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Pink / berry smoky eye makeup tutorial

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys. This is pretty much pretty much. Basically, my February favorites. I brought out all of my reddish pinkish orange e ish cranberry shade and I just sat them on the table and I was just like dipping into them and just doing my Makeup. Why didn’t I write them down? Why didn’t they put the shadows beside so I knew exactly what I used, but I didn’t do that cuz, I’m an idiot, and I didn’t think you guys who want a tutorial on this look since I always do warm smoky eyes like this.
So, of course, I had to recreate the look for you guys I pretty much did use all the eyeshadows I used. I used the majority of the ones. I remember there are obviously some stand out. Eyeshadows like the one on my lid, the outer corners like. I definitely use the same eyeshadows I used last time, but they were probably a couple that I missed. Can you guess what highlight I tried out today is brand new is by a youtuber yeah. I changed my highlight, but I thought that you guys wouldn’t mind. That is just the highlight. So if you want to see how to get this look then just keep watching. Okay, we are totally doing at Ospital, because I don’t remember how I did it. I mean I remember how I did it, but I don’t remember the exact shades I used. I remember most of the shades. I remember that it was mainly these shades right here. I gathered all of them and I put them in this little metal pin palette, mostly color pops, but a few other brands in here as well. So we’re going to work off of this because I’m pretty sure these are the shades. I used yeah I’ve already primed my eyes and I set down the primer with some face powder, so we’re all primed or to go. The first shade i’m going in with is this one: bicolor top is called wake up call and on a fluffy blending brush, I’m just going to be applying this color into my crease. This is going to be our transition shade. I’m just going to apply this all over the place, mainly in the crease, but all over the place. Then I thought I’m going to use. Is the makeup geek eyeshadow in the shade of copy, and I’m going to focus this color in my crease as well? But I’m going to teach this one a little bit lower than the other one. I don’t want it to pass. My crease, I just want to add a pop of this color in my crease okay, so I actually think I added a little bit of chickadee in my crease just a little bit of this. This is a makeup geek, eyeshadow, okay, so this next part. I definitely remember this, especially because I brush the head of the eyes no residue on it. I sent the color pop eyeshadow in the shade stay golden, and I use this flowery low one brush and I just packed this on my entire lid.
I’m also going to just bring this color into my crease. Like you see me doing right here, just kind of blending out the edges a little bit. We will go in and blend in a second, but you know: okay, so I’m going to take this eyeshadow from anastacio called blazing, and I’m just going to use this color in my crease. I’m going to blend out any of the harsh edges that that red shadow created – I am almost positive. I used this eyeshadow okay, so I totally remember going into this eyeshadow right here. This is called note to self, and I’m just going to use this eyeshadow to really blend out my crease, I’m going to take the colour-pop eyeshadow called hear me out, and I’m just going to use this to highlight my brow bone and to kind of clean up That area I’m going to take a little bit more of chickadee by makeup geek and I’m just going to dust a little bit of this in my crease. It’s just going to give a subtle warmth to the crease. I’m going to go back into that color! We used on the lid and I’m just going to intensify it a little bit okay. So this part – I remember perfectly – I went in with the Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in the shade m8 for four, I’m just going to focus this color on the outer corners and drag this into my crease a little bit, but I’m not going to move it Towards the inner part of my eyelid, just focusing this right at the outer corners and a bit in my crease, I’m going to take that first crease shade. We used in the beginning call the wake-up call by color pop and I’m just going to blend. Some of this color into the crease just to make sure you know we’re blending okay. So for this part, I’m going to do this step, even though I don’t think it’s necessary just because I know that this is what I did and I don’t want it to alter the finished look. So I took the shade highest rung from colour-pop and what I did was I took it on my finger and I started to pack this on my inner corners here like on the inner parts of my lid. But then I did that and I didn’t really love it, so I took this chain roulette. This is my makeup geek and I’m just going to apply this eyeshadow right on top. I just like how this one looks better. It gives it a more golden peachy tone versus high-strung that one is a little bit more like rose gold, but more pinky, this one’s more gold, I’m going to touch that up at the very end, but I’m going to go ahead and do the next step. I’m going to take the NARS eyeshadow in the shade Coconut Grove, it’s just a very dark, almost black brown, but it’s brown and on a small crease brush.
I’m just going to add this to the outer corners right here and just going to start blending this. I’m going to build up this color slowly because I don’t want it to be too harsh or too intense, and I’m just going to lightly drag this into the crease. But that’s it like! No more than that, I’m going to go back into chickadee one more time and just do the exact same thing just this in my crease and then I’m just going to intensify the brown just a little bit but like right at the outer edge. I’m not going to drag this up now, I’m just going to take a makeup, remover white and I am going to clean up all the fallout because, well you know there’s a lot. Okay! So moving on to the face, I’m using the backup first light priming filter and I’m just going to use this to prime my skin. I love this. You guys notice so I’m putting that underneath my foundation and I’m going to be mixing two foundations. Today, I’m going to take the Giorgio Armani power fabric foundation and I’m going to mix it with the number seven lift and luminate foundation. I just did one pump of the Armani one and then one pump of the number seven one mix it together on the back of my hand and applied it to my entire face and I’m using the new Ecotools sponge, and I love it for concealer. I’m going to take the NARS soft matte, complete concealer in the shade vanilla and on this tiny little brush. I’m going to apply this underneath my eyes. This is going to cover up my dark circles and it’s also going to brighten the skin a little bit. I’m going to use this concealer to highlight certain parts of my face as well, and then I’m going to set that down using the cover effects loose translucent setting powder. I love this. I’m just going to set pretty much my entire face. I should have changed my brush, but I didn’t some just said in the face: okay, so to finish up the eyes, I’m going to quickly just highlight some more underneath the brow bone, because a lot of it was blended away. I’m going to add that pretty intensely and then I’m just going to blend everything together and then I’m going to add some more just so that everything is nice and blended into each other. Then I’m going to take chickadee one more time and I’m just gonna blend it right there into the cuvee so for my lower lashline, I’m going to take that Make Up For Ever eyeshadow and I’m just going to buff this on my lower lashes, like I Said all the way across so from outer corner all the way to inner corner. I want this color to look pretty intense and then I’m going to take the color pop eyeshadow and note to self, and I’m just going to blend out the harsh edges for eyeliner.
I’m going to take the Marc Jacobs, eyeliner and fine wine. I know everyone’s been using these recently but they’re. So amazing they’re really good. I’m just applying that to my waterline and I’m tight lining with this as well, and then I’m going to blend that out with a pencil brush, because I apply a lot to my lower lash line so that I can smudge it. And it looks nice and red and mokey. I like the look of red under eyes. I know not everybody does, but I think it looks pretty cool with this look and then I just blended it some more with that same color pop eyeshadow, then I stepped with this shade right here. This is the NARS single shadow in Coconut Grove, and I am just applying this right at the outer corners. I’m not driving this color in I’m just keeping that right at the end, and then I took some more of that Brown and applied it to the top. Just to deepen up that shade a little bit from an inner corner highlight. I took the pixie Chloe powder in century. Since it then I applied some mascara and pop on the Ardell falsies in 1, 1. 3. Okay, so now that I’m done with my eyes completely, I’m going to take some of that roulette shade we used on the entire lid and I’m just going to intensify it a little bit. My lashes did not go on correctly. I totally messed up on this eye. I just couldn’t put them on right today. It was a really bad day for lashes. I even picked up my hair. I was like so frustrated and hot, so yeah, my lashes is totally wonky, but it’s at midnight. Okay, I’m going to put on the rest of my makeup to finish up the face, I’m going to take my Physicians Formula, butter, bronzer and I’m going to contour with this. I’m going to speed this up because you’ve seen me contour, especially with this bronzer. Like 100 trillion times, I’m just contouring the face, you know huge and then I’m going to warm up the skin just a little bit with this Milani baked bronzer in Dulce, and I’m just going to apply this a little bit more liberally than I did with the Physicians Formula, one I’m putting this everywhere and just giving my skin and overall warmth for blush. I’m going to take the Laura Mercier blush in the shade Wynn, flush and I’m building this color up, because it is a little bit sheer. But I’m building up on my cheeks and I just love this color okay.. That was a highlight that was on my face. but I just got this in the mail. This is the anastacio glow kit with Nicole Guerrero This is her collab and oh, my gosh.
I am so excited to try this out I love Nicole Guerrero I have been watching her from the beginning I have been watching her since she had red hair like red hair I love her she’s like an OG for me and I love her I love her so much so I’m so excited to try this out They do look glittery to me when I look at them in the pan A lot of people keep saying that there aren’t any glitters, but I see glitter when I look at this, the only ones that don’t really have that much glitter are these three But I have famous because I love the glow kits The only glow kit I didn’t like was their newest one, I’m going to take the shade Forever Young, because I feel like this one It’s going to be light enough for me I really like that color So really pretty pink, but on the skin it comes off a little lighter, which I like that is so and then oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I broke a nail by the way Look at that I broke it I know we’re doing so good They were getting so long Danna if you have a lot of texture on your skin You might not like these highlights, but I mean what highlight doesn’t emphasize texture There are very few that don’t emphasize the texture They have to be like extremely natural, which I like as well, but sometimes I like a little bit of a glow like this I definitely applied too much right here in the in the center and you blend that we blend out with my blush brush Maybe that’ll be smarter and my bronzer brush so yeah, I’m just dusting off There are like little tiny glitters, but when you go like this like this, the way okay, so you already know I need to set my face with the Milani, make it last setting spray It’s my favorite I cannot stop using this I can’t I can’t I don’t even touch my other setting sprays I just want to make a smile and a disclaimer really quick I don’t know why, but I went setting spray happy I applied way too much setting spray not that that’s bad I just I did apply way too much setting spray and I kind of asked with my foundation mixture So I look a little greasy I know I apologize just wanted to make that disclaimer Why would I try to talk well, I’m gonna the mist on this is just so good, so good So while I let that dry on my skin, I’m going to go ahead and finish up the look by adding my lip color So of course, I’m going to put it on today This is the colour-pop ultra satin lip in the shade Aquarius, okay guys I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial Thank you so much for watching

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