it’s weird because I took a time off from doing any avant-garde or anything crazy and I’ve literally just been speaking to neutrals and halo eyes and warms, and I’m just right now, I’m I’m over it, then I’m just taking this brush. This is the Sigma concealer brush the f75. I’m running that same color on my mobile eyelid right here, because it was blending a little odd right there and I want the color payoff to be intense that I’m just going to kind of buff out any weird edges. This shirt cuts me off in just the most beautiful area. It doesn’t make me look really fatter at all, not even a little bit and I’m going to go in with my lucky 227 breath and this one. This is one of my favorites. I love it and I’m gonna go in with that same color here, but I’m going to mix it in with a little bit of this orange and I’m just running this color right in my inner corner into my crease. The way that you would do in halo eye and then I’m going to take this outer corner and do a halo eye with it, but I’m going to wing it out because I’m going to do a really big wing today. I want it to be like super dark and super defined, I’m just buffing out the edges. So while I do my eyeshadow I figured we should just some chat about some and I’ll just kind of go back and forth, so we’ve been putting off remodeling and doing anything to our house because of fun and we’ve just been like wait on the money.
We don’t have the money, we don’t have the money, which is still very true, but we decided that we are just going to go to the bank and get a home equity line of credit and just remodel our house. We have been putting it off for so long and it’s ridiculous. We hate living here. We don’t cook enough. That’s this little thing. We don’t cook enough at home because we hate our kitchen. If you guys haven’t seen our kitchen, you have no idea, like you, might think, you’re being dramatic, it’s bad! It’s! This house was built in the 20s and it looks like that and it feels that way. The kitchen is so small navigating around. It is just ridiculous. We’Re going to remodel the kitchen and we finally just decided it’s time. We need to quit making excuses and just do it. We shall see they’ll even give us a loan. Hopefully they will and we can get just started making this house nicer and get itsellable. Not that we want to sell it right that way, but we want that sellable opportunity to be there step. Those aren’t words. I also talked to a dude who knows a lot about remodels and stuff, like that, and thanks to a lot of your guys and suggestions, and one of my last chitchat get ready with me. As I talk to you about drywalling my upstairs and you guys were like hey so uh, five thousand five hundred dollars is a lot of money and you probably shouldn’t do that and I looked into it and that is incredibly high. Especially given that I know a dude that drywalled is entire four thousand square per square foot, I know I did that drywall to his entire four thousand square foot home for fourteen thousand and we’ve got three tiny little rooms that need it for five thousand. Five hundred that seems astronomical to me half a zine. Oh, this looks disgusting and sloppy right now. That’s why I’m doing that eyes! First, before I’m doing my foundation cuz, I’m gonna clean up everything and it’s going to look really good. So now I’m going to go in with my Anastacio modern renaissance palette and I think I’m going to take real gar and red ochre and sort of mix them together just to deepen up some of the areas in here, maybe tap into the Venetian red a bit And I’m just sort of running that along the outer crease area, to define that I don’t want it to be too too dark, but I do want it to have some depth to it.
Now I’m just going to tap into that red ochre color and just run it right into the outer very outer crease, I’m going to go back in with that Sigma concealer brush the F 75 dip into Venetian, red and red ochre and then Pat that heavy on The inner corner here so there’s lots of depth. Oh that’s right! I got that new Frank, I’m gonna stop. I totally forgot until just this moment that I got these, but I haven’t used them in tutorial yet, but these are the new Stila, magnificent metals, glitter and glow liquid eyeshadows, and this is in the color kitten karma. Oh, my god, I’m so excited not used these on my idea. I’ve only used these as a swatch, so this will be my first impression. Oh holy. This is all this one dip. I bought these myself by the way hashtag not sponsored to sort of padding out the edges, because the edges are a little harsh. What an easy amazing way to apply glitter, as you can tell I’m, having a watering issue this, I really hates red pigmented products. Anything was a pink or red in it. This I just did I just hate it. It literally hates everything. Every time I wear the modern renaissance palette or any sort of pink or red toned eyeshadows, this ice cores and pours and tourism tourism pours, and I don’t know why. But I don’t care I’m going to do this anyway, beautiful holy. You know when you see people’s reaction you’re like calm down it’s makeup. I sometimes felt that way too. This is not that situation. This is actually almost too pretty you’re like wee bit for eyeliner, I’m going to use my NYX gel liner, and this is in the color black taking this angled liner brush, which is the furless cosmetics. Pro 7 M: I’m going to dip into my NYX black gel liner and line my eyes. I can’t talk long doing this eyeball. My wings never match they literally it’s like it’s almost impossible. Now I’m taking makeup wipes and I’m going to clean up underneath the eyeliner and try to get them to match because they don’t all right. So now I’m going to talk on a pair of lashes and I will be right back alright. So now, moving on to my skin, I’m going to be using the Loreal Pro glow foundation in the color 2-0 to creamy natural and I’ve already moisturize my face with the Clinique Moisture Surge bounce, this onto my skin with a damp Beauty, Blender aka, Real Techniques. Miracle complexion, sponge.
So now I’m going to take some Tarte shape tape, concealer – and this is in the color fair. I’m going really light under my eyes because I’m going to have a lot of color down there and I just want to have a really nice like base port. Don’t need a ton! That’s a lot of Tarte tape. Tape like you, do not need a big triangles work on your face. It’s completely unnecessary, take a little bit more of that RFC ma no color powder and just tap that on my undereyes to make sure they don’t move. Now I’m going to go in with those same colors that we initially put down that coral and the orange II shade and I’m going to run those under my lower lash line, I’m sort of pulling that color down in the center, so that it has a little Bit of a base for me to put the gems on top of so now, I’m going to take some pros-aide adhesive. You can use clear eyelash glue if you have it. I don’t happen to have any with me up here and I would prefer that, because pros eat is a bitch to get off, but I’m not going to be using so much of it that it’s really going to matter and I’m just taking a little bit of That on the end of my q-tip, so that I can dot on those pearls and gems pros-aide is cool, because when you use it you wait for it to dry, and then you stick to it. So you don’t have to like work quickly kind of big. Isn’t it it’s going to clownish? Oh yeah, I also got these little pink tiny holographic guides from Michaels, and I’m going to stick a few of those on as well. I’m going to take a little bit of this Stila liquid eyeshadow and I’m just going to Pat in the areas that I did not put any of that holographic little hexagons. Then I’m going to take some of these NYX vivid, bright liners and I’m going to just make a few dots on my face and I want to add a little pop of yellow. So I’m going to go in with this one as well, which is vivid halo. So you need one more Jim on the inner corner, good choice. I like that. So now I’m going to do my brows, I’m also going to do those off-camera, because I just did a tutorial on how I do my brows all right. Now I’m going to go in with contour and I’m going to be using my Kat Von D, shade and light palette in the color subconscious and I’m going to contour this mug and then for this I’m using my furless cosmetics, pf3 fish.
These brushes are so soft and they blend like a dream I love furless cosmetics, so much I’m going to go in with this blush here, which is makeup, geeks main squeeze and I’m going to take that on that same brush, because it’s so soft and I’m just going to run that serve hype towards the back of my Cheekbones I’m going to go in with mary lou manizer, going to even a pinkier highlight I’m going to go in with a bit of this, which is glitz from makeup geek I’m gonna go with my favorite nude, which is NYX surfy, but then I’m going to do an ombre from the center like I normally do, but it’s going to be a lot more intensive As with some glitter on it Now we’re going with the tardis lip paint in the color, so fetch, and then I think I’m going to take a little bit of the kitten karma and just I’m going to go Do my hair and I will be right back and this is the finished makeup Look, I hope you guys like it I am sort of in love with it Probably one of my favorite makeup looks live ever done I literally am so into it I hope you guys like it as much as I do This is a really fun one, and I hope you guys recreate it If you do make sure you tag me on Instagram, I think this one would be super suitable for a really fun night out a festival, look a party or Wednesday afternoon when I’m filming this If you guys have not yet make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel I’D say every other day to every couple of days All my social media stuff is all the same Its raw Beauty Christy I thank you guys So much for watching Very, oh, very a lot I want to use a lot of makeup I haven’t really gone to ham on my makeup I really got I really got a pan I got the calm early I haven’t gone like massively I hate myself what’s wrong with me Oh I’ve been really wanting to do I really a really a really a really there’s really stuff, there’s really stuff I swear to guys like it’s almost as if I’ve never spoken in my actual life honey right there So sad, you match my background Look hi, everybody! Alright! So now I’m going to go Anna with it Do the do it? Do it existed it I mean: what are we gonna hurt at this point? You know I mean no thumbnail for Instagram If you guys are not already make sure you follow me on Instagram What, if you guys, are not make sure you subscribe them to my long

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