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Project PAN2019 Update 1! Did I hit the pot?!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. We are doing the update number one on my project pan. I will leave my intro down below I’m just so excited to film this, because I feel like rocks, are lifted off my chest. For some reason I don’t know, I think it’s just because I’m so excited to show you all the products. I have made progress on a lot of things, but some things like I feel really guilty about you guys will see. I do want to say, though, something that was a little bit discouraging was me feeling like.
I was trapped in this basket. Like all of my project. Pans are in here and I feel like if I dabbled into anything but this basket, then I wasn’t making any progress and I feel like if you guys are fellow project painters, don’t feel discouraged. If you want to dabble into your other makeup collection. I have 16 products here to show you guys show you my progress on, so I’m gonna go ahead and just get started because I’m really excited so the first thing I guess I’ll start with the setting spray. I have the covergirl look lock up setting spray. I’ve been really enjoying this. I did mark this, so we were here at the beginning of the project and now we are down to here. I have no doubt that we’ll finish this this month. The way that I’ve been using this is, I have been applying it before makeup, just to hydrate my skin after makeup, sometimes I’ll spray, my makeup brushes with it.. It’s just me showing you how I use all of these, and I think I’m gonna do that from here on out. Just so, you guys can actually visually see how I’m using it. So I think that’s really helpful and I think a lot of fellow project painters should do that too, because I’m always wondering like. Oh how do they use that product? You know like instead of talking about it, I like to see it but yeah. I am really happy with this progress. I have the Lancome energy de vie, a toner. When I got this, it was basically brand new. I’ve had this in my collection, for this is gross probably over a year now – and I was kind of scared to use this because, like I didn’t, want a reaction to it, but I haven’t gotten any reaction to it. We were right here at the beginning, and now we are down to here. I think we have huge progress on this. I feel like toner, it’s something that’s really hard to use up, because you literally only mean a little bit.
I wouldn’t say a lot. Sometimes I use a lot, I’m pretty happy with this progress. I don’t. I could have gotten any more progress than I did this month because I literally have used this every single night and every single morning, so I use it after I take my makeup off and before I put my makeup on, and so I think I’ve gotten the Most out of it this month, because I literally have used this every single night and every single morning, and I’ve only done that much I mean this is gonna, be tough. I guess I’ll just stick with the Lancome line. I did put this whole entire line into this project because it was just sitting in my collection. I absolutely love. Lancome, absolutely love this line. It’s really helpful for my skin, because my skin is super dries. I was like you know what I love it. Let’s use it up instead of it go bad in my collection, so this was a product that I didn’t think was kind of fair to put it in here, but I just wanted to use it up and I knew that I wouldn’t use it up. If I didn’t motivate myself and put it in this project, this was basically already done, but there was a lot of product on the bottom of this and on the sides that I did not even know about honestly, but I didn’t finish it up. It’s all gone. I scraped the sides of it. I probably got about two weeks extra use out of this and yeah scrape the sides of your moisturizers because there’s loads of product there I’ll put a picture of what it looked like before and now. This is what it looks like. I’m so excited for that to be out of my collection and finish up a freaking product for one. So now that that moisturizer is gone, I want to add another one in so I have the pearl essence: rosehip ballast, balancing facial oil – I love oils, but I don’t use them enough, so I am determined to use this yeah. I do have quite a bit of use out of it, so it’s right here kind of underneath the label a little bit, so we are right here and I’m actually going to mark it right now. So this is where we are starting and I’m super excited to try to you something else on my face. The last thing from this line is the energy Davey eye cream, and this is an eye cream that has the rollers on the end. So it’s really deep. Puffing to the eyes, so when we started, we were right here on the top, and now we are down to here so I feel, like I’m gonna use this up within the next update.
Hopefully, we use it up by the next update it’s hard about this packaging, because you’re gonna like squeeze it and there’s a whole bunch of air in here. So you never really know exactly how much you used. I feel like I used a lot again. I’ve been using this mainly only every morning, because it’s so deep puffing and I would just want to save the product for the morning, because this isn’t a cheap product and I want to use it the right way, and I know I won’t get any benefits. If I use it at night, so I’ve been using this only in the mornings, I’m gonna move on to some actual makeup products, because this is the most exciting to me, this is the NARS natural radiant, long wear foundation. I don’t really know where I am with this, but I have been using it every single day. This is a product, that’s really frustrating for me, because I really hate this foundation, but I’m determined to use it because it’s so expensive and a lot of you guys were like. Why would you keep products you hate and use them? And I’m like, because this foundation was $50, but I have found a way to use this, which is, I literally only need the smallest amount. I’m gonna actually show you guys, so this is literally all I use like on one side of my face. So two of these literally cover my whole entire face, so this is kind of a product. That’s a little frustrating one, because I hate it in two because you need a little. So that means I’m gonna have to use this for longer than I want. So this next product, I actually hit pan on it this morning and, as I was putting it on, I was like hell. Yes, I finally hit pan on something I was so excited. So this is my blush. This is a pretty vulgar blush in the shade hush blush and I have just a little baby pan on it, so you only need literally the slightest bit, but I friggin hit pan on it. Can you believe it cuz? I can’t and I’ll show you guys how I’ve been using this, because it’s so pigmented I can’t just dip it in there, tap it off and then put it on. I dip it in here, tap it off and kind of scrape it on the top, and then I put it on. I will say I think I hit pan on it, because it’s so loosely packed yeah ayuh I’ve been loving this blush.
I have no complaints with this blush, I really like it. I think the color is beautiful and it goes good with a whole bunch of makeup looks this: is the Estee Lauder bronze goddess in the shade? Oh light? I have not hit pain on this, but I don’t know if you guys can tell, but I’m starting to see the rings on the bottom of this. So we are making good progress kind of tell there’s like one ring right here and then another one right here. Yeah I’ve been enjoying this and that’s actually really surprising to me again because I put this in here because I didn’t like it, but now I like it when I was using it the first few times I just realized it was really really patchy, but now that I’ve been using it with other products. It doesn’t do that, so I’m thinking that it was mainly the foundation that I was using at the time that I use to this and but yeah now it’s there’s no problem with that, and I’m glad that I rediscovered this, because it’s really not a bad bronzer And it has a really good color to it. This is my Ulta illuminating powder highlight in the shade, yellow diamond. This is what it looks like still have not hit pan, but I don’t know if you guys can see that there is a little divot right here. It’s kind of do this. I don’t think you guys will be able to see any progress from the picture on here. Okay, this is my Maybelline fit me powder in the shade 235. You guys will see in the before picture that I have already a pan on this, and I thought that I was gonna knock it out this month. I’ve been using this every single day, literally every single day and even touching up throughout the day. With this powder – and I made progress on it, but there’s still so much powder in here – and I don’t know why this is just so tightly packed that it’s hard to make progress on it. But this is my progress, as you guys can see, I did expand the pan quite a bit man. I thought I was gonna finish this up, but no it’s still here, I’m still using it. So I think what I’m gonna do is actually repress it. I’ve never repress anything in my entire life. So let me know your tips on how to repress. I know you do like alcohol and stuff. Ok, let’s talk about eye shadow, I mentioned that I was getting really sick of this palette.
This is the Too Faced gingerbread eyeshadow palette. I mentioned that I was getting really sick of it and I just want to use other makeup. I’m gonna stick to my word and I’m gonna keep it in this project and use it up. I might change my mind later, I’m not sure, but I have huge progress on. I have not hit pan on anything, but I’m about to I’m about to hit pan on two shades and I have a little dip into two more shades. So this is it from the side, so I do have a huge dip into powdered sugar. I’ve just been using that on my lid. I have a little dip into a spiced eggnog. I’m not gonna hit pain on this anytime soon. I still have to use this a little bit more, but this shade I’m most certain, then I’m gonna hit pan on very soon as well as reindeer paws. You guys can see how like a huge hole right here. I don’t know how I’m not hitting pan on this, yet I use this every day. For my eyebrows and as eye shadow, I have a little dip in gingerbread latte. I’ve been using Gingerbread and I use spices. Nice like once as well as spice of life that, like army green shimmer, and I think I yeah I did dipped into the cookie shade. A little bit, but still no progress on that I’ve used this this in this once, but the other ones. I’ve used a lot. I torture to this with my fingernail as well as a fondant yeah. I am gonna keep it in the project. I know some of you guys are jumping for joy. I it’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just that I’m getting tired of it now, something that has some really disappointing and kind of embarrassing. Is my Urban Decay electric palette? I said that I wanted to hit pan on the shade fringe and I didn’t even use it. I used it once this month, so obviously there is no progress on it. It says blue shade right here you can tell that I’ve used it, but I just can’t I’m actually gonna roll this out and roll something else in. I just can’t use this. I gotta. I gotta roll something else in because I’m not using that at all. Something that I will absolutely use is this eyeshadow primer. This is from Mac. This is the prolonged wear Paint Pot in the shade of soft ochre. Now it is a little dried up, but I want to use it up. Anyways I have my duraline from Inglot, then I just kind of drop in there and then it kind of loosens it up a little bit.
I have already hit paint on this, but there’s still so much product in there. You guys, you guys can tell it’s very much dried, but it’s still usable yeah. So I do want to use this Afghan this out of my collection before it really really dries up. So yeah this is where I’m at now, and hopefully we can finish it up. I have my Rimmel stay, matte mattifying primer. So when we started we were right up here and now we are down to here. I’m definitely gonna finish this within the next month. I was so pissed the other day I wasn’t mad. I was like. Are you kidding me? I got a PR package from Rimmel and they sent me another one. So now I have another one. I don’t know if I’m gonna continue to use this, but I just thought it was funny. I was like no I’m trying to get it out of my collection and then they sent me another one. This next product is a perfume. This is the Florentine ascent. That’s the brand of it. I don’t want to butcher it, but this is where we started up here and now we are down to here. I haven’t been using this every single day, but I’ve been using it enough to see progress on it. Hopefully I can use it more this month, but it’s not a bad perfume. It’s not everyone’s favorite, I’m gonna be honest. I don’t mind it. I think it’s got like a really nice musky scent to it. Also same with my Bath and Body Works, vanilla bean Noel. This is the ultra shaped body cream. We started up here and now we are right here. I really think that I am further down like I’ve used more than I marked because there’s just so much air in here, and I can’t squeeze it out without the lotion popping out, but I have used this quite a bit, but not enough. I’ve not used this. Every single day, but enough to see progress on it’s so hard for me to use lotion. I don’t know why this is an eyeliner. This is from Mary Kay in the shade jet-black I’ve used this a couple times, but not every day. I just I’m not an eyeliner person anymore. I don’t really wing out my eyeliner or wear eyeliner. This is literally what I do on a daily basis, so yeah. This is where we are now so. I’ve definitely moved the product around in there a lot and got a little dip right in the center there and on the side, but yeah not much progress I am gonna keep it in the project just to remind myself to use some eyeliner here and there okay last product, I have the Urban Decay lip mousse in the shade fade.
It actually fell on the floor and I just forgot to put it in there, but I did originally put this in this project and I did take it before picture so I will put that right here We have hip pain on this, and this is actually what I’m wearing today So this is what it looks like so super exciting I do have quite a quite a bit of a dip in there, for this texture is really weird It’s a cream to powder I want to say yeah cream to powder or powder to cream yeah I’m really excited with this progress and I do plan on keeping it in this project Should we add a lip liner? Hmm, let’s see okay, so I think I am gonna add a lip liner in this project Just so I can use it with this, because I find myself reaching for lip liners all the time when I use this This is from a brand called Nami I got like a pack of 30 of them off of Amazon for like 25 bucks I got it from my freelance kit, but I ended up not liking them, so I just have never used them So I have 30 lip liners that I should probably put in this project, but I’m not going to I’m not that crazy This is the shade earth, and that is the shade of it It’s not bad at all I just it’s kind of sketchy I don’t want to put these on my clients, so I guess I’ll just use it for myself, but this is what it looks like I did just put it on just to make sure that it goes good with that lip mousse yeah We will see I need to find something to mark my progress on This is really messed up, but I think I’m gonna mark it on my Jaclyn hill palette Okay, so I just marked it on my Jaclyn hill palette because I don’t feel like getting paper So this is where we are gonna start, so that was my update I hope you guys enjoyed it, and this motivates you to use some of your products if you guys are doing a project pan comment down below, I love seeing the progress on things and It’s just nice in this generation to actually use something up, because we all love makeup We all got a lot of it Let’s all use it up before it goes bad and waste our money Thank you guys for watching

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