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Poppin’holiday Glam flash cut crease makeup Briana Marie

1 Nov , 2019  

You hang out welcome back to another tutorial. It’s me Bree, Anne Marie and today, I’m coming to you with this holiday glam look a long time since I did a red milk, so I had to make it a ombre lip using black burgundy in a red in the center. However, but I’m so sorry I didn’t mean the comments I meant to say. Look in the description bar below it will be a link. So that you can enter your first name last name and email address, so I will leave then link down the description bar below, but this glenwood I’m really silly because um, I kind of messed up when I was going to cut Chris.
I usually don’t do my cut. Crease is like this. I actually make a line and then I cut the crease, but I want to try something different, there’s nothing wrong with trying something different and just know always when you do things when you’re using glitter will hides any imperfections. So it doesn’t matter if your mess up just use glitter and everything will be happy again. Look at my absolutely wonderful. However, I also love the face because um I do. I do use a lighter foundation. Oh yes, because I when I’m going so, I picked my colors and I think it’s my colors know when I get home. It’s not my color and I do not feel like going exchanges like I’m. I won in changing the receipts. Are we doing the garbage? So I’m just like I might as well use my foundation because I’m not going to waste it and let it sit there. So I’m going to use it, no matter where I’m trying to make my skin like to will customize to will make it a darker and show you in the face, because I really wanted to make the main focus to be on the eyes in these lips. so I’m enough of me rambling, because I know this for the long haul do I hope that you’ll Genesis to you. So if you want to see this lips, then keep on watching right now. What we’re going to do is we’re going to take max pro longwear concealer in the shade NC 45 um. I got it with this cap right here because I’m in up high on the back of my head – and we take this and I’m going to turn on my ally – it’s just getting rid of that color so that I could play colors or to my. I leave a little dispense, but me I don’t move it after. I grab that um brushes that I mainly use are zoeva brushes and morphe brushes um. I got the zoeva brush step for 120. Something is it’s expensive, but I’m telling you these. I brushes are very good. Some toner blur this out put the concealer buffer. Oh hold my Elliot’s like this, because my eyelids to decrease very fast grab my powder by Sasha and it’s in the shade buttercup, and I want to sing times when I do my countries on one I be higher than the other um and it is a medic.
But I don’t have any of those shields want to take my chocolate bar palette. I’m sorry captain on like when it’s I’m some they’re, my Twitter just broke with some of the thumb film. I want to go in with the shade Brule they’re gonna put this on the brow bone well into the same palette, and I’m going to grab the shade. Salted caramel. Put it right above that shade that I just laid down or my brow bone and I’m using this um in space, I’m using this BH Cosmetics bus that I have for over two years. I like going to point and blend the color into my brow bone. I wanted to become a fudge, no more Morocco and I want to take the same brush. We put it right under why I’m late I’ll take calm down this makeup. Addiction plan well palette, and I want to grab this shade and a little bit of this and put this in a crease. I think that bridge did I use that had Morocco on it, and I want to blend those colors together to merge them and blending it out slowly like brownie from makeup geek right here and a one suffice and decrease, and this person I’m taking right here of The versatile took when I applied those other two colors who were zoeva to create Lux crease brush and then now I’m taking this brush from just up brushes and there’s more in deposit board again to the Anastasio Beverly Hills action continue and then I’m going to grab The shade noir act with that blending brush to blend anything in its pletely, bringing three like all that honey to cut the crease. I want to start off first using this will assist you notice is. I think this is the studio finish concealer, not the pro longwear, and I want to go in with this brush. That was said to me by do care, it’s a concealer brush and I was raving about it when I gave the review I’m going to go in my makeup addiction palette and I’m going to graph this girl –. She right here I’m going to line my eyes and I want to use my seat. Click we’ll learn it in the shade, your. Why amber also cosmetic glitter and I’m going to go spill this loose, actually eyelash glue, but I’m using it to place the glitter on my lid. I’m girl send me some lashes over to me and I’m so excited so um. I will be reviewing these, but I don’t know which one who was aware. I will leave everything description bar below so that you can go check her out Yes, so these lashes are called billion years and what to apply these off-camera once I apply these I’m going to the rest of my face, so I did my face off camera and what I used was I used to make a forever HD foundation by yourself, because I think it’s more on marketing profession, most of our tutorials lately have been either to Orange or too light, but I’ve been using my bottom, so I might use the books up.
So I use this one, so this was close to my eye I really don’t like the smell of it That’s what I don’t like are we going and I haven’t been using it, but I use this I use my background foundations Take just a regular foundation, but I can switch it up I didn’t highlight right here or right here only I highlight it right here down the bridge of my nose in the forehead and I wipe the powder off quick I find that if I set the powder is more yellow and then I kind of win it with some um uh powder That’s a tone once shade down from the buttercup powder and I wiped it off with it, and it gave me this look, and I think I want to do this more often because it looks it looks good It was Mac gold deposit and then I’m going to use Becca’s champagne pop want to take this Murphy fan brush I can’t wait to my girls that come in well, it’s not sounding or the song from the set, but I just can’t wait to get company I want to get a decent amount and I want to do it worth their bad, the contour area I thought I put it up here sometimes, but I find that if I go down here, that’s what my my bone is So all this have been doing It kind of wrong my face is weird, though, because my job on, if you look at my face, my face is shipped I learned that from when I was to the dentist and they said I’m going to get braces long since I’d say max blunt blush in the positive on some Mirchi Okay, so I’m taking this black pencil and then I’m going to take my more matte liquid, lipstick ream and oh seven romance, and then I want to take a max feel so grand ending Thank you guys so much for watching this holiday Look, I’m giving you this! Look so that you can have an idea idea really so that you can have an idea for holiday, because holiday season is coming up Christmas time, and I know that Chanukah is right around the corner I go celebrate Hanukkah, but Christmas Hanukkah Whatever already celebrate, you want to look glam for it This is the looks ago, so I hope that you enjoyed don’t forget to comment rate and subscribe and awesome Follow me on social medias like snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, but then I’ll see you down on in Mondays and Thursdays

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