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People at school judge my week’s clothes

1 Nov , 2019  

All right dude go trip over a knife, okay guys, so here’s the tea people at school judge my outfits for a week right, bless you and um.. They just sent me these clothes and they were like. Oh that’s cute. Do what you please sis like do whatever you want, so I decided to do this. Video and my mic was off for all of it. So sorry, but I’m just gonna, do a voiceover for the parts in the morning where I was like, showing you guys my outfit and stuff, but the parts where people at school were like judging it, the that was on my phone, so mic was on.
Thank God, but I was literally so upset and yeah. Just not happy not doing well like look how cute my babies. Look. Okay, wait! Doggies! I love you. I love you okay, so I literally suck at everything like not only was the mic off, but I’m also realizing that I forgot to record the first day outfit. So I’m just gonna put a picture. It’s just this green t-shirt dress. I’m pretty sure it’s like a Halloween costume to be honest, but it’s fine. It’s totally cool. I wore it to school. Um did I get made fun of yes, I breathe and I get made fun of, but it’s fine, I’m fine, okay, but yeah. Here’s! What people at school thought of it? What do you think of my outfit Jocelyn, like you hesitate so long? What do you think my outfit? It’s what that I knew. Oh it matches your eyes. No, you don’t! Like. I don’t say I like my outfit. It looks like my little brother’s pajamas, maybe all your for small fee. So I don’t what do you think about my outfit Michaela? I think it’s cute. No, do you think of my outfit hang? Oh, I gather reminds me of that. happy birthday. You, maybe you were like dance dumb, so basically what she’s talking about, because you guys don’t know it was her birthday like the couple days before, it was on snapchat it rude, but it Was on snapchat, but basically I was like um happy birthday, party, hard, dance, duh and my shirt says duh, so it was like connecting the dots. You know right here. We’Re blocking for you. So follow me. We be Jamel. We’Re not dealing David are three wise happiness and, like my spirit, animal, they love it. The 2008, like I’m a dinosaur like for our beans, I love our. Is it ugly? Thank you.
I love you, but what do you guys think of my outfit today? It looks stupid I just like it. I think it looks really good material. I you know, I think that she’s not wearing shorts Turtles. Do you have anything nice to say. Okay, do you like the color I like green Rosa like green, is doable. We got one guys, we got one good thing, yeah one good thing: alright, guys thanks! Charles that’s, really nice of you, oh yeah, by the way, I’m tall yeah. What do you guys? Think of my? What do you think of my outfit? I mean this will be very nice of you Jason wrong thanks Dustin, that’s really nice of you, okay. So this is the voiceover that I’m talking about just ignore the fact that my mouth is mute, that my mouth is moving and that I’m saying something completely different, but I’m showing you guys my outfit okay, the windbreaker is from forever 21 and this set is from Dolls kill, obviously it’s like a biker shorts set with a black crop top and the shoes that I’m wearing are the feel a disrupter choose. I believe I don’t know I got them on dope, but I’ll put the link in the description later on before I left. The house I put barrettes on the biker shorts. If you don’t know what barrettes are there like little hair clips, I have a picture of my Instagram. If you want to go follow me, I’m shameless self promo. But what could I possibly be talking about for this long honestly like what what do you think of my outfit today? So I like your outfit today, I like the primary colors and you like your buttons. It’s pretty stylish, you make it moves out here, make it home make a big impact. So like it making me say what I said: it’s pretty tubular pretty bodacious! Yes, me thanks. What do you think of my outfit today? The last one they mesh at all the last one. It was literally just a green t-shirt, dress with white shoes. When you mean is exactly it, didn’t look right, she’s too young, too young. What okay! Well? What do you think it’s a days? Outfit looks. Nice. Looks nice all right thanks a couple balls, alright, so Wednesday’s outfit? Is this little long-sleeve smiley face little pin thing and the pants are from forever 21 and the top is from doll skill and the pants come with the chain things.
I know a lot of people ask and I also put barrettes on again cuz. You know I gotta. The red barrette is to match my nails and the scrunchie and the yellow one is to match the little smiley face thing. What do you think of my outfit today? I don’t. Have I love your pants, like that’s my favorite play like I don’t miss out that I actually like she actually likes. This actually actually see my outfit today. What do you think of my outfit, your basic okay? What do you think of my outfit today? Personally, it’s really cute reminds me of your smile and I like your pins. I think it’s just a really good outfit. Look. I think your eyes really make it pop. So wow thanks Taylor, that’s really sweet on you, anytime. What do you think of my outfit Justin shred, the gnar hyung, nice, nice, okay, so right here, I was basically just explaining that I’m late to school? Oh, wait! No! No! No! I wasn’t holdup! I don’t know um cuz it’s Golden Hour. Look! I don’t know what I was saying, but okay, basically the outfit, the top is from dolls killed. I wanted it to be oversized enough to where I could wear it as like a t-shirt dress, but it wasn’t it. So that’s unfortunate um, but the jeans are from forever 21 and my shoes are feel a disruptor tubes and my socks. I got from shop iums. I think I think it’s like a little in serum store, but I don’t recommend buying from there, because the shipping would early took like four months, and I forgot that I even ordered them and I used yellow and blue barrettes. But I was saying how the blue barrette didn’t really show that much because the jeans, so I’m just gonna, go change it okay, so I changed out the blue barrette for the green one and that’s basically all I remember saying I honestly don’t know what else I was seeing um, but I was seeing something so they think of my outfit morning. Like your nails match your scrunchie matches. You know celebrating that LGBTQ, you know them support uses. I got you yeah and then surely I like it I’d steal it from you, but you know you see smaller and then the genes you copied me, but it’s only. I copied you sister wearing sweatpants, ok, but I have some at home.
No is that guy totally just saw these nothing. Oh my god, I’m getting a coffee Damon! Yes, yes, ok! What do you guys think of my outfit just cute? I like it love the colors. Thank You, Jonathan. These are your bullying. What do you think I can expose your school like this? It’s fine! Ok! What do you think about my outfit Taylor? I think it’s really cute. I, like the rainbow that goes with the rainbow with the rainbows, and I like the earrings match your outfit suit and all your pins, your breads, I would say, pin sorry anyways. I think it’s really cute and fresh. I know you’re tired, sorry, oh and if it’s hired lately, because you got the done stuff all the time, but I’m playing it, I think it’s really cute and I think that it’s a love and I think I should wear more often our class – is that way. Thank you good night. It’s me, you know what you think about my outfit today, my dinosaur job. You get the reference yeah, it’s the dress, you wore. Okay. Do you realize that the mic is over here, my hair up? Should I yeah? Does it look better up or down? Are you lying to me? No. No, I didn’t like they were all like. Your friend is lying news. Today, Victoria is literally all your distinct. I’m gonna have like two like two seconds of footage. Is you going okay all right, so I’m a horrible student and I didn’t go to school on Friday and for personal reasons, but um, that’s basically it um doll scale also sent me another shirt and another pair pants I’ll. Show you guys right now. Actually. We show you buy my merch um. This is the pink one. When you put on the white light. This is the oh, my god. I look like that. One snapchat filter look at it. Look at it. It looks like that snapchat filter with the big eyes in the mouth um yeah anyway, anyways by my merch link in description. They sent me this shirt, it’s literally just like a black top, but it kind of has like a square like like outline like right here It’s like this quick I’ll put like the pictures from the website on there um and they also sent me these pants, which are literally so cute, and you see I have so many clothes that I want to wear to school.
But I just can’t, because I know people are gonna, be so mean, but, like pardon me, like also doesn’t care, but, like part of me, does um these are at a size, extra small by the way um They have like the reflective thing, like those crosswalk people have on the side and it’s just the pink pair of pants, and they also have like these like overall things that come on overalls or suspenders I don’t know what they’re called yeah but you’re supposed to Let them hang – and I literally think these are the cutest pair of pants ever I can’t wait to wear them like they are actually so cute with, like a white crop top Yes, that’s, like kind of sucks cuz I just I it just I can’t even form a sentence like know what is wrong with me: that’s it, and dolls kill is literally like my favorite place to shop, guys like when they emailed me I was ecstatic happy Like did a swatch I had this sticker on my school binder even before they emailed me and they emailed me, and I was like oh shoot, yeah but they’re, not paying me or anything to say any of this I genuinely love their clothes, I’m honestly such a big fan of them I love them so much and maybe buy my merch I dropping black next weekend and gray so yeah, but the colors are only available for 28, more days I said they were only available for two more days, but here’s what happened so someone bought it on like the last minute that it was selling for and it automatically relaunched because of that person buying it So it’s up for another 28 days and I turned off smart launch So that doesn’t happen again, but you have it 28 days to get colors and next weekend I’ll be dropping black and graves so um Also, let me just self Pirlo, some more because that’s just super cute and fresh um follow my Instagram and my spam account my Instagram My main account is Reina site and my spam accounts is be heavenly, but without an e I’m kidding I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I feel like I’m gonna get jumped when I go back to school I’m kidding that is a joke

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