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Perfect Autumn Mirror Makeup Course (too simple!)

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today I have a another makeup tutorial and I’ve got another one for fall. This one is so stunning. I literally love this. Look, it’s really simple and actually super easy to achieve. Plus, it’s going to see got the pop of purple on the lip, which makes it perfect for full time, plus we’ve got like a really glowy skin, faux freckles and just like a really like nice, blushed look. So if you do want to see how to achieve this, then just keep on watching, ok, guys.
So to begin, I’m going to be applying my moisturizer as normal to my skin. My skin is just cleansed and clean of anything, and I’m gonna apply my moisturizer first and then we’re gonna be moving on to the eyes. Just because I want the moisturizer it’s kind of like a sink into my skin, a little bit because we’re going into the colder months. I really find that my skin just needs that little bit more hydration. So I want it to just soak in a little bit before we apply it on makeup, then I’m gonna be taking some concealer and applying it as a primer to my lids. I love doing this. It personally works really well for me, and this one is from Maybelline it’s the age, rewind concealer, and it’s just one of the best. I really love this concealer and it’s super affordable as well. So I’m just using my fingers to blend that in to my eyelid. Next, I’m gonna be going in with this morphe palette and I’m first of all, just gonna be taking this shade and applying it onto my lid. I believe that these are either blushes or bronzers. I’m not too sure I’ll have the name of this morphe palette down below it’s a great palette, but this color is super natural and all of the colors I’m going to be using on the lid are all matte shades. So I’m kind of just taking this all over the lid and kind of using this. As my base color we’re gonna be going for a kind of smoky liner look, but something quite soft, so we kind of want it to be a nice base. Color then, I’m gonna be going in with this slightly darker, similar kind of toned warm brown shade and we’re gonna be applying it with the same fluffy brush, but just concentrating this closer to the lash line and as you can see, I’m kind of creating That elongated shape kind of pushing out towards the tail of my eyebrow and you’ll notice that, with this look, I go back and forth with my blending brushes and I continues to go with a clean one.
Just to make sure this look is nice and blended, I’m just wiping the side of my eye to kind of give me a guideline of where the dark brown eyeshadow that we’re gonna take now is gonna. Go I personally really like cleaning the sides of my eyes when I’m creating a look like this, because it just makes it so much easier to see so I’m gonna be continuously building up this color and going back and forth between different brushes and just making Sure that the blend upwards is nice and seamless, it can get quite hard to do this kind of look if you go straight in too fast, with the dark shade. For example, if you went in with a black straight away, it would be really hard to blend it. So that’s why we want to build up gradually and just create that nice, seamless, blended, look and I just continuously keep building it up closer and closer to the lash line and going back and forth between a couple of brushes to make sure that it’s nice and Blended and, of course, being sure to clean it up, as often as I need to, I also just took a little bit of a brown eyeliner just to make it look a little bit more opaque and then I did take a little bit of a black eye. Shadow from this palette as well – and I took a much more precise brush and I pushed it along the very closest part to my lash line, just to give it a little bit more definition, I don’t need to be too black. I wanted it to be more Brown, then I’m just going in with this mascara from NARS. This is the climax mascara. This mascara is actually really nice by the way, and I’m just applying this to my natural lashes before I apply my false ones. So once my false lashes are on, that is pretty much the end of this look for the eyes. It’s super simple, but really pretty, and that way all the focus can be on the skin and the lips as well. So I’m just gonna be applying the Too Faced hangover primer and also the Porefessional primer, by benefit onto my skin, to prime it, and then I’m going in with de frente Beauty Pro to foundation just to make my skin look nice and flawless. This is actually a matte foundation, but I did use blush and highlight to make my skin look. Glowy, art – and that’s just personally, because I do have oily skin even in the winter. So I want to make sure that my foundation still looks flawless and it stays on all day. So that’s why I’m using a matte foundation by applied and even layer all over and then any areas where I had blemishes or acne scarring.
I just went on top with a little bit more product and then I went ahead and just used the sponge to apply this on top of the first layer, and that just makes everything look nice and flawless, but also full coverage without it being too heavy. Then I took some concealer. This is the same concealer I used on my eyelids, oh yeah, and again I used the same sponge to blend this in this is so super quick and it’s honestly so easy. That’s why I love using a sponge. It just uses such minimal effort and compared to a brush so yeah. This base is a nice and easy one and yeah once I’ve applied this to my under eyes and make sure that it’s nice and seamless – and there are no creases – I’m gonna – be taking the Too Faced loose powder and use this to set my skin into Place I really like this powder. It’s actually really smooth and I feel like it’s got a little bit of light reflecting it’s not. I don’t believe it’s got any like actual glitter in it, but I feel like it’s a little bit more of a Gloria powder, because I feel, like my skin, doesn’t look flat when I use it, which is actually really really nice next. Moving on to our ons, are I’m gonna be taking this shade from the Too Faced natural palette, and I’m gonna be using this on a powder brush onto the cheekbone area onto the sides of my forehead just anywhere, where I want to bring that color Out, I’m not gonna be contouring my face just because I don’t tend to do it very often, if I do it’s usually with more like a bronzer shade. So this is quite a warm color to be fair, but I really wanted to create that warmth on the skin, because this is a full makeup. Look so just to give my face a bit more structure, I’m going ahead and using some of that loose powder and just using it to bake underneath the cheekbone – and I just put my eyebrow tutorial in the eye for you guys. So if you want to watch that there, you go it’s right there for you, taking a mixture of the two, the lust shades from the same to face to face palette. I’m just gonna be using this onto the apples of my cheeks and rolling it back, and I do want to make sure that I am wiping away all of the excess powder and making sure that everything blends in really seamlessly together I don’t use blush very often to be honest, but I feel like this really complimented this look, especially when we apply the faux freckles too, and then I’m taking molten gold highlight from Maybelline onto the tops of my cheekbones to give us that glow.
I really love this and that way it kind of just mimics a glowy skin without actually having to affect the actual base Just look at me: I have oily skin and I definitely do that and then I took the same, highlight and applied it to the tip of my nose and also through my inner corners just to make these areas pop now taking an eyebrow pencil from benefit I just went over my beauty mark, which is on the side of my mouth, just to make it more prominent, and then I’m going to create a few faux freckles, just using different kind of like pressures, so that not every single one is as dark as each One I find it really hard to create a photo freckles on my skintone, just because I don’t know like I never know which kind of color to use these ones were quite dark in comparison to I normally do I really love the way that it looks so I just did my hair off-camera and we’re gonna be finishing off with the lips I’m using this lip pencil, and this is a burgundy I believe, from mac cosmetics I love Burgundy It’s such a staple fall or autumn lip pencil and I always used to use it, especially when I used to work at Mac as well So it’s definitely an oldie for me and then I’m using this liquid melted metallic lip paint from Too Faced I will have the color named down below and you guys this just tops off this look Obviously, this whole face look and the eye look You can use with any lip color So if you wanted to wear a black lip, a purple lip a red lip and orange there anything you’d want to wear with this It would actually go, which is why this look is so good and perfect for this time of year So any lip color that you want to use, it will work basically, so guys, there’s the end of this makeup tutorial I really hope you guys enjoyed this one If you want to see more Next, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel with my vlog channel, which is that later life and also follow my Instagram, which is just at Layla, so glad I got that username anyway, guys I’m gonna love, you leave you and I will catch you all in The next one bye guys, yes, you

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