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Perfect in any light! A light and beautiful appearance with perfect skin and full lips

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back. I literally just finished doing this makeup on myself and I think it’s going to be my new go-to everyday makeup, because I’m so in love with how my skin looks it is so flawless and creamy and natural. This is a perfect everyday glam. Makeup look looks perfect in any light. I’ve been using it for the past few months. It’s honestly amazing. I mean you can see it on my face right now. So it’s a 15 hour where foundation and it makes your skin look flawless in any light beautiful in any photo.
So it’s also a really good wedding makeup. Look that just came to me anyway, enjoy it and keep watching first product a minute. Eight from Smashbox is the photo finish primer. This is a classic. It’s the number one selling primer in the United States. Some blurs your imperfections fills in the pores and makes a perfect base for your makeup. So really follow this skin and actually like this one, because you can see results like immediately as soon as you put it on. Even if you want to just wear this on your no makeup days, it still smooths out your skin. It feels very satiny on the skin, and that means that I don’t get like patchiness when I’m blending in my foundation, which is a huge issue for me, I’m part of my cheeks for some reason, sometimes foundation that doesn’t stick there. So one of these silky primers really helps to like ensure that doesn’t happen. There have been so many amazing foundations come out recently. it’s the Smashbox Studios skin 15 hour we’re hydrating foundation. I use number 2.3 today just because I’ve got some fake tan on. Can you see if you do know, Smashbox is actually a photography studio as well as a while, now makeup brand and they really no lighting no matter what type of light you’re in these products have been tested to last 15 hours on the skin? It’s going to put a directly my Beauty, Blender, which is probably no no.
I like to start at the center of my face where I need most coverage and run my chin and then jawline, it’s a really thin foundation. So it’s not cakey. I first tried this product when I was in Canada like two months ago. Actually, no, it must have been a month ago now and it was so hot that I did not expect to Canada to eat that hot. But it was like 35 degrees Celsius, and I was trying this foundation to see how I liked it first for every day of my holiday everyday and it lasts so well heat like no matter what I’m doing now. The thing is what I find with this. You kind of got a lot of time to play around with I like to move around, doesn’t like set super fast, so I can like blend it out. I can layer it to build up the coverage and all of that, sometimes it Foundation’s like from trying to layer it. It will like start taking off foundation. It doesn’t happen with this one, but it definitely does set and can become like stocked it for all day. Now believe it or not, this foundation is going to look consistent in any lighting. That’s the way it’s been designed, whether you’re like shopping in those ugly supermarket lighting or you’re in the bathroom, where it’s nice lighting off or sliding outside or looks cool going to do a very light brown look. This is the dressed up brow pencil from Sigma. This is another Smashbox product that I find interesting. It’s the brow, tech shaping powder and it’s literally a powder with what looks like a liquid like a liner thingy, but it’s actually powder. Let me give you, as you can see essence make me brow just set those babies Foundation is starting to get quite tacky now like if you touch your skin, so it’s starting to set I’m going to do a very nude eye, neutral eye. Look This is the cool spectrum from zoeva, I’m just going to use, which ones these and this putting the white shadow under my browbone, then I’m going to leave the lid naked got a little Napoleon gel eyeliner in towel.
Just doing a very small little flick, I’m going to use the film la m├íscara from el gloves it’s actually a jolly good mascara Now I’m going to use the Smashbox Studios skin 24-hour waterproof concealer This one has no settle, increasing, taking or streaking on the skin, because it’s a hydrating formula, that’s very flexible, so underneath the eye it won’t take and all of that kind of stuff, its medium to full buildable coverage This one is sweat and transfer resistant and blurs your imperfections PS This is in the shade light neutral Then I’ve got the next shade up light medium, I’m just going to use it to fix this annoying little scar about it and yeah, not a hickey guys It was a pimple which is weird someone asked me or mentioned in the comments ascetic icky on her neck It’s like what did a elf comment Give me a key No I’m gonna take the RMS Beauty highlighter in living Luminizer That’s nice! I’m going to pop some lashes on two just so that my lashes look perfectly formed I’m going to quickly take my Burberry Contour stick blend it in for lips I’m going to take well lip line up, pull lipstick up of this brand-new lipstick from La Prairie called Tony that feels like it’s expensive and then a kind of matching lip gloss This is Coco lip gloss Damn that feels amazing Look at this makeup Look Look at my skin look at that skin, just a sucker for a beautiful foundation, quick glitter everywhere, because I used glitter in a tutorial like two days ago I’m going to try to take a selfie mmm yeah It looks so good amazing in photos Wow Well guys That’s it for me I really really recommend it Thanks guys for watching and I’ll see you very soon,

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