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Pink Half Bob… Wait! Use ghost glue????

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel issue. Girl need see the beauty icon so today, I’m gonna be showing you how to do a sidebar with an illusion part. So stay tuned. We using two bags at the model model, impose 10 inch, number 613 and also I’ll be using the watercolor method, with the rolls and the titanium of the iron brand. Also, I used the adorn brand pink rolls to dip the roots. So as we begin the molding process, I’m doing one braid down the center of her hair.
Now you notice the top of her hair is natural, but the sides are relaxed, so we can tend to keep it natural for the strip. So some of you might ask: why did I do one braid in the center of her head instead of doing a few grades? The only reason I chose this method is because she has a little thinning area in the top of her hair, so I tend to braid that braid across the thin area. So I’m not stressing that particular area out. So in essence, that braid is used as a shield. So righthere you see me using my Nairobi foam just going along the side, so I can mold it down where to lay down smooth and I’m also outlining the part that’s going to lay down versus the part. That’s going to be under the cap. So once this is completed, I use wrap strips to lay the hair down. Now you see me hopefully pulling my box or weaving it, that I order officer Amazon and I cut out a rectangle and I’m gonna use it as I get ready to set her cap on top of it. Now I use this just as an extra barrier for people with extra thin hair. Now her hair is not totally thin, but we do just want to protect what she has. So I use this in conjunction. I go over it with the jail and I let her sit under the dryer until it hardens now that we are done with the drying process. You see me holding my 30 second super hair bun glue and I’m just gonna go and outline the perimeter of the cap. Now I’m doing this just to secure the capsule, because sometimes when you cut the Capitol roll a little bit if it’s not set all the weight, so I just make sure that I secure it with the glue so with everything being dry now I can go in And touch up heard her shave area and just kind of outline it and shape it up just a little bit more in the bag.
So, as I begin to lay her tricks, I decided to do the flip over method and with this method of weaving, you don’t have to cut the wealth you can kind of just go in and make sure the ends are flat, as you lay the wealth and Just fold the Wills, so this is a easy, quick way where you’re not stopping in between having to cut every time. So I’m going to do this all the way up until I get to a place where I start cutting and for all you guys who say this is too much glue. Remember I put a net of under the cow so that way the glue is not just attaching itself to the hair. The net acts as a barrier. It keeps the glue from a hearings directly to the hair. So when it’s time for us to take the cap off, you don’t have to worry about the glue pulling the hair, because the net protects the hair from the glue. As we begin to get closer to the top. You notice, I start cutting the webs and the only reason I cut the wealth at this point, because I don’t want the bulkiness of the flip method to affect that side, and also you want to keep it as flat as possible. So it can look natural as possible, especially as I get closer to the outside of the hair. So now, when you get ready for the fun part – and yes, this is still spawn glue guys. So God gave me this idea instead of using the lace glue to use this glue now I know we do a lot of those bonds along with the lace closures, so I’ve decided to use it with the illusion part. So righthere you see me cutting the hair off the will and I’m just making sure that it’s even and when I get ready to apply I’ll make sure I clamp it so it doesn’t move and when it adheres to the ghost bond glue, it sticks. You don’t have to worry about the strings of stickiness, and also I like to do it with my weave cutting shears and as soon as I use it, to lay the hair flat. You’Ll see me go and spray it with alcohol. Now alcohol is a great way to remove this illusion part So when you get ready to take down your quit weed just spray, some alcohol on it, let it sit for a minute and it’ll come right up.
Also, you might ask why that I put it close on the line of her hair, now remind you that the hair does have a gel hardness to it of under it Now, when you get ready to apply your illusion part by it being so close to her the root of her hair, you don’t have to worry about the hair being snatched out The ghost born I figured is is really really safe, long as you’re not pulling it out, it sticks and it’s not gonna tear your hair out, like I said you have to use the alcohol to spray it beforehand and it’ll come right out, and this is Not something that I’m just trying guys! I do this often, and I have no issues with hair coming out with the illusion, or so once I complete the first layer I’ll go back over it and I’m really trying to fill in any gaps and I’m also trying to make the hair meet up to The part line that I have created so I’m just making sure that all the gaps are filled and get it as close to that part line as possible So once this is complete, I go back in with my trimmers and I just make that part line a little bit more defined So righthere you see me go in and just straighten the hair, so I can get a clear view of the length of the hair before I get ready to cut it Okay, now that all the hair is straight, we can go ahead and start with our cutting process, and you see me use my tinkle razor and I’m just going to start with the short shortest part in the back of the hair and then I’ll create my angle From this point, okay, now you see we have the foundation, we can go back in and kind of detail the layers Now that the cutting is all done, we go ahead and start with our curling process There you have it finishing in my last curl now you just comb it and just put your own flavor to it So for the finishing touch, I’m gonna go in with a high beam, intense black spray, and this is just the accent deport and allow the hair to blend in as well Also Thank you so much for your support You guys

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