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30 Sep , 2019  

First, I tried to hide it from my parents and one day my mom. I think I must have gone situated and she went in my bag and found all this makeup and I come back and she said yes I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Oh hey guys! Welcome to Nikki to the rescue in this show, together with We help those in need of beauty and makeup advice, so we got thousands of registrations which thank you so much and together with wicks calm, we created Nikki to the rescue calm, where you signed up for this amazing show.
Now, unfortunately, we couldn’t help all of you, but I can help. What is this quiz Football League help Nikki, please please come and rescue us yeah, alright, Amsterdam, cats, I’m on my way, sir sir, have you seen an American football stadium? Yet not you we’ll get there? Australia, Singapore, India, we have received emails from all over the world, neither the rescue – this is Niki. Speaking, hello, whoa, don’t have a connection here. Hello, do you mean wrong number and by the magic of this production team, we suddenly have magic hands in the car? That will give me a tablet with the message on it message: hi there Niki its Karen Karen. I need your help. I just turned 53 and I love wearing makeup because of the way it makes me feel, but, as I get older, I’m finding it harder and harder to find a look that works best for me without looking like a clown. Thank you, okay, Karen! You need to stop saying that you look like a clown because you can, with that face, you can never look like a cop. I think the thing is with makeup and older women is embrace it honey if there are a couple more creases to pack it on with powder. I recently did my mom’s makeup and what I did was just embrace it all and it worked and it looked fine. So I feel like, if you have a passion for makeup embrace it do it celebrate makeup, got it Karen. I feel very dressed up for this, my god. So do you guys? What are the Amsterdam cats, the women’s American football team, and I heard that you needed my help for what, for our makeup sustainable makeup? Okay, play this game. Well, you see like a little bit the difference between two of us, so you have bit girls like me, huh you’ll have fast to smaller girls like her got it yeah, there’s a wide range happening. Yeah. Usually we wear two black lines: okay and it’s more functional because it’s just Kara, it’s not blocking the Sun.
Also, it’s frightening! So we couldn’t do like metallic yeah. We can all we could yeah. So you wear like waterproof makeup a lot yeah. We have to Fred. You sweat, like you, cry a lot during a game, sometimes some a fun. Oh, my god, what I think it’s for you Nikki to the rescue. This is Nikki Carnegie, oh good, Oh July and yeah. I really need your help, guys I’ll be rain somewhere I’ll be right back yeah. Can you come and do my ding-dong and then they just open hi Morgan? So what do you need my rescuing for? Well, I’ve got my prom today and it’s a very big day for me: haha, I’m gonna be wearing red high heels. Okay, show me where we’re gonna. Do it? Okay! Oh my gosh, the glamorizes tutorial. I’ve made you some scones, you maybe yeah, which one should I try. These are plain and then these have fruits in yeah. We don’t like plain. Thank you. Can you show me your outfit? Yes, it’s upset it’s like a workout, so these are the heels. I have practice walking in them bam bam. You graduated from school yeah. Was it easy? Never struck was the lumina way. Oh tell me more about the struggles. What happened well, that’s diagnosed with depression, Oh about a year ago, say, but I feel like now. I’m coming out of outfit go stepping out. I’m stepping out. Are you still struggling with the depression? Um? No, I’m on medication. So today’s the big day for you? Yes, it prom, you say who’s your date. I did another day I wish I did down. Your heels. Are your date? It is time for a little before action. What kind of makeup do you usually wear it in day to day life? So usually I wear the thing. I do a full face hurry. I can’t put on lashes. Okay, anything with I just bought these at super drug pre-cut ones. Okay, so I cannot wait to try those on you, but first, let’s start off with eyes, so you mentioned in your room that you’ve dealt with depression yeah. Can you tell me more about that? I think for about 18 months I was just been feeling really down and I had to go to I went to the doctor. Do you know where it kind of resonated from? I think there was quite a few things. Grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer.
My auntie I struggled with post natal depression, it’ll just sort of got too much and obviously doing exams as well. It was no stress, yeah, what’s cool like a fun spot for you um, I think sometimes it was mhm. I think when I first started wearing makeup to school, there was like a reaction, of course from people, and you know this going to be. But yes, it’s fine now and everybody in the school knows me right except me and I think I’ve helped sort of lead. The way for other boys other factor boys not just wearing makeup but being not openly gay and yeah in the school. It’s not something anything you know. One thing that is so important is that people that deal with it are open about it, because I feel like the more you share about your experience, the more it can help others yeah. So what is something you feel like really helped you dealing with it? I’m just keeping a positive mindset and applying makeup as say favor they favor and when you put it on it’s like instant based of confidence. Oh yeah, you can do anything. You can conquer anything and write whatever anyone’s gonna say it doesn’t matter cuz. You know you look, you feel you feel good right talking about makeup being a safe haven. Can you take me back to the first moment you apply that makeup and how it made you feel. Well, first time ever yeah I went to Primark. I think this was when I bought my first face and makeup old. Were you 11 11, okay uh-huh and I went in with one of my friends. We bought the makeup and then we went to a Starbucks and we both went into the disabled toilet. Then look the door and started deploying the makeup that we just buy the first, the first time mode. I don’t it really um we walked out and there was a massive queue of people. What they were thinking. Oh, let them think. First, I tried to hide it from my parents because I didn’t know how they would react and one day my mum. I think I must have gone to the toilet and she went in my bag and found all this makeup and I come back and she said: oh what’s the water list and and then what what happened said. No. This is fine. If this is who you are. My parents always been so good. I feel like all that eyeshadow work, I’m feeling pretty confident smokey, it’s warm it’s coppery, it’s pretty! So pretty! Oh, yes, hold that! Oh my god. Yet that was perfect, so you graduated yeah.
Can you tell me what you see next on your path, I’m thinking of being a lawyer a lawyer? That’s amazing! Maybe I could be the first male lawyer in for makeup. Ah, it’s happening. It’s happening, you’re gonna be the one. Do we see this happening right now, so the mix is done and not to seal the deal. So I’m setting spray close your eyes to make sure that this doesn’t go anywhere. That’s best. I need to get one of them. It’s the best huh he’ll dry yeah. I think so, and that is the look now it is time for you to see. Can you read? Oh God? Oh my gosh. I hear my hefty little phone – hello, oh my god, nigga to the rescue. This is Niki speaking you’re feeling hot yeah. Well, I just pulled you out of a microwave okay. I got you coming. Yes, hey, mrs. Li hello, gorgeous! Oh all, right! Sweetie! So tell me what you need my help for in my country. It’s not really really like so subconscious. When I get people saying that meat okay, so basically you want advice on how to wear a bomb-ass look without people looking around yeah right, okay, so um! If I’m informed correctly, you have a little gift from us inside you’re gonna have a lovely gift from our friends over at Maybelline. We knew, oh, my god. Blushes are the best, so a fun trick with blushes is you can also pop them on the eye? It just doesn’t have to be here or here you can apply it everywhere. So what you can do is you mentioned how you love the more natural look, so what you can do is keep the top like you’re wearing it today, but you can add that pop of blue right on the center of the lower lash line as a fun Pop of color, okay, this one you’re gonna love, use this as a base for a smoky eye, so you can even apply it to the lash line and kind of smudge it out that will give you a long-lasting non-transfer smoked out liner, which is, I think, Exactly what you looking for and then you can go over top with your shadows and it’s going to last like perfect. Well, I think you are perfectly set to go. I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun with all these new products and definitely let me know how things went all right back to business all right. Ladies, so it’s time for me to show you how to do this fierce makeup look, but I can do it on all of you at the same time, so jameelah’s coming with me. Thank you and she’s gonna be my model for today and then, after that, we’re gonna practice together and make it work.
Are there any stigmas when it comes to women in American football? Yes, they are mostly that women are really like manly right and that they don’t like make so much. But it’s so not true, because I wear makeup every day, so there’s only four teams in Holland. I think there are five now five teams and you are in the lead. Oh yes, from the Netherlands, we are all right so for the makeup today, yeah, I thought it was gonna be fun since you have the helmet, you want your eyes to really pierce through yes, so I want to show you guys how to do a fierce Eyeliner but eyeliner is the most difficult thing to do when it comes to makeup, so not everybody can do it. So I’m gonna show you a couple of easy tricks to make it work. This is by Smashbox, it’s called always sharp. So, usually, you have an eyeliner and you always have to sharpen it yeah with this. The sharpener is in here so once you feel like it’s not sharp anymore here, it says twist and it goes sharp start and I’m just gonna draw a line on the lash line, easy so far right and then I go in with my little brush now We’Re gonna do the wing you see that little inside we call it the water line so right in there, when you imaginarily like draw that out, you follow that line and then we’re tracing it back on to the lash line. I’m just gonna tickle, your inner corner, we’re gonna draw in an extension, see cat eye because we’re team who and them kids exactly okay. So what really helps with your opponent is distraction, yes, so what other way to distract and with a little bit metallic? That’s what I do with my highlighter when I don’t want people to look at my body. I go look at my highlighter. These are water activated, paints yeah. We have them in a bunch of beautiful colors and for you, I’m gonna mix the gold with the copper to create your own professional website, go to, slash, go slash, nikkietutorials or click the link in the description box below you brought this lipstick with you This is my Mac and it’s in the color, Ruby, whoo, a classic, yeah and show me how you apply it.
Have you ever tried a liquid lipstick? No, so this is like a lip gloss, but it sets down into a matte finish and it doesn’t go anywhere So tell me what the gamma sound for you, as the person has a changed anything it has It has made me a stronger woman, okay and I gained a brand-new family My team is just like a family loves because I’m working also four times a week and I have little boys This is my stress relief and how do your little boys feel about this? They think it’s awesome that mama does American football and are they gonna? Follow your footsteps? No, no! They wanna play soccer soccer, where your mom is the bass all right So the final step in order to beat the game to beat the opponent is, of course the stripes Yes – and you mentioned how you do black yes, but I wanna introduce you to oh boy: metallics klopper cuz You know why be mad when you can be glowy dip the fingers in darling and show us how you get ready girl Yes, you said so fierce Could we try her can’t she can go on the field? Wept perfect All right! Ladies! Does it look intimidating, yeah fears, yeah bold, are we gonna win the competition so in here I have the products to create this look, and now it serves you guys to play There’s a set for everyone Ah another case solved and with the makeup look like that, I cannot even imagine them losing this game They got this on to the next Alright we’re back back back again, and it is time for the grand reveal Are you ready? I’m ready? I think Oh boy, okay, dear Morgan, I hope you like, oh, is that a good? Oh, my that is so good Oh, my gosh flashes I’ve never had such full lips I told you JLo Okay, there is a Quaker and shake do you like? Do you think it’s gonna go with your outfit? I think it’s gonna go right in okay, put it on and then we can go to pray off You go, go put those heels on honey, put them on come on Here we go all right and honey You look absolutely incredible to do one more selfie before you leave honey, you look, absolutely fantastic go get them I mean I think we did pretty good in today’s episode I want to thank you so much for watching Nikki to the rescue and hopefully I will see you guys on the next one

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