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Praise God! Finty finally has my shadow! Professional filter foundation 445 Rita okolo

1 Nov , 2019  

This foundation is inclusive in range. However, I’m not gonna lie. Most of the shades were warm. I just look really weird. I look very very weird orange. I think this looks absolutely amazing. This is probably the best foundation I have ever worn and I know more shades are gonna come out for sure. So maybe in the next launch I’ll have my exact shading. I don’t need to mix 490 and 410. I cannot wait to see what she does with the foundation lines. Hopefully she does come out with more olive yellow tones, especially in the darker range of her foundation.
Shades, just so Rita does not have to buy two of them in order to make this work, hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel. I know you guys are probably tired of hearing it but happy.. Today I am going to be doing a review on the brand-new Fenty Beauty foundation in the shade 445. You heard right. Centi has finally extended their shade range to include some of the undertones that they did leave out and their initial launch. Now that was 16 months ago, I did buy the foundation back then, and I did do a review on the foundation. However, I was not pleased with the fact that I did have to mix two shades in order to get something that was workable. You know, so I’m very happy that they did extend this shade range. I want to show you guys today, demoing how I do you know, apply the foundation onto my skin and what it does look like in comparison to the shade before it, which is 440 and the shade after it, which is 450. Maybe to help some of you out there who have not yet purchased the foundation and are looking to maybe see if something does work well for you, the initial launch was a little too warm like. There were too many red undertones and I don’t have red undertones. I have golden olive undertones, so I was like Rihanna what you doing girl before we get started, do not forget to join the family you’re already here, probably gonna watch.. Why not go ahead and just subscribe to the channel subscribe to the channel, without further ado, let’s get right into it.
Okay, so we are gonna go ahead and jump right in so Fenty came out with 40 shades of amazing foundations back in September of 2017, and this was absolutely revolutionary. I did an initial review on the product. It was great time, although the Fenty foundation had an amazing shade range. They did not have a very good selection of undertones, so I needed an all of undertone foundation or something that was like neutral to Olive. But I wasn’t getting that from anything like it was such a struggle. I will link my initial review right here. If you want to check it out to see the battle I went through, like I ordered five different shades, so what I did end up having to do was buy two shades and the two shades I bought were pro filter in 4/10 and Pro filter Foundation in 490 now these two mixed together were able to give me a good amount of olive undertones, so even though it was actually more neutral. So, honestly, I was coming off a little grey because it still had like a slight pink hue to it, but I was able to work work with it and it still looked very good. What I’m realizing with the beauty community is that anything any statement? Any new revolution that comes along beauty brands grab these things and think of them as trends, and you see a lot of brands now saying: okay, I got 55 shades of foundation coming. I got 68 shake the foundation coming out. Okay, so wards, are you even matching us correctly? You can’t say I brought out 60 shades of foundation and then, like 38 of them, not even match anybody correctly because you’re under you’re not paying you have to pay attention. It’s not about a trend. It’s not about a trend, and so I commend Fenty on being able to launch online with 40 shades and with a really good, even distribution of the shades and with adequate representation. However, for me, I just needed my undertone, so I was not happy about that aspect of it because it was a great foundation for me. It also wasn’t a problem, because this these are two foundations that I could have in my kit, like with clients and stuff.
If, for example, I was just like a regular person who was purchasing foundations, this would probably be a little painful for me because this foundation is $34. So that’s almost $70 $70 plus which tax spent in order to match my shade. That is why I’m really excited about this new shade extension. I’m really really happy that fenty did decide to do this, so we are going to go ahead and try this foundation off. So this is shea 440. I’m gonna swatch that, right here, oh Jesus as you can see, it is so red. Let me put enough right here so for 45 four-fifty, okay, on the right side of my face, I’m just going to quickly show you guys what I used to have to do with this foundation. I had to make shade for ninety, which was the darkest shade in their line previously and shades for ten in order to get a good color match. Okay, so this here is for ninety and for ten mixed together to read a little more neutral, Golden’s, giving me a little more olive and just way to read so Fenty’s line really and truly, and there are workers at Sephora who will tell you this? Who would discuss the truth with you? It was just too pink too much Pink’s too much Reds. You know, so I’m happy that they did add, add some more shades. First, I’m gonna go in with the fenty Beauty, soft matte, instant, retouch primer. This primer helps to just keep the skin matte it’s a very interesting formula because it does feel hydrating, but at the same time it does help to mattify and kind of blur the skin a bit okay, my afro is gonna get in the way. So let me just slap this on quickly and then I’m just gonna pin. Oh the primer, does feel very nice. It does actually work to keep your skin pretty fairly matte. I think the only lie just don’t like is that has a slight pink hue. I’m not really a fan of that shade 445, I’m going to just I’m gonna be doing half of my face First, that’s one thing I know about this foundation is that you need to work very quickly, so I’m just gonna take this and just dot, and then I’m gonna go work.
This, in one thing I really like about this foundation, is that I don’t even need to set with powder like powder does not need to be used, and when I did my initial review on it, I actually used shade 410 as a concealer That’s one thing I really do like about these foundations there You can actually do a lot with them Oh my god! This is much better much much better I’m just gonna go in and add a little bit more around here Some people say it’s like more Full coverage, I think it’s medium buildable I wouldn’t considered this completely full coverage, but that’s good that that’s my favorite type of foundation, something that I can build with, because you don’t want something that you just spackle on and then just go along most Maybe some people do, but I don’t it’s a much better match for me now and even like looking at my face like this is a way this is way better This is way way way better You can see definitely that this does bring out all of undertones, and you can see that with my face and with my hand, very, very excited, okay, so I’m gonna finish up the rest of my face and then I’m gonna come back with my final Thoughts on this shade extension, this is the finished look with the new Fenty foundation, shade number 445 I am so excited and so happy that I finally have a shade in this foundation range I finally feel like Yes, this spectrum is starting to become much more complete They’ve got the shade range, but now they’re starting to add and pay more attention to undertones So I’m really really excited about that If you would like to see how I did complete this look and the review for the new senti Beauty, Pro filter instantly touch concealer, as well as the new Fenty beauty A pro filter powder go on ahead click right here, so that you can watch that review I really appreciate you guys, sticking with me

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