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Pharmacy glass: holographic flash cutting crease

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys it’s Bella. It’s like this super dramatic holographic, glitter cut crease with bold wing liner and also some brown lips, and, to top it all off, it is completely drugstore. Everything that I used in this tutorial is so affordable. So if you guys are interested in how I did it shape this look, then please keep on watching hey guys. So today, I’m starting with the eyes, because I did use glitter and I don’t want glitter like going all over my base makeup.
So I’m going to start with eyes, so I can wipe away any fallout and any glitter that gets on my face. So I’m just going to prime my eyes and as always, I’m using a concealer. This one is from NYX and I believe it’s in the shade light, but I’m not a hundred percent sure that it’s in the shade light anyway. I’m just buffing this in with a concealer buffer brush from zoeva, and then I’m going to set the base to make the eye shadow blend super smoothly. On top with the face of Australia, translucent loose powder. So now we’re going to get started on the eyes and to cut the crease out, I’m going to be using my color pop gel liner and a number three brush from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This brush is so precise, so it makes it really easy to get that line and mine did get a little bit messy. So just so you know it doesn’t really matter if this is a little bit messy, because you’re going to cover up anything on the lid with the glitter and you’re, going to be blending out any mistakes on top with eyeshadow anyway. So it’s not that big of a deal. This is kind of just like the base line, so you know where you’re blending everything and all of that good stop. So, basically, I’m just using my able to shape this out and I’m making like a circular shape on my eyelid, I suppose, as the kind of base and I’m going to start going in with my eyeshadow and blending this all out and making it nice and smoky. So I’m using the timeless palette from chichi and I’m just using a warm brown shade and basically I’m just going to be blending this as my transition shade all over my crease kind of just as you would blend a normal eye shadow, then I’m going to go In with this more ready brown shade and I’m just going to do pretty much the same thing except before blending it out, I’m actually going to pack it on a lot tighter and just a lot more dense right on top and basically going to go right.
On top of that black line, and then once I packed it all on, I’m going to blend it all out with my fluffy brush again, and I’m going to do this kind of like a couple of times to get the depth and blend enos of the color. That I’m looking for now, I’m taking the black shadow just on a really thin definer brush from Sigma, and I’m just going to be placing this on top of that black eyeliner line that we made, except I’m going to be smoking it out. So I’m kind of going to be like pressing it on to that eyeliner and kind of like sweeping it upwards towards my eyebrow. and only doing this probably two times just to get the density of that black shutter and Then also blend it out into the crease. I also use that red shade to kind of just blend it out and give it a little bit more color. Now, I’m going in with wing lino. This is swell, which is just a black gel liner from colour-pop, and I learnt the hard way I actually tried to film this look yesterday, but that my camera died, which was just so annoying anyway. I did the eyeliner after I did the glitter and trust me. It’s a lot easier. If you do the eyeliner before the grid glitter, it just turns into a hot mess. If you do the glitter first, so I’m doing my eyeliner first and I’m just doing that as I normally do my eyeliner basically and the brush that I’m using is from felis cosmetics. which is the glitter glue, because I don’t own a glitter glue which is from the drugstore. So this one is from two-phase and I’m just using this brush from eka. It comes in a 13 piece brush set, so it doesn’t have a name or anything, but basically what I’m going to be doing is I’m going to carve out that cut crease, so the glitter covers any like cut. Crease area makes it look really like cut crazy. You know what I’m saying drinking game take a drink. Every time I say cut crews, and then I used a little smaller brush to get on top of that eyeliner. So I didn’t get any glitter glue on top of the eyeliner that way, you’re not going to get any glitter on your eyeliner and then I’m applying a NYX glitter. This one is like a holographic one. I don’t know the name, but once I’m home I will check and put that in the description box, for you guys, of course, I’m now just going in with square which is a like eyeliner pencil from colour-pop.
It’s just black, i’m going to tightline my eyes with this it’ll. Just this step, basically will just kind of define the lash line and make the false lashes blend more easily, and I’m using, of course, you guys already know queen bee from Koko lashes. These are the best lashes in the whole wide world and then I’m using a mascara, which is from essence, I did not realize how cheap essence was you guys. I literally got like a $6 shadow palette and the pigment is awesome. Like that’s crazy, I’m definitely gonna use them in sin. Tutorials, because like what on earth, I did not know that they were so affordable. So anyway, I’m now doing my foundation. This is from Chi Chi um and I’m just blending all over my face. The color match was so good to my skin. I thought it was going to be a little bit too dark, but I think it matched really really well and then I’m going back in with that concealer from Nick and I’m just going to like put it over any blemishes. I have and I’m going to also correct my under eyes, because I felt like this was a little bit more pinched peach under turn. So it corrected any dark circles that I did have and then for my concealer concealer, I’m using one from Savi, which is in the shade light and I’m using that to do all my highlighting and all of that kind of stuff and blend a brand. Oh, by the way, I am using a airbrush concealer brush for models prefer to blend everything in and then just to make sure that it blends with, like my foundation and stuff, I’m going back in with my foundation brush, which is a 103 defined buffer brush from Zoeva, if you’re wondering just so, you know um so now I don’t even know this voiceover is like you guys. I don’t even know what this is gonna do, but anyway, I’m setting my under eyes with the face of Australia, translucent powder, and then I’m going to set the rest of my face with the astrologist something powder, I’m not really sure of the entire name. But I’ll put it in the description box when I get home of course, and then I’m going in with the bronzer from models puffer, which I had a really hard time opening and then I almost broke it and it was just It was an ordeal.
So I’m just applying this with a 1:26 luxe cheek finish How many times have I said um in this voice over like I just want to restart the whole thing, but then again it’s midnight right now, so I’m kind of like do I want to restart the whole thing for my blush today I’m using this essence map touch blush, and, oh my god guys This was like three dollars and it was so amazing It was like one of the best blushes I’ve used and it was three dollars It was it’s crazy You guys have to get on essence If you have not tried or heard of essence like, I hadn’t even tried it until recently, and because I didn’t know they stucked at a price line, and when I went into price line, I was there and it was so affordable I pretty much bought the whole essence stand, so I went in with my banana powder from Australis, as I always do, then, for my highlight I’m going in with this sleek palette It’s like a cheek palette and they had two really nice like highlight shades, which turned out to be really really nice I didn’t I wasn’t able to get my hands on that, one, that everyone has that I saw on Jacqueline Hills snapchat, because that was sold out Am Thor why I was nine? Oh yeah laughs anyway, I’m just now placing my swept gel lineup from colour-pop in my waterline and then I’m going in with the lighter matte brown shade to start smoking out my lower lash line and then going in with the black to just kind of connect it With the top, you definitely need to connect it with the black shadow Otherwise it’s just it’s not going to match the top of your eyelid and to highlight I’m just using this shimmery shade from the TG pallet, which, oh, my god, this palette was $30 I would buy it alone for their shade It was so intense, pretty much as good as shimmer shimmer from makeup geek, and I love this shimmer shimmer from makeup geek It was such an amazing inner corner, highlight if you guys have this palette, just try it It is seriously phenomenal this lipstick, I’m going in with is from the kathleenlights collection It is amazing I was so unsure of at first with this look, but I ended up loving it So that brings us the nsa’s year If you haven’t already – and I will see you guys next time – bye

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