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Pink dark red flash crease

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up guys, my name is Johnny and welcome to my channel. So let’s go ahead and get started with the brows. Today, I’m doing my brows a little bit different, taking this nano liner from absolute New York in the color, deep Brown and I’m using that to fill in my brows. This is my first time using this and I actually really liked it. It was actually kind of different next time, I’ll probably going with the angled brush and like a dark brown powder and then just use this like on the tips just to you, know, outline and enhance the brows.
So now I’m just blending out the front of my brows to make them look a little bit more natural and I’m going in with my la girl, Pro concealer and the color. I believe this is classic ivory or clean beige, I’m not sure, but I will put it in the description box and then I’m really just putting that focusing mainly under my arch to give me of a nice highlighted, look and then I’m going to be taking my La girl, Pro concealer and the color fawn, and I’m going to be, outlining the Front’s of my brow and the tail this kind of creates like an ombre effect. Hopefully you can just see you know the outcome of it. Now I’m taking my la girl Pro concealer and font, and I’m going to outline the top of my brow for this look. I want my eyebrows to be really sculpted, so I’m doing this step. Sometimes, if I want my bus to look just really natural, I might skip this step so now, I’m taking a small kabuki style brush and blending out that concealer. Now that we have the brows finish, I’m gonna go ahead and prime my eyelids with the LA girl Pro concealer and classic ivory, and this is just gonna serve as a base for my eyeshadows. I’m not going to set it with a powder. I’m just going to go straight in with the eyeshadows that I will be using. So now, I’m going to be using this soft pink color as my first transition shade, and really this shade just helps the darker paint that I’m going to be putting on later.
It helps it point out a little bit better. So now, I’m taking this bright neon, looking pink and I’m going to take this fluffy brush. I got this brush from the Anastasia, Beverly Hills, prism palette. I believe, and they came with this brush and I actually like to use it a lot now taking a smaller blending brush. I believe this is a BH Cosmetics best, but I’m not sure of the number. I want to be taking this purple color and I’m going to use that to put it in my crease and blend it into the pink color for a nice ombre blending effect now I’m taking that kabuki brush, because sometimes I do go a little bit too far Up and I’m just going to be using that same brush and blending it out. So now, I’m taking this darker purple color and I’m going to use that to deepen up and define my crease and now I’m going back in with that pink shade. Just to make sure everything is blended and going back in with my Kabuki brush. So now I’m gonna go ahead and take a flat, concealer brush and cut my crease, I’m using the LA girl, Pro concealer and classic ivory, and this step you just want to take this. How so you can make sure that you’re aligned your cut crease is really crisp. Now I’m just blending that a concealer down the rest of my eyelids, who prepared to put my other eyeshadows on so the next step is to take that fluffy brush and the purple eyeshadow and blend it into the concealer and I’m going to be taking that same Brush and a little bit of my pink eyeshadow and blend it from the purple eyeshadow, so I can have a nice gradient effect so to apply my I’m going to be taking this flat. Concealer brush sorry about the makeup on my fingers, but I’m just going to be using my fingers to pinch the breasts together So you can create a flat head and I’m going to use that to apply my Too Faced glitter glue onto the line of the cut crease.
So now I’m taking the same brush and I’m taking my glitter I got this from Walmart I cannot think of the brand of our deficit in the description box and I’m going to use that to stick it on to the glitter glue and create a glitter eyeliner If you have a glitter liner that it’s only this, it will probably be easier just to do that and I’m taking my spoon to get ready, get rid of the excess glitter that sell out now, I’m going to be taking a liner This liner was a struggle for me because I had just got it from like JC Penney’s I was trying to get the NYX matte liquid liner, which is the liner that I always use, but they didn’t have in the Boush part so that I won too So I couldn’t use it so this is kind of hard for me to do on camera, but it’s anyway with your liner just create a wing I went for a kind of take away this time and I’m just taking my other girl pursue it and fauns who clean up the edge of my wings, make it extra sharp, and I probably gonna fix my eyeliner off-camera just to sharpen it up a little Bit so now, I’m taking this new pencil I’ll put this in the description box this way and I’m going to be lining my waterline and I’m going to take my brush and blend out the concealer next, I’m taking that pink eyeshadow and using that along my lash Line my bottom lashes and I’m just putting some mascara on my bottom lashes, and I also put something on my top lashes this way and I’m going to be taking these me clashes I got these from Aliexpress for about like two to three dollars: they’re very inexpensive, and I love them in person They look even better My man, then I’m going in with a little bit more eyeliner just to cover up the lash band, and now I’m just fixing up my eyeliner and you guys this is the finished Look make sure you subscribe to my channel and get the notification bell

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